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13 May 14th, 2013 Former DAYS Will Horton, Dylan Patton Arrested For Selling Cocaine!


Well here’s a bit of not so good news for the former Will Horton of Salem!  According to, Dylan Patton was visited by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies who raided his house and arrested him for selling cocaine.

Apparently, “Cops got wind that the 20-year-old was allegedly selling coke out of his Agoura Hills home, so they sent an undercover cop in a few days ago to make a purchase.  We’re told deputies then got a search warrant and raided the house this morning.  Patton is currently in jail.  Bail has been set at $30,000.”

Dylan Patton played Will Horton on DAYS from 2009-2010 before being replaced by Daytime Emmy winner, Chandler Massey!

What do you think of the news of Dylan’s troubles with the law?  Let us know!

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  1. lanell says:

    I don’t understand why actors/actresses or former ones either use drugs or sell them or both!! they are talented people that could make something wonderful of their life- I am on SSI and poor and wish I had the talent and the money these actors/actresses make – I surely would NOT TURN to drugs either selling or using them- as I see this is such a waste of someone’s life! I will keep asking why? why? why? do famous people do such harmful acts to themselves? I can only hope this young man will see guidance and help and get his life straightened while he is still young!!


    Tanner replied

    I think that may be the reason why they end up selling drugs, because they were actors/actresses. No matter how talented you are, your career could run hot and cold. And when it’s running cold, you’re out of work. But while you were working, you were making a lot more money than the average person. An out of work actor probably would not want to return to a regular job like he/she had before the started acting, because they wouldn’t make nearly as much as they’d become accustomed to making. But, you know an alternate way a person can make a lot of money that doesn’t require them taking a regular job? Drugs. People make a lot of money selling drug.

    Look at his credits. He went from starring in a TV show to nothing. He hasn’t had a role in nearly 3½ years. That’s how it happens.


    lanell replied

    tanner– this still does not give this actor an excuse to sell drugs- I understand that he went from daytime “hottie” to a nobody—-when you are in show business (whether in acting or music) this can happen ! there are lots of unemployed soap stars- when OLTl & AMC were cancelled on ABC— there were actors/actresses unemployed, but I haven’t heard any of them selling drugs to make a living! this young man made a poor choice in his life, and knowing what he did was illegal and that sooner or later he would get busted! he seems to me that he was too proud to take a good, honest job to make a living—selling drugs was easier to do and make more money! but, this also shows me he was either raised without morals or he was and rebelled against those morals! we all have free will! we choose to do good or bad in our lives! no one forced this young man to sell drugs!! he should have swallowed his pride and hit the pavement for a job- he could have done commercials or even modeling until an acting gig came up! he could have worked in a department store as a salesman! anything than selling drugs!

    JeffyJC replied

    I just found this out while doing a google search on him and his brother Julian, they both worked as models since they were kids. Did not recognize Dylan (his hair is really blond). It happens a lot.

  2. Patrick says:

    OK that scared me….

    The headline – “Our Will”….


    former Will – honestly. the big paychecks and lifestyle is a heady experience i’m sure.

    so many; can only imagine. Take care.


  3. Mo says:

    Guess his acting jobs dried up.


  4. LJH says:

    Bummer! I have been hoping Dylan would pop back up since he left Days!
    Really enjoyed him as Will – but understood the change in the character would not have fit. Hope to see him again!!!


  5. Marie says:

    His acting career may have dried up but that’s no excuse to turn to selling drugs. I don’t know what he’s doing with his life now but he sounds like another one of these actors who try to make quick money by dealing to keep up the lifestyle he had when he was on Days.


    lanell replied

    marie- i agree w/you 100% –just because you are not acting and not making the big bucks – is not an excuse to turn to selling drugs! what did the guy do before he was an actor?? he survived- i presume the best way he knew how– but hopefully legal!


    Dmitri replied

    I agree with this as well. He should’ve applied for a job, not turned to drug dealing!


  6. Charday says:

    Will he go to prison now? So sad.


  7. Mo says:

    How ironic that on Days’ JJ is in trouble for dealing drugs and a former Days’ actor is arrested for the same thing. SNATCHED FROM THE HEADLINES. LOL


  8. blake says:

    Man he’s cute, so sad this happened.


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