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3 October 24th, 2012 Former GH Alum Annie Wersching Joins The Cast of DALLAS!


General Hospital fans will remember beautiful Annie Wersching as conniving Amelia Joffe, who had a major axe to grind with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).   Fans of the hit FOX series 24 are also quite familiar with Wersching’s work as FBI agent Renee Walker! But now there is more news out of Southfork which will bring Annie to the hit TNT series, Dallas for season two!

According to TV Line, Wersching will play the recurring role of  “an ambitious and sexy transportation commissioner.  Sources report that Wersching’s character, though married, just might mix it up with John Ross and/or Christopher.

Wersching has been quite busy of late, and in addition to her upcoming role on Dallas, fans of the ABC primetime series, Body of Proof  will see her in the first two episodes of the third season of this dramatic series premiering in the TV mid-season.

Watch a clip of Wersching and her nemesis, Sam McCall from GH after the jump, and then let us know if you recall Annie in Port Charles? And, if you are excited to see her on Dallas?

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  1. Christine says:

    I remember she had to leave GH because of 24. She was great on both and no doubt will be amazing on DALLAS.

    I could see her with J.R. She can play the type of woman that J.R. tangled with back in the original version – like that blonde (what’s her name? – Marilee Stone?) that got pushed into the pool. I will never forget how J.R. asked her “did you get any water up your nose, honey?”


  2. SZima says:

    I remember her very well and have enjoyed seeing her on the other shows she’s been on. She was good on “24″. She should be an asset on “Dallas,” but I’d rather they spent their money on bringing back more original “Dallas” actors/characters.


  3. Iakovos says:

    I exepcted the DALLAS world to expand now that we are reacquainted with the veterans and introduced to the new characters but, wow!, who isn’t joiing the DALLAS cast for Season 2?!?! I was hoping we’d see more of the Dallas business world and get a sense that Christopher and John Ross had friends and lives outside of Southfork but please don’t dilute the oil too much!


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