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13 March 15th, 2013 Former GH Favorite Lexi Ainsworth Cast In New Primetime Pilot, Westside!


Looks like the new primetime dramatic pilot from ABC formerly titled Venice, now called Westside, will include more former soap stars!

First came the news that The Young and the Restless Michael Graziadei (Ex-Daniel) has been cast in the Westside pilot, but today via, came the news that former General Hospital favorite Lexi Ainsworth (Ex-Kristina) has been cast, too!

Deadline revealed, “General Hospital alum Lexi Ainsworth has been added to ABC’s Romeo & Juliet-esque pilot Westside, about the haves and the have-nots of California’s most seductive city, Venice. Ainsworth, repped by Green & Associates, plays Nico, the teenage daughter of Lisa (Jennifer Beals) with a type-A personality. She will next be seen in The Bully Chronicles.

So are you excited for Lexi’ new role?  Do you wish she would return to General Hospital as Kristina Davis?  Does Westside sound intriguing to you?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Melissa says:

    So excited for Lexi & can’t wait to see the new show, When will it premire?


  2. Brian Tripp says:

    I am so happy for her! Is this the same pilot that was first called Venice? I am glad they changed the name to something other than Venice because as we soap fans know there is already a Venice online soap!


  3. jim says:

    She does look more like Mollys sister than the current actress playing Kristina but Lexi seems a little too busy to return to GH at least for now. Shes moved on and ive starting to accept this newest Kristina.


  4. Tali says:

    Excited for Lexi – Loved her as Kristina!


  5. ethel says:

    i am so happy for lexi – wishing her the best!


  6. Loren says:

    I don’t think this pilot will make it past the pilot stage. The premise seems pretty weak and NBC has a pilot with a similar plot but stronger cast


    Renee replied

    What’s the name of the NBC pilot that’s so similar?


    Loren replied

    Hatfield’s and McCoys
    The show takes place in present-day Pittsburgh, with the blue-collar McCoys going to war with the wealthy Hatfields after a shocking death reignites their decades-long enmity.

    And a few big names have been cast on that pilot in addition to some former soap stars.

  7. Torrey says:

    Good for her! Always thought that they made a big mistake letting her go on GH. Glad to see she has so much going on now.


  8. susan M. says:

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    for every soap fan of GH! Jagger& Karen,Ned & Lois,Stefan&Katherine,& Brenda & Sonny!!!! There’s Jessie,Dr. Hardy,Dr.Phil Brewer. The GH cast of 1966! Just GO OUT AND BUY IT TODAY!


  9. 10261991des says:

    Best of luck to her! I do miss he on G.H she was great! Would love to have her back!


  10. kaye says:

    Not my first choice as a daughter for JB. I have a very strong feeling the pilot won’t air, but I hope I’m wrong.


  11. Lyndi Steinhilber says:

    I wish she could return to GH as Kristina!
    I’d watch GH again.


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