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20 March 6th, 2018 Former GH Star Nathan Parsons Tapped As Series Lead In ROSWELL Reboot Pilot!

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General Hospital alum, Nathan Parsons (Ex-Ethan Lovett) is continuing to garner more exciting roles on primetime television.

Now comes word via Deadline that Parsons has been cast in the leading role in the upcoming CW reboot of Roswell!

In the updated version pilot, the network is putting an immigration spin on the former series on the WB/UPN Sci-Fi series and book. Parsons is set to play Max, a police officer with a major secret.

In story, Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason), a jaded biomedical researcher and the daughter of undocumented immigrants is haunted by a tragic incident. She comes to find out that her teenage crush (Parsons) is actually an alien.

Excited to see Nathan in this reboot? Comment below.

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    It’s another example of there being life after daytime even if we don’t like to see the stars leave our shows. I am happy for him and hope he gets even more success with this ltaest project.


  2. Soaphound says:

    I adore this young actor; he had so much spark and humor as Ethan — qualities which we could use more of. Not to mention that smile, that accent, that hair…he has STAR written all over him. Whatever he initially lacked in dramatic skill, he made up for with charisma and sincerity. And by the time he left, I knew I’d miss him. I was right.


    rebecca1 replied

    Wanna talk about a major crush, Soaphound? Nathan Parsons would be my “type.” Long hair, accent, funky/artsy…


    Jamesj75 replied

    So, rebecca1, Parsons is your type. “Hmmm…,” says Jamesj75, as he decides to grow his blond/grey hair out. :)

    rebecca1 replied

    Hahah, Jamesj75; blond/grey will do just fine! Now can you “speak” Aussie? ;) Or, at least type to me with an accent? ;)

    Jamesj75 replied

    Hello Soaphoud!

    “Spark,” “humor,” “charisma,” and “sincerity” go a long way. We indeed “could use more of” them!


  3. rebecca1 says:

    Never saw or even heard of Roswell but I’ll check out anything Nathan Parsons is in. Loved him in GH, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals! And, I like quite a few of CW’s shows so I’ll give it a shot.

    So happy to have Parsons back on TV!


    kevin replied

    Also in Once Upon a Time this season


    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Kevin

    Used to LOVE Once Upon A Time but somehow I missed too many episodes and never caught up. If it’s free on OnDemand I might at some point though I hear that many of the original cast left? Particularly Emma? Nothing stays the same!!!! ;(

    Glad Parsons is keeping busy! He’s one GH actor that definitely got a lot of work after only a brief time on the soap.

    rose replied

    kevin and rebecca1…Don’t remember seeing Nathan in the shows mentioned. And while he was an okay Ethan, i didn’t like the idea of him being Luke and Holly son. More Luke baggage, and I thought Holly could do better. But hoping Nathan does well in Roswell. If good writing, good potential.

    Just another comment…I really liked the first few seasons of Vampire Diaries when it was mainly Elena, Damon and Stefan, and Once Upon A Times with Emma, Regina and Henry. But for me, at least, they seemed to have strayed a lot in their storytelling. But we know how hard it is to sustain good stories…there are comments all the time on MF about this.

    rebecca1 replied


    Correction: I meant True Blood (not Vampire Diaries!) He played Bill’s vampire daughter Jessica’s boyfriend but then became a friend/lover to Lafayette. (Oh my G-d! I was so shocked/sorry to hear of the real life passing of Nelsan Ellis the actor who played Lafayette! Loved him in True Blood…loss of a great talent and from what was written good person. He was hilarious in True Blood…absolutely fantastic!)

    In The Originals he played the werewolf husband to Hayley.

    Yeah; Vampire Diaries steered way off course but I watched it to the end and was sad to see it go. The Originals is coming up on its last season. What a shame; the show is still going strong (not sure if it is a ratings thing or if the two main leads want to leave).

  4. rose says:

    rebecca1…I watched Roswell. Even had Genie and hubby Jonathan (StarTrek Next Generations) as guests. It had potential, especially for us “believers” in the Roswell UFO landings. And am adjacent to Wright Patterson Airforce Base in Dayton Ohio that is said to secretly house the remains of an alien from Roswell, etc. Somehow the show just didn’t click. Hope it does better this time.


    rebecca1 replied

    didn’t know any of that, rose. thanks! interesting…but Nathan’s is a favorite of mine so I’ll definitely be tuning in, or at least checking it out.


    Abruzzfan replied

    Hi rebecca1!
    Nathan is a favorite of mine too! I absolutely loved him on the Originals, too. :)

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Abuzzfan!

    Nice to have you back! ;)

    If you never watched True Blood, see if you can get it OnDemand (or if you have any other service that has it) OR see if your library has it. Fantastic show!

  5. Jamesj75 says:

    Perhaps it will be disclosed that Parsons’ Roswell character is the son of Casey from Lumina/Port Charles, NY…


  6. Mo says:

    What’s up with all these reboots? Is there no imagination to create new shows?


  7. elm1951 says:

    i am anxious to see nathan parsons in any role – he is a hell of an actor!!!


  8. Gloria E says:

    Wish him the best he’s hot and a good actor!


    Charday replied

    Can’t argue with that–always liked this adorable QT.


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