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10 September 6th, 2012 Former NYU Professor Sues James Franco for Defamation Stating: “Whoever Was In Clint Eastwood’s Chair At The RNC Was More Present Than Mr. Franco In My Classes!”

Photo Credit: Jay Clendendin/L.A. Times

Remember the reports that film star, and Hollywood Heights and General Hospital guest star, James Franco failed one of his classes at NYU?  Well, now it appears that a lawsuit had emerged from the disgruntled professor who failed Franco, giving the Oscar-nominee a “D” for playing hookey and missing 12 out of the 14 classes.

José Angel Santana told the New York Post that Franco is “a bully,” and that “He uses the bully pulpit of his celebrity to punish anyone who doesn’t do his bidding.”   Santana is seeking unspecified monetary damages in the Manhattan Supreme Court civil action against Franco.  The ex-instructor already sued NYU, and had blasted Franco for making “disparaging and inaccurate public statements.”   Santana, insists he was only doing his job while other star-struck professors “bent over backwards to create a Franco-friendly environment.”

Franco had told reporters Santana was “awful,” adding, “I didn’t feel like I needed to waste my time with a bad teacher. No teacher will ever be fired from NYU for giving a student a ‘D.’  He wasn’t fired, he was asked not to come back after three years because they didn’t think he was a good teacher.”

Santana claims the actor had access to teaching records — but defamed him despite knowing the professor had “overwhelmingly positive student evaluations.”    The angry professor also told the NY Post, “Whoever was in Clint Eastwood’s chair at the Republican National Convention was more present than Mr. Franco was in my classes!”

So what do you think soapers? Does the professor have a right to sue?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Tali says:

    How stupid! I’ve had professors that other students liked, but I thought they were awful – no teaching ability! I’d hate to think they could sue me for it, afterall I did pay the tuition for a class I never understood nor received credit for.


  2. CTwildheart says:

    If Mr. Franco is making disparaging statements about this professor – then the professor has every right to sue. If I truly felt a professor was that bad, I would drop the class – not just stop showing up. That is a very immature reaction.


  3. MK says:

    How dare steve Burton ruin his career by doing a project with this loser that destroyed GH!


    ethel replied

    james franco is a pompous @$$ & steve burton is so down to earth it will be like oil & water……………..i just don’t get!


  4. Christy says:

    so teachers can sue a student for not showing up? that’s news to me.
    so can students sue a teacher for not showing up too?

    sounds like someone wants attention………. and/or money!


  5. Tom says:

    Let’s face it–Franco has been abusing his celebrity left and right and this is just the latest offense. I highly doubt he was held to the same standards as the rest of us poor saps who’ve worked hard to complete college.


  6. kay/kay says:

    James Franco is an empty suit just like Hmmm???


  7. Pari says:

    People are just too sue happy. Mr. Franco thinks the guy sucked as a teacher, that’s his opinion. I guarantee if one of the professor’s less wealthy students had said the same thing (and I’m sure some of them have) he wouldn’t have bothered suing them. This guys see dollar signs plain and simple.


  8. SZima says:

    Sounds to me like this professor just wants the media attention. He got fired because he was a crappy teacher and I’m sure the suit will be thrown out. People sue for the silliest shit these days. I have no love of Franco, but I do think way too many people out there are looking for the quick buck and will sue just about anyone over just about anything.

    Hmmmm…I need to put my thinking cap on. I could sure use a little influx of cash right now!


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