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19 January 28th, 2016 Former Y&R Star and Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominee, Jessica Collins Welcomes Her New Baby Girl!

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It’s been a stellar last seven days for former The Young and the Restless star Jessica Collins (Ex-Avery), the talented actress and chef!  First as revealed today, Collins welcomed into the world her new bundle of joy, a daughter named Jemma!

Collins shared her excitement as a proud mother on her Who Say account with a picture of her new baby adding: “Over the moon to finally share with you my greatest role: #Mommy @michaelcooney1 and I proudly present Jemma Kate Collins Cooney Born 1/23/16 #HappiestDayOfMyLife”.

In addition on Wednesday, Jessica received happy news from Daytime Emmy land, where she learned she was Pre-Nominated for her work in the Supporting Actress category for her work on Y&R.

Many have considered Collins work in her final storyline before her exit to be some of her finest work.  She now competes against 9 other actresses for the final spots in the blue ribbon round of judging.

Share your well-wishes and congratulations for Collins and dad writer/ director Michael Cooney on the birth of their daughter in the comment section below!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Congratulations to Jessica on the birth of her daughter!! Miss her as Avery on The Young and the Restless but, have a feeling there are bigger and better things for her, especially in the daytime medium!


    Penny replied

    I hope you are right, Scott!


    Daniele Johnson replied

    I dont miss Avery. I wish Chelsea would leave sorry not a fan

    Carol replied

    Had no idea she was even pregnant. Happy for her but I dont miss her character on the show


  2. Chrystie_Delancey says:

    Congratulations to Jessica and her beau on their new bundle of joy.

    Welcome to motherhood, Jessica. It IS the best job you will ever have.

    (Incidentally, she announced this on her official Instagram account too.)


  3. Michelle says:

    Welcome Jessica and Michael on your beautiful new daughter❤️


  4. Mo says:

    Congrats. Enjoy your new role.

    There were other actresses who should have been nominated over her.


    Mo replied

    Didn’t know she was pregnant.


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I didn’t either. I was looking in the article for a reference to “adoption” or “surrogate.”

    She must have been pregnant in her waning days on Y&R but didn’t look like she was expecting.

    jaybird369 replied

    Hey, Mo…I agree. To me, Jessica Collins should N-O-T have been nominated PERIOD!!!!! Ridiculous.


  5. damien says:

    congrats to my favorite y n r actress , jessica!…
    you deserve the nomination and furthermore the award for best actress, it wasnt easy performing the hell out of a roller coaster storyline where pratt and jfp threw you and scott elrodd to the wolves! that convoluted story twist where suddenly joe was abusive and dylan suddenly got over you for sharon when you needed him most would have been hard for any actress to perform but you killed it!
    y n r is a mess most days so enjoy motherhood, hopefully we will see you in genoa city when the brass stops with the bs victor vs santori nonsense


  6. Nanci says:

    Congratulations to Jessica on the birth of her little
    girl. What a cutie!

    Miss the character of Avery so much, and hope she gets
    that Emmy…her work was great!


  7. Mark Y says:

    Jessica Schmessica. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode and see the scene where Hilary reminds Nikki she was a stripper. Ooooohhhhh ….. oh, ok. Congrats to Jessica!


    CeeCee replied

    Yup! After Hilary’s declaration, Mark Y, maybe Nikki’s nose will come down a peg or two. Having been a stripper is not the “worst” in Nikki’s past. Gutter urchin comes to mind…LOL.


  8. blake says:

    Congrats to her! I miss her beautiful face on Y&R


  9. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I like her but I’m not buying this sentence in the article:

    “Many have considered Collins work in her final storyline before her exit to be some of her finest work.”

    Collins is a good actress but the writing for her was so horrible when she left that I can’t believe anyone would think this is her “finest work.” This is not a criticism of her acting but a critique of the quality of the script she was given. The plot was terrible; the acting alone couldn’t save it.

    If those scenes seriously qualify as the “finest” work that Collins did on her 3 years on Y&R, the remark is a very sad comment about the state of this show.

    Obviously, I do not agree with this statement.


  10. Linda Gould says:

    Congratulations Jessica and Michael on the birth of your daughter.


  11. Dee says:

    Love Jessica Collins. Wish she was back on Y&R. Congrats on the baby


  12. elna says:

    Congratulations on the baby. We in South Africa has maybe one Y&R episode left before Avery exits. You are a good actress and also loved the show Tru calling wish it didn’t end which just a few shows in season 2.


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