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7 May 11th, 2015 Fox Gives EMPIRE Higher Episode Count For Season Two! Will Have Split Season!


The hottest show of the last television season, Empire, is returning for season two with a higher episode count that before! Fox chairman and CEO Gary Newman confirmed the news before his network Upfront presentation on Monday.  Newman is boosting Empire’s episode to 18 episodes, as opposed to the 12 episodes in its record-setting initial run.

In addition, the network plans for Empire to have a split season with a mid-season cliffhanger!

As for what to expect in the second season, Fox CEO Dana Walden told reporters: “We’ve also got amazing guest stars that have lined up to be on the show that will help us not only bring back an audience that fell in love with the show, but help expand it as well.”   Walden notes that hit singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is now set to write original music for the hip-hop sudser this season!

Empire will also retain its Wednesday (9PMET) time slot: “We’d be crazy to move it,” Gary Newman said. “We want to thank and reward our fans by keeping it in that time period… The stories we’ve heard already for season 2 will blow away the audience.”

So excited to hear of a bigger order of Empire for season two? What do you think about the split season? Comment below!

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  1. Ren says:

    Wish other shows would follow suit.

    And yes, I am talking about you, “The Walking Dead” and especially, “Game of Thrones” (10 episodes out of 52 weeks a year will never be acceptable)

    To think. Back in the day, “Dallas,” “Dynasty,” “Falcon Crest,” etc. gave us 26-32 episodes every single year for 10 to 14 years.


  2. john says:

    hopefully greedy network executives don’t kill this show. it should have stayed at 12
    episodes. too many eppys dilute it. see what happened to sleep hollow. they said it wouldn’t go past 13 like its first season but they stretched it to 18 in the second and the ratings plunged.


  3. Jeremy says:

    That’s great news. As much as I adore and love EMPIRE. 12 episodes wasn’t cutting it, I wanted more, I’m sure other fans out there wanted more, too. So grateful that we’ll be give 18 episodes in Season 2, it’s a testament to the rise of Empire, the following, the brilliantly talented cast and guest stars. I can’t wait to see where the show picks up. Love the idea of a ‘Winter Finale’ type of mid-season cliffhanger. Good move FOX/EMPIRE. Looking forward to the return!


    Patrick replied

    nice, prop

    I still have all twelve eps on my dvr

    I will get to them

    my heart leaps for Taraji and Terence + full CAST


    standing “o” for color


  4. brian says:

    I was slow to watch this show. They were on my pvr, but when i did start, i could not stop and binged the whole first season ! I think it’s one of the best show on right now.


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    My only hope is that the extended season does not kill the buzz the smaller season had; I feel like Empire doesn’t need 18 episodes to have a brilliant season. We can see how a smaller amount of episodes worked out in its favour.


  6. Mary SF says:

    The traditional television season the ran from Sept to May uninterrupted then followed by summer repeats has gone the way of the dinosaurs. But most major networks like to pretend it is business as usual, so they pad their season with a lot filler and special events and invented the split season to give the illusion our favorite shows last all season. In reality split seasons were invented mainly for networks to take advantage of sweeps, by making sure their high rated shows are airing during them, but without having to ordering more episodes in order to do it. Eventually the network model of television will be gone and the Netflix model will replace it, and when that happens viewers can watch what they want when they want it–


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