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40 October 2nd, 2017 Freddie Smith, Christopher Sean, And Billy Flynn Dish DAYS Double Wedding Drama!

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A major bombshell rocks the double wedding of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Paul (Christopher Sean), and Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abby (Marci Miller) this week on Days of our Lives.

The nuptials which kicked off on last Friday’s episode, and continued on Monday (you can watch it via here for those markets where did not air due to the Las Vegas mass shooting)  on the NBC daytime drama, gave viewers plenty of heartfelt and emotional moments, and a big time cliffhanger! Now with the wedding crasher revealed, and the fallout just beginning, DAYS head writer Ron Carlivati has perfectly positioned the returns of Rob Scott Wilson as Ben Weston, and highly-anticipated re-emergence on the canvas of three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Chandler Massey as Will Horton.

So, how did the three grooms feel about the double wedding, the shocking reveal, the returns of Wilson and Massey, the love story of Chabby and PaulSon and where the couples go from here?  Well, On-Air On-Soaps chatted with three of our favorite gents: Freddie Smith, Christopher Sean, and Billy Flynn to get the lowdown on the highly-charged episodes, a preview of what to watch for, who’s got the wedding bell blues, and more.

Leading up to the double wedding, Sonny and Paul had a come-to-Jesus moment when they finally discussed Will.  Sonny admitted to Paul that he feels like in marrying him, he has somehow betrayed Will.  However in the end, he reinforced to Paul that he wants to be with him, and only him.  I thought those scenes were so well-written, and your performances were riveting.  What did you think of those scenes and the script?

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FREDDIE:  I loved it!  All the stuff leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself, and after the wedding has been one of my favorite sequences during my entire career on DAYS, and one of my top three storylines. It is just so well-done, and so emotional. Even though Sonny is almost thirty, you have gotten to see six or seven years of his life, and to see his relationships and to go through that, there is a lot to pull from, and a lot at stake.  I thought this was really well-written.  Christopher knocked it out of the park. It was just great stuff, and I am very, very pleased. 

CHRISTOPHER:  I loved it, too.

What happened the day you guys found out Chandler Massey was returning to the show as Will Horton? Do you remember your reaction to the news?

CHRISTOPHER:  For me, every time we got a new script I wanted to find out how is this happening?  The writing was so good that I was just waiting at my dressing door salivating for the next script! 

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FREDDIE:  I was really excited to just see how they were going to implement this triangle for Sonny!  I just knew that “holy cow” the possibilities are going to be just endless for the story.  I was really excited to see Chandler again, and work with him. Overall, we were all thrilled.

What was the atmosphere and the mood on set when you guys taped the episodes for the double wedding? 

FREDDIE:  It was two long days, but yet again, we were all immersed in what was going on.  It was very emotional, and it was pure love and pure confusion, in that, you are feeling at the peak of love and happiness, and then the rug is pulled out from underneath you. Although we taped it over two days, it did not feel long or anything.  It felt good.  After that week of taping you felt like, “That is why we do this!” This was challenging.  It was fun.  Everyone is going to love it.  I feel so confident in it.  I have said this before: “Anyone who has not watched DAYS, or who may have stepped away from it for a couple of months, or even a couple of years, this is a reason to come back and watch.  It is that good.”

Billy, how was filming the vows with Marci Miller? What do you think the reaction will be from the Chabby fans when all is said and done?

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BILLY:  It was cool to tape.  Marci and I work really well together.  There has been a hash tag going around for a couple of years now, and I think it will get close to it.  The hash tag is #ChabbyRainKiss, which comes from the movie The Notebook where the duo kisses in the rain.  That’s what I will say. 

One of the relationships that plays so well is that of Sonny, and his best friend, Chad.  The audience feels the bond between them. There was a scene prior to the wedding which really got to me that illustrated how much they care about each other and each other’s happiness. Chad says to Sonny, “You’re like a brother to me.  You’re one of the best men I have ever known.”  Freddie and Billy, your thoughts?

FREDDIE:  Cool, I am glad you liked those scenes.  It’s fun working with Billy.


BILLY:  My whole thing was to be able to show you can be a straight man comfortable in his sexuality, who has a gay friend, and who can love them and be affectionate with them. I thought that was important … and how cool is it that the fans love it?  Now there are those may not like the gay part of the story, but because Chad is straight it’s OK for him to show affection towards his best friend.  And I just do it in my scenes with Freddie, as it is very natural for me.  I actually forgot shooting those scenes, and I now remember saying, “You’re like a brother to me.  You’re one of the best men I have ever known.”

Billy, what was your reaction when you found out that DAYS was going to have a double wedding between Chad and Abby, and Paul and Sonny?

BILLY:  Did you see my reaction in the scenes when Chad found out?  That was how I felt! (Laughs)  Look, Chad and Abigail never got their big romantic wedding.  So the romantic in me is a lover of their story, and wants that.  That being said, what I was disappointed in was after everything they had just been through that they wanted to tie the knot this way.  However, the way I played it was Chad wanted to do this for Abby.  She was the one that drove the double wedding, which is what made it OK.  There was this part of me that was thinking: “There is no way Chad would want a double wedding, after everything they had been through. He would have pulled it all the stops for her.”  But the story is the story, and that is just the way that went.

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What did you think of head writer Ron Carlivati’s major plot point of having Rob Scott Wilson come back as Ben to bust up the wedding in a huge soapy moment, and reveal that Will is actually alive?

BILLY:  I loved seeing Rob walk through those doors.  His character has become this cult figure! (Laughs)  It was awesome in the scenes.  I love when Chad is about to rush Ben, but Abby beats him to it and cold clocks him.  I loved it! (Laughs)

When Sonny and Paul hear from Ben, who has now crashed the wedding, that Will is alive, what are they immediately thinking at the shocking revelation? How did you play those scenes? 

CHRISTOPHER:  When it is announced, so many different thoughts race through Paul’s head including: “That’s b**s, and you’re a liar.”  There are so many layers to this.  That is what is so great about Ron Carlivati – he is a very insightful writer.  Ron has really brought to the table some great stuff, which has allowed us to play on the canvas. So any and every moment of shock, doubt, anger, fear, all of it goes through Paul’s mind, and he hopes that if it’s true that Sonny won’t leave him.

It’s Ben delivering this news.  So it seems that it just couldn’t be true, after all, he is the one that “murdered” Will! 

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FREDDIE:  It’s just enough for Sonny to have hope.  He has always dreamed he would have a moment to patch things up with Will. And even though Sonny doesn’t believe Ben, there is that one percent part of his brain that goes: “Please, let this be true. That sounds insane, but please let it be true.”

So now everybody is in shock, and some brokenhearted at the wedding.  Doesn’t Sonny just want to lunge in at Ben for what he has done? 

FREDDIE:  Yes, absolutely. That was the give and take. Sonny wanted to let Ben know how he felt, but at the same time try to respect everybody at the wedding, and most importantly, Paul.

Isn’t Chad devastated for Sonny with what goes down after Ben arrives on the scene? Does he feel right carrying on his nuptials with Abby?

BILLY:  I think what Chad assumes is, “Look Sonny, don’t let it ruin your day.  Ben is crazy.”  Then, I think the wedding becomes a formality for Chad and Abby.  Chad wants to be able to say to Abby, “You are my wife, again.”  Abby wants to be able to say, “You are my husband.”  They already have been acting like they are already married, except … for Abigail holding out on giving Chad some action! (Laughs) 


Chad must have so many feelings that rise to the surface towards Ben when he shows up at the wedding. After all, he did destroy his relationship to Abigail by ultimately driving her insane, he was a serial murderer, and even tried to frame Chad for the crimes.  I could go on and on.  The “Killer Ben” laundry list of misdeeds is endless! (Laughs)   

BILLY:  Yeah, he does want to go at him, but then he see what’s going on and thinks, “He’s not here for us? That’s awesome … carry on!” (Laughs)  “You’re not here to destroy us?  OK, then do whatever you got to do, man.” (Laughs)

So, will you guys watch the wedding episodes together? (Laughs) 

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FREDDIE:  Christopher and I actually had talked about that, but I am actually going to be on an airplane, and so no we can’t.

BILLY:  I don’t usually like watching my work, but I might check this out, because there were so many people involved that will make me want to watch it and the performances were great. 

With the double wedding bombshell, and the story that will launch out of it in figuring out what happened to Will, you would say this is must-see-DAYS for Wilson and Paulson fans?  It’s the perfect storm for a huge emotional story.

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FREDDIE:  One hundred percent … it’s just incredible. This is the fun part, because now we get to partake as the audience. We go in, we do are work, and now we are able to step back and enjoy the performances of everyone.  When you are acting, you understand what’s going on, but you are only absorbing it through your character, but when you re-watch the episodes back, you go, “Oh, wow! I’m an audience member, and I can actually see and feel the emotion of everyone around me.”  It’s going to be so cool to see how it all turned out.

So, what have your thought of the drama at the double wedding? What do you think about Ben revealing Will is alive, rocking the world of PaulSon? Where do you think Will has been all this time since his “murder”? What vows were your favorite during the ceremony? What did you think of the thoughts shared by the three groom in our conversation? Comment below.

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  1. Jimh says:

    Days was not seen in my area due to the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas…i couldnt even watch tv…over 4 dozen dead and hundreds injured…it literally made me ill…someone from my hometown was there,,,still no word about this person and if they are ok…my thoughts and prayers with the victims and their families….


    Jimh replied

    The couple formerly from my hometown were near the stage…they reportedly are safe…still feel bad for the families of the victims who lost their lives and the over 500 who were injured!!!


  2. Cdee says:

    Tragically.. Show was pre empted. Never saw any of it. Prayers to Vegas victims!


  3. James R. Poissant says:

    Ron cooked up a whopper this time like I knew he would. The man still has a number of tricks up his sleeve so get ready for more with all the other characters because he does write for everybody.


  4. Mark says:

    Excellent show today. If you haven’t been watching, now is the time to do so. I can’t wait for this story to play out!


  5. tony says:

    Brills! Iconic! Best daytime episode since Karen’s trial, Reva’s fountain, Nicole/Adam reunite. And it was all about reuniting a young gay male couple. Finally a soap that’s taking a classic template and superimposing the 21st century on the land of make believe. Kudos to Carlivati/Meng and the other out staff!


    Celia replied

    I missed yesterday’s show—-God Bless everyone in LV….
    Sooo good to see Robert’s ( Ben) gorgeous face again….he is hot—-one of the best embodiments of God’s male creation. Swoon!!


    Dana replied

    Please don’t bring will back

    Patrick replied

    Ben: ” I feel a little underdressed… I should have worn a tie ”

    thrills and chills spill over !

    ITS GREAT to see Robert Scott Wilson – again

    and yes… isn’t Marci Miller Abs all over again.

    doesn’t RSW remind you of David Duchovny ? Mr. X-files

    welcome back the threesome who carried DAYS

    Ben – Abs – Chad.

    WELCOME the rest of the cast – ALL REELING – this show is bestest

    Patrick replied

    ALL I can say – RC and @DAYS production TEAM… just REELED an emmy ep for best of show.

    Monday – 10-2-17

    WOW and wallah

    RSW, Ben’ speech – THRILLING

    Jovin replied

    Um…! To compare this cheesy, contrived, jeuvenile, sweeps stunt to ANY of those well known iconic soap legendary moments is just absurd!!!! The dialogue was as bad as the pacing, and Ben showing up was just as stupid.


    Jovin replied

    If you get farklempt over Keren’s trial still…:you are WAY too old to have interest in Sonny and Will!!!

    Jovin replied

    Watching two buff heterosexual men try to play over the top melodramatic gay scenes is SO painful!!

    Patrick replied

    Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean are excellent actors… and from what “interviews” and shared story… from either or

    I do not think they care whether they are acting…. ( and getting paid ) to “act” like a gay man

    what I have a problem with : ” over the top – melodramatic gay scenes – BAM

    when you say “so Painful”

    with your “posts” it certainly appears you have a problem with gay storyline more than two stud muffins be it straight or gay are just as exciting and soaring my endorphin.


    Celia replied

    Awwww, Jovin. I’m sorry, I disagree. We all have a different take on storylines and characters. But, Freddie and Christopher are actors—straight or gay, they are ACTORS and doing a knock-out job.
    I wouldn’t describe their craft in such a derogatory manner. Plus, Patrick really feels for this soap and he has every right to express what and how he feels….the point of these sites. C’mon, Jovin….you know I appreciate your writing, as well. LOL.
    Look at Greg Rikaart—he’s gay, in real life, playing a straight role as Kevin on Y&R.
    I never would have known, if I didn’t know. Does that make sense? Not the best sentence structure, but you get my point, yes?
    I agree with many….DAYS has climbed a few steps these past few weeks– give or take the shenanigans. …..NOT, “so painful”, at all. Whatever gets us going, Jovin—We’re individuals with different taste “buds”.

  6. 4ever DAYS says:

    For those of you who missed toDAYS episode due to the news coverage of the Las Vegas shootings, is where you can watch the episode. Excellent episode!

    Prayers for the shooting victims and their families.


    Celia replied

    Thank you, 4ever, I shall watch…
    Yes, I really and truly cried my heart out over the tragedy in Vegas. Did not know any of them, but, I felt so much emotion, my friend—
    It does not take much for me to cry ( I cried when MONK went off the air), but this….this, just broke my heart !!


  7. Tracy Runco says:

    watch at


  8. Mo says:

    Considering show was pre-empted, why is this article posted? Did Days air at all on Monday? Hoping Monday’s ep will air today.


  9. Kit says:

    For anyone interested, Days is available for streaming on the NBC app (which I access via Roku). Monday’s (yesterday’s) episode was available last evening, and I think they stay available for a couple of weeks. Haven’t checked, but it’s possibly available on Hulu, too.


    Mo replied

    I checked yesterday, but they still had Friday’s as the recent so I figured maybe Monday didn’t air. I will check later today. I definitely don’t want to miss this one!


  10. Patrick says:

    ” I ” am back – IN LOVE – with – “Days of OUR Lives”

    it’s not a yestur’year. classic . like old times. make it like it was .

    it’s timeless… hoping year after year that these 4 serials continue to light

    this is a rethread -

    Oh My God – I’m In Heaven

    “I feel I’m watching a real soap opera”

    I – L – O – V – E – watching this show 365 days a year !
    I love it – everything in Salem is palatable.

    Salute ! ” DAYS of OUR L – I – V – E – S ”

    I’m watching todays ep… wedding buffet. the best cry

    MUST Prop – Lauren Koslow and Thaao Penghlis – exchanging , ( there’s that sophistication and doling of wit ) FUNNY twosome. – exchanging their own fake marriage vows.

    ground rules:
    Kate : separate bedrooms and no sex
    Andre : and no bothering me till I’ve had my morning coffee

    et al … sublime fodder

    as they toast : Kate to Andre . ” you better, not, mess with me ”
    Andre: “whatever you say dear” the looks exchanged between them, telling us all what belies their union.

    class acts

    Marci Miller is knocking me out.. how in command she’s taken Abs

    I love Billy Flynn

    DOOL – Sony – NBC : “Thank You” for the best


    Celia replied

    You go, Patrick!!!!!!!! I admire you and your loyalty!!!!!


  11. Mo says:

    Have now watched the episode.

    Bonnie is hilarious.

    Loved seeing Rob/Ben again.

    Loved the way they connected Abigail’s vows to Sonny remembering about Will. Freddie was great.

    Can’t wait to see today’s ep!


  12. Scott H says:

    I have a question: if Ben only killed Serena and Paige, does he still qualify as a serial killer??? Cause doesn’t it take at least 3 deaths to be labeled a serial killer??? I’ve got to give it to Rob Scott Wilson he’s doing an awesome job as Ben….i’m even loving JJ’s hot ass cop character that he’s become……loved loved loved the Chad/Sonny scenes before the wedding when they professed their brotherly love for each other….Kate/Andre scenes are simply seductively divine….cannot wait for the Maggie/Bonnie/Adrienne catfight…even Sonny has come alive, so to speak, during his scenes with Ben in the conference room!!!!! Right now DAYS is hitting on all cylinders, cannot wait for Sami!!!!!! Hopefully, when Megyn Kelly’s show tanks due to disastrous ratings, NBC will finally figure out that we don’t need another boring talk show and maybe invest more and focus on a show that is working, keeping DAYS on for years to come……kudos to Ron C and Sherry A for turning what was once a dark and dreary hot mess into the hottest soap on the air today!!!!!!!!!


    4ever DAYS replied

    Ben murdered Wendy, the midwife who he abducted to deliver Abby’s baby.


    Scott h replied

    But did he murder Wendy?? I know it was implied, but did we actually see him kill her? Maybe he made Abb’s think he killed her, but, in fact, let her go?????

  13. blake says:

    Days really is on fire again! Friday’s episode was great seeing the nuptials and most of the cast being all in one place. But the scenes Monday and today between Ben, Sonny and JJ were must-see TV! The show seems to be finally firing on all cylinders since Ron C. took over as head writer. And Sami comes back next Friday!

    If you aren’t watching Days now you should be, and watch the past few episodes on NBC’s website!


    Celia replied

    Yesssss, Blake…agreed!!!!!


    ChandlerFan replied

    I would have liked to see Tripp at the wedding, but it’s understandable that his character simply might not have been invited.
    With everyone else at the wedding, the remainder of Salem must have been a ghost town, leaving only Tripp and Anne Milbauer to wander the empty streets aimlessly.
    Surprisingly, although I hadn’t initially been a huge fan of the Ben Weston character overall during his initial run, his recent reprisal was riveting with overwhelmingly captivating acting from Robert Scott Wilson.


  14. Lia says:

    I thought it was a stupid idea from the beginning, but after seeing how Ron made Chabby look like fools, and walked out of there still single, as a Chabi fan I was thrilled. I know they will marry soon, but their big day turned into a big flop. Lol
    Abby punching Ben was stupid, not cute as Billy and his chabby fans love to think it was. Especially since Ben was not there for her. It was just another move on her part that says Ben does control her. Otherwise she would have stood next to Chad, let the cops handle Ben and married her “soulmate”. The entire thing was just bs.


    Mo replied

    Don’t worry. Chad and Abby are married now.


  15. boes says:

    Very well done, IMO, by all. Congratulations to Days, to all the actors and to Ron C. for giving us some exciting times and storylines in Salem.


  16. Patrick says:

    how sexy is this

    Kiriakis tradition – sonny looking as all get out sexy.. with Justin doing the honor of shaving the younger generation .

    Victor – Justin – Sonny

    Justin : “you will always be my little boy in that Spider-Man costume”

    Wally Kurth barely holding it in and containing himself.. his eyes brimming with tear


    Patrick replied

    Sonny telling Victor : “you are our rock”

    I love you John Anniston


    Patrick replied

    Bonnie goes “dynasty” and – daring – us all to welcome her cleavage back

    that white dressed to the nines, Judi Evans is dormant NO MORE. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    Celia replied

    Bonnie cracks me up….completely!!!! And her scenes with Victor? Oh, Lordy Lord: to die for!!! Oh, yeah!!

  17. Scott says:

    Chabby deciding to not get married so they could be there and support Paul and Sonny was the right thing to do… you think arrogant “poor poor pitiful me” Gabi would have done that? Not at all she would have demanded that everyone stay and watch her get married to her sugardaddy/soulmate!!!!! I’m hoping that once Ben gets off from not killing Will that maybe he’ll become the necktie killer again and wipe out Gabi, along with Rafe and Lani, Abe’s daughter….lose these three, find Hope and Jennifer and JJ new loves, and more of Julie/Doug/Chloe/Lucas and for God’s sake, can someone please bring back Grandma Horton’s donuts!!!!!!!!


  18. Jaime says:

    Why is everything in pairs now by this writer? Two dual roles (both not worthy of the time given), double weddings, two men who go off the wagon simultaneously! Is this what Ron Carlivati calls Days on Steroids?

    I just wish Days had not become the Gabi, Brady, Sonny hour. They are not the most interesting of characters on Days! In fact they may be the reason I give up on Days again. Enough of the same everyday!


    Johnny Grant replied

    Personally I’m a little tired of Nicole – and yes, the show is draggy in general and a little monotonous – I think that some of us have seen too many soaps and after a while, they all become rather repetitious. Every Wedding is ridiculously interrupted, absurd look-a-like characters not even done as well as Patty Duke did 50 years ago on TV – they need some new storylines but after seventy years of soaps I guess it must be hard to come up with new ideas ~


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