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15 January 12th, 2012 FRIDAY Live! OLTL Finale Special – After the Show with Michael Fairman & Special Guests 7PM PST/10PM EST


On Friday January 13th after you have watched the finale of One Life to Live in the afternoon join Michael Fairman and BlazinRy Radio’s Ryan Holmes at night for a very special BlogTalkRadio event, The OLTL Finale Special – After the Show with Michael Fairman!

Join Michael and his very special friends from Llanview: Melissa Archer (Natalie), John-Paul Lavoisier (Rex) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) as we say goodbye to the 43-year-old soap, discuss the finale, and take your calls live in this two-hour special program.  This is an opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts on the final episode and the legacy of OLTL, and to speak to some of your One Life favorites!

The call-in line is 1-917-388-4131  In addition, we will be giving away a pair of tickets to the Westbury, NY live event Loving Llanview which features members of the cast, past and present of One Life to Live. 

To listen to the live broadcast:  OLTL Finale Special – After the Show with Michael Fairman click here!

We hope to hear from you as we know this will be a very difficult and emotional day for longtime fans of One Life and a dark day for the soap genre.

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  1. Brittaney Peacock says:

    I can’t wait I am going to be tuning in and will for sure call and I hope I can talk to Melissa one last time.. Love OLTL and JP, Kristen and Melissa.


  2. Susan M. says:

    I will call in at 10:00 (est) ..Ilve in Florida…..Looking forward to this.!!!!!! I have the phone number!!!!!!!! ONE LIFE TO LIVE FAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!


    Susan M. replied

    Want to speak to my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Lauri N says:

    Hoping to get through to talk with my favorite actors. I am going to miss them sooo much. I have been crying for two days. I can’t believe ABC has done this! I’ve been watching OLTL from the beginning. I wish you all the love and best wishes for your futures. Still praying another network picks up the show as well as AMC!


  4. Gracie C says:

    I so going to miss OLTL


  5. Carol Painter says:

    THe BEST Ending TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! TREVOR IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is going to be great! Someone MUST PICK UP THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will watch on GH as this storyline continues…In the meantime ,after the cross-over, PP or SOMEONE PICK UP THIS SHOW!! REVERSE the Damage of BRIAN “Empty suit “FRONS”!


  6. Karen says:

    Wondering how long it’s gonna be until ABC realizes the new show won’t pull the numbers that OLTL did. While I enjoy watching The Chew, The Revolution looks lame as Hell.


    Carol Painter replied

    You couldn’t PAY ME to watch either program, THE CHEW or The Revolution…NEVER.
    I would never support any company or network that would up root Hundreds of Actors from NY, (Many sold their homes at a great financial loss)…Took pay cuts, moved 3,000 miles away…to save the show..and within 6 months told, YOU ARE OUT. Nobody deserves that…especially actors who have dedicated their entire Lives to that program….
    I find it quite Sad that ANYONE would watch either of those programs.
    I watch NOTHING on abc/disney NOTHING..except Greys Anatomy…and Castle..Both NON reality…and well written etc…And when those shows go……..I won’t watch anything on abc ever again.
    I Hate Disney and ABC for what they have done to Millions of Viewers, and Thousands of Employees on OLTL, and AMC.

    You enjoy the CHEW? Good for you.
    That’s the problem…Disney knows that their will always be people like you.
    Promo a show enough, every 2 seconds…and Like sheep…you’ll go running to watch.


    Karen replied

    If you knew me, which you do NOT, you’d know I don’t watch commercials & as an educated woman, am not easily swayed by ads. I watch The Chew because I like the people on it, especially Mario & Carla. Calling someone a sheep is rather rude…& it’s what ABC thinks OLTL fans are if the Fraternity Row storyline is any indication. Instead of bashing someone who also wants OLTL back on the air, why not celebrate how The Revolution is falling fast in the ratings & doing worse than OLTL EVER did.

    Carol Painter replied

    Dear Karen,

    Perhaps While you are watching THE CHEW, and during the commercials,(that you insist you don’t watch) Try thinking about the 100′s of Actors, writers, and Camera People, all of the directors, producers, Costume designers, Make up artists, etc WITH families That relocated their families 3,000 miles away to CA,..(On AMC..At a GREAT Financial Loss for them.Many sold their homes)…Who were FIRED by ABC EXEC’s? TRY thinking about Those people, while you are Enjoying THE SPEW.

    I Like Clinton Kelly..I like him alot…But I would NEVER EVER watch those programs…Ever. Abc /Disney is a HORRIFIC CO.

    Educated? How could you possibly watch The Chew, in Light of What Disney Did to The Entire Crew and Cast of AMC?

    Not in My book.
    And I stand By my Statement to you..Yes..Just Like sheep.

    Carol Painter replied

    Oh, And karen P.S)
    Could you do me a favor? A HUGE Favor? Try Watching the commercials that Air during THE CHEW, and then please List The Products that are being advertised,could you?

    I would also like to boycott those companies as well…and their products, or stores.
    Thank you So much, I would appreciate your help, and I’m sure the rest of The soap fans would as well.
    Thanks again.
    Carol P

  7. Melissa says:

    I’m calling in & hope to speak to Melissa


  8. Torrey says:

    Remember on Monday, don’t even turn you TV to ABC! I know some might get curious about how bad the new show will be, but the best way to really stick it to the network is not to watch at all. Let’s show ABC, just how big of a mistake they made by canceling OLTL!!!


  9. David from CT says:

    Message for John-Paul: WHEN you get a chance to get online, go to about the cable network coupon campaign, and the Facebook page for SWANS is

    PS: I know how to get you OLTL-themed pajama pants!  LOL! 


  10. Brian Greene says:

    Thanks For This, Michael. BTW–Belated Happy Birthday To You! :D


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