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13 November 22nd, 2012 Fumbling Thru The Pieces New Episode, “They Killed Our Soap” Pays Homage to OLTL & AMC!


In a hilarious and spoofy new episode of the hit web series, Fumbling Thru The Pieces starring Hillary B. Smith (Ex-Nora, OLTL), several of the key characters are heartbroken when Shara (Diane Delano) receives a disturbing text that One Life to Live has been canceled!

Next, Barb (Tara Chocol Joyce) and Jesse (Kelsey Robinson) commiserate with Shara over losing their beloved characters in particular, Bo and Nora (with Hillary B. Smith standing right there in the form of Ellie from “Fumbling”), Clint and Viki, and Dorian!  Even Ellie’s husband Vince (Robert Maffia) we learn has a deeply rooted connection and affection for One Life to Live.

As the gals feel the loss of One Life to Live they also reveal All My Children has been axed too! One of the funnier moments happens when Jesse says, “Just a tad”  and Shara says, “Tad! No more Tad Martin!”  All the while, Hillary as Ellie is the one character who could care less about the soaps!

Watch the new episode of Fumbling Thru The Pieces entitled, “They Killed Our Soap”  after the jump, and let us know what you think!

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  1. janice says:

    what I notice most? to be real honest? Is that Hillary is so much more the professional actor than anyone else in the cast. She’s just natural. She makes it easy and believable. Good Lord I miss OLTL.


    susan M. replied

    I miss OLTL also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lyn replied

    i miss it every day! only gh replaces some of my sorry at the loss of oltl! i cannot watch anything on abc except GH !!!!!!!!!!

    Jacinda R. replied

    Must be a pretty talented cast since they came in 1ST and 2ND place this month for FAVORITE Web SERIES in the polls! Hillary came in 1st place for FAVORITE actress and Robert Maffia came in 2nd place for FAVORITE actor! Sounds pretty talented to me ;-) Kudos to the Fumbling CAST & CREW!!!


  2. Michael (not Fairman) says:

    It would have been very, very funny anyway, but with Hillary B. Smith right there it’s just . . . hilarious.

    “You know he does call me ‘Nora’ in bed sometimes.” Too much.


    Nicole G. replied

    I think it was a GREAT tribute to OLTL, AMC & Knots Landing!


  3. Kristen says:

    Hilarious! Some talents I would like to see more of.


  4. susan M. says:

    Makes me miss Nora & Bo & my favorite soap OLTL!!!


  5. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I’ve watched a couple of these episodes and am really having trouble becoming interested in it. I see the humor the writers clearly were going for in this one. However, the dialogue and the acting aren’t very good.

    If this is the type of quality that OLTL and AMC would have become if they had survived as internet soaps, their demise may have been a blessing in disguise.

    I watched Guiding Light for years. The last 12 months of that show with the shakey, hand-camera filming and scenes like Reva sitting on a sofa in paneled room folding clothes were enough for me. At the time, I was sorry to see GL cancelled. Looking back on it, it would have been far kinder to have axed Reva and fans before resorting to that cheap filming.

    Watching these episodes makes me wonder if OLTL and AMC were spared from being a show of this quality.


    Nicole G. replied

    I think “Fumbling” has one of the most talented casts on the Web and the writing is brilliant! Fumbling is a show that NEEDS to be on TV. Can’t wait to see the next episode!


  6. Robert says:

    This was funny but I was distracted by the god awful hair extention they put on Hilary’s head. It looked like a squirrel crawled up and latched itself to her head!


  7. Jacinda R. says:

    Kudos to the Cast and Crew of “Fumbling Thru The Pieces! GREAAAT Show!!! LOVE SHARA!!!


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