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5 August 16th, 2012 Fumbling Thru The Pieces Season Premiere with Michele Lee, Bobbie Eakes, and Hillary B.Smith!


The highly anticipated season two of the web series, Fumbling Thru The Pieces has finally kicked off with its first all-new episode! Written by Julie A. Smith and Donna Hurst, the first installment is entitled “MOM’s here!” and with good reason!

The series welcomes Knots Landing darling Michele Lee as Eleanor and All My Children favorite Bobbie Eakes as Janice.  The duo come to town to comfort Jesse (Kelsey Robinson) and share some  good but unexpected news with the family.

Series star Hillary B. Smith (One Life to Live and The Bold and the Beautiful) has some interesting reactions throughout the proceedings, and Diane Delano and Robert Maffia co-star! Fun, fun, fun!

Watch the premiere episode after the jump!  Then let us know what you think of the plot involving Michele and Bobbie!

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  1. TLContessa says:

    I thought I loved ‘Fumbling Thru The Pieces’ before, but the addition of the dynamic between Michele Lee and Bobbie Eakes has totally upped the ante and now I simply ADORE the series!


  2. Perla says:

    Yay it was such a great episode of the second season, everybody was awesome in their character well done.


  3. Max says:

    I tried to watch this, I could only find it on youtube. I watched it for a few minutes, it looked good. Am I missing something or does it flip into a long commercial mode on youtube. If this is available to watch by other means, please let me know.


  4. christy says:

    Well as I was about to view episode I was extremely excited. I love Michelle-Hilary and Bobbi.However after viewing not pleased at all. I was hoping for more for my wonderful vets. Geez…I hope things get better for TV. and bring our vet back home.


  5. Sandy says:


    The beauty of watching vets, is their ability to jump into different formats and bring a level of honor and dignity that you can’t sometimes find on television. One of the hardest things to do is see people you love and respect playing different characters from what you’re used to. That does not make a show bad, nor does it make performances disappointing. Any television series under the sun takes time to open up and grow. The same is true for web series. I strongly encourage you to not make snap judgements until you have seen the entire season and then make an educated opinion based on the reality of the show, and not what you would like to see. It’s not all about you. I might also add, that formats like this, and shows like fumbling are sometimes the only way treasured talent has a proper showcase these days in an era of networks that do not appreciate women and what they bring to the table. We should be supporting and not putting down.


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