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10 February 18th, 2014 Galen Gering, Eric Martsolf & Greg Vaughan Weigh-In On The Same-Sex Romance Of Sonny and Will & What It Has Meant For DAYS!


Now here is an interesting video courtesy of Logo’s LGBT entertainment website The Backlot! While visiting the set of Days of our Lives, the outlet caught up with three of the Salem hunk contingent: Galen Gering (Rafe), Eric Martsolf and Greg Vaughan (Eric).

Each of the actors sat down and gave their thoughts on what they think it has meant to the long running NBC soap opera to have a same-sex romance and LGBT characters represented on the Salem canvas via the romance of Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Will (Guy Wilson).

Galen, Eric, and Greg talk about how they are proud that NBC and DAYS are presenting the story of Sonny and Will to a mass audience, especially in the times we live in, and to illustrate that all types of love exist in the world today, and that soaps historically have been groundbreaking in tackling social issues of the day.

Galen Gering stated on DAYS same-sex storyline:  “I think obviously this storyline has been a huge hit.  I think it was difficult for them to recast Chandler (Massey), but I think Guy (Wilson) is doing a phenomenal job.  I think the reaction in large part has been massively positive.  It’s great to see the show is forging new ground.   Not making it a story that has come and gone, but a real story about people.  And for me, not to focus on the fact that you have this gay couple, but to focus on that they are real people living out a story.”

Watch Galen, Eric, and Greg after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of these gents take on Sonny and Will’s storyline  … and DAYS continuing to represent the LGBT community on their canvas!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Days could break more ground by becoming more diveres: how about a few Asians or American Indian ect. and where are the poor working class people of Salem? Maybe Rory could be part of that poor working class family…bring back his mother Lee…show her as this out of a job single welfare mother struggling to make ends meet who lives in a rundown trailer with Rory and perhaps a younger sister…maybe she’s an alcholic and mentally abusive toward Rory and also suffers from bipolor disorder and this is all the reason Rory has turn to drugs? Soaps are too upper middle class and should show all sides of life…imo!


    MBmomof3 replied

    I’m for any storyline that involves more Rory. And I agree, I think his backstory that includes an underprivileged upbringing would be in keeping with the history of DOOL. Not everyone was rich or upper-middle class back in the day.


  2. Ej says:

    Have loved the Will and Sonny storyline. One of the best storylines that Days has had. It was so nice to see a love develop and blossom. Really it is the only ‘true’ romance on Days in the traditional sense of soap opera romance. All the other love stories on the show have have been choppy, broken up, gimmicky, problematic. Will and Sonny have been a real couple with real issues. Love how they have been a team through ups and downs.


  3. Sharonda says:

    I don’t see an impact one way or another. I think it was Chandler’s version of Will that made the story pop and he’s relationship struggles with Sami- and not because he came out and got involved with Sonny. I didn’t care if he was gay or straight, and I don’t know why that issue dragged out as long as it did. I still believe that Will is bi-unless I missed the episode where he didn’t sleep with Gaby.


  4. Paul R. Evans says:

    I don’t mind a more diverse group of people but the only problem I have with soaps is that everyone is either at the Hospital or at the same fake looking park or at Town
    Square. I do understand that sets are limited, but it would be nice to show a wider
    variety of locations. So, I like Will and Sonny and I like all the people of Salem (I’m a relatively NEW viewer, a left-over from ALL MY CHILDREN) – but I agree it would be nice to show more diversification and I just wanted to say I wish that their were more places in Salem to see.


  5. Shelly says:

    Days sure has come a long way. I recently stumbled upon a story about an actor who played a member of the Horton family was fired in the late 70′s for being gay.


  6. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I think NBC and Days of our Lives did a fantastic job at tackling a same-gender storyline. It’s been brilliantly and realistically written in my eyes. And I cannot wait to see it develop over time, and hopefully see more come into it and just expand upon this. And I love that the cast members are supportive of it; you always wonder who in a cast may be against this kind of storyline, but it is lovely seeing everyone appreciating it. Truly beautiful in my eyes.


  7. Chaz says:

    DOOL has handled this story very well. Personally, I feel that Chandler conveyed a teen’s dealing with his sexuality wonderfully. But, I also think that Guy has brought a maturity to the role that will serve it well as the characters of Will and Sonny grow and their relationship & future storylines move forward.

    While I agree with the need for more diversity, historically soaps have always featured middle and upper class families, with a few wealthy as well. Unfortunately, whenever a lower income class character is introduced they almost always have them move up in income level and become the “norm”. One example is Dayze on B&B. She came on as homeless and ends up running a business due to Stephanie’s assistance. I think part of that is that soaps want to portray that there is always a chance, a possibility of self betterment. Another character who underwent this type of change was Dru on Y&R.

    Even OLTL, which started out with the working class Woleks ended up having them move upward…Larry became a respected physician, Anna married prominent doctor Jim Craig. Only Vinnie remained as he was – a policeman.

    Prime time soaps are really no different…Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest all portrayed wealthy families with “ordinary” people few & far between.

    I suppose TPTB assume there is no value or interest in the average Joe.


  8. nancy says:

    why don’t you kill off gabi while giving birth to her second baby and nick is the father this time


  9. brian Keith says:

    I am extremely happy that Days are portaying Will and Sonny in such a positive storyline, maybe more gay characters will introduced on other soaps


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