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9 March 17th, 2012 GCB’s Annie Potts Fires Back at Newt Gingrich for his Anti-Christian comments regarding her new ABC Series – Watch the Video!


Annie Potts, currently starring in the new ABC series, GCB, which has some very soapalicious elements to it, was a special guest this week on The View.

When Annie sat down with View co-hosts Joy Behar, Whoppi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd, the topic of  Republican Presidential hopeful, Newt Gingrich’s anti-Christian remarks last week, (which has become one of On-Air On-Soaps most popular posts of the past week) towards GCB (which stands for “Good Christian Bitches”) was brought up during Pott’s segment.

Annie fired back at Newt stating, ”I did feel that it was especially rich coming from him that he called our little TV show un-Christian when he was carrying on an affair while he was impeaching the president for doing the same.  It’s like, you know, look in the mirror, honey, I think our show might be for you!”

Watch the segment after the jump, and also hear Annie’s comments about her late-Designing Women co-star and former Edge of Night star, Dixie Carter! And, tune-in to an all new-episode this Sunday at 10pmEST only on ABC.

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  1. Ginger says:

    awesome :) , i enjoy this show. Newt is completely out of touch with reality and by attacking the show maybe he’ll make it more popular or make people more interested in wanting to tune in.


  2. barbara t says:

    I dont give a rats ass about what newt says most of the time,but I am agreeing with him on this one ,abc/disney was going to call it good christian bitches,why water it down to gcb if its a good clean comedy soap ? ,walt disney would once again roll over in his grave , years ago he had a problem and told her so with annette funicello TOLD HER NOT TO WEAR A TWO PIECE BATHING SUIT in that beach blanket bingo movie or whatever the name of it was, if he saw these woman he would not allow it ,if he saw two thirds of the garbage abc/disney is trying to peddle us with he would be disgraced ,I cant make a honest opinion on this show but as a woman Im insulted with the bitch word as a christian I was taught to turn the other cheek and deal with the nasty remarks and insults we get regularly coming from hollywood.


    Sean replied

    HMs. t he would also be horrified to know we had Jews and black people in his movies or the fact he had some non white princesses. The man is dead and gone. It’s time to stop invoking his name As if he is the paragon more moral . A lot of Disney films are racist going up to Aladdin


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    Barbara, where?
    I see this, but not 3 post from you/ Heather, just Sean.


    barbara t replied

    I made a comment at the one life to live book contest,All I said was I could look the answers up in my new one life to live trivia book,that post I guess I understand not putting that post up, I was being funny,I guess I wasnt ,did you hear who won the book?,the one from heather was about agnes nixon getting her rights back she told me agnes should have to buy the soaps back and told me to please get real,hey thats fine I respect her opinon,that was at jill larson what happened at pp,that was posted ,I feel, why waste those precious soaps because the rat channel doesnt want them anymore ?I want to write back that maybe she is right ,but I think abc/disney should give them back they dont respect or care about all my children and one life to live why should those soaps of over 40 years be tossed in the garbage like they are trash makes abc/disney look greedy and dumb,I have read several articles in the business magazines and they all agree abc/disney made some very dumb moves in cancelling the soaps and hopefully will not cancel general hospital,these are business mags ,that says pretty much what all of us have been saying ,why fix something that wasnt broken ,those soaps were far from over ,most of all one life to live,But that is done and over with.So what do you think about the sean post?seriously,I want to know what you think ,I will admit in my post back to him or her,I let it all out,disneys old movies ,calling women nasty names,I let sean have it twice.and both my posts were gone .Pleas tell me vincent hanna hasnt come here,JUst kidding,he cant deal with the truth over at deadline hollywood he can insult you but you cant stick up for yourself ,and I was standing up for everything I said ,I think I should stay away from anything that has to do with the gcb and newt gingich ,I cant promise that I will stay away,I will try.I have to know what you thought of seans post ,Did I make a mountain out of a mole hill or what?I would like to have told you I was gone for a while taking a course in writing,but thats not where I was, I was here scratching my head wondering why I couldnt let that sean person have it back.

    1loveabcsoaps replied

    @ Barbara: “I would like to have told you I was gone for a while taking a course in writing,but thats not where I was, I was here scratching my head wondering why I couldnt let that sean person have it back. ”

    I said out loud, ” U stupid..” of course meaning funny. I laughed my ass off with this statement.
    Anyway, don’t worry about the writing instructing. I can help you with that, bc I’ve taught writing. At this very moment, I am on my way to rehearsal, (and I just opened my email) so I have to go now, but when I get back in later, I will read the other boards U told me about and then tell you what I think. Make sure you let me know where the ‘post dates” are to find your comments so I can read them, because its just the “one “, above. Also, I dont see you responding to Sean, above. He is RESPONDING to you…! You are making your own independent statement above under Ginger, and then, that’s seems to be the end of it. So please ‘clear that up ‘ how U could have been out of line, I’m not sure. Oh, and for starters, Agnes shouldn’t have to buy back her soaps in my opinion, they should NOT be ” shelved ” for no profit. Tell me where to FIND the stuff and when I get back from rehearsal and celebration, I will read over everything, and respond.


  3. Blake says:

    I can’t believe she’s 60!!!!

    And I love that they showed a clip of her on Designing Women and I like that she talked about the late Dixie Carter, that’s really cool.


  4. kay killgore says:

    And what is reality in this country now days? That we go to great lengths to condone people who strap on bombs and kill Americans that we condone burning our flag and our bibles but you better not dare burn a kuran that was passed with terriost messages in it ? Ms. Potts still does not get it she wants to make a statement by a politician and turn it around and lets make it personal I think Mr. Gingrich is well aware of his short comings!


  5. kay killgore says:

    Concerning previous post I misspelled koran with a u insted of an o!


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