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3 March 22nd, 2012 GCB’s Kristin Chenoweth gets punked with a Dance Dare from ELLEN! – Watch the Video!


This is pretty hilarious! The star of the new hit ABC primetime series, GCB, Kristin Chenoweth appeared as a guest yesterday on Ellen DeGeneres talk show.

During her segment, Ellen revealed that Chenoweth was “Dance Dared” since she was suppose to do it to Ellen originally, but a scheduling problem precluded the broadway and television star to do one.   So, what’s Ellen to do?  Well the clever gal, pulled a “punked” on Chenoweth, when she secretly filmed members of her staff  “Dance Daring” Chenoweth!

Watch Chenoweth’s reaction to what went down behind her back after the jump! And remember, an all new episode of GCB airs this Sunday night on ABC at 10PM EST!

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  1. Christy says:

    that just never gets old! bwahahahahahaha


  2. kim delmotte says:

    i heard soap opera weekely will be cloeing down no more paper this is what i read but soap opera digest will be staying anyone heard


    barbara t replied

    I heard it to.more people out of work thanks to abc/disneys decision to kill all my children and one life to live.I dont think that abc/disney is the FAMILY channel anymore.Hey, I didnt comment about this show.


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