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6 May 2nd, 2012 GCB’s Mark Deklin Interview: In the Season Finale, Will Blake be forced to come out of the closet?


The sexy star of GCB, Mark Deklin (Blake Reilly) discussed playing a closet gay role amongst a sea of Good Christian Bitches, in a brand new interview with On-Air On-Soaps, Michael Fairman  for Frontiers 

Deklin addressed his original concerns taking on the role, how he is loving his notoriety within the LGBT community, and how much he adores his on-screen relationship between Blake and Cricket (Miriam Shor).  Might a little bundle of joy be on the way for this couple if GCB gets picked up for a season two?

Deklin, gives  a sneak peek that a major threat looms for Blake  and that his sexual secret may be revealed to the community in the season finale next Sunday!    Here are a few excerpts!

Deklin on this Sunday’s climatic conclusion in GCB’s season finale! “I will tell you this.  The last several episodes we have brought out a lot of the comedy. The first three or four episodes of my journey as Blake were about building his humanity and showing this wonderful warm-hearted guy that people could attach themselves to emotionally.  And then in the next three episodes or so, I think we earned the right to sort of let Blake get a little bit wacky.  We punched up the comedy which was so much fun. But now we are going to go back to a little more of the soapy element.  We are going to introduce a storyline that is going to take a dark turn.  The big secret is under threat and there may be certain forms of blackmail and extortion, and beyond that I can’t tell you or else I will be “spoiling”. (Laughs)  And this is something people have been asking since the beginning of the show, “Is Blake and Cricket’s secret going to be exposed?”  I am not saying it’s going to be exposed, but I will say, it’s under threat. “


Deklin on how America fixates on a person’s sexuality over important issues, and when someone plays a gay role on television,  it is looked at under a microscope.  “No question about it.  It shouldn’t be an issue. There are so many incredible role models out there now that I would hate to think that any kid growing up gay today, would feel the need to be marginalized, or hide in the closet, or anything like that.  I would hope we are slowly evolving into a world where that is just not necessary, and as you say, where it’s just not an issue, but part of the fabric of things.  Clearly, right now that is not the case.  The thing that people want to talk about the most with this character is not, “Hey, let’s talk about that Texas accent you got.”  Everyone wants to talk about the fact that I am playing a gay character.  Obviously, it’s something our society gets hung up on, I think.  Americans do sort of have sexual hang-ups.  Look at all the time that was put into Bill Clinton’s blow job, and the rest of the world was laughing at us for caring that much. Somehow in the American media, violence seems to be okay, but sex suddenly ruffles feathers.  I have played murderers, Nazi’s, rapists and spousal abusers.  I mean really reprehensible people, and no one has made an issue out of it.   No one has ever said, “Wow. Was is it difficult to take on a role like that?”  And here on GCB, I am playing a nice guy who happens to be gay, and that’s what everybody fixates on.”

Deklin on if Blake finds his “Mr. Right” would he leave his wife:  “Well, that is interesting.  I don’t know the answer to that.   People have asked me, “Is Blake going to come out of the closet at some point?”  I have such mixed-feelings about that, because as Mark, I find myself going, “Well yes, he should.  He should come out of the closet.  And he should embrace who he is and wave his rainbow flag.”  And I support that.  But there is another part of me that has become so fond of Blake and Cricket and their marriage, that part of me hopes they stay together forever.  So it’s a conflicting feeling I have.  I mean, he has not met “Mr. Right” yet.  Booth was “Mr. Right Now”. And back in episode two when Blake had to choose between his boyfriend and his family, Blake chose his family.  I think Blake is truly and deeply committed to his family in a very unconventional and very unorthodox way.”

Deklin on if he likes the soap opera element to GCB:   “I do.  I think it really has its place.  I know there is a desire for it in the viewing public. Clearly, both daytime and nighttime soaps have always been very popular.  I think with the serialized format, there is something compelling about it, and the idea of not having every episode be a standalone, but the idea of ending with somewhat of a cliffhanger, or a “tune-in next week to see how this plays out.”  I think there is some fun in that and teasing it out, and seeing how far you can stretch the chewing gum till it snaps. ”

What do you think of Mark’s comments?  Would you be interested to check ou the finale on Sunday? Let us know!

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  1. Iakovos says:

    I have come to love GCB. And it is interesting that people are quick to call it controversial. Take away the trappings of big money, big hair, and larger-than-life character traits and what do you have? A set of three married couples — friends — who attend church regularly and admit their weaknesses. The show’s subtext is redemption. The soap elements need to propel the story, of course, but the warm and human and funny moments are there to show us how when we get high and mighty, we fall. GCB shows how lucky you are to have people around you who will catch you and still be around when you are weak enough to foolishly try to get all high and mighty once again. Here’s to a renewal!


  2. kay killgore says:

    No, Mr. Deklin you are wrong the most powerful man Bill Clinton at the time did a disgrace to his office a 19 yr. old in the oval office having oral sex. How did we know she was not a spy or even going to blackmail him etc. just sex I think not. And personally I could give s—- less what the other countries think . The American left is who is hung up on sex and most of them think we care what they do, I just don’t like it being at the taxpayers expense as it was with Clinton. He betrayed his wife and his country with a young intern and I might add ruined her life.


    barbara t replied

    Kay Killgore,You are so right ,I agree with every word you wrote.And I am sure the Tax payers paid for those cigars, And clinton did ruin that young interns life ,she was the whore and bill he got a pat on the back by the left, SO WRONG.


    kay killgore replied

    Thanks Barbara you know I just get passionate about twisting things to make them swing your way. Most good people in this country do not judge it is used as political tools and I don’t like it. You want to know what I look for in my friends great conversation sharing recipes etc and we never discuss U-turns on the bed sheets that is personal, our society today is Too Much Information.

    barbara t replied

    Way to much information,Kay killgore, I agree with you again.Sad part about it people don’t care.


  3. Robert says:

    I found a new appreciation for Mark Delkin. As a gay man myself, I know how hard it is to deal with labels. His protrayal with his character is kind of true to life. I have had a couple of friends who were in a similar situation and unfortunately it did not last for obvious reasons. It is said that people have to live double lives in order to be “happy”. It is great to see regular everyday people being protrayed on television!


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