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23 April 11th, 2013 General Hospital 50th Anniversary Ratings: Nurses’ Ball Kick-Off Scores! Key Demo Best Showing In Year and a Half!


The numbers are starting to come in for General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary week and the kick-off to the Nurses Ball which was last Friday’s episode! And, it was all a ratings winner according to ABC!

General Hospital delivered its most-watched week in one-and-a-half years in Women 25-54 (918,000/1.5 rating – since 9/26/11), ranking a solid #2 for the week in the demo, and posting a 6-week high in Total Viewers (2.79 million – since week of 2/18/13) and 5-week high in Women 18-49 (660,000/1.0 rating – since week of 2/25/13).

In addition, General Hospital registered solid double-digit percent increases year to year across target demos, including by 25% in Total Viewers (2.79 million vs. 2.24 million), by 23% in Women 18-49 (660,000 vs. 538,000) and by 27% in Women 25-54 (918,000 vs. 722,000).  And here are some other very impressive numbers below!

* Friday’s kick-off of the ‘Nurses’ Ball’ ranked as the series’ most-watched telecast in 6 weeks in Women 18-49 (718,000/1.1 rating – since 2/18/13).

* On, the anniversary week amassed 2.1 million page views, up by a massive 77% over the prior two weeks.

* On Twitter, General Hospital was the week’s #5 most-tweeted TV series, accumulating 114,000 tweets between social activity on ABC and SOAPnet.

So what do you think about the all the numbers released from ABC on GH’s milestone celebration thus far Let us know!

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  1. carol wilson says:

    yaaaaaay gh is doing good things loving it


  2. Lainey says:

    Is that Robert Kelker Kelly playing Stavros Cassadine?


    tarlyfan replied

    yes, that is RKK portraying Stavros


    Kevin replied



    Kristy replied

    Wasn’t that an awesome surprise?!! Love him!


  3. jimh says:

    So Brian Frons, no one tunes in to soap operas anymore…? Meanwhile, why arent men included in the ratings? We watch too, and buy most of whats advertised too!! Happy for GH…but ABC have you learned anything yet?


    Joe Wells replied

    AMEN!!! By the way, it’s just proof that if you build it, they will come. Give us characters we love, stories we can get involved with, and promotion of both and the audience will tune in.


    jimh replied


  4. aria says:

    love GH no matter what. Surely the numbers help keep the show on the air, heres hoping more eye will keep tuning in to GH.


  5. heidi says:

    Way to go GH!!!


  6. su0000 says:

    FV and RC and ”ALL” ,everybody behind the curtain, the and the actors of GH have worked so very hard to make all this happen..
    It was an extraordinary on-taking/HUGE feet to accomplish..
    I sincerely doubt that through this past year FV & RC have had a good nights sleep of more than 5 hrs..
    They have worked endlessly to bring GH back up ..
    And they accomplished their goal ….

    BRAVO BRAVO !!!!


    su0000 replied

    ahaha I wrote ”feet” to be ‘feat”
    (hate when that beep happens )


    Deborah replied

    Well said su0000, I agree 100%!


    su0000 replied

    Yes! I can’t even imagine tremendous list of things they have done and do every day..
    They put in 12 to 18 hrs days..
    When they sleep and relax, is beyond me..

    Anyone who has worked on a work project, knows the stress, the little or sleepless nights, it is very demanding.. But- to bring a dead soap to life, bringing the vets back, for 1 on the list wow can’t imagine a day in their lives..

  7. ethel says:

    i think it’s just awesome! go gh!


  8. Sarah White Sees says:

    It’s not surprising to me at all. There was so much excitement leading up to the Nurses’ Ball, and the event itself was spectacular; all three days of it. I loved everything about it, especially all the surprises. One thing that totally floored me was Britt’s announcement. I didn’t see that one coming at all. Congratulations to Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati, and all the cast and crew for a job well done!!


  9. tarlyfan says:

    congrats to everyone at GH!


  10. 10261991des says:

    Sounds pretty Awesome to me!!!

    Rock On ~~~


  11. Lawrence says:

    The ratings could be higher for viewership. Gh did have 3 million during Christmas season


  12. Glen says:

    Very pleased to see such good numbers for the anniversary week, which was wonderful. And the Nurses’ Ball was spectacular. I’m also enjoying this Cassadine s/l. I wasn’t watching GH during RKK’s first stint as Stavros 12 years ago, but I think that he’s doing a chillingly (pun intended) good job now. FV and RC have really made this venerable soap must-see TV. Kudos.


  13. Mary SF says:

    Everyone assumed soaps were dead, but in my opinion what was dying was good story telling. I have always maintain if soaps wrote good stories for interesting characters the viewers would be there. The reason GH numbers are improving is because of the writing and the fact the writers are smart enough not spill all their secrets before the air date. They hint, they tease, but don’t flat out spoil the surprise. What I like about GH is I am actually looking forward to each show because lately if you miss one you can miss a lot. Other soaps I can miss a week’s worth of shows and they are pretty much be on the same page as when I left. I seriously don’t know if the GH can keep up this pace, but if networks want their soaps to succeed invest in the writing that is where the real gold is.


  14. Patricia says:

    Very exciting. Kudos to Cartini! But what’s with the demographics? When will TV rating include over 55? This system is way out of touch with reality. Do they think that over 55′ers don’t buy? Ha! Big mistake leaving out this demographic in the 21st century


  15. Kristy says:

    Nurses Ball rocked!!!! Loving the show right now :)


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