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23 October 15th, 2015 General Hospital Alum Julie Berman Checks Into NBC’s CHICAGO MED!

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Three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Julie Berman is headed to a new hospital … Chicago Med!  That’s right!  The actress who played the role of Lulu Spencer on General Hospital for 8 years and left in 2013, has landed a recurring role on the new NBC dramatic series!

According to TV Line, Berman has joined the cast of the Chicago Fire spin-off where she will play a doctor named Toni Zanetti.  This doctor is said to be “a brilliant, self-assured attending surgeon who does not suffer fools. Sexy in scrubs and high heels, she confidently turns heads wherever she goes.”

Julie will first appear on the scene in third episode of the series which will debut on November 17th at 9PMEST/8CST. 

The talented actress can currently be seen in the Hulu original comedy series, Casual! 

Excited to hear this great bit of casting news for Julie? What do you think of her new upcoming primetime role? Comment below!

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  1. aria says:

    congrats,to julie although i mess her on GH, but best to you wherever you go, as long as you don’t turn up on the other three remaining soaps. Only GH …


    Norma replied

    Totally agree. Julie Marie Berman’s Lulu depiction was flawless. Unfortunately I still wonder what GH would be like if she came back. The Lulu that made Patrick look at his drug habit was a strong, intelligent woman. The latest incarnation of the is a far cry from what she was just 3 years ago. Regardless of my feelings towards GH.. kudos to Ms. Berman for landing a role in primetime.


    Harry replied

    You make an excellent point, Norma.

    Beth CP replied

    Dittos, Norma.

    Karen replied

    Norma – agreed.

  2. Donna says:

    I’m so glad for her & me I love her & have missed her on GH


  3. Timmm says:

    There goes THAT dream! Good luck Julie.


    Fanny replied

    I’m right there with you Timmm… On the other side of the coin…
    I’m thrilled for Julie we get to see her shine bright in prime time.


    SZima replied

    I, too, always hoped JMB would return to GH as Lulu. Emme only does so-so with the role…she just doesn’t have the spark & fire that Julie had.

    I wish Julie luck on Chicago Med…now I’ll have to watch for sure! Hope she catches on and becomes a regular instead of recurring. ;)


  4. Beth CP says:

    Congratulations to this wonderful actress who is as lovely and kind in person as she is on screen. From her first scenes on GH I knew she was special. I am so very proud of and happy for her! As much as I still miss her version of L, I wouldn’t want her to come back to the generic blonde , clueless valley girl that is now present on canvas.


    Caitie replied

    Right there with you, my friend! Julie is special!


  5. Tim says:

    Nice to see that she’s getting work,as talented as Julie is,she hasn’t had a lot of acting jobs since leaving GH.


  6. Elaine says:

    I think that it’s awesome. Julie is a very talented young lady.I miss her on General Hospital.She will do just great in her new adventure in life . Congrats Julie


  7. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad that she is going to be back on screen. As much as I loved her as Lulu she was just “stalled” acting wise. the character was only happy or in the background. I’m looking forward to seeing her on this show.


  8. Linda Cece says:

    Absolutely thrilled for Julie. Loved her on GH, but now her stars are even brighter. I will pray Chicago Med is a long playing show and that Julie is a shoe in for awards.
    Blessings Julie


  9. Caitie says:

    I’m delighted to see that Julie has landed a recurring role in the newest show in the popular Chicago franchise. She has been keeping quietly busy lately – with three episodes in the Hulu series Casual and with a guest appearance next week in the USA Network’s series Satisfaction. (October 23 according to IMDb). Looking forward to seeing even more of this talented actress on our screens. Loved her performance on GH and look forward to enjoying more performances on these and other shows.


  10. Ric says:

    I agree Timmm “there goes that dream” one can only hope.


  11. Harry says:

    Proud of Ms Berman–feel like I watched her grow up on GH.
    I do miss her Lulu–she was strong, darkly conflicted and her beauty was almost ethereal.
    She was a perfect casting choice as she embodied both the worst and best of her parents’ character traits.
    The new Lu is just fine but seems somewhat too perky for the role Julie established.


  12. Sly says:

    She’s good enough to be on the “Big” screen. Why isn’t she there yet?


    Caitie replied

    Well, she does have a indie film coming out soon. Maybe that will be a big screen starting point. I hope!!


  13. rebecca1 says:

    I liked her as Lulu…but I’m not as enamored as the other posters so far…with either her talent or beauty. I think she’s cute…and I think she’s an adequate actress. I don’t see her as the next soap alumni to make it big ala Marisa Tomei or Tommy Lee Jones. Wish her well though…good for her!


  14. Karen says:

    I was so happy to read this news. I surely do miss Julie and continue to feel a lot of heart left the show when she left. (As with other actors as well). So looking forward to seeing her back on screen. Congrats to Julie :)


  15. liz says:

    I want her back on GH!! There is no one like her.


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