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23 March 18th, 2013 General Hospital and ABC Partner with amFAR For Upcoming Nurses’ Ball!


General Hospital continues to pull out all the stops for their upcoming 50th anniversary celebration and the Nurses’ Ball gala!  Now according to an official press release today, GH will be using for the first time a non-fictional charity for the return of the beloved Ball that always raised awareness in an amazing show support for those living with HIV, and the global epidemic of AIDS.

The official press release related:  “ABC has joined forces with amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, in celebration of  General Hospital’s 50th Anniversary with an exciting storyline integration.  Approaching 50 historic years on ABC on April 1 and to help mark the show’s Golden Anniversary, General Hospital will reprise the immensely popular Nurses Ball, a fictional charity event complete with musical performances from the illustrious citizens of Port Charles dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness. The partnership with amfAR marks the first time that the Nurses Ball will be linked to a non-fictional charity, and helps to continue amfAR’s vastly important mission of raising HIV/AIDS awareness. The inaugural Nurses Ball aired in 1994 and became an annual event until 2001.

General Hospital is proud to be working with amfAR as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary,” said Executive Producer Frank Valentini. “We have pulled out all the stops to make the return of the Nurses Ball an event worth waiting for, and by linking the ball to amfAR we partner in their efforts to raise awareness beyond the town of Port Charles.”

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education and the advocacy of sound AIDS-related public policy. Founded in 1985, amfAR is dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research. amfAR-funded research has increased the understanding of HIV and has helped lay the groundwork for major advances in the study and treatment of HIV/AIDS.”

What do you think of GH partnering with amFAR for the upcoming presentation of the Nurses’ Ball?  Let us know!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I think this is great that they’re doing this. And I don’t believe anything of this nature has been done before, and it’s for a great cause. Proud right now.


  2. Mary Fergen says:

    What a great idea! I’m sooo looking forward to The Nurses’ Ball!


  3. jim says:

    Great to see ABC do something positive for a change. Kinda renews my faith in them. Hope this continues.


    jim replied

    Too bad they couldnt have done a special 2 hour live version of the nurses ball where viewers could call in and make donations to the cause…that would be groundbreaking!


    Ces replied

    that’s a great idea Jim!!

    Patrick replied

    That really is, Jim.

    Touching and affecting…. that, GH… continued on with this wonderful awareness.

    Patrick replied

    I should say…. that ABC is bringing this storyline back…. after so many years…

    and w/your idea… of, perhaps a telethon… live…. in conjunction… or after the nurses’ ball….

    it would be bringing this “epidemic” it legs again… and reminding people that it’s affecting so many to this day.

  4. ShannonB says:

    This is fantastic! There hasn’t been much that abc has done in the last year and a half that I’ve even “liked” but this is a wonderful commitment not only to General Hospital but to a charity and cause that still has a great need. Thank you!


    Tali replied

    Agreed Shannon! I will watch GH for the nurse’s ball and their 50th Anniversary, now that the OLTL characters have been suspended for a time. Hope to see them back where they belong (can’t wait for OLTL) and enjoy GH as it once was!


  5. Mary SF says:

    What a wonderful way to not only celebrate this milestone for GH, but hopefully highlight the work of amFAR — who ever came up with the idea deserves a pat on the back and a thank you. HIV and AIDS still exists- progress made yes, but there are still strives to be made– lets hope this teaming up produces some positive awareness for the issue that often gets neglected these days—looking forward to April 1.


    Patrick replied

    Eloquent and HEARTfelt.

    Thank You Soap’ies: for sharing, a cause that, still, to this day…. needs to be at the forefront….

    Where are the red ribbons….

    remember when…. on the awards shows.. said actors would acknowledge their support and give relevence to ALL people with hiv – aids.

    Thank you ABC/General Hospital/AmFar.


  6. Shelly says:

    This is wonderful. My husband’s cousin died of AIDS 20 years ago. His suffering was intense and shocking. This disease was discovered in my lifetime and I feel like we can cure it in my lifetime.
    I love the nurses ball and I can’t wait. I think it’s pretty cool that ABC is using “love in the afternoon” to help put an end to real life human tragedy.


  7. su0000 says:

    I think it is wonderful !
    ABC/ GH and its’ Peoples have been doing a great job..

    Can’t blame all of ABC for Frons’s stupidity/ignorance.. .lol ..


  8. Ces says:

    I think this is a great idea for the show. IGlad to see ABC & GH doing this! Looking forward to the Nurses Ball.


    jim replied

    I want to thank you 4 the reply you made to me on what i said about how they shouldve have done a live version of the nurses ball and had it so viewers could call in to make donations to amFar. Had they made it more like a Jerry Lewis telethon i feel it could have been something even much bigger and a yearly event. It would also remind people aids is still out there and that their donations was going to a worthy cause. This would have been the most groundbreaking thing a soap could have done! Had i known about amFar much sooner i would have contacted GH and made my suggestion to them and ABC.


    Troy Turner replied


    I haven’t agreed with you on much, but if the Nurse’s Ball is successful, and GH gets the renewal it deserves-you never know what might happen. Anytime soaps fulfill their unspoken social contract with fans-it’s a good thing. Congrats to amFAR and GH

    Ces replied

    I think GH & ABC should hire you Jim :) Yep, too bad you didn’t know about AmFar before they already filmed the Nurse’s Ball; that would have been very different for a daytime show to do and who better than GH to pull it off?! Hopefully they get some donations by putting a scroll at the bottom of the show to TEXT a $5 donation like the Red Cross does. AIDS is still out there and still needs attention.

    Mary SF replied

    Yes a live version would have been groundbreaking, yet honor soaps beginnings when all soaps were live to air. But I would hope if they are teaming up there will be info given during the broadcast on how viewers can donate to the cause- it might not be as interesting as your idea, but awareness is awareness and fusing fiction with reality like that was an inspired idea- I wish them success for this venture.

  9. Rodd says:

    Wonderful and forward thinking! Great job to all involved!


  10. CTwildheart says:



  11. MK says:

    This is not the first time they have raised money for aids research. They used to sell nurses Ball T-shirts and allot to various AIDS charities, This may be the first time they actually partner with a specific charity.


  12. Gmbenet says:

    Nice idea. Congratulations, General Hospital and amFAR!


  13. Ellen says:

    I have Nurses Ball T-shirts (never worn) from years ago…would ABC be interested in having them ?


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