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27 March 1st, 2014 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna Is Heartbroken As Robin Informs Her She Is Leaving Port Charles!


On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Robin finally told her mother, Anna that she is leaving Port Charles.  And that set the stage for the final goodbye scene … for now … between the remarkable on-screen mother/daughter duo played by Finola Hughes  (Anna) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin).

And while many in the audience are having a difficult time swallowing Robin’s exit storyline with good reason, Anna asked the questions anyone would have about Robin’s decision to depart her home, especially since she just got back after two years of being tortured:  “What about Emma, Patrick, and me?” asked Anna.  Robin stands by her decision.  She asks her mother to trust her that this is something she just has to do.

However, that being said, we couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful performance by Finola Hughes, whose sadness and heartbreak registered throughout Anna’s face, body, and soul.  She once again had to say goodbye to Robin.  And once again to drive home the emotional throughline of the situation, Robin tells Anna she always finds her way back to her. Cue the always classic and moving clip of little Robin running into the arms of Anna, after her kidnapping as a child.

So, what do you think of the scene and the performances by Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough?  Did you reach for the hankies?  Or, were you just so mad at the story that you couldn’t go there?  After the jump, watch a clip of the final moments of the scene between Robin and Anna. Then, share your thoughts below!

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  1. Sal Piscioneri says:

    they were both great as usual. I love them both.


  2. Nananes says:

    It was everything you would expect from these actresses…the fact that they have actually been connected by story all these years made this good-bye even more poignant.


  3. irene says:

    I think they should have killed her off. Let Patrick move on. He had good story and then they bring back her. Long time fans are more invested in her than I am.


    su0000 replied

    Robin was killed off, first time around..
    KMc wanted to be killed off, she had no intentions of returning..
    RC stupidly kept her alive when her fans became upset that poor Robin was killed (even tho she wanted it..
    So– this time around Robin should have been killed off not be be brought brought back, ever again..


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    I think Carlivati/Valentini decided–wisely–that there had been enough killing off of legacy characters and that Robin was worth saving. And I say that even though I think the storyline contrivances have just been awful; I hated the dragged-out Robin-in-captivity storyline, and I think this exit story is incredibly dumb and lacks believability. But I’m still glad we didn’t lose yet another character with ties and history.

    pat replied

    why u so cold. we understand u do not like robin. ok we get it. I not good to kill them off anymore. So not when they will return

  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I still think Robin shouldve left for another country to help solve and cure a mysterious illness that has sicken thousands including Robert Scorpio…it would have made a little more sense imo, and lot more acceptable to Patrick and Anna…lets also not forget Robins parents werent always around for her when she was a child!


    clh replied

    I agree. The idea that Robin is leaving her daughter to grow up without her mother so her mobster friend’s son doesn’t have to grow up without a father that he would be watching kill people for a living and get shot at daily is ridiculous.


    Michael (not Fairman) replied

    I have to agree that just about any storyline that involved Robert in some kind of peril, with Robin making the agonizing sacrifice to leave to try to save him, would have been so much more believable than Robin leaving to “save” Jason. And it’s such a natural follow-on from the fact that Tristan Rogers is on another show and unavailable. But I guess it would also have left Patrick in limbo again, which is a problem if you’re trying to keep him in some kind of viable storyline. You can’t divorce your wife who has gone off to save her father, without looking like a total jerk, but you can certainly divorce her for choosing to run off and save another man she was once in love with, and still look at least somewhat justified.

    I still hate the story, though.


    Shay replied

    I hope they leave the status of Patrick and Robin’s marriage up the in air for the time being….first for the sake of the family, but also so that Dr. Drake remains officially unavailable in the near future to you-know-who…thus she will rate no more than a former mistress with a baby on the way.

  5. Chantal says:

    Finola Hughes’ performance is always superb in emotional scenes. But, I just don’t buy Robin’s reasons. It is out of character and she would not leave Emma even for Jason after being away for so long.


  6. Lew S. says:

    The powers that be had to do what they had to do. Kimberly choose to leave, because she has other career goals to conquer. If they killed Robin off again, we would have been upset. If they had Patrick choose Sabrina, we wouldn’t have liked that. So, they chose something that is totally Robin. To sacrifice her happiness for someone she loves. I wish much success to Kimberly and hope to see her on GH again in the future.


  7. janet says:

    Robins parents always left to save the world. Not a killer for hire borg,already dead above the eyes. FrankenRon ,will NOT make me hate Kim for leaving only them . She bent over backwards to do what they asked and they sent her to bring back to life three degenerates. killers and complete nuts. Finola and Kim are two actresses who showed what soaps can do if they would actually watch. What do they give us, mobs and molls and stories that make you shake your head at the stupidity of it.I haven’t watched this mess in a while. The other character I like they have dumped in a bottle AGAIN.Why bother.? Are these two trying to tick viewers off. To go from watching all the show every day with commercials to dvr ing , and reading the boards to see if you should even bother.?


  8. babs says:

    Wonderful acting. STUPID story.


    denisefan replied



    Harry replied



  9. heidi says:

    I loved it!!! It was perfect!!! Finola is a master of emotions with such a quiet and elegant way about her!!! They were both smashing and I would like to have had it been more time… maybe not at GH… but I guess that was fitting!

    Well done by all!!! Thanks Michael… and yes the hankies were out!!!

    Absolutely love GH!!!


  10. Vickg4767 says:

    The actresses are simply fabulous!! They make the best out of a terrible storyline and Jason Thompson is no slouch himself!! Kudos to Kim, Finola., and Jason for making this all work to the best of their abilities!! It’s their talents that keep me watching! I can’t think of a more talented daytime cast!


  11. west virgina fan says:



  12. Rose says:

    Finola was perfect, she gets me every time. But at the same time did anyone else feel like Anna telling Robin not to leave was a bit hypocritical? I’ve only been watching the past few years so I don’t have all the history. But from what I understand wasn’t Anna not around when Robin was growing up, that’s why she is so close to Mac right…? So I did like that they had Anna support her in the end.


  13. Lisa says:

    With these 2 people its always very real. So very good. The scene should have been much longer. A chance to build, they both deserved more, so good….the flashback its become a bit over-used.


  14. Jeff says:

    Kimberly’s return to the show was stunt casting. Unfortunately Ron Carlivati has no idea how to write characters in the long-term, and this is what we get. He would introduce characters on OLTL, have zero idea where to go with them, then the characters would get axed. Sure, the ratings have gone up, but by this time next year or 18 months, they’ll be talking cancelation rumors again. Ron has dropped more balls on storylines than Captain Kangaroo dropped ping-pong balls.


  15. Michael S. says:

    Very natural and wonderfully acted! These ladies deserve Emmy gold! Can’t wait for Kimberly to return again!


  16. Trish Raley says:

    Of Course It Was Awesome From These To Actresses I Expect Nothing Less !!! Im I Happy With GH Absolutely Notttttttt!!!


  17. Kathy says:

    I so love Anna and her beloved daughter Robin, and if anyone should understand the ‘angst ‘ Robin is going through in leaving her daughter to save a beloved friend it would be her mom… the scenes between Anna and her daughter were right on.. it is an emotional time and a time that even if we disagree…. we are happy that soon they will be together again. Sigh…


  18. Michael says:

    It’s time to give Finola another Emmy!


  19. Jake NJ says:

    The two of them are unbelievable. They are sheer dynamite. You get a real sense of their love for each other…


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