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22 February 26th, 2015 General Hospital BLOOPERS! Watch Your Favorites Fumble and Bumble!


What a better way to celebrate GH Fan February than for fans to get an inside look at what happens during moments on the set when things don’t go exactly as planned: when lines are forgotten, actors bump into props, or scenes just kind of implode!

Today, General Hospital  posted a very special video of some of the best bloopers of 2014 to share with their loyal audience.  Included in the blooper reel are GH cast members:  Ryan Paevey (Nathan), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), Maura West (Ava), Kristen Alderson (Ex-Kiki), Robin Mattson (Heather), Derk Cheetwood, Parry Shen (Brad), Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix), Roger Howarth (Franco), Michelle Stafford (Nina), William deVry (Julian), Laura Wright (Carly), Linda Elena Tovar (Rosalie), Chad Duell (Michael), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), and Kelly Thiebaud (Ex-Britt).

Watch the hilarious video after the jump!  Next,  share with us which moment was your favorite? And remember to continue to use #GHFanFeb on social media as we head into the final days of February!


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  1. su0000 says:

    That was good!
    I have always said;
    The writers and mostly the actors have a really good time at work..
    They do not take the stuff seriously but some fans get really over involved and take everything way too seriously- I never understood that..

    I can see the GH members are a happy cast, they have fun and give us superb performances, best ever !! awesome cast!!!
    I want more bloopers!!!! MORE PLEASE! (i know there are more, yup gotta be more)


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Most of GH is a blooper…lol…just joking around folks!!!


  3. sharon says:

    love the reel, you forgot Jordan and Sean at the end. they had no speaking parts, but THEY WERE IN THE REEL AT THE END!1


  4. Colleen says:

    I love behind the scenes stuff! Spencer “Craig” was my favorite lol


  5. Aden says:

    Is Jim Reilly sittin somewhere posthumously in tbe casting chair at GH?? The new Kiki is terrible!!!!! I acted with girls in high school plays who had more range!! And y’all complained about poor Kristen Alderson….a lifelong actress and Emmy winner. Careful what you wished for folks.


    CeeCee replied

    Thank you, Aden. I miss Kristen so much.
    I agree, Hayley is all wrong in the role. Personally, I think she over-acts…tries too hard. However, I may be a bit biased, so, I will hold my tongue. It has only been one day.


    su0000 replied

    New Kiki has been seen for about 5 minutes lol
    ALL new to a soap are at first sorta weird until they get in to their comfort zone, give her time.. She will get there..

    I will not judge on 5 minutes , not even on a month.. It takes time to settle down :)

    Patrick replied

    oh no… this is not a good sign

    I can take heart.. that at least she’s still in the sonny equation of GH pie

    Chloe replied

    She lasted about 5 minutes trying to play Abby on the Y&R…obviously GH didn’t see that horror :/.

    Timmm replied

    I thought she got better as the episode ended. I will wait it out and see how she fits in. Being a recast is tough. Lets see if she has any chemistry with Morgan or Franco. She may catch on or not. Look at Billy Abbott, its a bust. I like Burgess but he is not Billy! As much as I like Billy Miller on GH now, I would love him to be on Y&R when Gabe reveals himself as Adam. It will not be the same with Burgess Jenkins.

    penny replied

    The new Kiki played Ashley Abbotts daughter Abby on Y&R, she was horrible then and it looks like nothing has changed.


    Lisa replied

    What is wrong with u. This is a young girl your bashing. Give her a chance she just started and was on for 5 minutes. Some people are really disgusting. I’m sure she’ll be great. Just keep your negative opinions to yourself. Seriously

    penny replied

    Felicia is mad. ;( Turn that mad into glad. I’m sure she’ll get better, somehow.

  6. abruzzfan says:

    That was great! Thanks for sharing!


  7. V says:

    Funny stuff, as far as the new Kiki, she was thrown in the ring .give her a break, Kristen left and Kiki had alot going on. There was room for improving the character, its not like they were trying to recast Starr. She may surprise us!


  8. Gloria GREEN says:

    i have been watching G H from the Beginning !! love the Show !!


  9. Brenda says:

    Yes I agree don’t like this new Kiki she does not fit the part..,


  10. Mark says:

    We need more of these bloopers. Love the bloopers. Also, play them out as they try and collect themselves. Love it!


  11. CeeCee says:

    @Lisa. With all due respect, ( I have posted this repeatedly) penny has every right to express her opinion, whether it be negative or positive. The point of this site is to opine. You, I beg your pardon, are out of line. Please be civil. I take umbrage by your lack of civility and am very much affronted by your insult.
    We are asked to give our opinion. And so we do/did. Do not come on here like a bat out of hell…not very becoming.
    Hayley Erin, so far, has not grabbed me. But, most of us ,who are less than happy to lose Kristen, will give her the chance she deserves….her acting shoes are yet too new.


  12. Rose says:

    Really dislike all of this negativity towards all-of-five-minutes Hayley/Kiki. She’s stepping into a role that had mixed reviews for Kristen the whole time she was there, during a custody battle over Avery, and planning a funeral for her presumed dead mom…all during sweeps. I realize everyone has a right to their opinion, but some of you sure make beyond fast impressions, especially if all you have is her playing Abby on Y&R, or whatever.


    CeeCee replied

    That is you opinion, Rose……exactly my point.


  13. oldschmoople says:

    Well I loved Kristen, and I thought the new KIKI was pretty good , and it is hard to step in to someone else.s shoes especially a beloved cast member!


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