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13 February 18th, 2017 General Hospital Cast Salutes The Oscar-Nominated Best Pictures: Matt Cohen & Hayley Erin In “Arrival”, Donnell Turner & Anthony Montgomery in “Fences”!


Now here’s a very clever way to utilize network television promotional synergy! With the Academy Awards just one week away airing next Sunday February 26th on ABC, the cast of General Hospital has taken on memorable moments from the nine nominated Best Pictures!

First up on Friday was a take-off on Arrival with Hayley Erin (Kiki) taking on the Amy Adams role, and Matt Cohen (Griffin) taking on the Jeremy Renner role.

Then posted on Saturday was a take-off from a scene from Fences featuring Anthony Montgomery (Andre) and Donnell Turner (Curtis). The film stars Oscar nominees Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.


The other remaining Oscar-nominated Best Pictures include: Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, LA LA Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight. Will GH reveal seven more video nuggets? If so, which actors do you hope will be in which take-off from which film?

Watch GH’s salute to the Oscar-nominated Best Pictures after the jump, and then let us know what you think of the concept, and more!

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  1. Kim says:

    Haley Erin is wonderful actress and love her on General Hospital. Hope you win.


  2. Jules says:

    DAYS did this back in 2011 for their July 4th ep. They used the actors to put them into Academy Award nominated movies, spoofing them of course- EJ was in the King’s Speech with his British accent trying to make him American, Chad was in the Social Network, Melanie and Bo were in True Grit and there were a few more. It was funny.


  3. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I’m hoping the Nurse Amy Vining does the opening monologue from Manchester by the Sea on what it means to be a man. It can’t be any worse than Lesser Batfleck’s somnambulant performance. What a snooze fest that movie was! 2.5 hours of unrelieved tedium. And it’s got an ambivalent ending; if ambivalence is the end point, then can we wrap it up in ninety minutes instead? Asking for a friend….


    Rhonda replied

    Unfortunately, the actress who played Amy Vinning died many years ago.


  4. Suz tm says:

    These are cute. They need to get more actors involved


  5. nancy dillingham says:

    For Moonlight–Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom. Does anyone else remember all the “take offs” GH used to do? Remember Laura, Scotty, and Luke (yes, I dared say that name–LOL) doing a great take off in Hollywood? And Lois and Ned? Was so much fun!


    Rose replied

    Nancy… About vintage Laura and Luke. On the weekend CNN was airing one of their documentaries on the 80′s which included what was happening on tv. They mentioned the popularity of soap operas, highlighted Laura and Luke’s big wedding, and how many millions watched. They even had an interview with Genie at the time…I forget the network. I know we have to be “careful” about mentioning hairdos, but her’s was long and ” crimped” (not sure if this is they right word or not). She looked wonderful.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Oh, wish I had seen that, Rose! Maybe they’ll play it again–or I can find it online.
    Thanks, again!

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Luke who?-lol


    Suz tm replied

    Totally agree, that’s what I was thinking, Jon and Genie would be great


  6. Patricia Hatfield says:

    I miss my favorite show General Hospital, and i can not find the link so i can watch it. Please send the link always below LET’S CHAT. Thank you so much.


    davlestev1 replied

    This comment is even stranger than those clips lol


  7. Karen Trawick says:

    These were fun to watch!


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