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16 January 23rd, 2015 General Hospital Casting Director Mark Teschner Wins Artios Award!


Last night at ceremonies held simultaneous event  Los Angeles and New York, the 30th annual Artios Awards were handed out by the Casting Society of America  (CSA) to honors the casting directors whose originality, creativity, and contribution of casting was essential to the overall quality of the project in the fields of: Motion Picture, Television, and the Theatre.

The nominees and the winners are voted on by members in good standing of the CSA.  In the Daytime Drama Series category, General Hospital’s Mark Teschner took home the award for the seventh time in his career for his exceptional accomplishments and casting decisions for the town of Port Charles! Teschner bested this year: Days of our Lives Marnie Saitta and Bob Lambert, and The Young and the Restless Judy Blye Wilson and Greg Salmon.

Teschner posted a picture of himself on his facebook page with the award last night and received numerous congrats from actors, industry pros, and friends on his honor.  Mark said, “Having a great night at the 30th annual CSA Artios Awards!”

On-Air On-Soaps would like to offer our congratulations to Mark, the best there is in our genre.

So, what do you think of Mark taking home the award for his casting work on GH last year?  Share your thoughts below!



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  1. Timmm says:

    They must have decided on Mark as the winner BEFORE he cast Ryan Peavey as Nathan!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied



    Laurie replied

    Artios means “perfectly fitted” in ancient Greek.

    His 7th win here & add his 6 Emmys, this is one gifted man and gift to General Hospital. I usually like most of the new casting, even Ryan Paevy. He may not be the most experienced actor, but he’s instantly likable, has a commanding, believable voice, and after viewing some of his 1st shows from a year ago, has improved a lot. He always knows his lines as well. I actually believed this character couldn’t stand his nuMutter Liesl & was mad at his old mother. I also believe the way he looks at Maxie. So, that’s something, IMO.

    I like some of Y&R recasts this year, but they still have 1 disaster of one hanging around, and I’m not even sure their casting director cast him, cough, cough, but I won’t drop his name. Honestly, I think he was a friend of the EP so I’m not sure he had to audition. ?? I’m not well-versed in soap casting but he drags down the other nice casting they’ve done this year. A LOT.

    I still have to give props to Mr. Teschner. I hope he & the show stick around for years to come.


    davlestev1 replied

    I agree..well deserved

    Timmm replied

    Mark does a great job but I think Ryan is lost when he has scenes with all the other vets on the show. Thats understandable since Ryan doesnt have a lot of experience but they shouldnt have casted him in THAT role. He does nicely with Maxie. I respect your opinion but I dont see Ryan having a commanding, believable voice. He may know his lines and he is easy on the eyes but he seems lost and timid.

    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree with you Laurie regarding Ryan Paevy. I actually take it a step further in that I love his portrayal. He’s the epitome of likability. Sincere, earnest look to his eyes, adorable twinkle to them when he’s flirting or amused…he can play hurt…and I think he and Maxie are great together. I believe their bed scenes, their comfortable yet flirty familiarity with each other, and I also believe him as the jealous boyfriend. He’s gone from careful around her to “staking his claim” when it comes to Johnny. He’s also the perfect “little brother” .. . naive and trusting when it comes to Nina. Maybe it’s because he’s not overly dramatic that he comes off as more authentic to me.

  2. Jimmy says:

    No kidding, with stars like Donna Mills, Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller joining the cast in 2014, of course Mark would win the award. And now Grayson McCouch is joining GH in February, another great hire. The only casting choices I have not been in favour of are Ryan Paevey as Nathan (who still can’t act to save his life) and Vinessa Antoine as Jordan (who I hope is on her way out).


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    My niece read somewhere that Jordan might be killed off…i dont know if its true or not but TJ needs to learn she was one of the good guys…i was just ok with the character so it wouldnt matter to me if she stayed or is let go…or recast!!!


  3. su0000 says:

    CONGRATS Mark Teschner !!
    You have brought a powerhouse to GH..
    Roger, Maura, Michelle, Billy, William deVry , Bryan, and the list goes on!
    the new Sloane will rock, a great actor..


  4. Buddy says:

    Mark truly IS the best in the biz, having been in charge of casting at “GH” since 1989!!!


  5. TSUDS says:

    Congreats.. great Cssting for this show.!!


  6. KansasGuest says:

    IMO Teschner’s real finds were getting Maura West (Ava), William deVry (Julian), Kathleen Gati (Dr. O), Kelly Thiebaud (Britt), Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer), Ryan Carnes (Lucas), Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) & the actors who play Carlos, Emma, Brad, and Felix.

    I don’t think hiring known stars like Donna Mills, Michelle Stafford or Billy Miller was his casting decision. From interviews, it sounded like Ron C. is a longtime friend of Stafford & has wanted to work with her; wanted to write for Mills & created the role for her; & Miller was just a good fit physically & stylistically. Also, bringing over OLTL stars didn’t necessitate any real casting decision.


    Laurie replied

    Yes, KansasGuest, I wonder about Miller’s casting as well. He is a good fit physically & stylistically as you said, and it does not hurt that he was the hottest ticket in town just coming off his 3rd Emmy in 4 yrs including Best Lead Actor just a few months before signing w/GH! I love that he came in just a few days a week and wasn’t shoved down our throats. Very smart. I ramble. Regardless, Teschner is the bomb. I’m often more interested in the behind the scenes going-ons than the actors, ect. Each GH writers & director has a different style. I love how they rotate them. Of course, casting is everything! May MTeschner stay forever!


    KansasGuest replied

    Just read the Kelly Monaco interview posted by Fairman. It seems she had a pretty big hand in Billy Miller’s hiring, too. You’re right that casting makes or breaks entire storylines. Heck, entire industries! The casting of Tony Geary back in the 70′s proves that.

  7. MBmomof3 says:

    Congrats to Mr. Teschner & GH! Well done.

    Not to take anything away from the above, but I’m really enjoying the vast majority of the casting changes we’ve had on all the daytime dramas in the past couple of years. With a few exceptions, the changes have ultimately been positive IMO. Loving the soaps!


  8. bryan salton says:

    Can you put fresh faces on gh family like mark lawson Kelley missal James scott Natalie hall ricky paull goldin farah fath david Gregory lindsay Hartley Trevor St John jp lavoisier to join the show and on contracts can you put haley alexis pullos drew cheetwood Brooklyn rea silzer sonya eddy ryan carnes Kathleen geti marc anthony Samuel back on contract can you take off heather and Carlos and luke


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