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6 December 18th, 2014 General Hospital Donates Toys To Marine Toys For Tots Foundation: Nicolas Bechtel Makes Generous Donation!


During the week of December 15th, ABC’s daytime drama General Hospital participated in Disney/ ABC’s “Share the Joy” campaign with “Toys for Tots” by integrating the charity into their storyline for the holidays.

The moment which aired on today’s Thursday, December 18th episode showed Nurse Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) donating a toy in the “Toys for Tots” box.  GH also decided to take the initiative a step further by having the cast and crew donate toys to the “Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.”

GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini and the cast presented the toys to the marines yesterday (December 17) at the GH studio in Los Angeles during the series holiday party.  The charity’s purpose really resonated with the cast, especially the child actors.  In fact, nine year old Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer Cassadine) decided that he would take the $112.00 dollars he had saved in his piggy bank to help buy presents that were donated to “Toys for Tots.”

Pictured here are Frank Valentini flanked by the younger set of Port Charles: Hannah Nordberg (Josslyn), Brooklyn Silzer (Emma), Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer) & Michael Leone (Cameron)!

What do you think of the picture and Nicolas donating some dollars fro his piggy bank to help buy some presents for the charity? Did you catch  Liz Webber donating a toy on today’s GH? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    there is nothing more exciting at christmas than watching the joy of children opening their gifts!!!
    I praise GH for their care to give a gift.(s).


  2. Timmm says:

    Its good to see a legendary soap be so kind to work with our armed forces who dedicate their lives for our safety and to have them make a childs Christmas special. God bless!


  3. dmr says:

    Those kids are so cute. Nicolas (Spencer) is so cute to have donated his piggy bank earnings to the Toys for Tots! What a kind and generous little man!


  4. Linda Cece says:

    Nicholas (Spencer) is a quality young man with a good head on his shoulder already as well as a heart that’s giving. He will always do well, for his gesture shows how his compassion is so evident.
    Blessings and New Year’s wishes to this young, talented and compasionate action.


  5. PV Jr. says:

    Yes. I did catch the Disney plug wherein Elizabeth donated a Monsters Inc (or University) toy.


  6. PV Jr. says:

    One thing that GH is doing right currently is using their younger actors.

    It really tickles my heart to see such a young man such as Nicolas Bechtel take the initiative to help those in need. I am trying to teach that to my own sons this year through the opportunities at school and church to donate to children, veterans, homeless, etc.


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