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26 November 27th, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Kimberly McCullough and Finola Hughes Deliver Emotional Reunion of Robin & Anna!


Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will be remembered for one of the long-awaited moments that fans of the series have been waiting for since the announced return of Kimberly McCullough (Robin)!

Playing these high stakes, important to the audience, emotional moments, can be a quite daunting task for the actors involved, because they hope not to disappoint their legions of fans who have stuck through the storyline waiting for the payoffs!

Yesterday, after almost two years of torture at the hands of the super-villains of the series, Robin was finally reunited with her mother, Anna Devane.   First, we must give Kimberly McCullough a huge round of applause and major kudos.  The moment where she sees her mother for the first time, and goes in for the clinch and in the loving arms of Anna for the first time in what seemed like an eternitym was so beautifully played by McCullough that we bought every single moment of it.   With tears streaming down her face, McCullough was able to play the anguish and horror of what she had been through, and the closure of finally being in the safe arms of her mother!  It was major hankie moments for the audience and for Robin, who finally had some relief that her ordeal has almost come to an end!

And what can we say about Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) that has not been said?   The set-up of the reunion  scenes harkened back to the old days 0f GH with the classic moment of when little Robin was reunited with Robin the last time she was kidnapped and taken from her mother.  History had repeated itself, and Robin and Anna triumphed over evil again! Hughes was exquisite as well!  Add to that, the emotions of Robin’s father, Robert (Tristan Rogers) watching the moment go down, and the Devane/Scorpio’s were once again … at least for the time being …  a united front …  and a family again!

Later in the episode, McCullough as Robin continues to bring us to tears, when she was reunited with Duke (Ian Buchanan), the real Duke for the first time in decades!   And, the story continues today… will Robin get to Patrick (Jason Thompson) in time to stop his wedding to Sabrina (Teresa Castillo)?

So, what did you think of the reunion scenes between Anna and Robin?  Did it live up to your expectations? And, what did you think of the performances of Kimberly McCullough and Finola Hughes?  Comment below!


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  1. Gh lover says:

    Bravo Gh!!!! God how youre good!!!! EMMY please!!


    mary replied

    absolutely!! congrats Frank and Ron!! Another great GH


  2. Bryon says:

    I absolutely loved the scenes. Great job by both actors. It definitely met my expectations and the emotional display was spot on. I wanted it to be very emotional and high impact and they delivered very well. I also liked the scene where she, Anna, her father and Duke altogether and were in a big group hug. Very good job!! This show is so good and hope ABC keeps this show on for many years.


    Patrick replied


    watching veterans… reel production

    doesn’t get any better.

    “…I also liked the scene where she, Anna, her father and Duke altogether and were in a big group hug.”

    i’d throw in as well… Big Mac and Felicia showing up at Maxie’ door… to take her to the wedding.

    it’s just classic scenes to cherish

    and Dr. O… is well on her way… to becoming… a classic with.

    I LOVE General Hospital!


  3. Jake NJ says:

    They were some of the greatest acted and written scenes. The actors made you really see the emotion. I am really sad to see Tristan leave as this dynamic between the three of them is pure magic.


  4. Lori Harrison says:

    These scenes were wonderful for a whole host of reasons. First, we’ve grown up with Robin and Anna and watched their relationship develop for decades. We were invested. Second, these two actresses have a genuine love for each other and that came through in the scenes over and over. Next, at the end of the day, stripped of all the ‘soapiness’ of the evil criminals, kidnappings, poison and masks, this was a story about a mother reuniting with her daughter. These actresses and actors, with the help of great directing, writing, camera work and everything else, hit it out of the park, gave us the payoff we were waiting for and made us cry a bunch of happy tears. Thanks.


    Patrick replied

    “…These actresses and actors, with the help of great directing, writing, camera work and everything else, hit it out of the park, gave us the payoff we were waiting for and made us cry a bunch of happy tears. Thanks.”

    have to echo… great posts.

    I cried. I want… I hope… I dream… it’s a beloved art form… Serial… that never wavers from the recesses of our minds – that we watch

    collectively… the production being what it is; I have to acknowledge Finola Hughes… one more time… and that’s unrealistic…

    she is the grand dame… masterclass… who elevates and brings GH in to a whole new level and dimension.

    She’ superlative.

    I love the dynamics… and LOVING relationship between one of the all time greats Mother/daughter duo… with Emma.

    reading ALL these posts… I cry again.

    happy tears


    heidi replied

    Also well said Patrick!!! She is superlative!!! They are very happy tears!

    Patrick replied

    have to point out: your read: “these two actresses have a genuine love for each other”

    100% agree…. this is so apparent

    and the rest of this family… just LOVING how great the chemistry and dynamics of thee Drakes …. with Robert – Anna – and Duke

    I know… there are alot of Robert and Anna fans…

    for me: I really love Duke and Anna… they have a genuine loving relationship that’s built on respect, patience, an understanding… there’s so much trust built up in these two… that reals – they never look bored or look elsewhere for company.


    heidi replied

    Well said Lori!!! Agree completely!!!


    Kelley replied

    Everything you said was spot on. I was sitting there sobbing! So glad they brought back the scene of them being reunited when Robin was little! I want Robert to stay on. This is the GH I remember …when I first fell in love with this show many years ago! Phenomenally played…kudos!!


  5. Leslee says:

    I loved the scenes between Robin and Anna…and Robin and Duke. But I have to tell you, my heart absolutely melted when I saw Robin mouth, “I love you” to Robert while she was hugging her mother. Between these scenes and seeing Maxie in such pain, I was crying happy and sad tears throughout the entire hour.


    Patrick replied

    i’m crying again.


  6. Patrick says:

    three more to go:

    Emma – Patrick – Maxie



  7. Ann Edwin Rigobert says:

    love that part very touching indeed


  8. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    But will Robin stop the wedding…Sabarella was beautiful, radiant up there with Prince Patrick…dont they deserve their storybook happy ending? Maybe looks are decieving…what if this is a brainwashed imposter with a Robin mask…Patrick eventually finds out she is not really Robin and after reuniting with her, realizes she is an imposter and pulls off the mask and its Richard Simmons all this time. But what if it is really Robin and Patrick still picks Sabrina over her? Im just kidding…im joking around…GH is so good right now…its just that once(if) Robin and Patrick do reunite where does the show go from there after so much excitement and really good episodes…there is still Britts baby drama and Maxis too but can they grow and be as exciting and make me tune in tomorrow…i think so…hope Bens paternity has a shocking twist…either he is Patricks and Robins or some way Nics the papa…not Dante and Lulus unless Lulu becomes unhinged and kidnaps baby Connie before Dante tells her Ben is theirs…i guess we’ll wait for Feb. sweeps to find out about this one. Meanwhile, GH YOU GOT TO KEEP DR.O AND FAISON FOR FUTURE VISITS UNLESS YOU SOMEHOW REDEEM THEM AND CAN SHOW THEM MORE!!!


    heidi replied

    I had to wonder after seeing Wednesday’s episode if Robin is having second thoughts about interrupting the wedding. If she or someone else will stop her from being seen by Patrick and Emma… and if that is how they deal with her scheduling issues. I hope I am wrong… I so want to see her with Patrick… Emma… Mac… and Maxie! I hope we get that chance.

    As for Dr. O and Faison… I agree Jim and hope we get them back many more times in the future!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I read some time ago that K.M. would come back for only 40 episodes…i 4get now where i read it…in any case this storyline outcome solely depends if she is staying, recurring, or leaving…wish we knew…Robin was hesitant…maybe she wont interupt the ceremony after seeing how happy Patrick is with Sabrina and will leave but no matter what i cant see her abandoning Emma just for that reason…i guess we just got to wait and see what happens next week. If Robin doesnt reunite with her family and leaves(almost like a Stella Dallas type ending) i can see many angry comments from fans(4 me my feelings are mixed at the moment about this storys outcome but im not dropping the show if Robin stays or not…ive watched with her and without her)…but like i said we’ll just have to wait and see. Happy Thanksgiving! i already ate and im stuffed…lot of leftovers…ill probably still be eating turkey when the show returns monday!!! lol

  9. Rodd says:

    No need for the pain, just pass the Emmys out already. They were all superb!


  10. aria says:

    i was crying like a llittle girl, it was so emotional, love seeing the old scenes, i was the same age little kim/robin was back then, and it brought back so many memories. it was just awesome!


  11. DomSmythe says:

    I was moved to tears by Kimberly McCullough’s performance. She needs another Emmy. Such a subtle, natural actress in a sea of drama kings and queens!


    heidi replied

    Agree competely Dom!


  12. deb says:

    Loved it both scenes the one from when she was little and now brought tears to my eyes


  13. heidi says:

    The scenes with Anna and Robin and Robert and Duke were sheer perfection!!! Could have done with out the interruption before Anna and Robin where hugging… but it is a soap! Otherwise the Scorpio’s were stellar and did not disappoint… truly heart wrenching to watch but they were happy tears!!! Now hopefully we will be able to see Robin reunite with Patrick and Emma and Mac and Maxie!!! Hopefully we could get one week or at least one day with the Scorpio’s together… all of them celabrating being together again without having them ripped apart again! I am hoping!!!

    Would like to see Nik found and safe! Would like to see Jerry still tied to the bed and maybe he gets his cure. Would like to see Sean Donnelly get a cure in time. Would like to see Dr. O and Faison escape or go someplace where we see them together and where they will have many more adventures from.


  14. heidi says:

    By the way… Happy Thanksgiving Michael… thank you for this great site and all that you do for us!!! Hope you have a happy day today!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


  15. Mahalla Mendy says:

    The reunion of Anna and Robin made me cry, so happy…now Robin needs to go into the church and STOP that wedding! Please don’t disappoint the viewers, STOP THE WEDDING ALREADY! Robin needs to stop the wedding and be reunited with Patrick and Emma…


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