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72 March 26th, 2014 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lulu and Dante Learn The Truth! Nik Admonishes Liz! Dr. O Takes Baby Ben!


Now that’s some party at Wyndemere!  As usual and as hoped, the engagement party shindig for Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Britt (Kelly Theibaud) completely became unhinged on yesterday’s episode of General Hospital!

Armed with the truth, Lulu (Emme Rylan) goes ballistic and demands in front of all the guests that Britt give her back her son, Ben! After everyone thinks Lulu has lost her marbles for a second, Brad (Parry Chen), Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and Britt start looking mighty guilty.

Cue Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to walk in to the room with the letter of admission that Britt wrote detailing the entire despicable details of how Dr. Obrecht and Britt conspired together to get Britt pregnant, only she was carrying Lulu and Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) child, not hers and Dante as she led everyone to believe!

Nikolas goes off the rails and admonishes Elizabeth quite harshly! Elizabeth is stunned when Nikolas kicks her out of Wyndemere!  A shocked Liz leaves with Ric (Rick Hearst), who did forewarn her that if she barged into the party with this news it could backfire on her! 

Dante in a heartbreaking moment beautifully played by Dominic Zamprogna lays into Britt for her deception and all the pain she caused Lulu and their marriage.  When Britt breaks down and finally admits the truth, that Lulu is Ben’s mother, she begins to scream out when Dante and Lulu leave the room to go get their son!  Nikolas holds on to Britt! Is he going to still stay with her after all of this?

Meanwhile, earlier Dr. O had gone upstairs to see Ben and said out loud that she would take care of everything from here.  So, when Dante and Lulu get to Ben’ crib, guess what?  He is MIA!

So, what did you think of the big reveal?  Did it live up to your expectations? Where do you think Dr. O took Ben?  What did you think of the performances of the key players?  Weigh-in below!

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  1. dmr says:

    I saw part of the reveal while home for lunch. I just want this ridiculous storyline to be over. As I watched Liz read the letter, I thought of how the actors must feel having to play out this dumb storyline. It’s just gone on for too long, beginning when Maxie lost Dante and Lulu’s baby and got impregnated by Spin that same night. It’s absurd. Please let this be over and let Dante and Lulu take Ben back home without him being kidnapped. I do love Alexis and Julian. Love Alexis! Happy she is getting more air-time and a love interest.


    Jamie replied

    OMG, I thought that same thing. The scenes where Lulu is acting like a lunatic and fails to mention the whole “letter”, was so over the top, STUPID to me. Worst writing I have seen on that show in a while. Oh and she just HAPPENED to forget the most important thing…the letter that proves she is Ben’s mom. So so so stupid. I wish just once that soaps would try NOT to be predictable and shock us by having the characters NOT be stupid And I hate the Luke storyline. If this is yet another person with a face mask impersonating someone I’m going to consider giving up my GH. I have watched for over 20 years and have put up with some great storyline and some terrible storylines….but I am getting tired of making time to watch this crap.


    k/kay replied

    High school at it’s best! Now for the question about Luke if TG gets his 1.5 million salary it is a fake Luke if not it is the real deal Luke and his swan song. This is how it works folks enjoy this circus of a show!

    dmr replied

    It doesn’t help that I am not a big fan of the recast Lulu. Nothing against the actress. Have never been a fan of Dante’s. Keystone cop in my opinion, with an ego. Not sure he’s ever solved a case. But, what can ya do? It’s my guilty pleasure. I do miss “cliffhanger” Fridays. Now, you just know where the lagging storylines are headed. The fake “Luke” is a total waste of air-time and Tony Geary’s amazing talents. Hope he was just drugged, not wearing another dumb mask. The masks top the most ridiculous plot twists of all time!

    DANIELLE replied

    I so agree with the luke storyline. where did he have access to get the barrett company and now he is backing Julian, I liked it better when they were making Rick Julians partner. And if it is a mask on Luke it could be Faison, remember they never showed his body when Anna and Robert killed him.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Lulu has had some past mental issues and her upset over the baby is understandable so i can see why she acted the way she did when confronting Britt…the director and actress could have done a better job but still i can understand her being somewhat hysterical..Lulu needs some visits with Dr.Kevin Collins…is Luke Jerry, Victor or somehow the Balkin back from the dead…i hope its Lukes lookalike cousin Bill like some suggested…the mask stories were ok in the begining but now its over done!!!

    Patrick replied

    which just goes to prove…. I hope… that writing impacts the actors choices… !!!!

    just when i think… Emme Rylan… is turning the corner… and it’s OK.. to say… Lulu and Dante are ON!

    the writing throws us a curve ball… and it’s in disbelief.. that the characters are acting out drivel… due to “the’ writing

    just when i’m ready to say… emme rylan… “is” lulu.. and this couple are back

    it’s all a mish mash… convulated… read between the lines.. it’s all their.. but isn’t a cohesive mix… geling… betwixt the actors and writing

    now, i’m left wondering.. what is going to befall… Dr. O and Britt.

    it clearly looks like Ric and Liz are a couple in the making…

    where does that leave my beloved Nicholas and Britt… to endear them back to believable…

    I adored these two… and I’m happy that fans… have come to accept Brit… perhaps not wanting Britt and Nicholas.. but that’s what I want….

    Oye! let alone.. with NO AJ… no Q’s… what a dilemma… what a conundrum… lack of care. dammit… Fan soapbox… i’m allowed

    you let go of key characters.. who carried… GH

    Connie… for Sonny’s pie
    Robin… for Patrick and Emma… Anna… miss my Duke
    AJ… MIA the Quartermaines

    so… it’s not lost on just me… that some things are remiss

    now Luke is ??? Bill….. brainwashed.. brain transferences… that he’s controlled… ugh ! Tracy misses his whole enchilada… she was SO SO good with Joe, Scully 3rd.

    Do I care : about Sonny and Ava’s alliance? more sooner than naught… Olivia will be MIA

    Do I miss : Carly and Franco. NO… without missing a beat… ??? huh? Franco is so alluring… that’s what keeps this going

    ugh… give Kiki and Michael… jobs… busybodies.. get Kiki to “bond” with Ava NOW! it’s just overkill with the same ole same ole

    I can’t think of one storyline… that reels – reals – captivates – enchants – come hither

    you tell me

    Julian and Ric

    wink wink

    heck… wheres Sabrina… I want Carlos! now he’s a catch

    I’m even over… Brad… getting lambasted by “cousin” Lucas… enough… Brad needs to buck up.. and tell Lucas off

    the threading and weaing of intricate cast interludes.. is amiss

    I’m not looking forward to Maxie and Nathan… he’s wooden… it’s quite the departure from Spinelli.. he intrigued

    is Donna Mills’ taking up our time? she needs to dalliance with ??? as a distraction… it can’t all be about.. get Silas to sign those legalese… how lame… that silas is sticking to HIS guns… i loved her… i don’t want her money… she put me through med school… so? what?

    things are incongruent

    Alexis… surprise us… make LOVE

    GH50 replied

    Ridiculous, Dumb. For sure. When Lulu was ranting like a lunatic and said it’s not outrageous to think Britt took the embryos and that Brad was untrustworthy, I nearly threw my remote. They have these characters ignore these two obvious points for weeks to get this story to the engagement party, using the characters stupidity to advance the plot, and then they have the character point out all the lazy holes to the audience. It’s so insulting.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Will Dr.O fire Liz from the hospital…Liz and Lulu are the monsters here…Ben belongs with mutter Britt…hope grandmutter keeps Ben from Dante and Lulu by saying Britts own eggs were switched with Lulus and Britt is really Bens mutter…send Lulu to crazy farm and skinny pale face Liz to a tanning booth and to a buffet table…viewers need to realize Liz and Lulu are the villains here and Dr.O and Britt are the shows heros. Ok, so i jumped the gun…its not April Fools day yet so i hope you dont take me seriously but i could be serious…what i am serious about is this was GHs best episode so far…i still think now Victor is hiding behind a Luke mask, Nathan is Victors son, Madeline is a suspect in Ninas coma but im still hoping its Silas lookalike brother Stephan who did it, Monica and Madeline are long lost faternal twins who were both placed in orphanage but learned they were sisters years ago…however, they were estranged after Monica caught Madeline in bed with Monicas first lover James Reeves…Monica is really Ninas mother…James and Madeline got custody of Nina after Monica put her up for adoption shortly after she was born and kept this a secret all these years…Nathan learned he was cut out of James’s will because James is not his father…Victor Cassidine is!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I guess Nik forgot to invite grandma Leslie to the party?


    Tsuds replied

    She was out of the country with Laura .. someone asked about her.. .

    Jimmy replied

    I was hoping Victor was Nina and Nathan’s father too! It would make total sense, since Nina was being held at the same facility Victor brought Robin to.

    I do hope Madeline has some other connection to the canvas though, Monica’s sister would be interesting, because then she can try to go after the Q fortune!

    I really hope they aren’t doing another ridiculous mask story though, it would be a much more powerful and true-to-history story if this Luke was really Bill Eckert back from the dead instead of someone in a mask. That’s been done twice already, Faison as Duke was hard to believe enough then Dr. O did it with her Anna mask – enough is enough!


    k/kay replied

    @jmh at least you can film RH from the back side and not be looking at the Atlantic Ocean. She is in great shape mother of three kids major bread winner etc who has time for a cheeseburger and a tan?

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Could Luke be The Balkin???


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Suzanne killed him…slit his throat…maybe son of the Balkon?

  3. Rodd says:

    WOW! What powerful scenes! I especially felt Dominic’s pain as Dante. He delivered beautifully. All of the actors did, really. Kudos to all. I can’t wait to see how this develops.


  4. Elite Advisors says:

    I hope this role will bring out the feistiness in LULU that we have been missing since Julie M Berman left. I like Emme but she needs to pull some inspiration from her Daddy Luke in these scenes. Emme is playing it a bot safe, and a bit too sweet for me…. this is the perfect storyline for you to bring back your chops!! :)

    Also this Luke story is beyond weird. Please no more masks…


    Patrick replied

    “…Also this Luke story is beyond weird. Please no more masks…”

    Anthony Geary’ Luke/Bill – whatever ?!?!

    geez! LOL… he does seem a little long in the tooth… old to the gills…. Tracy’s “whole enchildada” is …. rearing more than he should

    it just smacks of all a gimmick that AG be given story… they think he can still load…. fire and squirt


    Tracy wanders the manse… and everywhere else….. have you seen Luke



    Jimmy replied

    I liked Emme Rylan on Y&R as Abby more than I like her as Lulu, and you’re right about the mask story, if this is what it turns out to be, I’ll be pissed, because enough is enough with these masks already!

    This Luke should turn out to be Bill Eckert, not a villain in another one of those stupid, unbelievable masks. Next thing you know, everyone on the canvas will be tearing off masks from their faces and will be revealed as someone else!


    Nick D. replied

    lol – only on GH :D

    DANIELLE replied

    I agree about Lulu she is to mousey for me. if that was the old Lulu (Julie) their would of been a lot of spit fire in the scenes. I also am so done with the mask scenes.


    Beth CP replied

    Agree with you, Danielle.

  5. Max says:

    If I didn’t Love NiK before I am loving him now. That was a great scene. Loved him getting on Elizabeth about throwing stones. That was heartbreaking when Nik was holding Brit back while she was screaming for Ben. Of course Emmy that goes with out saying. Followed her from Lizzie, to Abbie, to Lulu.


  6. aria says:

    i loved that Liz got to be the one to tell Lulu the awesome news, it was great seeing Rebecca finally in the forefront of a major story line. everyone was great, it was so good that i actually felt like a guest in the party, you know the one who is there when everything goes down, and you can’t move or say anything because your shock at what is going down, i felt uncomfortable for the main players, thats how real it felt, and when nicolas lash out at liz, i hated it, but i understood where he was coming from. i even felt sorry for britt, bravo to everyone, it was a great pay off.


    Ces replied

    ditto! Hope the baby kidnapping from Dr. O doesn’t drag out now ….


  7. Jake NJ says:

    It was awesome…Emme…Dom…Becky…Kelly & Tyler did an excellent job.


  8. k/kay says:

    All I was thinking because I did watch it was after it was over I was glad it was over!!!! First of all if JB was still playing the part of Lulu she would have come in taken the baby out of Britt’s arms then knocked her on her butt and then dared her to get up off the floor. Where is the spunky Lulu Spencer? ER is playing her as a spoiled little rich helpless brat. Someone please step in and correct this or recast or better yet show the couple the exit door.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You do know i was just joking around about RH(Liz)…im actually more pale than she is!!! lol


    k/kay replied

    @ Yes I did I was just bragging on my girl Liz/RH she also usually sews her own dresses for the emmy awards. I am in awe of her to be honest how does that little spit of a thing do all that she does?

  9. Tim says:

    I thought the writing on the reveal was a bit sloppy. Why didnt Elizabeth join the others right away? Why leave Ben alone with the evil Dr. Obrecht? Lulu needed to slap Brit. Dante was weak. Nicholas though, he hit it out of the park. I like how he attacked Liz. He did a wonderful acting job there.


  10. Toby says:

    It was a moment I’ve been waiting for over a year! This storyline is long overdue to end and move on to something else. I’ve hated it since the beginning. I felt it was an insult to those suffering from infertility. Especially in the way, they had Maxie miscarry and then get impregnated on the same night. I am still unhappy with how they have made Lulu barren (which I do not believe, but that is a different story and argument). I am happy the truth is out and hoping this signals the end to Brit and Dr O. Two characters I do not like, nor will ever like. Give me Helena back, she was always someone you loved to hate, both actresses who play(ed) her were awesome. Brit and Dr O are unredeemable and I just do not see how they can continue on the show., but TPTB seem to like them, so I am sure they will continue and be redeemed somehow.
    Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan were awesome in how they portrayed their emotions as Dante and Lulu. It was mesmerizing watching them, feeling their pain, anguish, and complete utter joy in finding out ‘we have a son”. What s simple statement but a powerful one. Just love those two! Dante and Lulu are the best couple on GH! I absolutely love how the writers are able to write them, struggling but showing love does conquer all. What a refreshing couple to love! I love this couple!


    Max replied

    I, too, hope this is the end of Dr. O and Britt on the show. O’s being chief of staff is proposterous and really negated any ethics or standards GH as a hospital is supposed to have. Dr. Steve must be turning in his grave over what’s become of his hosp. Britt’s been a boring witch ever since she came on the show. If what they did to the embryo doesn’t get them both fired, the show’s definitely entered the land of the ridiculous. Dominic’s acting yesterday was very moving at times, great job. I still miss the old Lulu, haven’t warmed up to this one yet. I’m surprised she was casted for the role.


    Mary SF replied

    Never mind fired– what they did was illegal they both should be in prison — but they won’t — don’t know how the writers will get around that technicality but they will. It would be refreshing on a soap if someone actually had to pay the consequences for their actions– would love to see Britt and her mother sharing a cell together.

  11. Vickg4767 says:

    Fabulous!! Love the writing and the acting is Superb!! Go GH!!


  12. Red says:

    Sorry but the whole thing was overdone and underwhelming. Emme’s performance was simply awful and unconvincing; Obrect taking the kid was predictable and uninspiring. We don’t want to see this plot any longer; it’s tired. The only thing that came out of it is that the actress playing Britt has really grown and has turned in some great performances. I felt more pity and concern for her character than I did for Lulu and it has everything to do with the differences in acting skills between the two actresses and the fact that Carlivati’s version of Lulu is not working. Glad they brought Rick Hearst back though. What a great actor and he’s aging very well.


  13. Rcraig says:

    LOVED IT! Finally the truth is out. All I can say is that if I was lulu I would have marched in there tear the baby out of Brits arms, given him to Dante and then beat the snot out of Britt. Let’s get this done with and move on. Felt bad for Liz. But that’s what happens to the bearer of bad news. Kudos to all the actors for an outstanding delivery.


  14. Iakovos says:

    I pray this is the end of this series of babynapping/baby switching/dubious parentage storylines for a while. Please?


    Beth CP replied



    Shay replied

    I would totally agree with you, except for the fact that we still have one more “gestation in progress”…..the insufferable Soppy’s! While I would be perfectly content to just forget about her and let her disappear (it has been heaven not having to deal with her usual blathering as of late) you just know that she will be back sooner rather than later, probably big as a house by then, and full of excitement over the arrival Patrick’s “supposed” offspring. It would be a real blessing if the “soapgods” made this latest bambino be courtesy of Carlos and his drunken one-nighter with the fleeing jilted princess bride…a most excellent excuse and vehicle to send these two obnoxious characters off the canvas once and for all! But after that, please no more babies!!!! We need to stay focused solely on the adults for awhile…..and while I am at it, could we also please dispense with the creepy kiddie romance triangle for the future, too??? It has become oddly weird and inappropriate…..


  15. Mark says:

    Nicholas was mean to Liz!! Good performance but he was mean!


  16. desskyent says:

    I did not like how the writers put Liz out to be the bad person.She would not have told Rick first, she would NOT HAVE LEFT THE BABY WITH Dr.O.. It has gone on for a year and a half…I just think all the scrip’s are written in circles, and dragged out to no end.. Isn’t this how OLTL went off the air? Hmmm


  17. Mary SF says:

    It was a bit over done for my tastes— the only part I really liked was Nickolas telling off Liz— she finally got what she deserved for being such a busybody. Like Nickolas said she could have done it in private. Also thought Lulu running in and screaming at Britt to give her baby back was unnecessary. She could have just told Dante about the letter and shown him the proof first, but instead they made her scream and babble on for half the show causing the actress to over act the scene before getting to the point.


    su0000 replied

    That was good old fashioned soap writing..
    it is how great soaps are written, from day one..

    (if she told it in private there would have been no high drama :)

    Bravo RC & writers, director, and prestige acting!!
    ( it was like an Agatha Christie moment..


    Mary SF replied

    It could have been written many ways and been just as compelling without all high melodrama. Nickolas could have found the note, not Liz and he could have confronted Britt alone– that would have been as good. Nickolas could have force Britt to bring the baby to Dante and Lulu and confess the truth to them and that scene would have been just as dramatic.

    And sorry I have watched soaps since the sixties and seen lots of reveals, this one was sloppy and poorly written– and the actress playing Lulu because RC wanted to wait for Liz to bring in the letter. This left too long of period to stall which imo caused the actress to overacted the scene. However, it might have work for me if as a viewer I was just finding out the truth along with everyone else– that would have been like Agatha Christie and fun,

    So perhaps in the end that was my issue with it; it was it so anti- climatic. Maybe for me after knowing the truth for a year the need for high drama for this reveal was pointless. I think a more subtle approach would have been just as entertaining and soap like. I am glad you enjoyed it, but like I said for my tastes it was all flash and no substance.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I liked the episode but also having watch soaps since the 60s, a more subtle approach would have been better and maybe more enjoyable had it turn out the way you suggested…i now wish little Spenser had found the note and gave it to his father!!!


  18. su0000 says:

    luv it!
    Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) gave a powerful performance!! riveting!
    ALL the actors were outstanding!
    GH has the best stories and actors!

    ((Now, that was a soap at its’ very best!!))


  19. Engrady Pind says:

    I am really, really tired of Dr. Obrecht. Villains should only be taken in small doses and she has already shoved herself down our throats enough to choke every viewer for the rest of the year. ENOUGH OF THE BROAD.

    I found the Nik-Britt scenes to be exceptionally well done and believable. Didn’t believe a second of Dr. O’s scene with Dante and Lulu.

    Sure hope Rick is going to turn out to be a guy good for a change. We already have enough trashy men on the show.


    Omar replied

    I SO agree with you..I am really tired of the recent villians, especially Heather Webber and Dr. Obrecht, over and over getting away with their crimes and being recycle in one way or the other..AND I love both these actresses, they are A1, BUT COME Mr. Carlivati, lets gets some fresh ideas on this show.

    Lets have these characters pay for their crimes and make it less cartoonish.

    Tyler C. gave an awesome performance and needs to be recognize for his work! I have to say and some will disagree but the actress that plays Lulu, is and has been doing a great job since the recast!


  20. heidi says:

    I thought the whole group did a fabulous job!!! Emme gets so much criticism here… so I have to say I thought she did a great job with a difficult group of scenes. Is she as talented as JMB… maybe not yet but she is getting her stride with this character and if Lulu is written well and the story is good… I think Emme will continue to get better and better! Dom and Tyler were beyond words fabulous!!! Jane was her usual superb self!!! Kathleen was great and I have to say as much as I really don’t like or care for the character Britt… Kelly did a very good job with her scenes too. Becky did another fabulous job and I cringed when Nik was so very mean to Liz. I am one who would really like to see Liz and Nik work there way back to each other slowly and carefully. Please let Nik be done with Britt!!!

    I would rather have seen Brad’s fall been fatal… would so love him off the screen… sorry just have never liked his character. Kathleen was also her usual stellar talent!!! I am not loving the Luke character who ever he is when he is at his worst. I am really surprised Sonny didn’t pick up his changes. I don’t think it’s Victor under a mask… no reason Victor should hate Sonny so badly. Could it be Frank Smith coming back from the dead? I don’t think it’s Bill Eckert… or Anthony Zaccara… or GIno Soletto. It could still be Jerry Jax. I just don’t remember somebody being that sleazy about women like this guy is playing. Possibly a Cassadine but would still not understand the hatred for Sonny.

    Thanks to everyone at GH for an incredible few days… really spectacular!!!


  21. Shari says:

    I loved it! The acting was amazing all around. I thought Nik’s reaction to Liz was a great moment. He said a lot of things that had to be said but it was clear that he was also angry at himself and the fact that he was once again, taken by a woman with which he was ready to share his entire world.
    Dominic Z was amazing and I actually felt some chemistry between he and Emme. When they turned ti each other and had a moment of realization that they have a child together, was beautiful. I still feel that Lulu is very narcissistic though. When she was not biologically Connie/Georgie’s mom, she said that her bond was still very important and she wanted to keep her or at least have alone time with her before she was taken away. She didn’t allow that with Britt. She ran upstairs to take him away. Yes, I realize that Britt knew all along that this wasn’t her child and Lulu was led to believe Connie was, but Ben doesn’t know the difference. He thinks that is his mom and they aren’t as worried about that now, as they were when Maxie wanted her child. Hopefully, this will help ease the tension when Maxie returns.
    Overall, it was awesome and I watched it twice!


    Sharonda replied

    Maxie was going to give them Connie and had not Brad said anything they would still have her. Maxi messed up and should have told her “best friend” the truth. But I think Lulu was more hurt and out of her mind with filing for custody- yet, her and Dante should have sued Maxi for committing fraud in a civil court, and sought criminal charges against Britt and monetary damages from GH. When is GH going to pay for all the screw up that have taken place within that hospital, e.i Siobhan’s 1st death attempt from Liz when she gave her the wrong medicine!


  22. Charday says:

    Love this whole storyline at Wyndemere. I hope Britt wins and Lulu goes to the looney bin without her baby. I’m rooting for Nik and Britt (not Lizard). Wonder if it will come out that Britt really is the baby–there’s been no paternity test for her yet–Dr. O could have done a switcheroo!!


  23. Jan says:

    Love/Love/Love Lulu’s black and white
    Dress today (3-2614)… Where can I
    find that Georgeous Dress?? Help help


  24. Dorothy Zsamba says:

    BRAVO!!! All characters are awesome. I love GH.


  25. Fanny says:

    Dante’s scene defending lulu was so touching. Julian & Alexis are combustible, not getting enough air time. Nick’s pain was palpable…Dr.O is great !!!


  26. rebecca1 says:

    Few things:

    I was disappointed in the party itself; gone is the extravaganza! I remember the old Wyndemere (sp?) balls…and Katherine and Stefan’s party…so I thought this would be more elaborate….at least have some music/dancing! It was quite pared down for a Cassadine event. And I HATE seeing so many unfamilair faces/extras at these group events ie the Nurses Ball filled a lot of the room with extras. Would rather have seen Patrick, Lucy, Felicia and Mac (who apparently are so enthralled with each other’s company they never leave the house to be seen). And yes I understand it’s all about the budget but it’s becoming rather disonnected. One of the elements of soaps I’ve always liked is the communal aspect…whether everyone in the room despised each other or loved each other…a lot of the “town” shows up. Not anymore. When Nic was making his toast they showed Sam and Silas…and next to them a couple of extras…Bring on the band!!!!

    So Nic makes his toast even though Lulu’s not in the room? Warm ‘n fuzzy…not.

    Thought it would be more dramatic if Lulu actually defended Liz when Nic went off on her. C’mon Lulu…your ex sister-in-law just gave you the most important news of your life…and you let her be slammed for it. With the high energy/passion that was going on…I would have rather have seen her jump to Liz’s defense…scream at Nic that he was blaming the wrong person and lunge at Britt…

    Though I loved Kelly Thiebaud’s (Britt) acting…I think she’s quite good and her angst was powerful…I have no sympathy for her…none. As said great acting though…very powerful…torn…conflicted…devastated.

    Tyler (Nic) was excellent too…poignant, shocked, crushed…great stuff.

    As for Dominic, Emme…love them together. As I’ve mentioned on other posts I got used to “this Lulu” very quickly and I think she’s adorable in the role…thought both Dom and Emme were believable and I felt their disbelief turn to joy and their bond.

    LOVE Rick Hearst (Ric)…sooo glad his character is back. I actually like him with Liz.

    As for the comment above that felt Lulu should have given Britt time to say goodbye to Ben…errrrrr…no. That’d be like telling a kidnapper (which Britt is)…sure take your time and say your good-byes before you return my child. I’ll wait. NO comparison to what happened between Lulu and Maxie; no analogy.

    I’m glad the truth is out…now looking to see how the couples fall…Liz and Rick? Liz and Nick? Nick and Britt? Jail? Who knows? Maybe Britt and Rick will wind up together…


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wish Leslie couldve at least been there…some music and dancing wouldve been nice…Spenser shouldve found the letter and gave it to his father, saying it had fallen out of Liz’s purse then Nik could have still confronted her…and i agree Lulu shouldve defended Liz!!!


    rebecca1 replied

    doesn’t make sense to not have music/dancing…I bet a local unknown band would paly for free just for the TV exposure!

    and yes, they could have sprung a few extra bucks to at least have Leslie.

    good idea if Spencer…had been in the possession of the letter. or if Nic had found out that Spencer had crushed Cameron’s card…and picked it up to set Spencer straight…maybe telling him to fight fair and go back and give Cameron his card only to find out there was something written on it. But…then we wouldn’t have Liz in the center where I think she needs to be right now…either because she’s saved the day for Dante and Lulu and/or it will eventually bring Nicolas back to her…or it will bring her closer to Rick who stood by her side. Maybe she’ll be the object of Obrecht’s wrath for exposing the truth and there’ll be a “rescue Liz” SL…Any of those are possibilities could be fallout from Liz doing the deed…

    rebecca1 replied

    play not paly!

  27. Kay says:

    Loved this episode for lots of reasons.

    Question? Can anyone tell me how you can find out the designer for Carley’s dress worn in today’s episode. I absolutely loved this.


  28. Rob says:

    PLEASE send Dr. O and Britt packing, there is no redeeming anyone here.


    rebecca1 replied

    part of the fun of soaps are the “evil doers.” why single them out? are any of most of the other characters…lying, scheming, cheating, murdering, raping…redeemable?

    no one is redeemable on soaps.


    Shay replied

    Nobody is more unredeemable than that murder machine on stilettos, Ava, and yet she is still perfectly free to roam on her endlessly gleeful killing spree. Both Julian and his sister make me physically ill….I am not one bit entertained or amused by their smarmy antics, and the only thing that has made their “story” bearable are the sideline characters that have been scattered throughout their saga, not to mention the newly added wrinkle of the mysterious “Luke-a-Like” in charge of the entire scheme. As for Dr. O. and Britta, I find them to be highly amusing since their villainy (along with the Cassadines) is more broadly-played, campy and Bond-esque in their means and goals. It is also far better acted, particularly by the incomparable Kathleen Gati….her beloved Liesl Obrecht had better not be going anywhere for a long, long time!!!!!! Love, love, love her!!!!!!


  29. Gloria E says:

    Emme Rylan was a little over the top for me..but I thought the Nik, Dante, Britt scenes were great..I was soooo glad Nik reamed Liz..Liz is a hypocrite..I kinda hope Nik forgives Britt..I like her.. But for this episode the Alexis/Julian scenes were absolutely hot !!!!! those two have the most chemistry that I have seen in a soap couple since Kendall & Zach in AMC..maybe more..I think I could kinda like Liz though if she was with Rick..


  30. GRANTLOVER!! says:

    GH is getting more stupid everyday. The only reason I still watch is Alexis & Julian are hot as hell together. Go back to the drawing board and get a real storyline going here and stop bringing in more characters that don’t mean crap to the show.


    rachie replied

    I agree about alexis and Julian and wish he would turn out to be not so bad I love him.


  31. rachie says:

    I thought nick was excellent. Other than than would it hurt the writers to actually make something believable? The whole letting Dr. O leave the room not once but twice with the baby come on as a mother myself we all know if we went through what lulu did no one would make it out of the room with that baby I would have torn anyone apart that tried. Why are they making all the cops such a joke and wimpy gossiping mobsters please get on with it. maybe the writers need to watch a little more of their own show so they can see what we the fans do.


  32. Crystal says:

    I think dr.o and britt needs to be taken down and dante and lulu needs to get their baby back.. and britt and dr o. And brad needs to lose their jobs.. this is getting ridiculous and very old fast. I feel like they keep doing the same thing over and over again. The same story line. Im honestly getting sick of it. I really am enjoying gh but all this business with dr. O stealing ben again!!! I feel like i have seen this information before.. dante and lulu need their baby and then move on.. they have plenty other story lines.. just drop this one and move on!! And i think the way Nicholas treated liz was just cruel. She didnt deserve that!


  33. smoochie says:

    I’ve wanted the embryo/baby-stealing surrogate stories to end soon after Maxie found herself preggers( a la soap- style guaranteed egg- fertilization- after one roll in hay) with shoot-no-blanks Spin’s baby.I’ve suffered through bad writing, that keeps getting worse. (where is the writer/team of early Cartini GH take-over days when I was thrilled with months of character driven plot and quick reveals? Being held captive in the catacombs or one of several local GH asylums?

    Wrap this up already. Get that baby to its rightful parents and get rid of Obrecht and Britta. Soo frustrating 1- to not believe her best friend Liz and defend Britt before finally reading the letter which Liz practically had to split a gut to get her to do?
    2- to watch a tongue-tied Lulu try to explain why Ben was her baby after all. The first thing out of her mouth should’ve been about Britt’s hand written confession validating the truth.

    Though I really have not yet taken to Emme as Lulu, in her defense I don’t think it’s the fault of an actor as to how she/he is directed and what lines they have. She did the best with what she was given.

    I’ve read comments that Liz is just a nosy, busy-body. Once again, RH is not responsible for how she is being written or directed. Liz had a reason to gun for Britt starting with the Patrick debacle including her unforgivable behavior towards little Emma,(remember, Robin entrusted Liz and Maxie with their care),also observing the malicious,evil ways Brit showed in her treatment of Sabrina amongst other things.

    I thought Nick/TC was going to actually blow a vein when he went off on Liz. He really dumped an untoward ,underserved load on her. What? Elizabeth, along with Nicholas, Lucky and Emily, was part of the four musketeers, from the time they were all in high school and beyond. Nicholas knows from years of experience that Liz loves him.and not just romantically- that she truly has his back not matter what. That rage bomb should have been dropped on the guilty culprits : Britt, Obrecht and (once Nick finds out) Brad. So if I dig a little, perhaps all that rage was displaced and really towards himself. After all Prince Nicholas, so smart and savvy must have known deep down that Britt was a malicious, scheming liar, and that for him she was truly a rebound love to whom he fell prey because of his loneliness- though he tried to convince himself otherwise. So now, not only does the truth come out, but is exposed a la Liz, someone he really loves and respects , in front of all these guests he invited to his engagement party where he is gushing the praises of and adoration for a woman who is guilty and lied to him. He feels derailed and made a fool of and so embarrassed – What must all these people think of him who have held him in such high regard. Hence there is Liz who he pours most of it on- by the time he got to Britt is was more like the mouse that roared, though at least she got some of it.
    Two brief asides:I honestly don’t know what’s happened to Tyler as an actor though- he used to be one of my favorites and guess still is. But ever since his return it seems like he is just there for a paycheck. I can’t put it into words but he doesn’t really seem connected with anyone Before his skills were ever- present and dependable and he could to quietly steal a scene just with his charisma.. Please Tyler come back in full force. Also I don’t like that Nicholas seems more affectionate with and loving towards baby Ben and Liz’s children then I’ve ever yet seen him be with his own child.

    Why hasn’t anyone figured out that ” A.J.” could stand for Ava Jerome-
    Why doesn’t anyone (especially Silas?) remember that Silas has a sociopathic, murdering,look-alike twin who could have easily posed as Silas and administered the meds into Nina’s IV? Dumb di dumb dumb. That’s what the Cartini regime thinks of GH viewers.

    In conclusion I reiterate: It’s time to end this storyline immediately and on the happy note that Dante and Lulu get Ben back, and that justice is served on all the guilty parties. Obrecht, Britt and Brad should get ousted from GH immediately, kidnapping charges should be brought against them with convictions forthcoming. If this is not done, I will be dropping GH after 40 years. Its bad enough I have to ff every time I see Luke? the letch/molester on the canvas now. Thank goodness for dvrs .


    rebecca1 replied

    I don’t think Nicolas/Tyler is any different; I just think that there is no one left but Liz that he’s connected to! Lucky is gone…Laura is gone…Stefan is gone…Helena, even though he hates her, hasn’t been on the canvas as she’s on freeze…He’s very close with Alexis but they barely have scenes together. So I’m thinking that the disconnect you feel is just that…maybe if he hooks back up with Liz and/or he and Alexis have more scenes, etc you’ll feel differently.

    The days of family and friends seem to be gone from GH. Bobby used to house borders…people were always connected and either living there or visiting; the four muskuteers or whatever they called themselves…Lucky, Liz, Emily and Nic…over. Frisco/Tony/Felicia/Bobby…Jax, Ned, Alexis…there was a lot more of a communal sense “back in the day,” which I’ve mentioned on several posts. As I also mentioned the same goes for the engagement party or the nurse’s ball…gone are the big extravaganzas where the whole town shows up…now just a sprinkle of regulars appear and the rest of the room is filled with extras.

    A tad off the subject but wanted to touch on Nic’s return and your comments about that.


  34. Kaffe says:

    Tyler C. was excellent in this storyline….I enjoyed the conversation he had with his cousin Sam, but he shouldn’t be mad with Lizzy..I Think he should say he was sorry
    But the show that was on was good!


  35. Vicki Gretzky says:

    if taking the embryo is not illegal, then it is britts baby. lulu is a nut case. i would not let her babysit my puppy let alone give her custody of a baby that a smart doctor carried for 9 months. britts lawyer should win this one in court easily.


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