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20 September 12th, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maxie/Anna Touching Scene! Dante & Lulu Name “Their” Baby … Connie!


On yesterday’s episode of General Hospital, the drama continued as several stories provided plenty of cliffhangers for the near future.  Plus, once again, there were some beautiful performances from Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones, who if she does not get a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work, it will be a crime of it’s own, and Daytime Emmy winner, Finola Hughes as Anna Devane.

In story, Anna comes to see Maxie who is still in the hospital and trying to come to terms with the fact that she has given her biological daughter to Dante(Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Emme Rylan), who are now poised to leave the hospital with “their” new baby girl.   During the two women scene, Anna and Maxie share their sadness, in particular when Anna discusses having to leave little Robin (Kimberly McCullough)behind, when she would have to go off around the world during  spy days, and how it just broke her heart to have to keep saying goodbye.   Anna was trying to help Maxie let-go of baby Falconeri, while the two discussed much they miss Robin! It was a touching scene in the more than capable hands of Storms and Hughes!

Later, Dante and Lulu still have not given a name to “their” baby, and when Anna stops by to see the new little bundle of joy, she also brings her a gift.  Anna also tells the couple to name their daughter after something or someone meaningful!

Elsewhere, Sonny(Maurice Benard) is not taking his meds, losing his cool, and falling further and further into emotional trouble.   After finding out about AJ (Sean Kanan),  and being hounded by reporters outside his house and punching one out, he comes inside where Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is trying her best to deal with him.   Enter Dante and Lulu, who bring “their” new daughter to it’s grandfather, Sonny.  And in another touching moment, as the baby sits in the arms of Sonny, Dante and Lulu reveal they have named the little girl … Connie! 

So GH fans, what did you think about the choice of the name of Dante and Lulu’s baby? All for it, because you can foresee what may happen next?  Or, against it?  If so, what would you have named the little girl? And. what did you think about the scene between Maxie and Anna? Well-written? Hankie moment?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. John says:

    If Kristen Storms does not get any Emmy nom it will be ludicrous !!!!

    I would have given Connie as the middle name !


    missellie replied

    I agree and am keeping my fingers crossed that Kirsten gets an emmy nod and win! I was also thinking that Connie could have been the middle name. After all, neither Dante nor Lulu were close to Connie. I think Connie’s middle name was Louise which would be cute seeing that there are a lot of Spencers with an “L” name.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Her name shouldve been Louise…Great grandma Leslie(who shouldve been at the hospital), grandma Laura, mama Lulu, and baby Louise but what heartache when they all find out the baby girl is really Maxis and Spinnellis…scene should be a real tearjerker when Dante and Lulu find out she isnt their daughter…maybe in Nov. sweeps!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Kristen and Bradford both deserve an emmy…their scenes at the hospital were unbeatable…imho!


    Rose replied

    Agreed! Kirsten has been fantastic. Her scene with Anna was just wonderful. Loved the layers in the dialogue and the performances.

    And Ron surprised me again. I was sure that baby wouldn’t get a name until she was back with spixie. Nope, gh kept me on my toes again.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I wouldve named her Damianna after her father…kidding…im cool with Connie until her true parentage is revealed to all probably during Nov. sweeps…still hoping Sonny goes off the deep end and kills Olivia…Diane and Kevin could claim temporary insanity so Sonny will avoid prison…LOL!!!


  3. Caitie says:

    Kirsten Storms as Maxie and Bradford Anderson as Spinelli have been the acting powerhouses of this “baby” story line, giving Emmy-caliber performances which have given the needed heart, integrity and emotional intensity to this story. Wonderful work!

    And, of course, Finola Hughes is a gem, always bringing depth and real emotions to her scenes!

    And who can resist watching a handsome man holding an infant – and when that man is seen doing in the midst of an emotional crisis – even more heart-warming. Touching scene with Mo and baby “Connie.”


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I predict theyll win a much deserved emmy next year, and the show as well!


  4. Deb says:

    I don’t always credit Maurice with being a great actor, but that split second yesterday, when they told him the baby’s name, his reaction was priceless. I think all of soapdom uttered a collective, “awwwwww”….


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    That was a great moment…


    heidi replied

    Agree completely Deb!!!


    I Love GH replied

    Yep! It was a pure moment. Fabulous acting.


  5. Jamie says:

    Loved the Maxie/Anna scenes! Has anyone else grown to dislike Sonny as much as I have??? I used to WORSHIP him and now I find myself just FF through his scenes. He’s SOOOO melodramatic and over the top (even when it isn’t related to his bi-polar disorder). The only scenes l enjoys of his are when he is bantering with Alexis. What happened to my Sonny from the 90′s? UGH!


  6. finian fan says:

    Finola Hughes is a treasure trove for GH. Be it gentle and nurturing or tough and kick-ass, she brings it every single time – like a boss!


  7. Iakovos says:

    I usuaklly grimace at switched-baby and dubious parentage storylines, but the actors here rock it, particularly Miss Storms. Just please let there be resolution before Christmas!


  8. heidi says:

    Kirsten and Finola were/are fabulous!!! I would also add that Bradford was incredible too! However this is about yesterday’s episode, which was just incredible! Kirsten and Finola are two of my top 5-10 actors on GH! If Kirsten, Finola and Bradford don’t get Emmy’s for this work… they will have been robbed! Kirsten especially has been stellar in every scene and your heart just goes out to her… I just want her to have little Georgie for her own so badly!!!

    I love when we get to see Finola/Anna more and when we get to see the many sides of her… she is strong, intelligent… formidable and beautiful and righteous about the people she loves!!! She is and always will be a character that I love to watch! I love her as the Commish and former spy… but I also want to see her with Emma, Patrick, Duke and Maxie and everyone she cares about! The scene with Maxie was awesome and everything I was hoping for! She is a loving godmother and they were so sweet and heart wrenching together!!!

    Kirsten’s Maxie is another character that I can never get enough of. I just love this character and love the actress. She has the makings of the next Tracy, Anna and Carly all rolled into one if they do it right. Kirsten is so talented and she can do anything they throw at her. Let’s let Maxie build and grow over the years and let her become the complex woman that I believe she will be. Don’t get me wrong she is on her way there now. She has it all… strong yet vulnerable… talented and bright and just a bit crazy and over the top!!!

    I do have to mention the scene at the very end with Maurice and little Connie! Sheer perfection… the baby was supremely expressive and perfect in that moment and Maurice’s expression was absolutely priceless!!! If they got all of that aligned in one take that was incredible!!! My heart just about flew out of my body!

    All in all a stellar and exceptional episode… week and storyline culmination!!! Kudos to everyone at GH for delivering exceptional work and must see TV!!! Again extra special props to Kirsten, Finola, Bradford and Maurice!!! Incredible!!! Well done!!!


    Patrick replied

    1. you had me tearing up… with;

    I just want her to have little Georgie for her own so badly!!!

    2. The formidable Talent that Finola Hughes delivers…. is through the roof… and bam! IN to our consciousness… She gives the infinite Anna Devane… a beacon, a light.. for the audience to grab hold….

    3. It’s going to be hold on to our seats time… ie: November… when… Robin comes “Home”…. My heart… like yours… LOL… leaps and pulsates…

    4. ie: props to romance… on the horizon…. Nicholas and Britt… and baby makes three… and I say this… because… albeit… it’s definitely a part of Britt… and this is only adding to her mystifying take… and adding layers to her portrayal…
    and WOAH… we have this new couple who … I can’t take my eyes off their shared act…. the eye contact… say so much.


    heidi replied

    I wanted to add that I love scenes like this and they are needed and add so much to the show! I know doing something like this scene is not addressing Luke and his quest and many other storylines that are back burnered at the moment. This scene brought the continuing story line moving and is setting things up but it is also one of those scenes that you need more of where you get to see two characters and actors deal with a difficult emotional issue in a sweet and simple way that let’s us see these characters being human and not just characters moving story along. This cast and especially Kirsten and Finola have the capacity and talent to make these kind of scenes truly special and true and heartfelt!

    The scene with Maurice and baby Connie is another one that just makes the show and let’s us see the human aspect of the character Sonny!

    I want so much more of these lovely scenes and yet they may not be fast enough or ratings grabbers… don’t understand that… since both of these scenes could be watched over again a few times because they are so touching and make you feel like you really are getting to see these characters and actors hearts and emotions!

    Again well done and wish for many more like these!!!


  9. aria says:

    Finola proved why she needs to be front and center on GH an as for kisten storm, wow, she really is delivering. Everyone on GH has been hitting out the park. keep it up.


  10. Judy says:

    Enough with the secret that Lulu and Dante aren’t the parents of Connie……. this is what annoys me the most about soap opera’s how they drag the story on forever! Hopefully Brad will open his mouth and tell someone or everyone that the baby is Spinelli’s and Maxie’s. Let’s be done with this story!


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