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49 October 11th, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Obrecht Dons An “Anna” False Face! Halloween Came Early For Faison!


In a shocker, General Hospital pulled out all the stops on Thursday’s episode!  The stunning ending was benefiting for arch-villain Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) who got a little bit of payback for his crimes, when he suffered the same emotional trauma as he perpetrated on his “beloved” Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)!

In key scenes, “Anna” goes to pay a visit to Faison in Steinmauer maximum security prison. Once there, Faison confesses to “Anna” that Robin is alive!  He even goes so far to admit he has been working in a nefarious plot all along with Jerry Jacks, Dr. Ewen Keenan and Dr. Obrecht.  Faison even references that he knows Dr. O is in love with him, but swears to “Anna” that he never felt the way she did for him, and the only woman for him is … Anna!

At first glance, these scenes as viewers are watching it down are quite startling!  However, there is twist on a twist!  Just as Faison and “Anna” are actually kissing in what was quite creepy, the scene cuts away  to none other than … wait for it … the real Anna Devane making her way to the lobby of Steinmauer maximum security prison! And then it all makes sense when we cut back to Faison and “Anna” as Faison is so thrilled that “Anna” kissed him back! So much so, that he wonders in his delusional mind if she really loves him?  But the trick is on Faison this time when a steaming mad Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) spewing venom at him in German, reveals herself under an “Anna Devane” mask!  Yup, if you recall, both Obrecht and Anna were on their way to pay a visit to Faison, only the treacherous Dr. O got there first!

Elsewhere, it was an emotionally heavy day as the family of Robin Scorpio Drake remembered her on her birthday!  And so did Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche), bringing the hostage Robin (Kimberly McCullough) a cupcake with a candle in it as another incentive to find the cure, so he won’t die of polonium poisoning, so she can be set free to return home to her loved ones. 

There were also heartbreaking moments between the Scorpio brothers played beautifully by Tristan Rogers and John J. York, as Mac shared a video recording of Robin’s funeral with Robert, while Robert so badly wants to tell Mac that Robin is alive, but doesn’t.

Patrick (Jason Thompson) is also grieving his “dead” wife now more than ever, and after chatting with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), he admits he is having a very hard time letting her go, and for some reason he says he feels closer now to Robin than ever!   Back on Cassadine Island, Robin is more determined than ever to find the cure for Jerry so she can go home.   Later, she happily tells Jerry she has found the cure!

Kudos to the cast of GH for their performances!  In particular:  Finola Hughes, John J. York, Tristan Rogers, Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, Anders Hove and Kathleen Gati!   And we got to give it up for the GH powers-that-be, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati for another heart-stopping episode!

So what did you think of the “Anna” false-face?  Did you figure out it was Dr. Obrecht all along?  What did you think of yesterday’s episode honoring Robin on her birthday?   Did you need hankies?   Share your comments below!



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  1. Jeff says:

    Great episode!! The scenes with Anna and Cesar were genuinely creepy, especially when the Anna mask came off!! Bravo GH!!


    mary replied

    I agree. Soo cool and creepy Bravo Ron


  2. Marcia says:

    I thought that was pretty clever of the writers turning the tables on Faison. When they were kissing, I thought, what did he drug her with to “want” to kiss him and give her “love ” to him. Then when she pulled off her mask….the shock and the horror on Faison’s face was priceless!


  3. carla says:

    This is why I watch soaps! Bravo


  4. Shay says:

    Dr. O’s “trick” was an absolute “treat!” Loved it, even if it paled in comparison to her song and dance acts. And speaking of, I’ve decided her next vocal selection should be “What I Did For Love.” Totally fitting…..


  5. Deb says:

    Priceless. I was cringing for Anna while she was kissing Faison. I wanted to wipe my mouth, I really felt for her during that.

    And then to see the mask come off and Dr. O standing there was perfection. Loved it.


  6. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Dr.O is a keeper…she steals every scene shes in…she and Faison need to be on more often!!!


  7. TinaP says:

    Great episode and fantastic performance by Finola Hughes, GH really struck gold when they signed her on! FoeAnna’s scenes with Faison were purely FINOMENAL and that BOOM surprise at the end knocked me for a loop. Kudos to GH Frank & Ron for giving us such fabulous scenes. Looking forward to more of this story on screen, most importantly MORE of Finola, Tristan, Anders and the rest involved.


  8. Scott says:

    Can we please keep Anders Hove around? We need him on for more than a few episodes a year!


    Zoe replied

    I second this. He is my favorite villain on any show, not just soaps.


  9. Howard says:

    It was really something to watch! But I just have a strange feeling, we are in for yet another twist. Cant put my finger on it.


  10. Alyssa says:

    This was even creepier than the 1st time the latex mask was used. Finola Hughes was magnificent! Perfect person to pull that con!


  11. Bearzy says:

    Love GH!!


  12. heidi says:

    So glad you posted this Michael!!! I wanted an outlet to say how well Finola did doing Dr. O with the Anna face. Finola had some of Dr. O’s facial expressions and movements down to the tee!!! I had read that Anna was visiting Faison when Anna came to visit and was watching the joyous performance of Finola’s trying to be Dr. O playing Anna!!! IT was phenomenal and superb!!! Congratulations to Finola Hughes for getting Dr. O so completely. She mastered it!!!

    The scenes with faux Anna and Faison were delightfully creepy and surreal!!! I thought of Helena kissing Luke when Faison was kissing faux Anna and they both were creepy and strangely surreal…kissing their prey/obsessions. Loved seeing Anders/Faison again and he was stellar when Dr. O was ripping off the Anna mask… she really got him!!! This could be life altering for him and I am excited to see how off kilter Faison should be when he sees real Anna!!! He will probably be very different when he sees real Anna!!! Wish Anders/Faison could make regular appearances!!!

    Loved the scenes with Robert and Mac!!! Love the Scorpio brothers… want soooooo much more!!! Loved the scenes with Patrick, Emma and Elizabeth!!! I have missed Patrick with Liz!!!

    Congratulations GH for stellar story and stellar acting!!! I am so hoping that today’s show continues with these story lines and not Taylor and TJ and Rafe. Please let Friday’s show be with Anna, Faison, Dr. O, Robert, Mac, Robin, Jerry, Luke, Tracy, Patrick, Emma, and Duke!!! Love GH and love seeing my favorites in these great stories!!!


    Bonnie replied

    It was refreshing not to have to see the young adults, and the show was devoted to the great one’s!


    Shay replied

    Agreed….and incidentally the “new Taylor” looked ridiculous with Rafe, as if she were on babysitting duty! No way does the actress appear to be of high school age…this was a totally miscast recast!!! It seems to be an ongoing GH theme these days…age/maturity “inequity” with couples…..of course, we’ve had the “Sabrina/Patrick” thing, but since then, there appears to be a lot of pairings that beggar belief because of that particular criteria. Derek/Julian comes off too youthful for his supposed age, particularly with Alexis, Car-LOS is waaaay too old for his purported history with Sabrina, Anna and Duke look decades apart now despite their legacy storyline and of course, there’s Ava with Morgan….while I realize that the last one is purely intentional, I don’t think their fling would seem so shocking if MW had a more contemporary image….that retro-GG vibe she rocks ages her character far more than is necessary. Just saying….

  13. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    On Monday Anna confronts Anna(well, Dr.O)


  14. Mary SF says:

    Well, sometimes a soap can still pull off a surprise twist without me figuring it out or hearing about it before hand. I believed it, thought Anna was just going along in order to get Faison to tell her where Robin was, but when she pulled off the mask, and Dr. O was there– priceless, stellar and wonderful— and most of all for me– unexpected. Kudo’s for pulling the wool over the eyes this vet of soap watching. Brilliant, just brilliant.


  15. su0000 says:

    RC once again works his magic!!
    There is none better than RC when it comes to humor, surprises and shock!!


  16. Christy says:

    I knew it was Obrecht as soon as “Anna” showed up in the raincoat and big scarf and Finola had Obrecht’s walk and sneer down perfectly… sorta surprised Faison didn’t figure it out right away, especially after he touched her face.

    so now, I figure Dr. O will shoot him before Anna can learn the truth about Robin from him.

    but it sure would be delicious if Anna was able to capture Dr. O, and get a few last words from Faison, ‘yes Anna… Robin is alive’ before he passed out (or passes on) and before the end of today’s show.


    su0000 replied

    I think Dr, O will be so hurt and pissed that she will tell Anna where Robin is to get even with Faison, her way of hurting Faison back, for her to tell Anna .. ..


    Shay replied

    Ah yes….Dr. O’s jaunty, “just-so” scarf betrayed her all-too-clever-to-be-caught costume, didn’t it though???? I was already aware of the deranged (in love) doctor’s duplicitous derring-do courtesy of a spoiler I had read, but that “heads-up” (no pun intended….) definitely didn’t detract from the delicious delight of her dastardly deed!!!! I dare say it actually added to the deliriously demented denouement! As always, the “Great Gati” played her role to the haughty, hilarious hilt with admirable, acrimonious aplomb…and Finola Hughes certainly rose to the odious occasion with her intrepid interpretation of the sweetheart-scorned scientist! The always appalling Anders Hove provided the deeply creepy icing on the cake, particularly when he chillingly caressed the “fauxface” of his “immortal beloved.” (Thought that Obrecht hanging the latex lady mask on the wall was an especially egregious and evocative example of her divine “Devane disdain!”) While the entire escapade was exquisitely exposed (and expressed by all involved) I do have to say a tiny taste of the feral-faced Faison goes a very long way….he was so unapologetically evil, disturbing and repulsive, like one of those monstrous, malevolent villains in a stark Scandinavian crime series….I cannot claim to have actually enjoyed his atrocious appearance, thus I favor future ones to be few and far between. Furthermore, despite adoring Liesl’s undying, deplorable devotion to her daughter’s “babydaddy,” the undeniable realization that she is certifiably insane in her acute attraction to him made the scene a tad too uncomfortable for me….as a devotee of the multi-dimensional “Dr. O.,” I do so desire for her to detain her descent into madness for the sake of entertainment value. We need to keep this wild woman’s more wretchedly wicked ways at bay so as to retain her role for as long as possible…I am quite concerned that if her disconcertingly cold-blooded characterizations become too commonplace, then the chance to recover her charming comedic chops will be contained. Hence, hopefully, we will soon again be treated to her talented takes on tunes and preposterous, prepossessed pearls of proper parenting when she is reunited with her “Little Schnitzel,” Cesar!!!! (On that note, thought her video message to Britt was extremely amusing!!!! Looks like “Glam-Mutta-hood” agrees with her….loved the baby’s wave bye-bye. Too cute!)


  17. Christy says:

    on a 2nd note… there must have been 2 Robin funerals… the lousy one we watched, with all the interruptions and lack of people in the pews, and the good one we saw/heard on Mac’s laptop!

    te he he


  18. Loving says:

    Such a great episode!!!! Was very surprised about how much i loved Olivia and Duke! Shoking but i would like Anna with Robert, Olivia with Duke and Luke with Tracy.


    Gloria replied

    I could go for that too!


    Becky replied

    Sounds good to me. Especially the Luke and Tracy part. I think they’re the soul mates (not Luke and Laura – they were wonderful in their time, but that time is long gone!).


  19. MariaV says:

    I definitely think the acting was what made this plot twist so compelling to watch! I get so tired of all the recycled stuff. It can’t really be exciting if its already been done and the element of surprise is no longer there. Finola Hughes, Anders Hove and Kathleen Gati were fabulous. Loved when Finola was bouncing around with all the accents.


  20. Rodd says:

    I thought it was brilliant! When I saw Anna wearing a scarf, I thought that was a little odd; never saw her wear one of those before. Then, when Faison kissed her and she kissed him back, I rationalized it was her being grateful for him confessing Robin was still alive. But when “Anna” stared getting weepy and scrunching up her face, I began to realize something was amiss. What a buffo surprise to see Dr. O! Brilliant! The whole show that day was simply brilliant!!!


  21. Tom says:

    Fantastic episode. It was such a shocker, and in a good way, to see Anna on the other side of the door. It was like, “What what what?!” Well played, GH.


  22. Erick says:

    Also hilarious that Olivia was telling Duke about her crush on Robert Scorpio, given the actress’s admitted crush on him when she was a kid and the fan letter she wrote to Tristan Rogers!


    anna freeman replied

    I caught that too nice moment.


  23. Johnny says:

    These realistic masks are a real phenomenon, but where do these psychopaths keep the voice modulators that allow them to sound exactly like the person? Now that’s technology!


    Johnny replied

    Those German to British Accent Transponders are as good as the Danish to Scottish ones!


  24. Kat says:

    Anna Devane is the most fabulous character on soaps! Her toughness and femininity make for compelling storytelling and Finola pulls it off like none other! Anna needs to be front and center every day.


  25. aria says:

    i knew it as soon as she first appeared in the prison scene, there was just something that had me not seeing anna as anna if that makes any sense, it was funny and brilliant.


  26. Patrick says:

    “Kudos to the cast of GH for their performances! In particular: Finola Hughes, John J. York, Tristan Rogers, Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, Anders Hove and Kathleen Gati! And we got to give it up for the GH powers-that-be, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati for another heart-stopping episode!”

    I really do have to hand it to you… headlines and or content reveal

    clear, to the point… without drawn out… congratulator’ies surmount

    it’s highlight and watching stuff to believable

    Anna Devane is hypno’tic… she’s the beacon we need

    i have to point out… Robert’ accent… to die for and know ‘him’

    I have to add the the newbies are startling and bring’ing it all together with:

    Dr. O and Britt – throw in Nicholas and it’s a whole ‘nother revelatory layer

    this story progessed to the ultimate culmination of return Patrick and Robin;

    Morgan is newbie’ing it-

    Kirsten is acting without saying a thing… doing… stoic


    it’s like Franco and Derrik/Julian are courting Carly Carly is too friendly with her barge in on, it’s her right to reserve her room KEY at will…

    Carly has a lot of good days… all women who play her: are successful… you can’t not fall short with her… sans her playing out the men

    she intrigues our mystique.. ouch

    she does them all

    Roger Howarth does succeed with Laura Wright… even at the beginning… when he was nuTodd

    he’ THE show as it is… Laura is furthuring him along with

    you know… i’m watching Carly… and i’ve always said.. she’s more women and is wife… always with Jax

    (like I think… about Sammi and Rafe (Days)… she becomes a full bodied woman when with Rafe) EJ triggers… to each ‘their’ own

    thank you GH for Britt….. and Ben, Dr. O., and Nicholas… and Brad

    I wish we could come up with a good storyline for Elizabeth… I watch what time we have with her… and I think… she’s capable – of doing so many other things…. her looks captivate… and it’s like they keep her safe… I like the AJ connection… to all the quartermaines… something different to stretch her chops – mingling with the quartermaine’s… something about her and AJ connect. I really think Nicholas and Britt have more connection and potential. it not… that’s my point… give Liz layers… she’s capable. People want her to root = I wish Ewan was back… it gave her some edge


    Shay replied

    Wow….just wow! Not only has our headstrong heroine, Robin, returned, but her long-suffering, MIA husband (aka, the REAL “Patrick”) has finally made a comeback, as well!!!! After a year-long case of somnambulism, JT turned in a number of soul-stirring performances during this past month….first with Sam (The “Cheese Curl Chat” and “Wedding Band Banter”) and then with the long-lost and lamented Liz in his heartbreakingly poignant birthday remembrance of his “late” wife. The chemistry that Patrick demonstrated with both leading ladies was not simply obvious but absolutely inspired…..and it only served to leave the audience wondering why we were deprived of such fine scenes that “could have been” for all of the players involved…..particularly the extremely under-used and talented Rebecca Herbst. While I completely understand the wisdom of “Cartini” not wanting to put either of the aforementioned female characters into a courtship situation with “Drake Jr.” since it would have only ended in ultimate heartbreak (upon Robin’s return) for them, I must seriously question why deep, supportive friendships with either or both were not more eagerly explored, especially after Britt’s ill-fated attempt at a relationship with the still grieving, not ready-for-romance, doctor. We would have had the same resulting complication of a Westbourne baby without being subjected to the supreme silliness that was the Sabrina storyline….very little of what the babysitter did was actually essential to the plot and the few elements that progressed it (like say, the Nurses Ball…) could have just as easily been performed by somebody else. I do hope one day that the ptb’s provide an explanation for this decision which left so many of us viewers beyond frustrated. Having said that, in addition to loving RH’s tender and understated scene with Patrick at Kelly’s, I also have to mention that “Liz’s” expert handling of and calming influence on Emma was ever so palpable and welcome….for the first time in such a long while, that child was actually charming and sweet, not mouthy and bratty. Another VERY nice touch….all in all, it was a most satisfying few days of Scorpio-Drake drama…the flashbacks were particularly effective! About the only false note was the tacky “travel ticket tussle”….it seemed out-of-place, jarring and intrusive to those of us just dying for Patrick to receive THAT phone call!!!! (He’d better get out a roll of tape and rescue those torn tickets!) Enough said….


  27. GhLover says:

    I wonder why it was not Alexandra. For those who watch Finola’s return to daytime circa 2000, it was revealed on All my children that Anna Devane had a twin, Alexandra Devane. She could be alive and maybe she was the mold that created the mask? Maybe she is working with DR Orbirt? That would be fantastic !!


    Matt replied

    I may be wrong about the legalities, but I believe Alexandra is technically an ‘All My Children’ character, so GH is not going to go there!


  28. Dottie Barone says:

    That would be something to watch but what would even be better is if Jason was the one to save Robin and bring her back to Port Charles. (Jerry Jax could have held Jason prisoner all this time)


  29. Amber Knowles says:

    I can’t say enough about what Finola Hughes does with a scene, even one that’s kind of silly and makes you want to roll your eyes. She’s magic.


    Patrick replied

    She’s magic.

    pure and simple

    Finola Hughes is GIANT


  30. Kristi Lamont says:

    I am shocked that I am enjoying this storyline so much. I’m not a fan of recycled stories or plot lines but then again Finola Hughes and Anders Hove are not always included in them. Faison, the ultimate villain is back and I love it! Finola has always raised the bar for GH but this past week she jumped over that very bar.


    Patrick replied

    Finola has always raised the bar

    She elevates the genre so big…. LOL

    I love that we have these mainstays, veterans…. Loyalty give and take with the actors/audience

    Finola adds so much Fiyah


  31. Lauren says:

    Watching Finola Hughes at work as Anna/Obrecht is an amazing experience! Love it!


  32. Jean says:

    First Morgan and Ava kissed then Anna and Faison! I literally couldn’t watch! GH just keeps getting better and better!


  33. Chunkles says:

    Michael, Anders Hove, does he do most of his acting over seas? He is such a talent but I have never seen him in anything other than GH. I cannot believe that he doesn’t show up in US cinema or even on Y&R? GH, please find a way to keep him around. Maybe a night time serial, “GH, Behind Bars”, with Cesar, Johnny, Blackie, and AJ.


  34. dmr says:

    Kudos to a great week, General Hospital! Loved seeing Finola Hughes in action! She is an amazing actress! Didn’t care much for The Mask part 2; but, Finola and the rest of the cast did an amazing job! Also, loved seeing Olivia in scenes with Duke, not pining over Sonny, not crying, etc. Loved Carly and Julian and Alexis. Not a huge fan of Franco. Sad, because I love Roger Howarth. Was thrilled beyond belief not to have to be subjected to boring Kiki, Michael, and nuMorgan scenes. Please, put these 3 on a bus, to be taken far, far away! As always, loved Patrick and Emma. Nice to see Liz, again, too. Question, whatever happened to AJ? Still in prison?


  35. the brother says:

    Not sure if Britt’s mommy has the same body type to pull off the slim grey trench, but the best line of these scenes had to be when Dr O refers to Anna as Caesar’s “skinny scarecrow” BWHAHAHAHAHAHA


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