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40 May 7th, 2014 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Olivia Dumps Sonny! Has The Mobster Gone Too Far?


On yesterday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) confronted Sonny (Maurice Benard)and asked him if he had sex with Ava Jerome (Maura West)!

After trying to deflect the truth, Olivia zeroed in on him, recounting her conversation with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), recalling how Morgan (Bryan Craig) came to the Metro Court to tell her something about Sonny, until Sonny walked in and broke up the conversation, and when she was called away from the tense moment by a phone call!

Putting two and two together and showing she is not some dumb cookie from Bensonhurst, Olivia demanded that Sonny fess up to which he did!  He then admitted to having sex with Ava!

Lisa LoCicero in a heartfelt performance recalled how deep her relationship with Sonny goes from their childhood, to her giving birth to their son, Dante and more!  At the end of the scene, Olivia walks-out on Sonny!  Leaving him once again devastated by his own actions!  And this begs the questions, has Sonny Corinthos gone too far?  He has now slept with the enemy and he shot and killed AJ Quartermaine?  Do you think Sonny will continue to go down this dark path! And wait till Michael (Chad Duell) finally finds out!

Watch Olivia confronting Sonny after the jump! Then let us know what you thought about Olivia’s scenes with Sonny, and if the character of Sonny has gone too far?

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  1. David says:

    Wow that was a great episode, I love Olivia I’m so happy that she dumped sonny. Lisa is a terrific actress. Olivia needs someone like Johnny Zacharra to hang out with. Bring back Johnny, they were hot together.


    Reagan replied

    I miss Brandon (Johnny) and that was a nice pairing. RC didn’t seem to like “Steve” (Scott Reeves) so that was a disaster.


    Erick replied

    It wasn’t just RC. I didn’t care for him either. Liked Scott Reeves, boring character.

    dmr replied

    I liked Johnny and Olivia, too.


    Melissa replied

    Echo the sentiment on Johnny and Olivia, they were mega hot!

    Patrick replied

    is it just me…

    does it seem like there are not enough men to equal how big Michelle Stafford can be?

    Brandon Barash and Ingo Rademacher would raise the bar and bring even more story for the cast…. Johnny and Jax…. Yum, Yikes, YES !

    imagine… this mix back… for Olivia, Nina, Carly, throw Ava in

    I really have to wonder…
    The Carly and Franco Show… are we stuck with them… and they to each other? we need more mix

    Ava has proven she’s so good with Morgan… and if no choice… with Sonny…

    but adding Johnny and Jax would set fire

    GH Past replied

    I agree, Olivia and Johnny were great. I also agree with you Patrick about bringing Jax back if Ingo would commit to coming back for a longer extended stay. Jax needs to spread his wings and be paired with someone other then Brenda or Carly for once. Besides, I think the writers have now permanently paired Carly with Franco. She probably won’t be with anyone else unless Roger H. leaves the show. Again though, I agree, bring back Jax and Johnny.

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve never liked him at all


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Sonny will have a mental breakdown and sent to mental hospital…Alexis will defend him at his trial for the shooting of A.J. but he’ll plead insanity and not do any prison time…Micheal will confront Sonny with a gun and actually pull the trigger but itll be a fake gun…Micheal tells Sonny he is nothing to him and that A.J. is his ‘ONE AND ONLY FATHER’…at least i hope it turns out this way!!!


    Michael replied

    Lisa was brilliant in this and it has emmy reel written all over it.


    Patrick replied

    ditto, Michael.

    I thought so too…. it’s about time… the audience… heck TPTB see her acting chops.

    it’s amazing… what a good acting partner… is ALL about… think… the deelish Kelly Sullivan… I miss those cousins.

    I hope the writers foray in to… some… Olivia and Duke… romance and passion’ista is written all over this pairing


    if Carly and the audience know… Sonny… for reals this time… took someones life out… will he pay? with so much at stake… first, Olivia… possibly Michael…. Carly turning her back… Sean and Duke… leaving…. Morgan leaving…

    where CAN Sonny truly go? Can Ava save him? I don’t see that… I see her, going back to Ava… as she loves him… for her? plus the audience truly seems to like her with Morgan… so do I.

  4. andrew hass says:

    I’m glad that Olivia figured out everything on her own and that Sonny confessed to her.I still think the show is going to have Sonny lose everything he cares about and then have him fight to regain it all.


  5. dinah says:

    Just kill her off now please, very boring character from day 1


    Ces replied

    I agree. I didnt find her performance to be that heartfelt. Sonny needs someone else!


  6. Reagan says:

    I like Olivia and Sonny, but there are so many other options for both those characters. GH would NEVER do it, but it would be awesome for Olivia to fall for a woman like GL’s Olivia did. B&B doesn’t even remember they supposedly have a lesbian story line, and instead of bringing on more new characters it would be significant for GH to take an established character and give them an unexpected lesbian story line. That could shake Sonny up too! Losing his woman to another woman!


    Patrick replied

    The actor, who plays Olviia… certainly can create and move story… she did it with Kelly Sullivan’ Connie

    she’s capable with Dante.

    she’s showing good acting with her break-up with Sonny.
    she would be excellent with Duke.


    she was a total snooze with Steve….

    so… if given the chance and good writing… I like Olivia chances


  7. dmr says:

    Sonny and Olivia were not my favorite couple. Because of the onslaught of recurring characters on the show, it is hard to see a relationship develop and have a favorite supercouple. In the 70′s, it was Luke and Laura. The 80′s, Frisco and Felicia. The 90′s, Sonny and Brenda. I know there were others, too. I don’t care for any of the couple pairings right now. I can’t stand Franco; yet, I love Roger Howarth. I don’t find Franco amusing as I did Todd. I guess what I am saying, is that this break-up does not excite or upset me. All Sonny does is preach about how important loyalty is; yet, he betrays Olivia. Hypocrite.


    Engrady Pind replied

    Olivia deserves better than Sonny.
    GH seems short on men these days, especially the good and honorable ones. With Nina Clay awake and soon heading for Port Charles the ration of men to women shifts again. Maybe Nina will get over Silas quickly and set her sights on Nicholas Cassadine.


  8. Tristan says:

    Go Lisa LoCicero! Fantastic acting from her.


  9. Ann Marie says:

    I loved the scene. I just want to see Michael be mad at Sonny for once. Did you see the moth that almost flew into Lisa’s mouth during the scene.


  10. Jeff says:

    Great actress, great scenes!!


  11. Sarah says:

    I’m glad they broke up!!! I think they are better as friends than being a couple!!!


    Ces replied

    Ditto! No chemistry whatsoever!


  12. Michael S says:

    I think Lisa has the potential to be a great actress but unfortunately Olivia has always been a filler character. For much of 2014 she has been placed in scenes to have visions about things and characters that she didn’t even interact with. These seemed misplaced and served really no value. Lisa deserves better. It would be better for all parties to just write off the character of Olivia so Lisa can go to another show like Days or B&B and have more opportunity to be in more of a lead role and GH can write more for the primary characters. I’m afraid on GH she will only serve as a filler.


  13. ConnieMac says:

    My favorite line has to be “it didn’t mean anything.” Really? Maybe not to him, but it certainly meant plenty to Olivia, and if he really loved her, he would never want to hurt and humiliate her like that. But then Sonny has only had one true love EVER, and that person is….Sonny!

    Lisa knocked it out of the park.


    andrew hass replied

    Plus i’m sure if Olivia cheated on Sonny and said it didn’t mean anything Sonny would have a different opinion.Had Sonny just confessed right after that he slept with Ava maybe Olivia could have forgiven him in time but probably not now.Plus Olivia may not be happy when she learns Sonny’s other secrets,


  14. su0000 says:

    WHOOPIE!! with hopes they end..

    I want Sunny with Ava.. they rock!
    and will never put me to sleep..

    Olivia with Sonny is snoooz land, beyond dull, boring, no fire ..
    Like watching grandma and grandpa ..

    GO SUNNY & AVA !!!! … BRING IT ON HOME !!!!


  15. Charday says:

    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the permanent end to the Sonny character on GH.


  16. Omar says:

    This writing regime have really dehumanize and are destroying the character of Sonny.

    They did it back in OLTL with the character of Marty, played by fan fave Susan Haskell..She turned out to be a crazed murderer because of a man and after all her misdeeds, she got a happy ending without paying for her crimes.

    This character needs to be loyal friend and father like before and still be a bipolar mobster on a verge of a breakdown. But the crap that is being written for him now.


    Omar replied

    Having written my previous statement, I have to say that Maurice is giving a great performances with all the crap being written for him now.


    andrew hass replied

    Unless you know Maurice Benard personally you don’t know how he feels about the material he’s getting now and he may not think it’s crap.Plus he likes that the show is putting his character through the wringer.

    Johnny replied

    Um…when was he ever a loyal friend or father??? And to whom? He kidnapped Michael as a child and basically held him hostage all his life. That does not make him a father. He always chose the mob over Morgan…that’s why he sent Morgan away…for his “safety”. His other son Dante…well… He shot him point blank in the chest. He never even mentions Kristina. Yeah Father of the Year here. And loyal friend? His only “friends” are his enforcers…Jason , Shawn, Duke…and if any of them step out of line…we all know what would happen. So…yeah…I dont know when this magical mystical period was in history that Sonny was a loyal friend or father.


  17. Smoochie says:

    I’ve liked Lisa and her acting ever since her stint on Loving/The City. I know she is not responsible for how her character is being written. According to Olivia/Sonny/Connie history, teenaged Olivia loved Sonny who unknowingly got her pregnant with Dante but pledged his “true love to her cousin Connie ” (which for me a viewer for 45 yrs so hard to swallow what with Brenda having had the true love title all the years before the Falconeries were a gleam in any GH writer’s imagination)-We know that Olivia lied to Dante about his father to protect and deflect him away from the path in life his Father had chosen. I never really liked Olivia’s storyline but Lisa has always given her all no matter what. Olivia’s street smarts were generally in the fore up until Connie died- she should’ve known in her gut she was just a comfortable go to rebound for Sonny because of their historical connection and her total submissive willingness. She stepped whole hog, heart first into Sonny’s life after Connie and made herself available to him in every way. I’ve never gotten that Sonny ever once returned her love ,up to date. OIiviabis yet another character that’s been dumbed down. She should’ve figured out that Sonny cheated with Ava from the first time Morgan bee-lined to tell her so. Instead she had to hear it from Sonny before she actually believed what she finally figured out with Alexis’s help. I hope she learns her lesson and finally realizes one needs to be equally loved and inlove with in return. I’d like to see Olivia open up her own super successful Italian restaurant, meet and fall head over heels inlove with a wonderful, handome Italiano who worships the ground she walks on and see them have a big fat Italian wedding.


  18. jonboy says:

    Never felt any chemistry between them. And throwing around your hair is not acting. Sorry.


  19. janet says:

    I did like Olivia and Johnny. Until she lied on the stand for the scum who shot her son once, and was about to do it again. Sonny goes to the looney Bin. Fine I might watch some of that I ff all the other garbage from Sonny. But if it looks like he will return and not pay for killing some one in cold blood. I will just shut the show off without DVR ing it. Sonny belongs where anyone else who took a gun and shot someone in cold blood belongs. On death row.I will never buy the he ois mentally ill. If Alexis defends him and gets him off. She needs the room next to his.


  20. Rodd says:

    Lisa is a power-house actress. When she’s given the material, she always knocks it out of the park. I hope she gets a meaty storyline instead of being sent to the back burner. There’s no need for anymore stunt casting on GH when you have actors of this caliber on the canvas already. She dazzles and pulls at your heart strings all at once; so talented.


  21. Johnny says:

    I like the actress but these writers have completely ruined the character with her blind and mind numbingly stupid devotion to Sonny. Another thing, it is becoming overload. How many mob molls does one hour- long show need before they all become redundant? We already have Carly, Alexis, Sam, Ava, Olivia, Jordan, etc etc. It would be nice to have a female character who opposes violent murderers rather than sleeps with them because they are physically attractive and emotionally misunderstood.


  22. Rose says:

    Happy they finally gave Lisa/Olivia something to work with. They had turned her original, feisty character into a shadow of her former self. She could have been hunting down Connie’s killer, for instance, instead of always cooking up another plate of pasta.


  23. SoliviaLover says:

    I just need Sonny and Olivia back together. They have so much history and chemistry and are, what I believe to be, true love. I keep hoping she’ll get pregnant again and they can have a second chance to be a family, eventually getting married. <3

    SOLIVIA for the WIN!!!!


  24. Victoria Barajas says:

    I love Sonny & Olivia together maybe they will get back together and get married!


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