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32 October 9th, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL PROMO: Someone is About To Come Face To Face With Their Past!


In this week’s promo for ABC’s General Hospital, you watch and hear “Patient Six” (Steve Burton) say, “Please help me get home to my family.”

And as viewers saw on last Friday’s Cliffhanger, the guy seems to have lost five years of his life, not realizing it was the year 2017!

In this teaser for the upcoming action, it appears that if Burton is the true Jason, when Billy Miller (Jason) and Kelly Monaco (Sam) take a trip, will it hold more than they bargained for?

Meanwhile, what will happen when the key people in “Patient Six’s” life realize he is alive ? Who will they believe is the real Jason?  Those people include: Carly (Laura Wright), Sam (Kelly Monaco), Sonny (Maurice Benard), Monica (Leslie Charleson), Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst).

Watch the promo after the jump, and then weigh-in how you think the next beat of the story will go down, and who do you think will actually be the first person from “Patient Six’” loved ones an friends to see him first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Francesca Bruno says:

    Drew may be a clone of the real Jason, and or vice versa.
    I think when the two Jasons face each other, there may be an explosion of a different kind. Each of their memories will blend into one another’s.


  2. Timmm says:

    Sam and Drew are going out of town and Jason is coming into town?

    It looks like Jason is opening up the door to Alex’s house?

    GH traditionally heats up a week BEFORE sweeps and then lulls us to sleep!

    Lets hope this turns out much better than FLUKE!


    Jacob replied

    don’t say “Fluke” three times, it will unleash more horror!


    Timmm replied

    Thats funny!

  3. JONNYSBRO says:

    We are truly blessed by our brilliant head writer Shelly Altman. She is such a gem for GH.


  4. K/kay says:

    The door Jason is coming thru looks like Sonny’s patio door. I guarantee his first scene will be with MB his true love!!


    Jimh replied

    i can see them running into each other’s arms in slow motion…lol


    Shay replied

    I fear you are correct, k/kay!….This is the seminal moment they (but not we….) have been waiting for since the day “Stonecold” was unceremoniously dumped from Pier 52…Sonny and Jason together again…at long last!!!!! (Please pass the sick bag….)


    K/kay replied

    @Shay. I hear Burton & Jackson’s restaurant is closed supposedly moving to a different location?

    Celia replied

    Now, we’re talkin’ , Kay. You got that right.


    Shay replied

    How about to Port Charles, k/kay? The town could use a new eatery, not to mention, Lucky’s return! Oh, yeah!


  5. Jimh says:

    Well, i doubt it will be Monica…


    Shay replied

    You are probably correct, jimh, but I wish it would be Monica! After all the heartache she has suffered by the loss of her “boys,” it would be a beautiful moment were she to be the first to discover that Jason has returned home to Port Charles and that she actually has twin stepsons to keep the Q dynasty alive!


    Timmm replied

    She will probably find out OFF camera! This show doesnt know how to pull ANY heartstrings!

    Jimh replied

    Would be nice but not with the current writing team…probably will be Sonny..Jason’s one and only love…however, it would be a nice surprise if i am wrong and it is Monica???

  6. su0000 says:

    So far the two Jasons has been a sleeper..
    Steve was brought back in a whimper.
    He should have brought in with a BANG!

    The story should have been high power from day one not as weak as it is.
    it seems most are worn out waiting for something intense and intriguing to happen.

    The huge build-up and what was delivered was a fail- snoor..
    It was dragged out way too long and now many just don’t care who is whom; the thrill is gone. just worn out.

    If this same story had been written under Guza we’d be on the edge of our sets !!
    We would be excited for the ‘what’s next’ and we’d be watching with anticipation.!
    Imaging what Guza, and others, what they would have and could have given us with this story and imaging that makes me sad to see how horribly dry and stale GH has become.


  7. Margie-Rose says:



  8. Patrick says:

    IF….. I F – if

    GH has any smart left

    they will let this be Leslie Charleson MOMENT in the spotlight… her marquee

    Monica Quartermaine damned heart – break – spills

    tears at her heart

    with all the other quartermaine “gone” why shouldn’t GH capitalize on this and

    go the mother / son route

    doing this… WITHOUT sonny / carly / sam and even Liz knowing whats going on

    hash this out


    enter Liz , as she goes and sees Monica at her manse


  9. Satan says:

    Looks like he’s walking in the patio door of Sonny’s house when he calls out “anybody home”. That probably means that either Sonny or Carly will be the first to see him. Michael might possibly be there. I doubt they will leave the first Port Charles sighting to a secondary character like Max or Milo.

    I don’t follow Twitter, but apparently Steve has already mentioned working with Laura Wright again, so that would be a point in Carly’s favor.


  10. Patrick says:

    THE – thing, that bothers me…. if Monica gets … her son back.. plus a twin… plus an older son, in Franco . WITH Ned@the manse.

    won’t this be too much…. testosterone ? for me ? I don’t have enough endorphin

    I NEED Skye Quartermaine to help me

    GH – balance the Q. and hire Robin Christopher. let’s make this cat on a hot tin roof

    that way… you can fire all the Corinthos clan and let’s watch them rot

    whilst the cast as it were can find life


  11. rocky83 says:

    GH blows all the others away !


    cooks7570 replied

    I wouldn’t go that far. I find GH boring as all heck.


    rocky83 replied

    I recommend anyone who had trouble falling asleep put on the other 3 soaps, Zzzzzzzzzzz

  12. Michael T says:

    I don’t think he’s going to be revealed as Jason yet. That would be too easy


  13. luvmymrman says:

    It looks like the door 2 Sonny’s house, I think it will b Carly he sees first, this is a great story so far, the writers are doing a really good job


    Celia replied

    I agree…I am enjoying SB’s stealth and story, so far. The downside is my ‘spending’ more time with St. Sonny and his sidekick, Carly.


  14. Steve says:

    Since Monica already had her “not-dead son walking through the door” moment with AJ, I doubt these writers will go there. It’s not Alexis’ house, as she was still in the lake house when SB/Jason left, so unfortunately it has to be Sonny.

    I’m more interested in finding out what happened to Drew when Betsy said he supposedly died. I don’t think Helena had the forward thinking to take a 3-year old knowing he’d have killer instincts. Either Susan didn’t die at the hands of Crane Tolliver or perhaps she, too, had a twin, either of whom came to claim Drew from Betsy. Gail Ramsey hasn’t acted in 25 years, but it would be great to see her again as either Susan or her unbeknownst twin.


    Shay replied

    Could it be the balcony entrance at Sam’s? Makes more sense that Jason would wish to return to his wife and son first….(Yes, Steve, even before he goes to genuflect before the altar of St. Sonny!) As for “what happened to Drew?” Maybe Heather found someone else wishing to buy a little boy, so she absconded with the child in order to receive an additional payout. I never underestimate Ms. Webber’s greed and ingenuity when it comes to pulling off such capers! All I know is we need another Heather appearance to shed some light on this ongoing mystery! Paging Robin Mattson!


  15. Robert in Jersey City says:

    The split second Steve Burton rolled into the water that day I knew he’d be back. This is all very Todd Manning-esque.


  16. Patrick says:

    “at the end of the day”

    TPTB really care about fan tune in and neilson ratings


    i’m not so far off track to insinuate the gall that muddles this show.. with overload on Sonny and Carly.. the dullard

    if shelley and frank are on “THEIR” course

    Steve Burton will run in to :

    Maurice Benard.. yeah i’ll say the actors name who stinks .. as Sonny

    will it be him ? who is an affront , to keep .. the focus of GH, his

    and MB and GH trot out Laura Wright.. because she’s loud enough to bring their show an emmy ? are they that dingbat cray cray to sting the audience that much more ?

    Carly is not meaningful enough to carry any more.

    I’ve posted above.. that it had better be…. Monica and then Liz.. who will reel all the emotion


  17. patty says:

    I’ll give GH 1 year before there is an R.I.P. next to it. Anna and Finn are a bore. It ‘s as though the writers don’t know what to do with them, and it shows. Lucas and Brad where “dropped like a hot potato !” Alexi, Ashley, and Watkins are being let go. Now, Jessica Tuck, another new face is coming to town. Pristina is the best story that GH had going. So what, Parker is NOT Kristina’s professor. They are 2 consenting adults. There is nothing wrong with this pairing. They have amazing chemistry. I know chemistry, I have been married to my amazing husband for 32 years !! However, It seems to be acceptable for a mob princess to have sex with a priest !! So sick of Carly and Sonny. Their relationship has been re-hashed so much, I can’t remeber if they are married. Valentin and Nina are nauseating. Now, Steve Burton has decided to honor us with his presence and TPTB are bowing to his every move !! Hopefully, Kristina and Parker will relocate to Genoa City !! Y & R knows how to write a love story.


    Steve replied

    I agree that Anna and Finn lack chemistry. Finola’s an excellent actress, but she seems to playing down in this storyline.

    While it was a mistake to bump Watkins off contract, it appears he’s staying on recurring for a while. Ainsworth booked other tv/movie work, so she was not let go. Hopefully her career takes off, but she can always return. Without Kristina, there’s no need for Parker.


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