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23 April 1st, 2013 General Hospital RINGS In 50th Anniversary At New York Stock Exchange – Watch It!


General Hospital had a very special honor  when ringing in their 50th anniversary this morning at 9:30AM EST!

That’s when GH executive producer Frank Valentini, head writer Ron Carlivati, and cast members of the ABC soap including: Anthony Geary, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner, Jason Thompson, Kelly Monaco and Finola Hughes visited the New York Stock Exchange and rang The Opening Bell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of iconic series!

For those who did not see the NYSE festivities and the celebration between GH colleagues signifying the ringing in of the big 5-0, check out the video after the jump! Then, let us know what you thought of the moment and GH getting this recognition?

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  1. Robert in Jersey City says:



    Jeffrey Anderson replied

    I say.. it’s made my day today when I read this :)


  2. jimh says:

    Loved it…any recognition GH gets or 4 any soap is a good thing. Wonder if this will encourage anyone to buy stock on Disney? lol


  3. 10261991des says:



  4. ces says:

    How awesome that the NYSE let GH be a part of this!


  5. tarlyfan says:

    whose that little boy standing next to TG?


    Dimples02 replied

    That’s Finola’s son.


  6. Denise Pomeroy says:

    Thanks for airing the opening bell. I’ve been trying to find a link of it all day. Very special honor.


  7. Carly says:



  8. susan M. says:

    I watched it this morning at 9:30 a.m. It was nice to see everyone! I thought they might
    say something. It was very quick only seconds.


    susan M. replied

    They showed their faces and said it was GH’s 50th . If you didn’t keep watching you
    would have missed it. It was a split second.


  9. Linda says:

    Kudos to the NYSE for honoring GH!


  10. Christy says:

    you tube has a longer video and the group has more airtime around the 3 min mark.


  11. Maggie says:

    Wow so cool ! Happy 50th GH and many, many more to come !


  12. heidi says:

    Loved it!!! Way cool! Congratulations GH!!!


  13. jay says:

    OMG, actually got up much earlier. Jus to watch lol wow, amazing tribute lol to cnbc for this awesome broadcast.


  14. Barbara t loves One life to live says:

    I am proud to say I have watched all 50 of those wonderful years of drama, congrats General Hospital, Hope we get another 50 years, I will still keep watching.


  15. MBmomof3 says:

    So cool and a well-deserved honor. Happy 50th Anniversary GH. Thanks for the memories. Here’s to 50 more!


  16. Sara says:

    Hey I’m turning 50 in August, can I ring the bell?? Ha ha ha


  17. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    I did watch this one and it’s very amazing to have being part of the family to GH.
    Happy Anniversary,GH!!!!


  18. Margot says:

    That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.


  19. richard says:

    If GH keeps this up, which I hope they do, they are going to DETHRONE Y&R as Number 1 soap!!! Today’s episode, 4/2 was nothing short of amazing!!!! BRAVO Frank and Ron!!!!!!!


  20. Sir Lord says:

    Is their anything that the stock market, i.e., NYSE is not in complete command of on this Planet?


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