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42 December 10th, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robin Asks Sabrina To Let Patrick Go! Franco Shoves A Knife In Mama Heather!


Did Monday’s episode seem like a weird dream … and we will all wake up and find that the characters did not do what they just did?  We had Robin (Kimberly McCullough) asking Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) to let Patrick (Jason Thompson) go, Franco (Roger Howarth) shoving a knife in his crazy mother Heather (Robin Mattson), and for all intent and purposes killing her, and AJ (Sean Kanan) firing his attorney, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) and taking the stand in his own defense in the murder trial of Connie Falconeri!

Let’s begin with what may be a story point which could eventually seal the fate of who Patrick will choose to be with.  Robin comes to Sabrina to first, thank her for being there for Patrick and Emma during her absence!  However, Robin continues and tells Sabrina that Patrick is confused at what to do being the good man he is.  She wants Sabrina to let him go.  Robin comes out and says, “Sabrina, I know I have no right to ask you this. But I need you to help me get my husband back.”    When Sabrina says it’s Patrick’s decision’s, not hers,  Robin stands firm.  She  says Sabrina needs to make it easy for Patrick to let her go.  Robin tells Sabrina that thinking of being with her family again, while she was away against her own will, helped her get through those incredibly trying times.  She wants Sabrina to let Robin be with her family again.   What will happen if Patrick finds out that Robin went to Sabrina to ask her to give him a push in her direction?  It might not be such a wise move!

Meanwhile, is Franco still a murdering psychopath after all, just like his insane mother Heather Webber?  Well, from a gruesome scene on yesterday’s episode, when Heather comes loaded with a knife in her hand to chop Franco’s lady love Carly (Laura Wright) to bits in the shower, Franco intercedes!  He figures out his mother faked his job interview in order for Heather to be alone with Carly so she could kill her.  Franco turns the table and stabs his mother in the gut!  He then puts her body in  a housekeeping cart and is trying to push it into the elevator when Diane stumbles upon him!   Is Franco, the Franco we knew before, and the brain tumor not a by-product of his insanity?  Or, did he rid the earth, or think he did, of Heather once and for all to protect Carly?  And will Carly now become a freaky obsession for Franco …  or a true love?

So, what did you think of Robin’s chat with Sabrina?  Do you think Robin did the right thing?  What did you think of Franco “murdering” Heather?   Is Robin Mattson gone for good?   Or, do you think this whole episode will eventually reveal itself that it was a bad dream/nightmare, and none of this really happened? Just sayin’!  Weigh-in!




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  1. John says:

    I really hope they did not kill off our favorite whack job ! I actually thought to myself after the show ended that maybe it was all just a bad dream !


    kara anderson replied

    no that is right


  2. GenX says:

    I have to think this is some kind of dream or psychotic episode. You would think Franco needs *more* redemption, not another murder on his hands. I can’t see the point in making Franco Heather’s son just to kill off Heather. It was very gruesome — and then was it supposed to be funny with Diane in the hall? I’m always asking myself when this version of Franco is onscreen, “Is he a wacky character now?” “Is this supposed to be funny?” “Am I supposed to feel sorry for him?”


  3. Harry says:

    First RC utilizes a fast food approach to the Franco’s redemption, blaming all his sociopathic behavior on the all convenient brain tumor defense, while also rewriting history (we did see Franco, then played by, well Franco, admit he orchestrated the rape of Michael, his now lover’s son–sickening!). So now we’re back to thinking Franco is a sociopath again. This beyond being plot driven writing–it’s deplorable, puzzling writing. But Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care because I never invested any feeling into the Franco character as he was a result of James Franco slumming it up in the soap genre while mocking the hell out of it.
    However, I have invested emotion into the character of Robin, watching that dear, sweet, independent, spirited little girl grown into a self evolved , brilliant and courageous woman. The Robin whom we have come to know would NEVER have asked the simpering, insipid, little Sparkle Pony to give up Patrick so he can come to her. Robin would not want Patrick by default, she would want to be one hundred percent sure that she was the one he wanted. Once again, this is not a character driven storyline and certainly not worthy of the character that is Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake who should be a chip off the ole block.


    brian replied

    “jimmy crack corn” love it… haven’t heard that one since my grandmother of 94 past away.


    Beth CP replied

    Exactly my sentiments about Robin vs. this unsubstantial, inconsequential, “all dressed up and nowhere to go”, plot point character that is Sabrina. For crying out loud, Robin is Anna Freakin’ Devane and Robert Scorpio’s daughter. She’s no whimpering, apologetic, shrinking volet. Oy!


    k/kay replied

    I am disgusted with the writing of Patrick, Sabrina & Robin. Is there a grown up in the room? Is no one concerned about where and what had been going on for two years with Robin? Patrick goes to work the next day say what! Please quit all the advice from these other characters mind your own business and is there no one around with the guts to slap Felix to the ground.

    Harry replied

    Brian, that song always cracked me up. Beth, you’re spot on here. Robin is her mother’s daughter and Anna would never have taken that approach with any of her men.

    Maria replied

    Lmbo…true. .m

    Patrick replied

    @Harry: “…The Robin whom we have come to know would NEVER have asked the simpering, insipid, little Sparkle Pony to give up”

    @BethCP: “…For crying out loud, Robin is Anna Freakin’ Devane and Robert Scorpio’s daughter.”

    Loud echo: dumbfounded… that the story is steering this way

    still… no conversations with the two that matter…. Patrick and Robin.

    as I posted… writing and EP – production come and go… along with actors

    but…. this is thee time… I’m really watching the fallout and progression… of said story… that – RATINGS wise… is bigger than the 50th… and everything else this past year….

    HENCE: why… I honestly think… DAYS production has more continuity, layers, and steered the whole canvas… cast alike… with drive, intrigue… and per the latest SOD issue… DAYS: the most entertaining show… for 2013!

    I can’t even venture… to guess… why? RC? about how this story: The Drakes… is unfolding… “the love of your life… is alive… and we’re floundering, this… because?


    Harry replied

    Well done, Patrick. I thought this would be a no game changer, Robin’s return. I am as shocked as Robin was.
    Patrick (not you) has changed since Felix and Sparkle Pony started swirling around him. He acts as though everyone else is supposed to be the boss of him. So not only has Robin’s character changed, Patrick’s has as well. These are not the two people we have come to know and love.

    Beth CP replied

    Patrick-Love your way with words. You’re commentary is always delightful to read. :)

    Wendy replied

    Wow, so well said, all of you! “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.”…that was funny! I too am very upset at what the writers have done so far with the Robin and Patrick reunion. They built up the suspense and anticipation so wonderfully, only to drop the ball immediately after! Yes…he sees Robin for the first time, realizing his real wife who he loves with his whole heart & soul is actually alive, their initial scenes with Emma running to her Mom right before Lucy pronounced he and Sabrina married, and the scenes between Patrick and Robin when they first laid eyes on each other, their facial expressions (so much said, yet with no dialogue), how he held & touched her face with such love, tenderness, and disbelief, not wanting to let her go or out even out of his sight….AND THE KISS….WAS SO AMAZING!!! I watched that scene over and over again, and cried each time, feeling so much LOVE each time it played through. And then, Patrick goes to work the next day like nothing ever happened, has no alone time/conversation with Robin afterwards about what happened to her all of this time, he spends no time with Robin after or since, and now seems to be more concerned about Sabrina and threatening Carlos to stay away from her, than with ROBIN….WTH GH!!?? That is so unrealistic to Patrick’s character. Robin asking Sabrina to bow out of Patrick’s life so that she can have him is also beyond unrealistic to her character! Robin is strong, and she knows how to handle Patrick and he knows how to handle her. Robin would make sure Patrick chooses her for no reason other than because he loves her and she is where his heart is and will always be. Yes, Robin would never want Patrick by default, she would never accept that!! Bottom line is this…Patrick can love two women, BUT, he loves one more, and that is Robin! There is no choice to make. The scenes since Patrick seeing that Robin is really alive have been very disappointing. Patrick was obsessed with the mere possibility and “idea” that Robin could be alive (while he was supposed to be marrying Sabrina), from the phone call, to the lab siting of Robin, to every part of his being screaming out at him not to marry Sabrina because the love of his life was alive! And Felix trying to interfere with Patrick and Robin is really annoying me right about now. Patrick and Robin characters come to life when they’re in any scene together, you’re watching their facial expressions, hand gestures, body language, their eyes, their LONGING stares of love…GH needs to make this reunion more realistic to these characters and their stories, now, just as they did in the moment that Patrick and Robin saw each other for the first time in that church, it was 100% pure raw love. Patrick forgot Sabrina even existed in that moment that he first saw Robin, and his first raw emotion took him straight to the love of his life, as if she was the ONLY one in that church…everyone else (but Emma) disappeared in that scene.


    Harry replied

    What an insightful and well written response. You know what I love about people like you? You remind others that avid soap watchers actually consist of a highly educated and intelligent demographic. Keep it up and thank you for not making my hair hurt.

    Wendy replied

    Ah, thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate that. I love writing, and I love GH!! This is the first time I actually posted a comment because I felt so compelled, especially since Patrick found out that Robin was alive, and feeling disappointed that the writers appear to be focusing this storyline around Sabrina, and not around what this has ALL been about (the Patrick and Robin love story saga, continued).

  4. Chaz says:

    Better not have killed off Heather. Robin is one of the best actresses that show has and they would be biting their own asses if the got rid of her.


    Harry replied

    I doubt Heather is gone–she keeps escaping from the psych ward and she will keep rising from the dead. She’s like a psychotic Durracell Bunny.


    SUSAN M. replied

    She LIVES!

  5. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Just as i started to accept RH as Franco, he stabbed Heather when he didnt have to…thats no way to redeem him. Hope ABC wins lawsuit against PP, regains control of OLTL and change him back to Todd! Robin shouldve confronted Sabrina and said ‘Patrick is still my husband and Emma will always be my daughter…they’re my family and i want them back! Im not trying to be mean or hurtful but you need to do the right thing and step back and let them go…i want my life back and they are it!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Heather will be alive…Monica shouldnt have been fired from hospital…at least unless A.J. was proven guilty first!


    Jenny Brooks replied

    Very good point. And don’t forget, she wasn’t fired after it came to be known that she’d broken about every law imaginable when she ‘faked’ AJ’s death back in the day and falsified death records. So, why would she have been fired over this?

  6. Mark says:

    Yesterday’s episode was so weird!


  7. Patrick says:

    Ferncliff Bunny: LOL… thank you Harry!

    it’s Heather Webber!

    this isn’t scoring any points for the cute…. ok they have screen presence.. but… is seriously, as a couple… lacking… any story…. Carly and Franco.

    he can’t just off “his” mother… just because… it’s doing nothing to further along… what are they suppposed to be about? I don’t get it yet… this rebirth of – oh god… another round of Roger/Todd/Franco….. and dim bulbing it for what seems like eons… now.. Carly

    give them cute


  8. Jenny Brooks says:

    It was a weird episode, for sure. I guess I’ve given Robin the benefit of the doubt because she’s been held prisoner and basically tortured by the likes of Obrecht, Faison and Jerry Jax for two years! Of course, she’s not going to immediately be the same person she used to be. I’d like her and Patrick to reunite, but for God’s sake, first I’d like him to just show a little interest in the plight his wife and the mother of his child has gone through for the past two years. I never saw a whole lot in his relationship with Sabrina and didn’t think that wedding even would have happened so fast if he hadn’t been pushed by Carlos (of all people!)
    As to Franco…..I really love the actor. But I still cannot like his character, and I don’t like his character with Carly. Just too much damage and history there for me to get over. And it doesn’t matter whether he killed Heather. (I don’t think she’s dead) The point is, HE thinks he killed her. Which makes him back to being the sicko he was portrayed as the first time. And so, why did they spend so much time trying to convince us he was ‘redeemed’ if he isn’t? I don’t get it.


  9. kaffe says:

    Are we there yet????????

    OK Ron I’m tired of Robin and Pattycake drama!!!!!!!!

    Already now……..

    I’m ready for……….


    And the Cassidines!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Paul says:

    Heather better not be dead.

    I want the show to find some way to redeem the character, put Robin Mattson on contract and just have Heather be evil, not necessarily deranged. Robin Mattson has been amazing since Heather returned last year.


  11. Ashley says:

    I’ve never watched this show until, I had seen Robin the lab and the nurses ball, ever since then I was hooked. I dont what the writers are thinking, but the character of Robin is what drew me and a whole new crowd to watch this show and Ive never been hooked to soapies till now. For goodness sake I even ordered the soap channel cause I work in the day time. But enough with Sabrina, we the crew would love Robin and Patrick to get back together. Sabrina was a phase. We are not into Sabrina and Patrick. Its team Robin all the way. I really liked her character and like what I said thats what drew us to start watching the show. If they dont unite Robin and Patrick we are not watching anymore. Although we also like the charactere of Sonny..he is hot…Lol


    Maria replied

    I had stop watching the show since Robin left in 2012, I’ve watched her when she came back to GH in 2005, just cause I grew up watching her on the show…but I’ve always love Patrick and Robin together, their love comes so naturally on screen, I love it…I will also stop watching the show if they don’t end up together. ..


  12. SUSAN M. says:

    Heather is alive.. And the end of today’s episode you see her hand come threw the grave Franco put her in. She keeps bouncing back all the time..


  13. Mark Y says:

    Franco stabbed his mother? Yeah, this is what turns me off to GH. Michael F has done such a great job of promoting GH’s 50th and they’ve done a great job paying homage to its history – but there’s just too much killing on this show. I keep trying but I just cant.


  14. Jared says:

    Franco should have been fried by the corrections authority months ago. I feel bad that Roger Howarth has to play this crap. It’s one of the non-entertaining parts of an otherwise very good show.


  15. su0000 says:

    He never bores me and always has a twist..
    RH was made to play Franco, no other could pull it off..
    RH is awesome! I love RC’s twists turns and the shockers..
    I hope Franco is a killer I hope he is a Priest ,as long as RH plays the character I’m happy!!
    RH is an outstanding actor!!
    Franco is an exciting character!!!!!!


    Elizabeth replied

    No other could pull if off? Um, didn’t James Franco pull it off?
    I wish I were 11 again and not expecting more from GH having watched when the stories were compelling and the head writer didn’t write from his sphincter.


    Patrick replied

    I don’t even venture to go their… ie: the mindset of television… movies, music… in the current realm… like we, have, no opinion.

    I truly, love knowing… those of us… who grew up.. in the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s.. matured in the 90′s… and gleaned…we’ve all combustioned in the year 2000 plus… and LOL… inside joke… gone are the days of dynasty… monies flowed… opulence… grandeur abound….

    where’s my cut.

    i’m with you…

    LOL… Truly… I have to steer my incredulous.. and go with the herd… as it were.. and grandstand… soapbox… my belief….


    I love the 4 remaining.. and will staunch support… and leave well enough alone… and enjoy what’s left…

    OK… it’s still remnisent… of: the glory days (god, it was so smart) why: we stalwarts who love this genre.. remain vigilant…

    I celebrate with those… who’re not sought after by the Neilsons… and the missed demographics… 50+


  16. Christy says:

    I figure Heather staged that whole thing… trick knife, fake blood, playing possum while he dumped her body around… she’ll be back soon by the looks of that moving dirt and hand out of the dirt… same as in the old “Carrie” movie… but totally expected this time around!


    Christy replied

    what did surprise me, is Franco not wiping off fingerprints and burying the “murder” weapon with the body complete with fingerprints… doesn’t he watch tv? you wipe that thing clean and chuck it in the ocean! :-)


    Patrick replied

    I know, right?

    what surprised.. me… even more… is he.. was going for a job interview… to teach! Teach! LOL… at Port Charles University.. for a teaching position…

    and “kills” his mother… per his words… for: “My Carly”

    gag me…

    that was thee longest shower… ever!

    so.. now… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know… his dna… oh.. it smarts… dumbs down the intellect.. as it were.. and lambasts… that we wait it out.. the downfall… comeuppance…

    once, again… I’m wondering? for no other reason… than… Ok.. the cutesy cutesy couple… Carly and Franco… are ??? about????

    so.. now Sam… is like… Carly? why??? are you doing this? this is so wrong?

    watching… Heather… doing anything.. when… the said story.. falters some… she can read the phone book… and I’d be happy…

    same…: goes, for Gloria on Y&R

    at least.. when one storyline… segment falters… another one magically re-invigorates… and that’s having AJ BACK!!!! Ta-Da! the Quartermaines are back on screen…. AJ- Tracy – Monica – Alice – Michael…

    sorry to diss Michael so much… with Kiki.. and they still are the dullest couple alive… throw in Daniel and Jennifer on DAYS… and they can ship these two couples to dullsville.

    Michael… is so much more interesting with his real father AJ.

    KIKI! please! for the love of GOD… stop the immaturity… and give Ava some respect… you are not all that… show some more emotion

    is GH… relying… too much on RH acting.. and throw in Carly… cause they have the chops to pull off “sex” as it were… till they find something for them to do?

  17. Stacey says:

    How could you have Robin practically begging Patrick
    to come back to her, she’s the one who was
    kidnapped and lost 2 years of her life. On the day
    that Patrick was to marry sabrina, he went to the
    hospital lab to make sure no one could have seen
    Robin, but now he can’t decide whether he wants to
    be with Robin or sabrina!? Give me a break.
    Robin and Patrick BELONG TOGETHER. I’ve been a
    long time fan of General Hospital, but I’m starting
    to have second thoughts. If I were Robin, and I had
    gone through ALL that she’s gone through, only to
    KNOW WHO he wants TO BE WITH, I’D LEAVE.
    DECISION MADE. Robin didn’t play games with Patrick
    before they were married. She shouldn’t be going
    through all of this now. Hasn’t she suffered enough?
    Patrick doesn’t have the history with sabrina that he
    has with Robin. The same Robin that he was just
    recently crying over. Any woman who has gone
    through all that Robin has gone through would not
    have the time or the patience to wait for Patrick to
    try to make a decision. Poor Patrick, he’s been safe
    and secure, spending time with their daughter,
    working, and seeing his family and friends every
    single day, while Robin was kidnapped and held
    hostage by pychopaths. Yeah, POOR PATRICK! RIGHT!?


    Maria replied

    OMG Stacey, well said, I love it…couldn’t agree with you more..


    Crystal replied

    I completely agree. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, I can understand Patrick being in shock, but he’s been looking for Robin and waiting for her to come back all this time. Now that she’s back, he can’t decide between her and Sabrina?!?!? Give me a break. The Patrick/Sabrina thing never really worked. They have terrible chemistry. I think we all put up with it because we were waiting for Robin to return and put an end to the foolishness.


  18. JoJo says:

    I am truly disgusted at the writing quality right now. I was loving the writing during the Todd and John McBain period, but it has taken a blatantly obvious turn for the worst. There’s nothing worse than writers who come in and completely butcher a character’s personality. Words can’t even express the horribly inauthentic script they’ve given Kimberly (Robin). Having her go to Sabrina and practically force her to let Patrick go? They seem to be purposely positioning Robin as the loser in this. It’s such a huge letdown so early on in this temporary storyline. Everything about it rings false (except Jason’s good acting, despite the script he’s been given.) The writers are basically following a typical push/pull storyline – nothing unique there. One person “pushes” (Robin), causing the other person to “pull” away (Patrick). The person who “pulls” away or who is positioned as the victim (Sabrina) will ultimately draw Patick to them. It’s so “formula”. I know Kimberly is leaving the show again, but if the writers don’t pair Patrick with a more interesting and mature (not old, just someone his age – someone who doesn’t seem like a teenybopper), I can never watch Jason Thompson scenes again. He and Sabrina are like two pieces of stale white bread together. Not to mentio, she just seems way too young for him – it’s kind of gross. She seems like the teenager down the street who should be babysitting Emma.

    I also agree about the ridiculous “ho hum” attitude after Robin’s return. Jason, Finola, and Kristin’s acting were all great, but everyone else?! I mean, let’s face it, Mac should have practically fainted. Elizabeth too. But no, they’re just like, “Wow Robin, you ‘re alive – this is great, so good to see you!” Then they all just carry on as normal. Huh?! What?! I can’t even …


  19. kimberly gubitosa says:

    Sabrina you have too let patrick go if you hurt robin patrick might hurt you too do it for robin don’t hurt her


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