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32 November 3rd, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robin Hugs Emma As Two Day Halloween Episodes Unfold!


We think General Hospital out did themselves with their Halloween Spooktacular episodes this past Thursday and Friday!  The writers must have had a field day and plenty of fun, concocting what each character/actor would wear for the Halloween party at GH.  In addition, figuring out what evil baddies Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and Faison (Anders Hove) would wear while stuck at Wyndemere supposedly watching Robin (Kimberly McCullough)!  And of course, we knew somewhere in here the “Anna” or “Duke” prosthetic mask had to make its re-emergence on to the scene!

But the big story continues to be, and was, Robin escaping Wyndemere in costume and mask and heading to General Hospital in disguise.  She first bumps into Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) and pretends she is Spanish, but is overwhelmed by hearing and seeing her dear friend.   Epiphany decides to introduce Robin to Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), because she too speaks Spanish!  Once inside the party,  Robin see Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer)  and that Emma’s new suitors,  Spencer and Cameron spill juice all over Emma’s costume as Dyna Girl.  Ever the mother, Robin decides to grab some water to help get the stain out off Emma’s costume!  After she does that, Emma hugs her in an emotional moment.    Next, Emma introduces Sabrina to Robin, and says Sabrina is her new mommy!   That is too much for Robin to handle, and she runs off.     Patrick (Jason Thompson) decides to go after her.   Will he finally see Robin?  That was the Friday cliffhanger!

Meanwhile, as we suspected, Obrecht donned her “Anna” mask when Duke (Ian Buchanan) stumbled upon her when coming to Wyndemere to speak with Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) in search for clues as to what has happened to Anna.   Faux “Anna” claims to be on Faison and Obrecht’s trail.  Duke (Ian Buchanan)  figures out that Faison and Obrecht could be hiding in the space in the wall and in the tunnel at Wyndemere, and falls into the trap! He is confronted by Beetlejuice Faison with gun!

There were so many great costumes as part of the Halloween storylines:  Carly (Laura Wright) as the Alley Cat, Sabrina as Electra Woman, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) as Snow White, and let’s not forget about Heather Webber (Robin Mattson), Britt (Kelly Thiebaud), or Obrecht’s get-ups either!  And the guys … well we loved Franco’s (Roger Howarth) Andy Warhol, Brad’s (Parry Shen) Cereal Killer, Patrick’s Indiana Jones, Faison’s Beetlejuice, Derek Wells (William deVry) as Zorro, and Nikolas’ (Tyler Christopher) gothic prince.  There were also plenty of sub-plots and snappy dialog and repartee throughout the two days Halloween episodes.

So, did GH deliver one of the better Halloween-themed soap episodes in recent memory?   What did you think of the moment when Robin hugged Emma?  Do you think there is any chance Robin will see Patrick on Monday’s episode?  What did you think of Carly and Franco?  Are you rooting for these two to give into their passion for each other?  Is Derek just a red-herring romance for Carly?  Is Heather being motherly to Franco, or twisted?  Will Nikolas soon figure out that his sister Lulu’s bio-baby is probably in the hands of Britt?   Weigh-in!

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  1. brian says:

    oops ! when you asked “who is beatlejuice” a few days ago… i really thought it looked like richard simmons.


    Mary SF replied

    Faison — Richard Simmons— both are scary and a little deranged— I can see why you got them confused. LOL.


  2. Susan says:

    Love GH


  3. Emma says:

    I will put up with a lot of things that don’t make sense on soaps. But I can’t stand when writers drag out a story for Sweeps. This story is so badly written, even this longterm soap watcher rolls my eyes.

    Ron Carlivati needs to learn to stop making all characters stupid to drag out stories. I do not believe Anna & Robert are being written as so incompetent. Those 2 would have been out of that lab in 10 minutes if this was a writer who knew Robert or Anna.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Sorry to disagree with you…this show keeps many of us tuning in tomorrow…I like that Anna and Robert arent perfect…if they got out in 10 min. there wouldnt be any suspense and no reason for Robin not to reveal herself…and im sure this is a good way for them to rekindle the old flame…everything cant happen over night…what takes weeks for us viewers to watch unfold is often just a few days for soap characters…anyway this is what soap operas were meant to be…stories that take time to unfold…you have a right to your opinion and i respect that but a true soap fan knows these stories take time to unfold…on one soap opera i waited 6 years for the shows leading characters to wed and i also waited 8 years for one male character to learn that his son was really his brothers son…And RC and FV saved GH from cancellation and the ratings remain good…they must be doin something right!!!


    Robbyrob replied

    jimh (leave it to beaver),

    I so agree with you and couldn’t have put it better myself. I agree also that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but my goodness, GH has been 1000% than it has been just a year ago and when you consider that it was on the cusp on cancellation….sigh…some people don’t remember that. By having said that, viewers are always going to like/hate/love what is on screen and you shouldn’t have to settle if you don’t like something. I just think that some of the criticism that Frank and Ron get is just extreme. GH isn’t perfect, what soap is, but my goodness, does anyone remember the Phelps/Guza regime??? I bet you do. In my opinion the only great thing to come out of that decade of doom & gloom was the romance of Robin and Patrick. I tuned out pretty much when my favorite and beloved characters were being killed off left and right for such stupid plots like the text message killer…those are the days you want to go back to? I loved Zander and Emily. Once Zander had the police sharpshooter laser lights focused on him by the police and he was shot to death….I was devastated in my ways. Way too graphic for one but if filled Phelps’s love of violence and darkness so another character bit the dust. I could go on and on. GH is such fun now. Some may consider it campy but its so well done. Inside jokes, witty banter, surprise castings, plots that are actually constructed to surprise the audience…no spoilers here. The respect of GH’s history is finally being done is such a way that it can’t help but propel the show into the future. Everybody steps up to the plate and no one person is the star. More characters interact with each other. The Halloween episodes were so good. Loved the costumes, especially Faison! Loved Emma in her romantic triangle! The suspense of Robin finally being back in hospital but not being able to say anything. I look forward to seeing how Robert/Anna make it out. Not everyone is a superhero. This is a soap opera…your supposed to tune in everyday. Sheesh. Either, it’s being done too fast or too slow. I love the pace and haven’t been this excited for GH in quite some time. Ironic that Phelps is now at YR and that show is being criticized for the darkness in its storylines. If you don’t like GH, then why watch it and complain? I hope GH wins tons of Emmy’s next year…they deserve it.

    SUSAN M. replied

    I agree with you jimh(leave it to beaver).. I totally disagree w/Emma. If you fell this way don’t watch it. It is as simple as that. I enjoy watching GH each day and find it exciting & entertaining !

    dmr replied

    I’ve thought for a long time that the PCPD is written as incompentent. I was hoping this would change with Anna being the Commissioner. Robert is no where near incompentent. Dante comes off as a doofys. I wish the PCPD and WSB solved more cases, myself. Other than that, I loved the Halloween scenes at Wyndemere. Love Derek/Julian, Franco, and Nik. The only storyline that I cringe at is the ridiculous “triangle” between the two village idiots, nu Morgan and Kiki, and Michael. BORING and no electricity whatsoever.


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Carly should keep that hairstyle…she looked sexy as a cat, MEOW! Heather’s makeup in some scenes…imo…made her look like Bette Davis in ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’…with that knife i would have dressed her as the ‘mother’ in Psycho! I liked Sabrina as a blonde…she kinda reminded me of Amy Vining! Faison and Dr.O …i liked there costumes but id made them Boris and Natasha, or Gomez and Morticia, or Herman and Lily, or as a nod to former abc soaps Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman or someone really scary like JFP and Brian Frons…lol! Suprisingly, teens Molly, Rafe, T.J.and Taylor were not part of this…i wouldve dressed them as the characters from Scooby Doo and have them investigate the spooky happenings and Wyndmere with Faison and Dr.O having a grand time scarying them…also Silas dressed as vampire Caleb scaring the yell out of Lucy…all for laughs!!! Love this show!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    at, not and Wyndmere


    Shay replied

    Especially Dr. O.! I cannot imagine that Anders will stick around indefinitely, but good golly, Ms. Gati MUST stay!!!! She is such an absolute treasure….one thing that would make a fab and funny storyline development would be for Faison (before he escapes or is recaptured) to have to marry Liesl so that she can’t testify against him in the future! Right now, she is so loaded for bear after his rude, ruthless rejection, that if anyone would have the (documented) goods on all his years of evil doing, it would be her!!! Can you just imagine such a wedding taking place between the two of them given those crazy circumstances? Dr. O. would be a beaming, blushing bride and Faison an unwilling, ungracious groom! Throw Britta and Ben-Cesar into the mix, and you’d have one maniacal, malevolent marital merger! Comic gold!

    Shay replied

    I did miss ME (Silas) as a vampire and KM (Sam) as his bride! But I guess that already has been done “to death”….LOL! As for Faison and Dr. O…..they are so talented and versatile, they could have been any number of characters and done them all justice, a sign of true professionals!!!! Those two have raised the bar of excellence for each and every GH cast member with their acting abilities and can-do attitudes!!! Love, love, LOVE them!!!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I cant imagine the show without them…daytimes new but wacky supercouple…daytimes King and Queen of Mean…Faison and Dr.O!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Yes, they need to do a wedding…id love it!!!

  5. Sue says:

    Really wish they would reunite Robin and Patrick we have been teased long enough


    SUSAN M. replied

    I agree..


  6. stefano soriano italian sexy boy says:

    enough already reunite robin and patrick now. the storyline is getting old. send sabrina back where she came from. dr.o can stay. i love her. she is funny, the lady can sing. lol.


    Shay replied

    Succinctly put, to the point, and oh so right , Stefano! ; )


  7. heidi says:

    I LOVED the two Halloween shows!!! Well done GH!!! Thank you!!!

    I have to say… I know the Robin story line was and is compelling and should be the front runner… but I was overcome with how much I loved Anders/Faison as Beetlejuice!!! It was genius and inspired and I just reveled in the antics between Faison and Dr. O and whoever they came in orbit with!!! I actually liked Thursday’s show best because of them. I have watched their scenes over and over and just can’t stop laughing and loving the subtlety of their delightful perfomances!!! I sooooooooooooo want more of those two in that crazy… campy… humorously wickedly and wacky… villianous merriment!!! Thank you Anders Hove… Kathleen Gati… RC and writers… costumers and makeup… and directors for delightful and truly inspired performances!!! I will watch those scenes many times again and will continue to find nuances to their perfection!!!

    I am a huge Carly/Laura fan and she looked gorgeous!!! Loved her hair, costume and makeup!!! She was fabulous and enjoyed her very much either with Franco or Derek. I hope she wises up abour Derek and doesn’t get in too deep.

    Robin/Kimberly was fantastic… whether she was with Faison and Dr. O… or Nikolas and Britt… or in the very touching scene with Emma!!! Of course I am hoping she gets to be with Patrick and Emma very soon!!! I also hope Anna and Robert are savely returned!!!

    i am loving Nikolas and Tyler looked incredible!!! Sorry… I am not a Britt fan… and not a Britt and Nik fan. Would still love to see Nik and Liz together… the princess (Snow White) and the dark and charming Prince!!!

    Emma was cute with the boyfriends… would love to see her be friends with both Cam and Spencer like Liz and Lucky and Nik were!

    Did not get into Patrick and Sabrina… just can’t with Robin so close!!! I know Robin/Kim is not on for the long haul… but I would rather he slow down the Sabrina engagement.

    Heather was great and looked so young in her flannel nightgown!!! Looks like Franco is hers and Scotty’s son! So sorry for him… explains… so much!!!

    Can’t wait to get back to Luke and Tracy and Anna and Robert!!!

    Thank you GH for a truly fabulous week!!! Loving this show each and every day!!!

    Have to say it one more time… I love Anders performance as Faison dressing up as Beetlejuice!!! This will be a favorite for me for a long time!!! There are soooooo many possibilities for Anders as Faison and I love the humorous aspects and I am loving him with children… of all ages!!! He’s a big kid himself and he is appearing to have so much fun with this stint on GH… would love to see him reside on Spoon Island for a long stay!!! Well done Anders!!!


    Patrick replied

    it’s “sssooo” much FUN to read and share… our commitment to Serial

    day in & day out
    year after year
    decades plus

    I can’t celebrate enough – GH and DAYS “FANS”

    heck… CBS is in the fold

    it’s awestruck to real… with how producers, writers, directors’, cast employees… jive, mix, stir, collaborate…

    Leslie Webber starts it off
    we’re treated to shakespearian, he can do anything… Faison
    and lo and behold… Snow white capers and dons Rebecca Herbst

    and this was just the start of the show…

    i’m starstruck at how complete and pulled together… GH production encompassed “their” intent… kudos abound to the whole stirring adaptations

    Loved your post… Fans know!

    your first paragraph really captures how delightful, intriguing, and masterful… Dr. O and Faison rapture.

    and notwithstanding… the cast falls in place and draws – ovation.


  8. Dan says:

    Really enjoyed the Halloween episodes. Faison as Beetlejuice was a highlight. Anders Hove is so awesome, I really hope they find a way to keep him on the show after this storyline concludes.

    Every successful soap needs some comedy and light-hearted stuff mixed in with the drama, which is something that the previous regime on GH always seemed to forget.


  9. Patrick says:

    Port Charles – Trick or “TREAT”

    Carly – “Purring ‘her’ “HOT” kitten(s) LOL she gets them all. Franco/Julian

    Franco – “Andy Warhol” – Perplexing “Know Me”

    Heather – “Little Red Riding Hood meets ‘who’s the Big Bad Wolf” NOW ?!?! as she ensnares ‘her’ Treats

    Sabrina – “earth girls are easy” “shazaam” click-boom dizzy confection

    Julian – “Zorro” what a conundrum! “whipped Up Frenzy!” to Savor – wet

    Patrick – “to the rescue” Indiana Jones – in more ways than one….(Scrubs!) hallelujah!
    you look at him… and he’s husband material… what can you say… and he’s Robins’

    Brad – Felix: “misfits” – “In Thee Lead” – Red Light triggers, pace yourself

    Dr. O – swiss miss frothe – Alps heaving Lusts – “Deal” “I want to do something Evil” “clever”

    Nicholas – Avant-Garde: isn’t He

    Britt’a – ravishing, delectable, ultra-refined, confident

    Robin – cathartic, molded “mask”, stifle her ‘stillness”, waxen, bursting, yearning, her past/present/future combustible

    Faison – beetlejuice. stunning entrance to otherworldy intrigues.. treating the mind to waves of stimuli

    Liz: “snow white” enchanting… seducing the mindset

    i’m so impressed with the dialogue and Rebecca Herbst, for what little time we get… the script’ure Liz delivers is revelations in what we could have… her scenes with Patrick are simmering…

    what is mixing with Britt, Liz, Nicholas, and eventually AJ? i’m In… I know that



    dmr replied

    I laughed out loud at Heather’s reaction to Carly’s cat suit, calling her an ally cat and saying that she has rabies. I’d like to see Elizabeth more, too.


    Patrick replied

    Lucky you…

    I missed that part. that is hysterical laugh out loud

    i spent most of the two epps

    watching the nuances

    of Robin
    Heather and Franco
    Britt and Nicholas responses to each other
    caught up Liz’ make-up… what makes her tick
    and charmed by Julian/Brad and throw in some… patrick

    God… our belief system… he’s only for Robin

  10. SUSAN M. says:

    Will Robin reveal herself to Patrick and take the mask off? I hope so, come on, the suspense is killing me..


  11. dmr says:

    The actress who plays little Emma (Scorpio) Drake is just as talented as she is adorable! I love her scenes with Patrick as her father. She has more talent than some of the adult actors on the show (nuMorgan, Kiki-double ugh)! I absolutely adore this little actress and her scenes. Faison as Beetlejuice made me laugh out loud, as did Obrecht’s comment about dressing up Baby Ben as Rosemary’s Baby and wanting Faison to dress up as The Hoff. I love this pair. Great comedic team with great comedic timing! Loved Carly’s cat suit, too, and her chemistry with both Derek/Julian and Franco! The new Joss is a cutie, too!


  12. sheryl postin says:

    I love Gh and I agree with everyone the writers are great and I enjoy the show everyday and look forward to seeing what is going to happen next. All the actors are doing a fantastic job.


  13. liz says:

    Please hurry up and bring Robin home!!!!


  14. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    How come Holly is not mention…she said she is always by Roberts side…isnt she curious to know what happened to him…?


    Patrick replied

    she’s off sides… holding up her “false eyelashes”….

    they were too heavy…

    didn’t they look bigger than her head


    Shay replied

    It was the extremely high arching of Holly’s brows that I found to be most shocking….they served up an expression of constant surprise!

  15. Charday says:

    Been loving GH the last several days (Patrick, Sabrina, Emma, Robin, Dr. O, Cesar, Luke, Tracy). Loved the Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl costumes on Sabrina and Emma. But soon enough Kiki, Sonny, and Franco will be back! (Yuck!!!)


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