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22 January 6th, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Robin Tells Anna She Is Moving To California Along With Patrick & Emma!


We were wondering when this scene between the all-time best mother/daughter duo in soaps, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Kimberly McCullough (Robin), would come to fruition.  That moment happened on Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital.  After Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin break the news to their daughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) that they are all moving to California, because mommy and daddy got new jobs, it then falls upon Robin to in turn break the news to Anna.

In a scene alone with her mother, Robin informs Anna of the big move and her plans.  With tears streaming down her face, Anna realizes she must let Robin go make a new start with her family after so much time has elapsed that the Drake family have all been together.  As much as this hurts Anna so much to have to let Robin go, and to say goodbye to her granddaughter, Robin explains they are only an airflight away.    Anna says she will visit.   Then Robin asks Anna to come with her!  Anna says she can’t.  She has business in Port Charles she must take care of.   This also plays into Anna’s sorrow over losing Duke, and now having to say goodbye to the Drake clan.

When Patrick and Emma join the scene and the conversation, the viewers and Anna learn at the same time that Robin, Patrick, amd Emma must leave tomorrow for Berkeley.  They even have temporary housing already lined-up for them.   Emma puts her foot down and says they are not leaving Port Charles until Patrick and Robin have a wedding!  We fade to black.

So, what did you think of the heart-tugging performances of Finola Hughes along with Kimberly McCullough?  Are you ready for the Drake grand finale? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Max Daddee says:

    It’s been so long since Patrick and Robin have been together that their reunion and move seem like a blur. We knew it was coming; Finola Hughes’ performance with Robin today was excellent. Sorry to see the Drakes go, but the door is open to their returning with the way they’re exiting. Glad little Emma put her foot down about the wedding!


  2. Tristan says:

    They absolutely are the all-time best mother/daughter duo in soap history. It is amazing to think that when they first started working together, Kim was all of seven and, now, thirty years later is still playing the part. That is why their scenes are so powerful, have so much resonance, so much subtext, so much realness: this relationship on-screen has been a crucial one in daytime for three decades! The accretion of history and memories deeply infuses, and makes poignant, not only their scenes together, but deeply infuses, and makes poignant, our responses as viewers to those scenes. Layers of memory exist between these two as actresses, and are generously shared by these two with their audience. Hence the meaning of those scenes to them, and to us.

    Anna is now alone.


    margaret replied

    Their scenes seemed more real then written . The same feeling came from scenes with Robert and Robin. All of these scenes touched my heart as this family was the reason I watched years ago. I continued watching because the show is great. (I never lost hope that Robert and Anna would come back to us when they were presumed dead so long ago. When Anna finally walks off into the sunset many years from now I hope it will be with her resl love, Robert.


  3. Rose says:

    Maybe it’s just me but it always seems the Scorpios, since Robert and Anna, always have a reason for not staying together for long as a family. Other priorities take precidence. I realize why GH has to put Patrick, Robin and Emma in another city due to Kim and Jason leaving. Because Robin and Patrick could have even started up Michael Q’s clinic where the old Spencer home used to be, for instance. And yet again, something is always more important for Anna than moving to be with her daughter after she’s been away for four years…mainly due to the stuff with the Cassadines that she and Robert played a big part in. But then again, don’t want to lose Anna as part of GH in Port Charles. Oh well…I guess there wasn’t much else the writers could do.

    Noticed ABC/Disney promoted again on this episode…Disneyland and StarWars.


  4. Fanny says:

    Mr. Fairmain how right you are…the ALL time best Mother/Daughter
    duo in soaps!!! What comes across is the Love, Respect, Infinite
    care & Understanding they have towards one another.
    Finola & Kimberly have shared their brand of magic with US for


    JUDY K replied



  5. su0000 says:

    I’m going to hold back and be as nice as possible.
    Today’s show was total conversation, just conversations..
    A lot of lengthy talking, saying nothing.

    Patrick’s exit with Robin is horribly dull. There is not one memorable moment.
    I checked boards, I was bored, and they are absent of most anything Patrick & Robin, that is how completely spiritless it was and is.

    GH has become a shell of itself, it is sluggish and total lethargic.
    If GH were blood it would be deathly anemic.

    GH will soon be on a respirator if it continues as it is.
    It is what happened to Y&R 2013/14, entirely void of arousal of any intrigue.

    This mess has to stop and new writers brought in before it’s too late..
    ((Who are the Storytellers of Today, not yesterday.
    Do we have modern storytellers, and if so, who are they?))



    JUDY K replied



    CeeCee replied

    You may be right, su. But, we can make an exception today, as TPTB surely did. This was a send-off day for long-time characters we may never again see. So, I didn’t mind. Nonetheless, the ‘conversations’ and the just milling around confirmed, for the umpteenth time, how classy both Anna and Robin are.
    We did get a glimpse of what Nik has planned for Jason, though. So obvious. Nik will propose to forget the criminal assault charges, if Jason gives him his ELQ shares. I hope Jason had an inkling when Nik called him, and came prepared; hidden wires and all. Or maybe told the cops? Hmmmm! Maybe Jason isn’t that smart to think in advance….Nik is a snake …….he shed his old skin and just got a brand new spread, more venomous than ever. It will be so infuriating to me if TPTB keep trending this way. Give Jason his ‘WHOLE’ life back…..too tiring to watch. Later.


  6. karina says:

    Best mother /daughter duo on any soap….father/daughter realtionship aint shabby either!


  7. Cathy says:

    Trule the best mom/daughter and can’t hope that one day little Brooklyn will be added to that ❤is breaking but happy we got that HEA for such great characters Drake/Scorpio family….gonna miss them all!


  8. Timmm says:

    It was perfect. It sets up Emma coming back to PC to visit grandma and if Anna wants to go off camera for a break or Finola leaves, they can write her off moving to Berkeley. No more ridiculous “Dead” stories with legendary characters! Duke Lavery [Cough cough!]


  9. James R. Poissant says:

    At least the SCRUBS fans are getting what they hoped for—how many times on one hand can we count the number of times our favorites have gotten the “happily-ever-after” ending?


  10. Melissa says:

    Agreed, terrific scene between Anna and Robin. Brought home my own memories of moving away from home and saying goodbye to my mother. And these two have always been so special. But…Robin and Patrick BOTH get new jobs AND housing in ONE day!!! Just as Robin rediscovers her family and friends after a forced, multi-year absence she wants to move away just because Olbrecht won’t give her her old job back at the same pay? There is another hospital in Port Charles, right? As well as a big university. Robin couldn’t find a way to practice and do research in the same town? I know Kimberly could only be back for a short time because of her directing career, but couldn’t the writers have found a more realistic, less rushed way of ushering Patrick off the canvas? It’s either feast or famine at GH: It took a torturous year for the Jason reveal, but within a two week period Patrick has broken up with Sam, rescued and reunited with Robin, found a new job, planned a cross country move AND gotten married. What??!!! I’m sorry but this lack of attention to reality and detail is what makes non-soap fans make fun of soaps. I’m a huge GH fan and even I’m rolling my eyes in the back of my head.


  11. Newmanwins says:

    Good episode.

    I am gonna miss Emma so much and hope she returns to visit Anna during spring/summer break. They didn’t give Anna that big new house for nothing so my guess is Emma will have her own room there. I am glad that Emma pointed out how them moving away would effect her Grandma. Finola Hughes was once was amazing in her scenes with Kim McCullough.

    Loving the Crimson storyline with Nina, Maxie, Dillon, and Julian. Stafford and Storms play off each other so well. I like that Nina is so hell bent on making the magazine a success and bounces right back when there is a setback.

    Anna and Andre interacting again makes me happy. Andre has good chemistry with Jordan but not as good as with Anna. Shawn needs to come back and reunite with Jordan so I can have my Anndre. GH has hit casting gold with the guys playing Andre and Curtis.

    I am happy they are finally tapping into Jake’s mental state and the look on Franco’s face when he saw the pictures Jake drew was one of concern. I beleive Jake made up that story about seeing a prowler in the front yard with the goal to get Jason to come home and imagine he’ll keep pulling stunts like that in the future.

    Wow! I was never a Jasam fan with Steve Burton in the role but I have become a fan with Billy Miller in the role. He has some serious chemistry going on with Kelly Monaco. Hot!


  12. Linda says:

    I would like to see a wedding however sad that these 3 are leaving. will Emma and Robin ever come back is what I am asking? would like to read others comments.


  13. Rodd says:

    Fantastic, as always! I will look forward to holiday visits, if that can be worked out. These actors are just magic!


    Iakovos replied

    Agreed. Pleased to see a happy ending for the Drakes (and one that seems more reality based than over-the-top capers and sci-fi shenanigans) but it does seem all so rushed and quick, almost without enough time to savor this reunion. But, yes, doors do remain open, and I bet we do see Robin and Emma, at least, return for visits.


  14. Trudy says:

    I appreciate GH providing a happy ending for Robin and Patrick, but I’ll miss having them onscreen. I wish their new town was a lot closer to Port Charles so that Emma could spend weekends with Anna, lots and lots of weekends. In fact, why couldn’t they go to Mercy Hospital in PC or the newly “discovered” PCU Medical Center, so that Emma and Robin could pop up often?

    Yes to the best family in soaps – all of them. The acting skills in that foursome are off the charts. Finola and Kimberly have always been magic together. Jason and Kimberly have always been magic together. Brooklyn is pure magic with all three of them. And Finola and Jason’s scenes are so real that they are darn close to magic.

    Thanks to all four actors for their amazing work.


  15. Terry Prideaux says:

    Just saw Jason saying goodbye to Patrick. It’s like seeing the old Billy saying goodbye to the new Billy.


  16. Lila Wallum says:

    I am so sad with all the changes. Was hoping Sam and Jason would finally get back together. Is Jason going to be replaced with the original one that plays in the young and the restless?


  17. Lulu says:

    Anna/Robin’s goodbye is unbarable to watch, it reminds me of having to say goodbye with my beloved mentor, once a year, not knowing when I am going to see her again. I thought maybe it will get easier when we are used to saying goodbye, but it didn’t, I don’t know why we have to go through this over and over, we are twenty thousand miles away from each other. Without her, I wouldn’t even get into university or having a career as an artist. Miss her so much, and will miss this GH family so much too.


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