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67 November 21st, 2013 General Hospital Scores 11 Month High in Total Viewers! Climbs To Over 2 Year High In Key Demos!

This November sweeps has been a good one for the daytime soaps!  Now, ABC is reporting that General Hospital scored an 11 month high in total viewers for the ratings week of November 11th-15th numbering 2.98 million!  And that is the best viewership since the weeks of 8/15/11, 3/21/11 and 12/24/12, respectively.

Looks like the drama that unfolded at Franco’s (Roger Howarth) art gallery opening, in which Derek Wells reveals to all he is indeed Julian Jerome (William deVry), the fight between Morgan (Bryan Craig) and Michael (Chad Duell), Carly (Laura Wright) and Franco becoming closer, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Silas (Michael Easton) becoming closer,  the nasty court custody battle for baby Connie, and the continuation of the Robin Scorpio Drake return (Kimberly McCullough) all contributed to pulling in the audience!

General Hospital also climbed to an over 2 year high in Women 18-49 (753,000/1.2 rating) and over 2 and a half year high in Women 25-54 (1.00 million/1.6 rating), placing a solid #2 in the demos.  In addition, GH ranked as the #1 program in daytime for the 12th , time in the past 13 weeks in Women 18-34 (255,000/0.8 rating).

So, were you tuning in last week to GH?  What storyline is keeping you on the edge of your seat the most?  What do you think about GH’s performance in the ratings?  Comment below!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    More good news…imo…Days had a better week but GH was a close second…however, im grateful both soaps are hot and doing well when just a few years ago i worried that they would be gone and not here today…the genre isnt dead after all and the proof is in the ratings…long live our soaps!!!


    lisa replied

    dream on, the soaps are still dying. they will not be around much longer. in 4 years they will all bite the dust.


    Derek replied

    Hopefully Lisa, your trolling will bite the dust.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Doesnt bother me if that really happens or not…because im enjoing every moment of them while i can…4 years from now i might not even be here…and there is nothing we can do about it!

    Andy G. replied

    Lisa, why would you come here, to a soap fan site, just to rain on everyone’s parade? Shouldn’t you be off somewhere drop-kicking puppies or pulling the wings off of butterflies?

    Mark replied

    Don’t ruin the fun Lisa. When you get out of prison in 4 years the world will look different to you.

    dzzdee replied

    Lisa, your so funny! Guess you need a little attention today. no friends around to tease .. That’s okay! We love our soaps and they are here today.. You’re always welcome to join the soap fans, If you can behave yourself! hee hee!

    Patrick replied

    Right On!

    “…just a few years ago i worried that they would be gone”

    “…the proof is in the ratings”

    at the end of the day… when my soaps are still with me! whew!

    so… celebrate on….

    pressing for… is FUN


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    id feel lost without my daily soaps…

  2. butterfly warrior says:

    When the unmentioned in this article Julexis was trending on Twitter last week, it’d figured the ratings would be higher than the poorer showing the previous week. All in all, an excellent week on the show, story wise and very balanced.


  3. Rodd says:

    Gotta love it!


  4. Madhvika says:

    Love the whole show but Carly and Franco have my heart. I love them together more and more.


  5. ricardo says:

    gh and days of our lives, are the soaps to watch now. wonderful acting and great storylines. im so happy people are still watching our remaining beloved soap operas. we all need to watch and support our soaps.


  6. ricardo says:

    i love julian jerome. he is one hot man. lol


  7. kaffe says:

    Sam revelations with Julian Jerome was fantastic!!!

    And the Sam and Silas was wonderful

    Thank You Ron!


  8. Ashley says:

    All the story lines are good but waiting for Patrick & Emma to see Robin is the moment I’m dying for!!


  9. su0000 says:

    Love GH !!
    It is very entertaining, the only soap with variety and blasting entertainment!

    If GH had the opportunity be be shown during the evening and on Saturdays like BB and Y&R it would rule the soap world !!!!


    Patrick replied

    I wholeheartedly agree with you.

    I bet you anything… take a true poll of year in and year out… decades plus fans

    no surprise… GH and DAYS would be #1 and #2 without question


  10. Mary SF says:

    Sweeps weeks are great, now lets us see if these shows can hold these numbers once the bland period after Thanksgiving until January sets in. Not taking away from the peaks, but once a story line has hit it, we are back in the valley and that is when all the people who just tune in for certain things leave and the ones left are the true die heart soap fan that endures the dull days of winter– at least until Feb. sweeps.


    Patrick replied

    LOL… I cherish the passion we fans have

    it’s so true… I’ll be nesting through thick and thin… with these 4 staples… and last remaining… TREASURES’

    example: after all the Kristen, DAYS hoopla… congrats to DAYS for through the roof 2 year HIGH…

    spike in ratings… ploy….. for sweeps…. I’ll take it.

    one can’t help but think… about our keen awareness of how soaps and television operate…

    so… lo and behold… i was totally stumped and caught off guard… who should pop up on my screen…. immediately… and reeled .. surprise… and giddy… so soon after one of my favs… Eileen Davidson… Curtain calls… standing Ovation..

    but… Thee ‘Donovans’! what a blast… my heart lept.

    Shane – Kimberly – Theresa

    and… notwithstanding… T… has been FUN – intriguing… with Abbi and Jordan
    a renewed bonding.. with JJ and Jennifer
    all the major drama ensuing… with EJ and Sammi…. wow… egg shell drama.. enticing… and root for… eithor/or… this is testing LOVE
    tour de force acting.. with Justin… with any one! and with EJ and Adri and cast is sublime…a treasure… and sexy as all get out
    watching the Bradys rally around… Theresa… Kayla/Hope/Caroline/Roman.. with, must come back… Shane and Kimberly… was heart wrenching…
    simmering sensuality… on fire…. bubbling with electricity… Kate/Jordan/Rafe
    what’s going to happen with Ariana grace… altho… I’m afraid the demise of Gabbi
    looms on the horizon… I don’t know that i like this happening to Arianna’ mother.
    the mere fact that Nicole is pushing Eric aside… the instant he dissed her… didn’t believe her.. and that pause of doubt.. cemented.. her heartache…

    i’m sure theres’ something I missed.

    without being too wordy…

    DAYS has so much going for it… that.. I must press with and for.


  11. maloney says:

    im loving EVERYTHING! about GH!!!:)


  12. Tea says:

    I loved Sonny & Olivia becoming closer.


  13. Cathy says:

    Robin’s story is the best story on GH . Can’t wait to see Robin get her family back and reuniting Scrubs and Emma. Robin is the only woman for Patrick.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Agreed! And I think Robin’s return is LARGELY responsible for the high ratings. Duh! Isn’t that obvious to everyone else? When longtime viewers get what they want, they WATCH–not brain surgery. It’s as simple as that! Listening writers and PTB


  14. boes says:

    I stopped with GH completely for now at least. They’re dragging out Robin’s return until it will be as bad as Dixie’s luring in PV the second-to-last-time was. And the rest….absolute dreck, with the worst being anything Franko related.

    How on earth has Carlivati managed to make me dislike RH? Dunno, but he’s done it. The show stinks. All the worst of Carlivati is on display.
    And I’m not going to say I’m happy for the show, because if this carp is what brings up the ratings then the hope for good storytelling on GH is over for good.

    Thank God for DOOL.


    su0000 replied

    RH is an actor, why would dislike an awesome man and great actor because he is playing a character that is not Todd lol

    RH is owning the new turned Franco, and I don’t believe anyone other than RH could own it, and he does, brilliantly !

    RH is an actor of great talent!!

    Franco is just beginning, more changes upcoming until its his own..
    I’m looking forward to the development of this new RH character, Franco..


    boes replied

    RH stepped away from “Todd” because he didn’t want to play a sympathetic rapist on OLTL. Now he’s playing essentially the same character with all the humanity removed and clownishness inserted. It smells like hypocrisy to me. But obviously not to you.
    To each his own.

    Shay replied

    While the “NuFranco” is definitely taking his good sweet time to “evolve,” I really don’t understand the contempt vented here at RoHo….I think he has done the best he possibly could have with the material he’s been presented, given what a flawed character he had to contend with from the beginning of his casting. The original Franco was an absolutely vile creature…James F.’s version was so slimy and off-putting I tuned out of the show for quite some time, in fact, until he was pretty much gone from the GH canvas. While I am not thrilled with some of the twists and turns that have transpired for the current incarnation (I liked his being a Quartermaine, but am really not jazzed that he’s supposedly Scott Baldwin’s offspring, although Heather as his momma is a hoot….) I am more than willing to give RH and his considerable talent the benefit of the doubt that he will be able to turn around and rehabilitate the role. It’s not as if there are not far more egregious wastes of space on the show right now (i.e., Sabrina, Kiki, Lucy, Scotty, ShrewLu, etc…..) that seriously need to be addressed in a timely fashion.

    davleestev replied

    ummm you do know CARP is a fish? Unlike your post which is CRAP


    boes replied

    And the show smells just like a dead carp. Although you did use the word I would have preferred.

    davleestev replied

    @boes step away from the tv and take a deep breath. But I do wholeheartedly agree with you on the clownish aspect of Franco that RH portrays. You could see the desperation in his attempting to portray essentially the same mannerisms of James Franco. It didn’t work and it was quite buffoonish and off putting. One of his better moments so far was the Heather/Scotty reveal when the only good reaction was a quiet shocked one. As for the other posters. @shay i’m quite happy with the full canvas and revolving characters that add to the storylines. GH made a smart move with a full list of recurring players they can call on at any time they want. A town is full of people and Port Chuck is full to bursting. YAAAYYYY!!!

    Shay replied

    I am not disputing the need for a large, rotating roster of roles on GH. It’s just that there are some glaring examples of either miscast actors or extremely poorly defined/boring/unnecessary characters that are taking up time and space from more worthy characters and storylines. When newbies are introduced and they succeed (like Britt and Dr. O.) they only add to the rich history of the Port Charles saga. But when they are merely there to satisfy a certain demographic or fulfill an agenda that has nothing to do with advancing the actual tales at hand, that is when there is a major failure in the execution of the show. It slows down the action and dilutes what should be the purpose of any gripping program, which is to first, “entertain!”

    Shay replied

    @davleestev…..As one who harbors a great appreciation and respect for the English language and its glorious (practically endless!) assortment of descriptive words, I actually immensely enjoy Patrick’s unique and erudite style of creative expression. His stream of consciousness posts are a welcome and refreshing change of pace from the jejeune and simplistic rants/ raves of some contributors. These highly individual statements are beautifully crafted, deep of thought and obviously heartfelt from the perspective of a true fan of the soap genre . If they are not your cup of tea, then go have coffee…..why must you denigrate????

    davleestev replied

    @Shay…OOOO ring around the rosie’s a pocketful of spears. It’s not at all my intention to denigrate a single person on this website. But, as a regular visitor, I do know that the two of you can give quite eye crossing, headache inducing replies from time to time. Everyone is entitled to give an opinion here but does it always have to be so pleonastic?? Simplicity over prolix is much more appreciated. And as for tea over coffee..I prefer both. In moderation of course..just like my posts. Heartfelt streams of consciousness indeed. dear..diatribes.

    Shay replied

    @davleestev….Simplicity doesn’t always suffice. It’s just as some people prefer to dress up as opposed to dressing down (Guilty!)….a matter of personal taste…I was merely implying that it is obvious that Patrick derives a great deal of pleasure from his soap viewing and his postings reflect that joy, and if you don’t agree with his style of expression (or mine, or anyone else’s…) then so what? Just skip it….there are many of us do enjoy his creativity. Different strokes for different folks. As you are already aware by reading my previous comments, I do not mind dissent or debate, I actually welcome it when it is done in the spirit of cheerful disagreement…but my slings and arrows are aimed at the subject matter, not the messenger’s writing form (or lack thereof….) To mock or criticize someone because their individual flair doesn’t comport with your ideal is unnecessary. That being said, you are equally elitist when it comes to tossing out those million-dollar words…how many of those outside the English major/minor category even comprehend your meaning??? (For the record, I do, so I know that your intent is to be less than complimentary.) At any rate, thank you for your reply, and have a heaping helping of Happy Thanksgiving with your coffee, tea or whatever. ; )

    davleestev replied

    @Shay..In the spirit of the holiday’s I graciously accept your tongue lashing on be-half of my unctuous nature. All done in the spirit of the spirited postings on this site. You too enjoy the Holiday’s and may our swords continue to cross in the most ebullient of ways. Same to you @Patrick.

    Shay replied

    Right back at ya@davleestev! I only enjoy sparring with worthy opponents, so please consider that to be not only the highest of compliments, but an olive branch, as well…. also in the spirit of the holidays!!!! May yours be happy and not too “word-laden!!!!” (I know your affection for brevity….) ; )

    Patrick replied

    right @Boes.

    I’ll diss with you.. any and all naysayers: DAYS is better than GH and cbs shows’


    I respect that.. to each his own… what stimuli is to be had… and reeled, for us… is laugh out loud giddy and escape… and expecting thee magic to curtain call every day… is unreliable… but… DAYS and GH .. one more than… completes and or snippets as i liken some days… but… it’s all worth it to invest


    davleestev replied

    Patrick stop constantly trying to be wordariffic (and yes in my diksheeonary) that is …just state your simple minded case..i mean simple case..and move on. On that note I too watch Days and they have some SERIOUS character/plot issues. On it’s best day Days can be difficult to watch without worrying if you left the iron on or a boiling pot just steps away from the tv. Or thinking to my socks match today? If not for DVR that hour of the day would be nap time with the tv on if I were home and a big fan. Dannifer a snooze fest/ Rafe a crashing bore/don’t get that Brady cousin/Hope looks lost..the list is endless. People are just walking around crashing into each others stories and boredom. And @shay..If you’re writing a daily show with little to no down time and can keep it this interesting i’m all for it. This show daily entertains even with the useless characters. They are time and space fillers and aren’t given that bad of material to work with since others are inevitably involved in their tales who are much more interesting even just standing there reacting to the action. Too many of the same people day to day week to week would result in a snoozefest of imminent proportions. Just watch Days to see this in action. The entire show was in that car with Kristen when she drove off the road and escaped with the interesting storylines.

  15. k/kay says:

    Have a happy holiday season soap fans and it does not matter if we agree on everything just enjoy talk to you on the flip side 2014!!!


    Patrick replied

    Happy Holidays… K/Kay. Cheers to bubbling over … it’s a treat to share… posted… ie: Rebecca Herbst.. nuHAIR.

    stand back folks… if she can get any better… and step up to the plate… put SEXY in your arsenol… will you girl! she was lovely to boot.. but.. this layer of sensual… is intriguing and on FIYAH.

    I just saw her today.. with the new do….

    I so hope upon hope… that the writers of GH are smart and take it to the next level for Liz… and add to the embers and volcanic uprising… that Nicholas/Britt/Liz.. can erupt.

    this is captivating… and allure at it’s best.

    Rebecca Herbst… YOU are HOT!
    Britt… is TOO HOT
    Nicholas has always been HOT

    triple threat


  16. Jennilouwho says:

    I enjoyed most last week, the end of the week was way better than the first three days…can’t even compare the trash of Cranco to the amazing build up with brik!


  17. carla says:

    Great news. I will keep watching my soaps!


  18. Patrick says:

    “oh, Lordy: is he Hot!”

    whew! it goes without saying… but must be said.

    he captivates… He was sssooo GGGGOOODDD on AMC.

    Hello William DeVry

    he’s intense, sure, reel’s his show, deserves attention, and is magnetic



    Shay replied

    You are obviously not alone in your glowing assessment, Patrick! So many (both male and female) seem quite taken with Mr. DeVry….however, I’m still not feeling this Julian-love. Don’t really even enjoy his character at this point….but honestly, GH needs an infusion of “blond beefcake”…..the fair-haired boys are sooo seriously under-represented on the show. Please, “Cartini?”


    Patrick replied

    whats enviable… to watch reel….

    is when… a person.. be it man or woman… who just have that natural knack… or ability to emote jensaisquoi… that natural ease with which they carry themselves.. and he fishes you out and are smitten with

    enamored… with and by… it leaves you satiated… bereft .. can leave you hanging

    which is another variable for lust and take leave of your senses

    Shay replied

    While we may not agree on our respective GH objects of admiration, we certainly share the same view as to what captures our imagination. You so beautifully described that discernible, magnetic quality that draws one to another… it on screen or in the flesh. Tres bien!


  19. mgb357 says:

    You gotta love Ron and Frank for reviving the soap genre.
    Now if ABC would just see the light, maybe they could hand over another hour to them ro revive OLTL!!!

    With the proper promotion and budget they could once again be the king of daytime…

    (And here is a thought … cancel katie now, and rerun Once Upon a Time and Revenge in Daytime too)


  20. MBmomof3 says:

    Love it! Well deserved. A favorite is kind of hard to choose, but I suppose anything related to the Julian Jerome storyline which had far reaching effect on so many characters and storylines. The Heather/Scotty/Franco reveal was fun too. Love the Nicholas/Britt/Ceaser/Obrecht/J.Jax et al storyline too. AJ is one of my faves, so I’m glad they are finally picking up the “Who Killed Connie” storyline. Lots of goodness, but please, less Felix and Sabrina. Not hating, just not loving the overexposure of these two. A little of them goes a loooooong way for me.


    Patrick replied

    it was close to alarming… how long AJ has been gone from the canvas..

    but… lo and behold…

    at the courthouse… as soon as we saw AJ.. his mother Monica.. his son… Michael…

    how easy it was to pick right back.. where we last left off… and… this is kudos and promise you … that Sean Keanon… reals for GH.

    add to that… this… the HOT new Elizabeth…please play this out… writers.. the chanteuse.. the back on track… fire… implodes her character vibrations…

    however you feel… about Liz and AJ…

    it’s story telling time….

    in the mix thereafter… her comes Britt and Nicholas


  21. Shay says:

    OMG! Today’s show was absolutely amazing….all the best of the vets (Scorpio, Luke, Anna, Jerry, Faison, Duke, Robin, Nikolas, ….) were present and accounted for, not to mention the divine Dr. O., and brainy beauty Britt!!!!! Definitely an attention-grabber….compliments to “Cartini!” THIS is how it is done!!!!! Cannot wait until Monday! Only false notes were: Where is Noah Drake? As if he would not show up for his son’s wedding???? And….too much attention still being paid to the useless Sabrina….she is merely a minor character/plot device given far too much time and attention who is hopefully ending her shelf life: this annoying nitwit has passed her expiration date. Enough already! Cue the spotlight for Robin and her triumphant return to claim HER husband and child…..courtesy of Ava????


    Patrick replied

    I just have to share… ie: Robert Scorpio.

    when he came out of his coma…

    he was so animated
    he was so vibrant
    he was so exuberant

    telling Anna…. “Our daughter, is Alive”

    how telling, tearful, and full of heart was that….

    all the fallout… snowballing… reeling… for characters: per your words; present and accounted for… is stunning revelations

    i like to dramatize my verbalisations.. but it’s… like you… creative stance and pressing a passion that entreats our stimuli

    hence all the wonderful characterizations, plot mayhem… and personal tribulations…

    thank you MF

    THIS is how it is done!!!!!

    by all


    Shay replied

    Amen, Patrick!!! Robert Scorpio’s return (in particular) has been nothing short of magnificent! His youthful vitality and cheeky charisma has been such a sight to behold…..of all the 50th anniversary appearances, his has been the most sparkling and successful! Thus, it is such a shame to know that the Aussie delight’s time in Port Charles is going to be short-lived. Until his (hopefully) brief departure, TR’s presence and personality must be savored and appreciated for the joyous and wonderful gift it has been for all his fans that remain from GH’s glory days of the 1980′s!!!!

    nancy dillingham replied

    Yes, yes! Tristan as Robert–still so great–spontaneous, witty.
    And TPTB are letting him get away–because they didn’t offer him a contract, that’s why. Shame! An actor DOES need to work.
    PS Ditto re Genie Francis.

  22. lisa says:

    general hospital will be cancelled next year. abc will replace general hospital, with a talk show. i hope general hospital bites the dust. frank valentini is a soap killer. he killed one life to live, plus i love brian frons for getting rid of amc and oltl. kudos to brian.


  23. aline robichaud says:



  24. Andrew says:

    Loving the show and all the variety. I too can’t pinpoint a favorite. Glad that they include a lot of the show’s history without being too much a slave to it. I don’t really believe that Scotty and Heather are Franco’s parents.. they seem too close in age.. but think it’s hilarious that Franco’s number one fan is delusional that she’s Franco’s mother. But glad that Franco being Jason’s twin brother is being dispensed with.
    My only requests: more Quartermaines!


  25. Anna says:

    Everything kept my attention last week. Monday was an all time best GH episode for the history books. Enjoying it all right now but Silas and Sam are my number one reason for tuning in. I want to see them in love!!!


    Anna replied

    The Monday episode I am referring to is the one at Franco’s art show when Julian revealed himself.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Franco’s art show??? What a bust! No relation to the REAL GH.

  26. liz says:

    I am watching the show more now that KM has returned. I can’t wait for her family to see her. But it is taking too long and I hope they don’t wreck my fav soap super couple, Patrick and Robin.


    Patrick replied

    it really is hard sometimes… as intimated:

    soaps are soaps… that pull, tug, and render emotional reel – real

    I too.. hope.. that… the payout… is: as we know: ‘Scrubs’

    that my emotional bubble for… and that snow globe is back in place.. for the one couple that steals my heart and I stand firm… and will not relent.. that they are one… the family we know



  27. Laura says:

    I’m so happy for GH. Monday and Tuesday’s show 11/11/13 and 11/12/13 featured the best characters. I hope to see all those characters front and center again!!!


  28. dzzdee says:

    I just love General Hospital and just started watch Days, Days never interested me in the past, but it’s getting better and it beat the heck out of The Talk or any food & doctors reality programs. Thank you Days for been interesting. GH keep up the good story lines.


  29. SZima says:

    Does anyone actually read these articles about ratings? Just a bunch of numbers to me. Just give me the headline.
    And what do all these comments actually have to do with the ratings? There’s a couple that mention ratings, but the rest are just a bunch of random comments! :(


  30. Tali says:

    Watching GH for Robin’s return and yes, I’m enjoying it. Also like Robert & Anna, Mac & Patrick, Emma and the Spinelli & Maxi storyline. Miss Epiphany, could care less about Carly, Franco, Sam & Silas. The rest ok.


  31. leon matlock says:

    Been watching gh for years and years. not going to watch any more. not with Laura gone again. The is boring and you keep on bringing on new people, but not Genie So good luck.


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