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47 September 20th, 2012 General Hospital Scores Solid Ratings in New Timeslot! Women 25-54 Demo Up 70% From Lead-in The Chew!

So far this week, the reported ratings for new episodes airing Monday September 17th through Wednesday September 19th, saw the relocated General Hospital doing very well for itself in its new timeslot!

According to TV Media Insights:  “Based on the weighted household averages in the 56-metered markets from Nielsen, General Hospital this week is averaging a very respectable 2.4 rating/8 share. Comparably, that is up by 14 percent from lead-in The Chew (2.1/ 7) and 9 percent from year-ago time period occupant One Life to Live (2.2/ 7). Growth for General Hospital is more prevalent among target women 25-54, with a 1.7 rating/11 share this week to-date an increase of 70 percent from lead-in The Chew (1.0/ 6) and 13 percent from One Live to Live in Sept. 2011 (1.5/10).”

So what does this all go to show?  First, that while the focus of daytime these days seems to be all the new syndicated talkers, no one should forget, or count out General Hospital and the soap genre!  What this continues to prove to the suits is that GH is a viable product that is quite capable of being a ratings grabber in the networks current daytime line-up.  

Make sure to continue to watch GH in their new timeslot at 2PM EST/1PMPT/CST, and weigh-in on your thoughts on the ratings thus far this week!

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  1. margie says:

    Thank God wonderfull watchers please rock those ratings!


    su0000 replied

    Way to go GH!! Knew ya would do it !!!
    The pessimistic negative naysayer viewers who said GH was going to fail die and no way would it go on, and all other downing rubbish about my beloved GH , can eat crow!! :)
    GH is the best soap ever!!!

    Happy Dance!!!!!


    susan replied

    yes, yes, gh is #1 with MB despite what other think

    haha happy dance yeah!!!!!

    Dianne replied

    I like GH too. I have been watching it on & off since High School when it was a half hour. However, now I no longer get to see it because I don’t get home from work until 3:00

  2. stephanie says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. The GH team really promoted this move, and the story. Social media was buzzing. Good for the genre. I don’t mind that it now is on at the same time as my Days of Our Lives, thanks to DVR’s my sister and I didn’t have to fight over which show we would watch from 1-2pm. (Sorry sis, I pay the cable bill. Days would have won).


  3. dg says:

    What it shows is that GH doesnt have any strong competition at 2pm. And it also shows that Bryan Frons was right to give AMC and OLTL the ax and to allow GH to stay on air. Most folks dont know it but Anne Sweeny’s mandate was that all 3 soaps face the grim reaper, but Frons argued that GH was still viable.
    I dont think it speaks to any renaissance where the daytime serial genre is concerned. It merely says that the shows opposite GH are pretty boring. In my market GH is up against The Talk and The Doctors, neither of which are must see TV. GH used to be against Dr. Phill in my market and there were times that Dr Phill was a million times more compelling and I believe his numbers reflected that.
    It also speaks to the fact that the last dregs of die hard soap fans are holding on tight to this show no matter what. In the markets were GH is up against Days Im sure GH is crushing them. Days is repetitious, very fluffy and neither the acting nor the writer have matched GH in years. Days has also been under a 2.0 in ratings for quite a while.
    None of this is any reason to praise Cartini because there’s really nothing that compelling on TV in the afternoons these days. And the remaining 3 soaps are all fairly off track and dull as watching paint dry. I havent seen YR this lame in 24 yrs. B+B has turned into Gidget Generation X. Days is the Gabby, the Nicole baby go round, Gays of our Lives show. They just got finished axing one of their most beloved outstanding actors again in Matt Ashford.
    Meanwhile Cartini poisons the Port Charles water, dangles beloved vet Robin Scorpio, and let’s psycho cartoon Heather Webber loose on the innocent. Of course theyd win in the ratings race. But GH is still no prize critically. Valentini is one of the cheapest producers I have seen in decades when it comes to casting. ( More newbies like Serena and Trey-we dont need them). His unprofessional catering to the One Lifers and Carlavati’s fetish obsession with blatantly stupid DID plots still make this show unwatchable for me many days.
    Of course the tabloid teasing of unsuspected twists like the reveal that Duke Lavery may be responsible for Robin’s kidnapping is enough to even capture my attention. But the thought that this regime will rewrite venerable GH history and defame the name of the best anti hero since Luke Spencer is a great concern to me. And now there are even rumblings that Sean Kanan may replace Steve Burton! That idiotic! Of course it will get numbers but I miss the days when the show was true to its history, shared story will all the vets and core families and still got excellent numbers. With Cartini all you get is substanceless sensationalism.


    Robert replied

    I couldn’t disagree with most of your assessment if you went on any more. First Brian Fron was wrong to cancel AMC and OLTL. At the time of their cancellations, their ratings were higher than GH. The introduction of OLTL characters has helped and Cartini’s writing and fixing of some of the boring storylines on GH has saved a shinking ship. I only started watching GH as many of had was to keep it on the air. With this new lease on life the show has been given, I’m hoping Cartini will bring more characters from OLTL and AMC. Dr. David Hayward would be great for the hospital as they need a new chief of staff and his brand of character is totally what the show needs.


    aria replied

    oh robert, get your facts straight, oltl and amc were not higher rated before getting canceled, in fact only oltl went up in the ratings when it was announced that it was cancelled, if you don’t believe me just check the ratings record they keep from soap opera network. and theres no denying that GH was in a bad place, all of us die hard fans of the show were very happy when Guza and Phelps got fired, but to rewrite history to try to make oltl come across as well superior is just plain silly, nothing wrong with being a oltl fan and loving your show, but the thing that annoys me about oltl fan is that they exaggerate oltl importance just to make themselves feel better, OLTL didn’t even make the top five of best daytime soaps of all time so get over it, Oltl is gone and GH is still here.

    lipstickcat replied

    You’re right! GH is better now & was saved only because AMC & OLTL were sacrificed. Dr. David would be a great addition!

    Dianne replied

    I like GH too. I have been watching it on & off since High School (I am now 55) when it was a half hour. However, now I no longer get to see it because I don’t get home from work until 3:00. I sometimes watch the episodes online (when I have spare time) but it was always my time to lay down & unwind from a hard day.

    Bran replied

    BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH and YAWN!!!!!! Go take a nap or something plz. nobody needs your unrequired lecture about things you clearly dont understand. GH has been on fire.


    Sal Piscioneri replied

    THANKS Bran you are spot on…………..a true GH fan would never make up such garbage.
    GH rocks as it has for many years………….

    Tali Smith replied

    dg – YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG! Brian Frons had GH up to be canceled but the soap fans have had alot of input to saving it by boycotting the crap ABC has put on instead of AMC & OLTL. FV/RC have had alot to change ABC minds also. I don’t watch GH since July because they screwed OLTL history but it was much better than it was before.


    Chris replied

    Bran/Tali- Everyone is entitled to express their thoughts on GH here, whether positive or negative. Just because dg’s opinion above does not match yours and is not being a GH cheerleader, does not give you any right to be so rude. Why is it that anyone who does not think that GH is wonderful right now is berated/bullied and treated like they’re not real fans? You may think that GH “has been on fire” lately and that’s perfectly fine. But that’s merely your opinion, not a fact. The truth is that many, many longtime GH fans no longer find the show to be their cup of tea with RC and FV’s writing/production style. Please have some respect for those people to vent. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    Rodd replied

    dg, your POV is so negative, why do you even bother to watch daytime soaps at all? I wish there was someting I could agree with something you said, but I’d be reaching. GH is in great hands with Cartini and your description of them is wrong; just plain wrong. Maybe you should invest in a hammock and a book during the day.


    Chris replied

    You people are perfectly entitled to disagree with others about the state of GH. After all, this is a message board. However, many of you need to learn to disagree in a respectful manner. Remember- just because you personally like GH does not mean that every single person shares your thoughts. Everyone’s opinion about the show is different. It seems that a lot of you cannot accept that and are resorting to low blows to attack those who disagree with you.

    And I strongly disagree with this so-called belief by some that if you don’t like the content of GH or have stopped watching the show, then you’re not a true fan. A soap opera (or any TV show) has to be entertaining to get people to tune in. The producers and writers must give us compelling reasons to tune in day after day. Why on earth in these busy times would a person keep watching something 5x/week, year-round if he/she did not care for it? Merely to keep it on the air? Sorry folks, it does not work that way. There’s just too many other options available and things to do to occupy one’s time.

    Teresa replied

    I disagree as well. GH hasn’t been this good since the early Luke and Laura days and it may even be surpassing that era. FV/RC and us true fans are what has saved GH. The stories are very capturing. I can’t wait to get home each day so I can watch it. It had gone through a very dry/boring period but true fans stick it out and now we’re getting rewarded. Love the mix of OLTL characters and the DID story. GH ROCKS!


    Dan replied

    dg goes off on another anti-GH rant, what else is new?


  4. Gerry says:

    GH’s time slot change coincided with my finally getting cable again and a DVR box, so I have been watching the show far more in the last couple of weeks than I had been. While I wasn’t a big fan of Jerry’s manufactured epidemic — we’d seen that storyline twice already in the last few years — I am getting hooked on the show overall again. As for the ratings bump, I credit the time change with moving GH closer to daytime’s other remaining soaps. “Days of Our Lives” and “The Bold and the Beautiful” both end at 2:00. While on different stations, it’s easy enough to flip a channel to watch another soap opera. I can see more viewers doing that than turning off the set at 2:00 and turning it back on at 3:00.


  5. Scott says:

    no oltl and amc should have stayed period. gh has improved but oltl was the top of abc ratings and gh was bottoming out before frank and ron saved it. what the hell r u smoking?? frons wanted all the soaps killed , he thought the soap fans were losers and his wonderfull shows the spew and that other crap show that got canned was the future of daytime.


    lipstickcat replied

    That’s so true! I agree! They had no intention of saving GH if The Revolution was a hit. OLTL was the best of the 3 soaps.


    Sal Piscioneri replied

    amen to u Scott too……………u sid it quite well.


  6. Pav says:

    I came back to GH out of loyalty to the genre, and I’ve stayed because the show is becoming spectaularly good. I love the blend of characters from OLTL with the old standbys from GH. I’ve even found Sonny to be more palatable since he’s not on all the time.
    If GH’s ratings are up because there’s nothing else worth watching during the day, doesn’t that say that the networks have made inappropriate choices in their replacement shows. And if soap fans are holding on to GH, to me that says there is an audience for a decently written show. I don’t have any prejudice against acknowledging fans from OL by adding some of the great characters to the mix. It seems to me that Carlivati has been payiing more attention to the mood of the audience than may be realized.
    If things have changed on GH, isn’t that because to remain viable it had to incorporate new ideas to survive? GH was the next show on the chopping block-and as a person who watched AMC deliberately destroyed with writers who’s greatest achievement was killing other shows, I’m happy to see positive change. I’m happy to see it rear it’s head and stay viable. JMO.


  7. su0000 says:

    There is much effort and team work being put in GH to keep it alive.
    ABC put out for new sets and and on location with bombs and boats etc.. Also, all the extras in THE hospital scenes was great to Make it all seem real..
    The actors are all upbeat and are being given great material to showcase their acting talents.
    And all the vets that have been brought back, some surprises for sure.
    I really am enjoying seeing some the long gone vets back in action once again. And the new talent brought over and also the new characters .
    I also like how now the stories rotate quickly giving most all screen time ..
    There has been so very much done to bring GH back to life and I will thank everyone/all the team work done to accomplish
    putting daytime greatness on my screen!!
    The other soap pale in comp


  8. JLH says:

    I started watching OLTL and GH in the mid-70s but gave up on GH sometime around the Franco/Brenda snooze fest. If OLTL characters and Carlavati hadn’t head to Port Chuck, I doubt I would be watching it at all today. It’s far from perfect but it sure has my full attention for the first time since the 90s.


    Brian replied

    100% agree !!!!


  9. MK says:

    I would like to see the day by day ratings. I think that will give us a clearer understanding of what storylines are working and what aren’t.


  10. lipstickcat says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about! ABC planned on cancelling all soaps! The only reason GH is still on is because The Revolution was such a flop! They already promised the timeslot to Katie so where would it have gone? GH is doing so well because it’s the only soap left on ABC!


  11. Chris says:

    Bran, everyone is entitled to express their thoughts on GH here, whether positive or negative. Just because dg’s opinion above does not match yours and is not being a GH cheerleader, does not give you any right to be so rude. You may think that GH “has been on fire” lately and that’s perfectly fine. But that’s merely your opinion, not a fact. The truth is that many, many longtime GH fans no longer find the show to be their cup of tea with RC and FV’s writing style. Please have some respect for those people to vent. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


    boes replied

    Chris, it’s also rude to cut and paste your own reply and put it on the board over and over again.

    Disagreeing is one thing – taunting is another. The lecture on “niceness” would be just fine if it went both ways.

    GH survived mainly because of the uproar of the fans, and Katie Couric’s fear of that fury being unleashed on her if she was percieved as the reason GH went down the tubes as well. GH was, I think, Frons favorite, but that meant nothing – at the end of the day all three shows were slated for cancellation. GH being Frons favorite might have been the reason OLTL got cancelled instead of GH, when at the time, the real surprise was that GH survived.

    I’m glad it did. The additions from OLTL have been fine, and we’ve also seen more GH history than we have in the last 10 years.

    What disturbs me the most is that some, (although I believe very few) self-described “fans” of GH seem to wish that it would be cancelled rather than saved, with the addition of a few OLTL characters. That isn’t something I understand, and indeed the attitude is one I prefer NOT to comprehend. And those same posters seem to delight in stirring the pot. How does that jive with being a fan of GH?

    Most of us, whether we watched GH, or AMC, or OLTL, or a combination of all three or just one sat through a decade of watching the shows morph at times into painful exercises in futility, but we hung on because we hoped TIIC would come to their senses and return to the soap roots that had made these shows great. That never happened with AMC until the very end, and GH was hurt just as badly under Guza in particular. OLTL seemed to suffer a bit less from interference. Now there’s nothing left but GH and many have joined to save it. And celebrate it, too. And even enjoy it.

    So some may get their kicks out of raining on the parade, but I don’t get those folks, and I don’t want to.


    Troy Turner replied

    Can I get an AMEN from the congregation. Boes, you articulated perfectly what I’ve been expressing all along. There are fans of GH that would rather see it cancelled, than to fight to keep it on the air. That attitude needs to stop NOW…

    TiredSoapFan replied

    I guess it is okay for other folks to go around on message boards saying basically the same thing though. But that of course is in defense of GH or soaps in general. Many of the same names I see on various boards, and they basically say the same thing on each board.

    As far as wanting the show cancelled. Just because you complain or state what you don’t like does not mean you want it cancelled.

    If a person takes the time to post what he does not like, he or she still cares enough to post. If a person truly wanted the show to be cancelled then they would just walk away. But most of us are just fighting for the dignity of our show.

    But I will tell you that I watched Guiding Light for many many years, but by the end it was so pitiful that I prayed for cancellation just to stop Wheeler from destroying it more.

    I haven’t reached that point with Carlavati/Valentini yet, but if they continue with some of their cartoon storytelling it could get there.

    GH has been hurting for years under bad management. And it just continues to be hurting under Carlavati/Valentini. I don’t see anything different under them other than their obsession with OLTL.

  12. dg says:

    @ Robert that’s completely not true. GH lost viewers at a much slower rate than AMC or OLTL. So many people have that wrong. OLTL reached close to 3 million viewers toward the end but GH was much stronger.
    And as far as Bryan Frons’ suggestion that GH be spared Nelson Branco backs me up with that fact. One Life fans want to characterize this show as some breakout masterpiece and the fact of the numbers dont back you up. But people believe what they want and blind themselves to the facts.
    @Rodd you’re darn right my opinions are negative and they are uncompromising. And I dont watch GH when its on air. I DVR it and skim through it to look for something interesting. I started watching this show when I was 5 with my mother and at one point my entire family has watched it. So Ill always care at least alittle about it but its easy to ignore at some points.
    @Bran you’re opinion that GH is “on fire” is just that, a subjective opinion. And as far as me not knowing what Im speaking of that’s completely ignorant and a joke. Id dare say that I know more a bout that show than anyone working on it, lol. And as a 42 yr viewer my lectures as you call them will continue. So suck it up. Or like the other guy told me, ignore them and go find a good book to read, lol.


    boes replied

    You need to do better than use Nelson Branco to back up your arguments. He’s enjoyable at times to read, but he also personifies the old saying that “even a broken clock is right twice a day”.

    None of us here know the ins and outs of the final days of OLTL and AMC, but it’s been pretty clear that although Frons had more affection for GH and the other shows (which worked out to OLTL’s advantage storywise), he also did nothing to save it. GH was slotted for extinction before “Revolution” went bust and Katie got scared soap fans would take out their anger about losing the last ABC soap on her and her show.

    I hope you meant your statement that you “know more a bout that show than anyone working on it” as a joke, otherwise……you fill in the blanks. Many of us have been watching GH as long and watched AMC and OLTL for even longer. Yet I doubt we’d claim to know more about the show, other than its history, than those who work on it, at least in general.

    Enjoy your lectures! At least there will be one person who does.


    TiredSoapFan replied

    DG, Other sites beside Branco have reported that Frons wanted to save GH while Sweeney and others wanted to cancel all three shows.

    The thing he had in his favor was at the time GH was doing better in the key 18-49 demo. By fall they had lost that though. Not that Car/Val have helped that any. They have consistently lost more viewers often in that category than any other category. Which proves for the most part that 18-49 women just don’t go for their mysogynystic type story-telling at all. At one time they had lost almost 140,000 viewers in that key demo since taking over. They gained some of them back but after the Olympics they have been dropping them again.

    I think pretty much any of us know more about GH than the writing staff since almost all if not all of GH’s writers are gone now. According to the person at SON Ron C. has fired all of GH’s writers except for 1 since he took over. Many of them were writers he worked with on OLTL.

    In fact some sites have reported that several staff members from reports have been let go and replaced with OLTL staff members. So much for the argument by OLTL fans that so many staff members were put out of work by cancelling OLTL. It ended up being GH staff members out of work.

    I just find it sad when you watch the show, sometimes you sit there going that the character would never do that. Or you sit there shaking your head at something said or done because that character would never do that. Sometimes just a little research would come in handy.


  13. mary says:

    Its the only thing lefted on ABC worth seeing.The rest is just repeat talker and a stupid theif cooking.He lso needs to wash his greasy hair.


  14. susan says:

    i am so glad gh is doing well period!! we need to support the soap opera thru good
    and bad, I love Maurice Benard 100% and he is the reason i watch,

    however i believe recasting jason is a huge mistake sean kanan cannot and will
    never fill steve burtons shoes

    hopefully if it is true maybe steve will return soon

    big mistake gh and abc it just will not work, steve burton is jason period

    i will continue to watch no matter what and hope the soap remains on abc

    but however will not watch the chew, or katie no way


  15. Didjanoit says:

    I’m not going to jump on these numbers any more than I did the ones put out about September 10th ratings. These are based only on 56 markets, when there are over 200 across the country.

    The week of September 10th ratings were 1.9, and only reached one 2.0 all week, which was Friday, not Monday. Hopefully this information will help so everyone doesn’t get their hopes up too high.


  16. Michael says:

    I appreciate Frank and Ron trying a lot of different things, even story lines that I don’t like that much if they draw in another segment of fans.
    I don’t think anyone could argue that there is more time for vets and multi generational plot lines than there has been on this show for years and years.
    I like the way people seem to feel some remorse for their sins and that there may be some personal accountability if not prison time (which doesn’t really ever happen in soaps with main characters). Johnny, Jason, and even Carly have had scenes where they really think about what they have done in the past–Todd is heading for a major fall. Still waiting for Sonny to have a conscience but that may need more of a set up (and when they do, Maurice is more than up for the job).
    Even stupid stuff (like the shoot outs with jerry’s thugs, or the upstairs/downstairs fantasies with the new nurse and mean new doctor with patrick) is well within soapy heritage (and may appeal to an additional fan group).
    Fact is you can’t ditch the mob (which loads of people have hated) without losing fans, can’t concentrate entirely on the vets and not alienate newer viewers, OLTL faves bring in some new characters (and have really lit some other Gh characters plots up–I haven’t liked Carly this much in years thanks to Todd, and Michael has a story line that doesn’t involve being brooding, angry and prison raped!
    Have a little faith–duke may have a brain tumor, may have had to intervene to save robin, and remember anna and robert disappeared for a couple of decades as well.
    This new regime is trying–and fans getting nasty to each other (either saying its all great or all awful) doesn’t help the show or the genre.


    TiredSoapFan replied

    But that is it. With some of these fans you have to like it all or you are just a hater or a bad soap fan. There is no in between anymore. And then people saying you are not loyal if you quit watching. Well TV is meant to entertain and if it is not entertaining then why in the world should you watch it.

    We are not being paid to watch the show. The producers and writers are being paid to write and produce a show that makes people want to watch. Right now not one of the people behind any of these soaps except for B&B is doing that. And guess what they have the most stable ratings.

    They do it without stunts, they do it with a good old fashioned soap opera triangle, they have no big online presence and they have no online “so called” soap opera journalist proclaming them or the people behind them as the second coming, and they have no magazines pawning all over the show either.

    I hardly can make it through episodes of GH, Y&R or Days these days. They are so boring and the only time that GH or Days gets any kind of excitement at all is during these big stunt stories. The location shoot on GH was nice but the writing was atrocious. And the storyline was so stupid. A whole towns water supply is poisoned and one person dies from it. And the stunts were so cheesy and looked like something out of a old episode of Star Trek. They deserved to be lampooned on E for it.

    Carlavati is no better than some folks who write fan fiction online for FREE. His version of GH sucks. And sorry but I don’t see one thing that the OLTL characters add to GH. John McBain is no better than Jason with his McBorg stare and lack of emotion. Todd and his constant one liners got old a long time ago. And Starr is the sorriest excuse for a soap opera heroine ever. And is the plainest looking heroine too. I don’t care one thing about her at all even though the writers have shoved her down my throat and tried to make me care that she lose her boyfriend and child.

    Write a story and let me decide who to care about. Don’t try to make me care.

    I have watched soap operas since 1969. And I loved them and was a proud viewer. I still watch but frankly I am a tired soap fan. Tired of the bad writing, the stunts, the returns from the dead, etc. What once I was proud to watch, now somedays I am ashamed to watch. And that is the big reason I don’t watch as much anymore. I get more excitement and drama from a rerun of Law & Order. And if I want stunts and shock, I’ll just turn on Jerry Springer.


  17. rose says:

    I watch GH everyday, and used to watch AMC and OLTL periodically. As you all know, this was all that’s needed to keep up. I’ve liked some of the OLTL/GH crossovers, if this is what it takes to keep GH on air. But I still don’t trust ABC, still don’t watch anything else on their network (okay, maybe Once Upon A Time), and still am angry about how they treated their soap fans.


  18. TiredSoapFan says:

    Yes GH is in good hands if it wants to be cancelled. Cartooni are ruining the show I once loved. I didn’t watch OLTL because I didn’t like it. I definitely don’t want to watch it on my show. I’ve watched GH for over 30 years and never missed an episode until Cartooni came in and ruined it.

    Guza and Phelps were bad but at least they made the show about GH and not OLTL.

    I hate that all these sites like Fairman and DC are giving credence to the bull that Berman’s site posts. We found out last week the stuff he posts didn’t matter and I highly doubt these ratings will hold up either. Yes Berman said GH got a 2.5 on the Monday in it’s new timeslot. How about the truth — it got a 1.8.

    Wow Cartooni can really bring on the ratings. A big location shoot in the finale of a big story and they get a 1.8. They even got beat by The Talk.


    Rob replied

    Oh, how original and witty to boot…Cartooni! I don’t believe you. You watched GH during Phelps rule and was able to stomach Alan, Emily, Zander, AJ (or so we think), Georgie, Jake, Rick, and Laura drooling in a psych ward…that was watchable for you? You weren’t on a one person rampage to ridicule Phelpsie as you are Cartooni…wow, the brain power you must have to call them THAT.

    I’ll tell you one thing, GH is the only soap ABC has on the air. If it was GH that was canceled, I’d love if several characters were able to move ot Llanview or Pine Valley. Cross-overs have been done before so its so not out of the ordinary.

    People like you make me so angry. If you that disgusted turn the freakin show off. You seem to always look at the negative…all the soaps on the air now have some sort of turmoil going on. GH is pretty steady. Most of the viewers seem to like it. Ratings are definitely not what they used to be. If your more concerned about what the Talk does, then please move on and watch that. Consider GH a lost cause and just maybe, you can get your life back from Cartooni. I’m sure they are doing all of this just to torture you.

    Call me Tired of Tired Soap fans that constantly whine. GH is on the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    TiredSoapFan replied

    And call me tired of the whining done by the soap fans like you who love to call the rest of us haters or not true soap fans.

    People like you make me laugh. I got over being angry a long time ago, and just laugh that you have the audacity to tell us to shut up and move on.

    We love the soaps as much as you do. We just aren’t willing to watch just anything so that they stay on the air. We have been fighting for better quality, and better stories, and fighting to get rid of these hacks who have destroyed the soaps we loved. And in destroying them have caused so many to tune out and led to the cancellation of many of them.

    When Phelps and Guza were there I wrote letters to the show and ABC often. I continue to do that. And I will. And no as much as I did not like what they did, I never tuned out while they were on. Only Cartooni have made me do that. And mostly it is because of the way they pushed the characters they brought over. Esp. in regards to 2 sets of deaths which happened at the same time. We got to see every little detail of the grief Starr experienced but didn’t get to see hardly any of what Patrick went through. And he lost his wife — a character that many of us watched grow up on GH.

    Also they sent that characters father off the show. We didn’t even get to watch him grieve or even attend her funeral. But yet Starr gets both of her parents and on everyday for awhile.

    And by the way I didn’t make up Cartooni. That is on several boards. I just liked it and used it. Hey if folks can use The Revulsion and The Spew and soap fans don’t think that is childish. What’s wrong with Cartooni? It fits because they have turned much of GH into a cartoon. When John McBain did his roll on the ground during the location shoot, believe me I laughed.

    As far as crossovers, yes they have been going on for a long time. And it works and sometimes doesn’t work. I was a faithful viewer of Another World and of As The World Turns. I hated the crossovers to ATWT of the AW characters. And so did so many ATWT fans at the time. And the way the AW characters were dealt with was just wrong. So it was wrong on both accounts for both shows fans.

    I actually liked those characters and still hated it. I don’t like the OLTL characters at all, so I especially don’t like them. But that to me is not Cartooni’s biggest offense. What they have done to characters I loved and the sorry storylines are their biggest offenses.

    So call me Tired of soap fans who whine too. The soap fans who think they know it all, and think they have the right to tell the rest of us to shut up. You don’t own the Internet. You don’t own the soap boards. And the last time I looked it was still free to express your opinion on such.

    Didja Noit replied

    I watched every day of GH during the Guza/Phelps regime, and while I was not happy about losing all the characters you mentioned Rob, at least the stories that led to their departures were serious stories. Not the slapstick, cheesy comedy that is on now. And I did complain during Phelps turn as producer.

    What I do not understand is why it was perfectly acceptable to be critical about every previous GH regime, but Frank and Ron are off limits when it comes to crticism. For some reason it seems to make people’s heads explode to read any criticism of these two, and any discussion devolves into name calling of people posting an opposing opinion. Why is it so important now for everyone to agree to love everything about this show?

    Say what you will about Phelps & Guza, the ratings for GH during their tenure is a matter of record. Until about 2009 they had better numbers even when there were nine soaps on the air, than GH is getting now. Soap Opera Network has the ratings and has an archive going back to the nineties to veryify.

    TiredSoapFan replied


    I have wondered the same exact thing. It’s as if not only have the online journalists and magazines proclaimed Frank & Ron the second coming but the fans have too.

    Frank & Ron employ the same stunt-type story telling with the same mysogynystic overtones as Guza, Frons, Phelps, etc. yet they get a pass from everyone from the soap opera press to the fans.

    Ron C. evidently hates women — he has them raped, taken advantage of by men like Todd/Victor, Johnny, Ford, etc. They are constantly wackos or deranged or have mental illnesses. They can’t get along without their men. He spends months dealing with Sam’s rape from the point of view of Jason. Then she loses her baby and in less than a month she forgets all about said baby.

    He takes a show that already had macho men who felt they were the only ones who could save the world and adds two more macho men with the same attitude.

    He moves from one stunt to another without follow-up to many of the stories. Instead of actually making people dead or make the stories have consequences, he immediately shows the people alive and takes away any drama. Right off the bat we found out Robin was alive. Same with Jax. And you know from that Jerry is not dead either.

    He ignores Patrick for weeks and months at a time, and then boom all of a sudden 2 brand new characters are introduced and immediately in that same week they are in a triangle with Patrick. Why are we supposed to care about this new character and her fantasies.

    Why even get invested in a Patrick story anyway. He has already shown us Robin is alive and keeps teasing us with Anna looking for her. So why get invested in a Patrick relationship at all since we know it won’t go anywhere.

    Frank V. also has already introduced the shaky cameras, the bad direction with the stupid stunts during the location shoot, etc. I have noticed the look and feel of the show go way down since he took over. It is starting to resemble the bad shaky cameras at All My Children years ago.

    I don’t understand this fascination with them. I know that One Life To Live fans could often exhibit a sense of entitlement as if their show was entitled to more than others. And from the outside there always seemed to be so much bitterness among some of their fans online. Not all but SOME.

    Since the OLTL characters have come over and more OLTL fans are watching GH, I have noticed the big shift in GH discussion too. Used too people complained about GH, some moved on, some continued to discuss — we all watched and we all discussed. Sure there was some discord, but never like it is now. It just seems now if you don’t bow down and worship at the altar of Frank and Ron — you are either a hater, a bad soap fan, or just bitter. There is no in between with some of these folks.

  19. boes says:

    DG and TSF – there’s nothing so sweet as basement dwelling complainers, is there?

    If you though the recent previous regimes were GOOD for GH, then there’s really nothing to say.

    Other than that I firmly believe that this criticism is mainly based in attention-needed posting, with little concern about the show but an enormous investment in response.
    This is the last time I am feeding this pitiful beast. Appeals to logic are nothing more than a blind.

    Go on hoping for GH’s demise. With any luck, the rest of us will see the opposite.


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