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60 October 4th, 2013 General Hospital Surges to 2.8 Million Viewers For Five Month High in Total Viewers! #1 Women 18-34 Six Straight Weeks!

General Hospital is on FIYAH!  According to ABC, the week of  September 23 – 27 showed more gains in total viewers for the lone ABC soap opera and highest to date in five months!  Plus, the series remained for the sixth consecutive week the number #1  daytime show for women in the key 18-34 demo.

As fans know,  during that ratings period GH got everything in place for the explosive storylines to bust wide open this week!  Of course, we are talking about the reveal of Maxie and Spinelli being the bio-parents of baby Connie, and the whereabouts of Robin! We expect next week’s ratings to spike this even higher for GH, since the week of Sept 30 is when viewers got some of the reveals they have been waiting for.

According to the ABC press release for week of September 23-27, “GH surged to a 5-month high in Total Viewers (2.80 million) – since week of 4/8/13 – posting double digit increases over the year ago week across all core categories.   Notably, GH  ranked as the #1 program in daytime for the 6th consecutive week in Women 18-34 (262,000/0.8 rating), and placed a solid #2 in Women 18-49 (730,000/1.1 rating) and Women 25-54 (954,000/1.6 rating).”

General Hospital grew by robust double digit margins year to year in Total Viewers (+11% – 2.80 million vs. 2.52 million), Women 18-34 (+44% – 262,000 vs. 182,000), Women 18-49 (+44% – 730,000 vs. 554,000) and Women 25-54 (+31% – 954,000 vs. 726,000).

So, do you think GH could become the #1 show in daytime in women 18-49 next week? Do you think GH could get to a 3.0 million in total viewers?   Share your comments below!


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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    And it deserves it…i can never wait for the next episode…proof there is an audience for a daytime soap…hope Robin gets attatched to the baby…then when Dr.O get caught she reveals to Robin that the baby(now hidden away) is really Robins(and Patrick) as a bargaining tool to get Anna to release her and drop all charges so we can keep Britts mutter for many years to come!!!


    Shay replied

    Hey, WHATEVER it takes to keep the magnificently malevolent “mutter from h#!!” on GH’s map!!!…Today’s show was heaping with heavenly hilarity thanks to Dr. O’s extensive, ecstatic, eloquent elocutions!!!! No matter how much screentime the gleefully ghoulish Germanic glam-ma is granted, it is never enough!!! Just witnessing her cool, cunning and calculating character cradling her “creation” (aka, “Cesar Jr.”….) with such creepy caressing was a sheer splendor, not to mention admiring her absolutely apt and astute assessment of “Sapbrina”! About the only false note was Robin’s intrepid take down of the “Teutonic Terror” with her transparent tactic, although it should undoubtedly be a most temporary triumph….obviously it’s not okay to obstruct the outrageously outre’ Obrecht!!! Retribution will be rapid on Robin’s reprieve since “Liesl and Jerry” require her research to remain relevant.


  2. James says:

    Gh IS Firing On All Cylinders


    SUSAN M. replied

    Triple DITTO!


  3. JessicaLee says:

    Congradulations General Hospital.
    Cartini both are equally amazing they came to us when things
    were bleak and we had no hope.
    They gave fans the things they have been begging for and wanted for years.

    We have Duke back from the dead we have Anna we have Robert we
    Have Stories that captivate our hearts and takes our minds to a whole new level,

    I’m loving Carly and Franco together their chemistry sets my screen ablaze
    I know Carly had amazing ships with Jax and Sonny but her relationship with Franco surprises her it’s very different unique and I just can’t get enough.


    Harry replied

    I think that the only reason ratings are up is due to the prospect of seeing Robert and Robin back. I hope Ron doesn’t do what he did last time and just abandon the vets again. GH is improving and is at its best when we aren’t forced to watch the mess that that is Franko, Carly, Sabrina, Morgan, Olivia and Ava (Lips La Rue). I would not say the writing is a hit, rather, fans are anxious to see the their favorites back on the canvas again.


    Sugarmama replied

    Um you don’t know why people watch your not every single person in the world so STFU speak for your damn self

    David replied

    Harry these ratings reflect before Robin was even on screen. She wasn’t on screen until this past Monday, these ratings are for the week before.

    The ratings for GH for the last five weeks have been doing great. The vets are on canvas but majority of story has been the Kiki/Michael/Morgan triangle, the stuff with Ava and Sonny, the Lulu/Dante/Maxie/Spinelli baby thing/ Britt’s baby story and Franco and Carly. So all the things you say arent working are the things that have had the ratings up for weeks now.

    Martha replied

    Kisses Love you correcting these people
    Yes 5months people not one week 5months Robin hasn’t even been on one month so yea
    Obviously Roger Howarth Laura Wright has something to do with it
    Also other people that some claim to hate.

  4. BritneySBfan says:

    Bravo General Hospital!
    I was a GH fan since Ricky Martin showed up in town
    I loved Sonny and Brenda, Karen and Jagger these pairings and more
    Loved Liz’s rape storyline Carly being held by Rick and telling Bobbie she was her daughter.
    For a while GH went down hill killing of legendary characters the treatment of stars
    I’m glad Frank is in charge and Ron is by his side bringing back our characters
    And taking our characters to a whole new playing field…
    Something I have to admit to is I had this hatred for
    Ron and Frank but they made me eat all those nasty words that I was spewing at them.

    They made me actually enjoy Carly with her Franco story
    I didn’t know Rodger I thought he was a lackey dull unable to act but when Rodger broke down in Carlys arms at that moment I have become a fan of his and Franco & Carly.

    Thank You
    Bravo General Hospital


  5. heidi says:

    Yes… and YES!!! GH… for me is #1 in every category!!! Would love to see it gain the honor of #1 officially!!!

    GH is on fire and it is so great… thanks to the best cast, crew and writers!!! Thanks to RV and FV for stepping in and getting this show to where it should be!!! Congratulations to everyone at GH!!!


  6. Shorty21 says:

    I knew Ron and Frank would pull together a show of Gold,
    I find myself complaining a lot less then I was when Guza was in charge,
    Enjoying more then one character and one storyline there are actually hotter men getting more screen time then Sonny that’s a major plus for me.

    I hope Pattrick finds Robin, Silas and Sam get together and
    Most of all Franco and Carly get together their chemistry and tortured love story is way to intense and powerful not to go there.

    I love all of General Hospital


  7. Alex says:

    Well deserved. nothing can stop Frank & Ron.
    I like all the story lines, specially the Robin return, Ava & Morgan ( I wonder where that goes to?) and the most exciting pairing of Carly and Franco. I love it all and I can´t get enough.
    Congrats to Ron and Frank for turning this show into MUST watch !!!


    Harry replied

    I just don’t know how they are going to make fans accept that Carly is hot for her the man who orchestrated her son’s rape. I am sorry, but a neat little tumor does not tie things up. Why could they have not written a decent character worthy of Roger’s talent? it’s clear he hates this part as he is pulling in a terrible performance on purpose. Yes, ratings are up due to Robert and Robin’s return, but what happens next? Can Ron sustain those ratings? I am dubious.


    Sugarmama replied

    If Jax hired a man to protect Josslyn and she gets raped is it his fault?

    Alex replied

    It´s a SOAP. Anything is possible in fiction. That is what makes GH so successful.

    Talking about prison rape…. Being in prison is no walk in the park, specially for young men being there for the first time. The chances of getting raped in prison are close to 100% unless you´ve got someone protecting you. (there are tons of movies focussing on violence in prison).
    In other words, just being there makes Michael already a victim. Now you can list all the characters who played a part in Michael´s tragedy.
    I certainly did not enjoy the hospital rape SL, but it showed the audience how cruel life in prison is.

    I´m enjoying the here and now and all the different stories to be told. And I do enjoy RH and LW, the actors entertain me more than any other pairing on the show. If I couldn´t overlook the fact that the SOAP genre is far away from reality, I wouldn´t watch.

    Apparently millions of people are enjoying GH as it is RIGHT NOW.

    Hope replied

    Agreed Alex this is a soap not reality and most people are willing to over look this because they know Soaps and Reality is so far apart.
    I’m enjoying the Carly and Franco storyline because it’s different and new unexpected
    I really love the dynamics between them,
    People want new things not the same old stuff it gets boring and predictable after a while.

  8. Brenda says:

    I’m sad and upset not all my General Hospital favorites are not on
    Brenda Jagger Emily Alan Justice Jason Zander Gia Georgie Lucky,
    But I’m grateful to still have Carly Sonny Monica Tracy Anna Duke Luke Laura,
    I believe Frank and Ron even if they get a lot of greif and upset fans hollering at them they are ultimately responsible for the survival of General Hospital,
    I appreciate them for their hard work and their dedication to this shows history and characters.
    I’m loving Roger Howarth the most I love the chemistry between Roger and Laura
    Carly and Franco as a possible duo excites me I love the history the hardship and the forbidden love POV I have always been a sucker for Carly and her vulnerable side and she’s showing it only for Franco I love that.


  9. Linda.G says:

    We love this show me my 18yr old 16yr old 10yr old and 7yr old daughters my mother that turned
    60 on GH50 anniversary watch this everyday something that brings my girls my mom my husband
    Closer, we can never get enough of General Hospital.
    I’m loving DnA Spixie Lante Siam all couples and characters these stories are well written and the actors are beyond talented, Something everyone agrees on is the Chemistry between Roger Howarth and Laura Wright that Chem is strong makes it difficult to hate them or not want them together it’s pure passion when they look at each other.
    Keep these coming Ron and Frank you both are gifts that we cherish very much.


  10. Mary says:

    I’m enjoying Franco/Carly but hope he gets to work with other women and they should bring on his real mother.


  11. LilyLane says:

    Okay I admit it I was skeptical when Ron and Frank took over I thought they were going to bring everyone that was on One Life To Live to General Hospital but they didn’t and I appreciate that,
    They brought home Duke Anna Robert Holly Laura Scott Lucy Doc and brought actors from almost every daytime show General Hospital is now a Mega Soap fun entertaining very intense and sure to shake up our afternoons .
    I am loving Robin’s story Sonny, Lante/Spixie, The Quartermaines, Morgan and Ava, Silas and Sam
    Most of all Carly and Franco he’s new and different for her and I really enjoy the chemistry and dynamics between Laura and Roger.


    jp replied

    I agree. OLTL will always be my favorite soap of all time. I thank Frank and Ron for bringing and keeping some of Llanview alive while PP figured out what they were doing.

    GH is on fire. Frank and Ron are the best daytime duo soaps have seen in a long time. I know not everything they have done has turned to gold, but compared to other executive producers and head writers out there, they are hundred times better.

    Congrats GH. Keep up the great work.

    And PP, you better be resolve this issue with ABC and bring back my OLTL soon.


  12. Mary SF says:

    and if you are a woman like me 55 plus, you don’t matter anymore LOL— oh well, still love the show —


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Us men dont count at all…1.2.3…lol


  13. Elhu says:

    I absolutely think GH can become # 1 in the 18 – 49 bracket, as well as hit the 3.0 million viewer mark, it is incredibly riveting. Kudos to Frank, Ron and their entire team, as well as to all of the loyal fans, who never gave up hope, and continued to watch, and welcome to all the new viewers. I am a fan for over 40 years (been watching since my early teens) and I enjoy revisiting the old characters being brought back, as well as the new character storylines. Way to go GH !!!!


  14. liz says:

    Great job bringing everyone back. Please put our Scrubs back together soon.


  15. Julie says:

    YUP! I’m watching GH 100% for Spixie, The Drake family, Mac, Felicia, Duke and Anna! I can’t wait for Spixie to get their baby Georgie Far away from Lante! Maxie and Spinelli are baby Georgie’s parents and need to raise her. I also cannot wait to see Anna, Duke, Emma, Maxie, Mac, and Patrick to lay their eyes on Robin again!


  16. ricardo says:

    gh is on fire now. i love dr.o. she is a bitch, but dr.o can sing a good song. i want to sing with her. the song would be fever. i want bobbie spencer, i miss jackie zeman. the storylines are excellent. franco needs to leave the canvas. thats my only complaint.


  17. Patrick says:

    General Hospital is on FIYAH!

    “Days of OUR Lives” – embers, simmers, pulsates, salivates, pay attention…



    ALL their


  18. Patrick says:

    So, do you think GH could become the #1 show in daytime

    A Resounding BIG time YES!

    Just say DAYS is #2 and closing in

    A part of me… OK to your chagrin… wants CBS to “DROP”


  19. Tracy says:

    Yes I think GH can take the #1 spot in woman 18-49! I also think GH can get 3 million viewers. I loved that we saw Robert it was such of a surprise to see him! I’m also loving all things Maxie and Spinelli. I’m glad the truth is out and now Spixie and claim their baby. GH is getting off to a strong start for the new TV season! I hope GH can also average at least a 2.4 in HH, and also be #1 in women 18-49, and women 18-34 for the 2013-2014 TV season.


  20. Sugarmama says:

    Okay I’m loving General Hospital 5months high ratings
    Wow incredible!
    I saw Carly and Franco were on the episode that had 3.million viewers
    I hated Carly and Franco but ever since that Bridge sence where he broke down in her arms
    I needed more!
    Roger Howarth and Laura Wright has this amazing pull to each other I just can’t get enough!


  21. Cyber says:

    I don’t like most of the stories and its obvious a favorite vet of mine currently has no story other than propping newbies and characters this regime will write for not getting a storyline

    too many triangles ,long gaps with the bloated cast…..I’m only back for Robin’s return umbrella story but I’m no hater and glad that GH is doing well…and other peeps are enjoying it but I have a lot of problems with the show and ratings./ #s are of no consequence to me.


  22. Kaleialoha says:

    I have been a fan of this show since I was 7 I am now 47
    I saw a lot of my favourite Characters and a lot of couple
    But the one I love most is Franco and Carly one of the best pairings General Hospital has ever seen,
    I say yes this show can be number one and it is already number one in my heart!
    Thank You Cartini



    have Sam and Silas have a baby girl!!!!!!!!!

    And then have Jason come back and challene Sam for custody

    the ratings will go through the roof
    but I want Sam and Silas together


    custody for Danny




  24. Eileen says:

    It’s exciting to see GH excel with these rating improvements! I’m a fan of Roger Howarth and it’s great to have him on this show. Thanks to Frank Valentini for assembling such a fine cast and crew. The actors are all amazing talents and a joy to watch.


  25. Felicity says:

    I am a huge RogerHowarth Franco and LauraWright Carly fan
    This show is amazing I’m thrilled RH and LW are on it,
    Everyday I look forward to Carly/Franco,
    I go to school so I have to DVR it watch when I get home I rush to my tv,
    On weekends I anxiously await Monday so I could watch!


  26. aria says:

    GH is simply the best soap on the air ,and soon they will be the #1 soap to reflect that.


  27. Elizabeth says:

    I and many others are waiting for RC to give LAURA a decent story – where is Laura?


  28. heidi says:

    Tristan was awesome!!! Keep him around and the ratings will continue to go higher!!!


  29. TheCoven says:

    I am loving everything about GH I love that Frank and Ron know what we want even before we ask for it
    The Dante/Lulu/Maxie/Spin story I find interesting I love Maxie she’s trying to do the right thing but I don’t think Lulu deserves it at all she was the one that ruined Maxie’s sisters marriage,
    Although I don’t think Sonny deserves sympathy I am glad Carly was able to make him take his medication even tho only a few months ago he threatened to kill her and she had to beg him to forgive her, IMHO Sonny is the most abusive man on canvas that are made likeable by his women Carly being one of them.
    I love The return of the vets returning Robert Duke Anna Faison Lucy Laura Scott Stefan Nicholas
    Scotty Bobbie Noah it’s nice to see the originals the people that made this show golden,
    I’m loving Roger Howarth and Laura Wright they have beautiful chemistry and their story just speaks to me I hope Franco is forgiven by Carly it seems like she has but still feels guilty for having feelings for him,
    Well I can’t wait till Franco and Carly’s story progresses.
    I am loving the overall casting and the writing.
    Bravo And Thank you Frank and Ron


  30. SUSAN M. says:

    All I have to say it GH is soooooo GOOD! I extremely enjoy watching this soap five days a week.. Now this is ENTERTAIMENT!!!!! Happy their ratings are high ! I like Franco & Carly also. Do you think they will definitely be a couple? I do…


  31. The Coven says:

    I am loving everything about GH I love that Frank and Ron know what we want even before we ask for it
    The Dante/Lulu/Maxie/Spin story I find interesting I love Maxie she’s trying to do the right thing but I don’t think Lulu deserves it at all she was the one that ruined Maxie’s sisters marriage,
    Although I don’t think Sonny deserves sympathy I am glad Carly was able to make him take his medication even tho only a few months ago he threatened to kill her and she had to beg him to forgive her, IMHO Sonny is the most abusive man on canvas that are made likeable by his women Carly being one of them.
    I love The return of the vets returning Robert Duke Anna Faison Lucy Laura Scott Stefan Nicholas
    Scotty Bobbie Noah it’s nice to see the originals the people that made this show golden,
    I’m loving Roger Howarth and Laura Wright they have beautiful chemistry and their story just speaks to me I hope Franco is forgiven by Carly it seems like she has but still feels guilty for having feelings for him,
    Well I can’t wait till Franco and Carly’s story progresses.
    I am loving the overall casting and the writing.
    Bravo And Thank you Frank and Ron


  32. Jared says:

    GH is my must-see show now with DAYS a close second. Both shows seem to understand that the daytime serial is on the verge of extinction; and to combat that, they have to produce quality products. Neither show is perfect by any measure, but they are far superior to the shows they were during most of the 00′s. Y&R has the numbers but needs creative help. I was once a stalwart fan; and if I bail out on something I was so loyal to, that begs the question: how many more like me are out there? The only reason I can figure why Y&R is still #1 is that CBS has an overall stronger lineup comparatively with better lead-ins. Also, my local NBC affiliate has dropped DAYS from its lineup. I don’t understand how they can call themselves an NBC affiliate but not show ALL of NBC’s shows. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I watch it on Soapnet when I can.

    I am definitely skeptical of demo groups, whether they be based on age, background, orientation, etc. As an off-topic social note, it seems the media, the corporations and the government (I think they’re all one personally) look for ways to divide us rather than unify us. I guess it’s all about where the dollar is when all is said and done.


  33. Martha says:

    Yes Yes Yes My God Yes
    General Hospital sure indeed can be number one!
    I say these stories Forbidden Love Temptation New Horizons
    Better GH I love Carly and Franco the most tho I love it want some more of it!!


  34. Blink182 says:

    I have to say there were a lot of complaints yet
    The ratings are up the stories ate good casting awesome
    I love that :)
    Carly and Franco are amazing I need more of them
    Roger Howarth Laura Wright Michael Easton Kelly Monaco are my favourites of all time I’m glad they are on such a successful show!


  35. TnB4ever says:

    I don’t like this show or Tanko and Cujo
    Roger should go back wheere he belongs
    On One Life To Live With Kassie


    Krissy replied

    If you don’t like GH you don’t need to no one is forcing you to watch
    I love Carly and Franco in my honest opinion they are one of the best things on
    General Hospital.


  36. VictoriaGHLover says:

    I’m a self admitted former hater of Ron and Frank I wrote them some nasty letters begging them to quit,
    Who knew a year later I would be one of their biggest fans and supporter,
    I’m loving the returns I’m loving the stories and the characters together and apart
    Sometimes I even amaze myself on how much these stories has changed me I’m no longer bitter about
    Jason and Sam ending and Carly and Johnny ending.
    I’m enjoying more then one character more then one story something I thought was impossible.
    Before I say thank you I have to apologize and hope I’m forgiven not just to Ron and Frank
    But to Roger Howarth I thought this guy was a Ronald McDonald type of actor a talentless hack that couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag even if his life was on the line I thought he was a clown nothing real and true about his acting but my mind truly changed after that bridge episodes where he was facing off with himself that was the most intense I have ever seen Roger Howarth and at that moment he is indeed one of the best and I was embarrassed that I was such a doubter a a**hat if you will,
    I enjoy the chemistry between Roger and Laura maybe even a bit more then Ingo and Laura.
    Thank you Frank and Ron for these stories and making General Hospital worth watching
    Thank you Roger for showing me what you have to offer and how I was so wrong about you.

    This show is number one for me!


    Alex replied

    Love your comment , it´s´#1 for me


  37. TnB4ever says:

    GH Sucks A Bucket foll of Suds
    RogerHowarth is talentless unless paired with Kassie Depiava
    Roger should Leave GH and come back to One Life To Live


    Susan replied

    Then go watch One Life To Live


  38. TeamQuartermaine says:

    Hey I love this show and all but where are The Quartermaines?
    We have Franco but Monica kicked him out we have Michael he has Abby’s apartment
    Tracy is off with Luke Monica is I have no idea where and Aj is in Jail,
    Michael Tracy Monica Aj Franco needs to get their act together they are the last remaining Quartermaines
    Left and Thanksgiving is close by,
    I hope I get to see Aj Tracy Franco Monica Michael eating that pizza and chasing that turkey having a Quartermaine Thanksgiving.


  39. Susan says:

    I hated Ron and Frank thought they were hacks with pets but they surely proved me wrong
    I love what they did and continue to do with General Hospital,
    Most of all I love Roger Howarth I hated him at first I didn’t want him anywhere near my Carly
    I didn’t think his acting was up to par with General Hospital actors but I changed my mind after the Bridge episode Roger showed that he was more then just a Clown in a crowd full of Professionals but he can do powerful and depth very well,
    I love the chemistry between Laura and Roger I believe they have a bit more then Ingo Radamacher and Laura Wright and that says a lot coming from a former Roger Howarth hater and a pro CarJax fan.
    Good Job everyone!
    Thank you cast crew writers producers


  40. TnB4ever says:

    I am a true Roger Howarth fan me Cataz Foxy Jen Laroc Fickels Orical everyone sees how miserable Roger Howarth is and it shows in the low ratings and he wants Kassie only Kassie
    Frank is going to bring KassI’d on GH for Roger Howarth Franco and Carly have no chance


    The Truthteller replied

    Kassie Depaiva will never appear on GH again. I will just leave it at that.


    Foxy replied

    Love Roger Howarth and laura wright working together right on GH so u don’t have to speak for me


    Foxy replied


  41. LauraHowarthFan says:

    Y&R may have the highest number in viewership (which is always a wonder to me) but GH sure as hell provides the most enjoyable daytime entertainment to the audience, IMHO. Congrats to Frank and Ron for the increase in ratings. These two men obviously know what GH needs, compelling scripts and talented actors. More of the star crossed lovers Carly and Franco please!!!


  42. kim says:

    i love Franco and Carly they are the best


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