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42 August 10th, 2013 General Hospital’s Finola Hughes Chats On Anna & Duke, The Jeromes, Jason Thompson & Robin!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

One of daytime’s most popular and accomplished actresses, Daytime Emmy winner Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) chatted with On-Air On-Soaps at the ABC Summer Press Tour for the TCA (Television Critics Association) and gave us her thoughts on the infusion of the notorious Jerome family that has implanted itself again in Port Charles, and what it means for Anna and her man Duke (Ian Buchanan) who have a very tortured history with the clan!

Plus, after being front and center in the “death” of Robin storyline, does Finola ultimately hope that her on-screen daughter, and dear friend Kimberly McCullough (Robin) will soon be back to play-out being rescued from what appears to be Dr. Olbrecht’s  (Kathleen Gati) clutches, and God knows, who else at this point?

For fans of the one and only Hughes, what we can tell you is that this coming week on General Hospital, danger looms! Is it Anna to the rescue? Or, is something else about to go down?  You have to watch and see!  In the meantime, here is what Finola had to say during our conversation … and, read on to find out what actor she really misses working with!

What did you think when you found out about the Jeromes being in Port Charles again, and what that means for Anna and Duke who have  history with that mob family?  And, this time out in 2013, we have William deVry as Julian Jerome, and Maura West as his sis, Ava Jerome!


FINOLA:   I think this is going to be good.  What I like is that it is intertwined with something that came before.  But, what I also like is there is something really dark about those people.  We did something interesting that actually aired recently, where Duke and Anna went to Sonny (Maurice Benard) for help.  I thought that was kind of cool.

Anna lost her and Duke’s baby at the hands of the Jeromes!

FINOLA: Yes, it was because of Olivia (Tonja Walker).  She did something to the elevator and it crashed.  I seemed to think that is what it was.  (Laughs)

Moving forward, some have expressed GH needs to have some continual major story for the duo of Anna and Duke so they don’t become complacent!  What do you know, in general terms, of story plans for the future?

FINOLA:  I don’t know what the full extent of the story is yet, but I think it would be great for them to have something to do.  They are together, and that doesn’t work on a soap.  You have to have something that you kind of do together, instead of just being together.  I can’t think of better story, actually, than going up against the mob.

Last year, you had so much emotional story, and were front and center with Anna dealing with the loss of her on-screen daughter, Robin (Kimberly McCullough).  It’s hard for many longtime viewers to not have had you on-screen as much, over the last several months, given the caliber of your outstanding performances.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

FINOLA: Thank you for saying that, Michael.  It’s weird for me, and it takes me out of touch with the show.  There are a lot of viewers who don’t know me as much, and so it sort of handicaps me, to be honest.  You get up to speed with some new viewers and then suddenly you aren’t there.  So, I have to go back over that ground again, and almost make up for that time.

I think one of your best scene partners ever on General Hospital has to be Jason Thompson (Patrick)!  The two of you are fantastic to watch together.  It has been riveting to watch Patrick and Anna grieve the loss of Robin, and how they have both tried to move on with their lives.

FINOLA: I love working with Jason so much!  I just love it.  I am very fond of Jason as a person.  He is a wonderful person, and in the same manner I love working with Ian Buchanan.  You are working with your friend.  I also think, on top of that, Jason and I both have a lot of feelings that are similar about certain people and subjects, and we kind of walk the same ground, a little bit.

Have you told Kimberly McCullough that she needs to come back to GH and have the Robin story conclude? (Laughs)  Fans are hoping that although she is fast becoming a prominent and upcoming director, she will give some resolution to this monumental cliffhanger!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

FINOLA: All I ever say to her is, “I just really want to work with you.  I just do!”  She is a wonderful director.  I think everything she is doing, she should absolutely be doing. However, I think she feels this: that there is a little piece of string out there dangling and waiting that hasn’t been concluded in regards to General Hospital.  It’s like an unfinished end.

Now that you have directed your first motion picture, The Bet, would you consider, or do you want to direct episodes of General Hospital?

FINOLA: I don’t know if I will direct General Hospital, because that is a different beast to direct than a movie.  I am not sure I would know what to do with those four cameras. (Laughs)  I am desperate to direct again.  There are two projects that I am sort of balancing.

Was becoming a director a natural progression for you because, for instance, you like being in charge, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, and you like to have your creative vision fulfilled?

FINOLA:  Here is the thing: I know you think I might like to be in charge, but I honestly didn’t feel like that.  I just felt like everybody was coming together to create one thing. All you need is one person at the helm, and you are propelled along by everybody.  And, you just sort of have this point person, and I kind of felt like that, and as the point person. I knew how to do it, and that was it.  Basically, you just collect everybody and go, “I know how to do this, but you know how to do everything else, so let’s just go.”  It’s very collaborative.  You just do more preparation, and you are just involved longer than anybody else.  But, everybody’s expertise comes into play at different times.

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

What did you think when Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson, and Michael Easton returned to GH in all new roles as Franco, Kiki and Silas?  Was it jarring to you, as it was initially for viewers?

FINOLA:  Well, I can tell you how I feel; I felt great loss in losing John McBain (Easton’s former character) from my story.  For the others, I was not involved in their story, and so I don’t even know them as their new characters at all. (Laughs)  I love working with Michael Easton.  He is a great guy.

So GH fans, what do you think awaits Anna and Duke as their longtime enemies, the Jeromes, are trying to stake their claim to the territory of Port Charles from Sonny?  Will Anna ever get closer to the truth about Robin’s true whereabouts with Dr. Obrecht roaming in and out of Port Charles?  Did you enjoy scenes between John McBain and Anna Devane ?Do you agree that one of Finola’s best scene partners is when she is paired with Jason Thompson?  Comment below!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I loved Anna and John McBain. I hope she gets to work with Michael again somehow. I wish they would have killed Robin off in Kimberly isn’t coming back any time soon. She is still begging for money to complete the movie, so I don’t think she will be back soon. She takes advantage of GH fans to get contributions to follow her dream. Most people are just trying to pay their mortgage and survive. I think there are starving children or cancer research or worthy causes that need money more urgently. I feel like the fans are being held captive along with Robin. I love Kimberly and have always loved the character of Robin, but I am over it now. I’ve lost a lot of respect for her lately, but maybe I am the only one. My dream is to pay my mortgage and find a job before I am homeless. Can I beg for money on Twitter for that?? No because I’m not a rich actress following her dream. I love Finola and can’t wait to see her more as the Jerome story unfolds.


    Cathy replied

    First, ROBIN DOESN’T DIE FOR ANYONE. Robin is a GH legacy. Many like myself are waiting for her to be reunited with her family which includes Patrick and Emma. That is when many will start watching GH again. Secondly, Kimberly is not forcing anyone to send her money for her film. FYI in making movies today you have to fund it. That is the business part of it. you need funding and many big names use social media which is now the best way to do it . That is how it is done today. Another FYI, in the past Kimberly has raised over 50,000 in one year for Aids research and she did the Aids walks many years. She is one of the most giving people i know. Many fans have followed her and asked if they can help and to let them know. No one said you had to contribute. If you don’t want to don’t but don’t bad mouth or blame Kimberly when others like Spike Lee is doing the same thing. I am waiting for the day Robin returns and FV works with her schedule like he said he would and like he does for others. Robin can be recurring like BA and others. Where there is a will there is a way to keep Robin on GH. Robin/ Kimberly is GH and always will be not the OLTL actors.


    Cynthia replied

    I have my opinion just like you. She could always be brought back just like AJ or anyone else. I am tired of waiting for it and am not so sure it will ever happen. If she does, then I will be glad. In the meantime, I would like Patrick to be happy. She isn’t the only legacy. The OLTL actors are there and working. They are good actors. I would love to see Robert Scorpio back in town. Wish he was there now instead of still in a coma. I hope his status does not revolve around Kimberly. I don’t know if he wants to come back or not. Since you know so much, maybe you can tell me. I have no idea how film making works. Maybe she could have stayed at GH and gotten paid. How is she directing right now if there is no many to make the film? I have no idea. I’m just trying to survive from one day to the next. I love GH and will watch it as long as it is on which I hope is forever.

    Jules replied

    I am (was?) a huge Scrubs fan, and have thought of Robin and Patrick as the most perfect couple to ever grace a soap….and I’ve watched a lot of soap. I know their history together, I can recite lines, duel anyone in a Q&A about them. I just fell for them hard and completely. KMc leaving was a huge blow for me because I always fantasized JT and KMc leaving together and Scrubs+Emma living happily ever after off screen. They are both (and now little Brooklyn too) so talented and have potential that reaches far beyond the soap world, though I have loved them being a part of it. And I won’t ever watch GH again until I know that Patrick will lay eyes on Robin again and either KMc will stick around or JT will decide to leave (no firing of course…just him seeing what else he can do) and voila, my fantasy is real.

    So I’m coming at this as a total fan of theirs. Delusional? Perhaps, but a fan.

    But I totally see where Cynthia is coming from. It’s akin to those celebrities hawking other products of theirs (which at least you get some return on) or worse, those awful investment schemes. She isn’t struggling by any means. Maybe she can’t flip the entire bill of the movie, but she is much more well off than a lot of her fans are, so to take it to us, as if the existence of it depends squarely on us, gives us a burden we didn’t ask for or need in the first place. If she wanted to raise money for her project, she should plea to the people who can afford to do so. I support her in making this film, but if she’s going to crowdsource every time she has a film she wants to make (and she did this too with her short film “Nice Guys Finish Last” a few years ago!) she is going to exhaust and p!ss off more and more fans.

    Ultimately, it’s anyone’s choice whether they decide to fork over their money or not. Well off or not, if you believe in her and her vision and that’s where you want your money to go, that is entirely an individual’s prerogative. But KMc’s begging in the first place leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    BTW, *WE* fans also raised all that money for the AIDS walk sponsoring KMc and JT. Between the various fan boards and incentives they offered, FANS donated all that money. Yes JT and KMc offered some phone calls, maybe set tours and a hockey jersey one time at FCW, but make no mistake, it was all the fans’ money who went towards those great causes. Maybe JT and KMc donated too, but their fans were the driving force.

    rebecca1 replied

    I understand what you’re saying Cynthia. There are many in personal financial crisis and yet the lay person…the non media person, non celebrity, actor, etc. can’t just get on a site and ask for money. Well, inactuality we can because of sites like Kickstarters…but since we’re not well known and don’t have a fan base to start with it’s much more difficult.

    I think that many “stars” take advantage of their fans to some degree. Social media like Twitter, which I must admit is fun to follow at times…ensures that fans keep watching as the “star
    keeps their fanbase involved with their lives. I think it’s all strategically played.

    But, in the end, we choose to allow them into our lives, we choose to get lost in the characters they play, even knowing in some way we’re being played.

    The best way to enjoy a soap and believe in the characters is to block out all reality and get lost in the world behind the screen…


    rebecca1 replied

    in actuality

    Cynthia replied

    Thanks, Rebecca. I was all wrapped up in the Robin story. I love Robin as much as the next person. It was just one day Kimberly was tweeting begging for money every 5 seconds. I finally had to unfollow her on Twitter. Then people kept re-tweeting her tweets, so I had to unfollow them too. It is just so frustrating when you are just trying to get by. I wouldn’t go online begging for money for survival much less to “follow my dream”. In the meantime while she is gone, Jason Thompson deserves a story and Patrick deserves a life. I’m glad he is still there and involved in storylines.

    Patrick replied


    People…. please read that first paragraph.

    That couple… along w/Brooklyn. escape… pure… beholden… pulls at the Heart.

    GH encapsulated the definition of Serial…. with the best trio in daytime… in as many years and as far back as I can remember…. this lovefest is longed for.

    I could watch this story…. over and over.

    The magic stirred… rendered feeling… provoked thought… and longed for. you radiated in their happiness.


    tough act to follow.


    I feel for Jason Thompson some…. he knows… what happens. Kimberly McCullough… will come back to GH.

    that watershed… will spill.



    CTwildheart replied

    I get what you’re saying – but I have lost no respect for Kimberly. She has every right to finance her film any way she can. And actually, yes – others have set up fundraising accounts for what they need and ask for money.


    k/kay replied

    Cynthia I totally agree with you about KM/Robin but then again she was never a favorite of mine as she got older the writers made her self-righteous etc I found myself rooting for the Doctor I think her name was ? to win Patrick. So if she never comes back that suits me fine I just feel sorry for the character of Patrick heck why could we have not kept Kelly Sullivan and had a romance between those two. As for begging for money none of these people really live in the real world and they are always wanting you to contribute to their causes always using someone elses money. I will put my tax return up any day to theirs and see who gives the most to charities etc. this house takes care of their family etc and always glad we can help them and others.

  2. Lauren says:

    I miss seeing Finola on GH! I thought she and Easton had great chemistry and the loss of that relationship has been a major disappointment. Her numerous fans mirror her words- not having her onscreen takes us out of touch with the show, too. It’s hard to wrap the brain around TPTB that would have this caliber of actor at their fingertips and be satisfied to let her slip away.


  3. jules says:

    thanks for this interview with the wonderful finola hughes! there is not enough anna devane on screen. plain and simple. this jerome storyline will hopefully bring anna and her guy, duke, back to where they belong…front and center, front-burner, delivering fantastic performances. they both are such great actors, i just don’t understand why you wouldn’t use them more and have them help carry a front-burner story. i also enjoyed finola’s work with michael easton! john and anna had a great friendship, comraderie…and finola and michael have chemistry. but…GH most definitely needs more Anna and Duke! you bring back emmy winning actors and you don’t use them…WTF, GH. let’s get this Jerome story moving and have Anna and Duke get into the thick of it.


  4. Dawn says:

    Not using Finola as a major player on GH is waste of an incredible talent. It also makes no sense. She is a legacy character with tons of history. This Jerome story should have Duke and Anna featured prominently, yet they languish in the background. I’m beyond frustrated by the choices TPTB are making in terms of how they use Finola and other key legacy characters. I’m finding myself tuning out more and more often because of that frustration. I know many credit Cartini with “bringing back vets”…but I’m finding the sporadic appearances and super-short scenes extremely frustrating and disappointing.


  5. Patrick says:

    She takes my breath away….

    I see her part on screen… and stop what I’m doing…. and check her out. Lovely, stunning actor. She captures me like no other, currently on General Hospital. I love her romance with Ian Buchanon… and just hope upon hope… that they get meaty material to substantiate. I mean… c’mon… aside from her offical duties… she provides romance. and instinctual mother’ing… is a jewel to behold.

    she’s so relative to GH… and she knows… understands for us… what’s going on. Her love for Robin… her character ‘ driven reveals’ are interesting… and as a fan… I root for her… I want her re-union with Robin in a big way… and… I’ll wait for that.

    it’s sad that KM isn’t here. for us, again… that this story… was what catapulted FH’ return to daytime…. it’s still bothersome that she wasn’t, at the very least… nominated for an Emmy… that’s probably farther from her mind than ours. it’s cute and telling.. that she shares…. abut KM… “I just want to work with you.” that’s actor in the business love for the trade talk…. and dag! if there isn’t so many actors to ply your trade with… and make look good with.

    I wholeheartedly agree with FH… that there is a dark, ominous telling of the Jerome’s. and that Julian and Ava… and whatever happens down the road… will be featured prominently in Port Charles. Yikes… that Anna and Duke..related… the Jeromes’ are responsible for Anna and Duke… losing their baby… here’s Anna in the know.

    I adore you Finola…. and fans of… are waiting in the wings to cheer your presence.


  6. Cathy says:

    Hoping to see Robin return to her husband,child, parents, family and friends. They better NEVER kill off Robin. If they were smart and wanted fans back they would make Robin recurring and use her when they can or send Robin, Patrick and Emma off to her birthday trips. If Jason Thompson was smart he would leave for better things otherwise have him come back as someone new. Robin and Patrick will ALWAYS belong together. They are perfect together and no one comes close not even RC pet nurse who he constantly props using Robins life and history. Hate how Anna looks stupid and didn’t investigate the lab. That’s not Anna let alone Robert who was taken over by Dr O. Horrible writing.


    Cynthia replied

    They can’t bring back Robin if Kimberly doesn’t want to be there. She is busy.


    Cathy replied

    Kimberly, herself, said RECENTLY they are trying to negotiate a return. Kimberly was always coming back. She and FV said it, from the day she left, in the mag. It is an ABC directing program, so there are ways to work around it and easier than if it was another network. She was supposed to return earlier but that got stalled when TG got ill and the OLTL pets and their Prospect Park nonsense which FV wouldn’t let go of. If FV can go to those lengths for OLTL, he can do whatever necessary to bring Robin and Robert back. They didn’t need Robin back yet and still could have brought Robert back. So saying that Kimberly doesn’t want to return or can’t is nonsense especially when FV is willing to work for his OLTL pets and other GH pets. And yes Robin is a legacy who grew up with many of us from a CHILD just like FV pet OLTL KA/Starr. FV wrote Kimberly out 2 months sooner instead of giving us more Robin with Patrick, Emma and Anna just to bring on KA. Kimberly was always a team player and for ABC/GH and didn’t leave to go to another soap. She still misses GH her words at a PA and was willing to do both. And again no one is forced (your choice) to donate and MANY others use twitter not just Kimberly.

  7. Valerie says:

    Fiona is such a wonderful actress, I hope this upcoming storyline gives her plenty of the spotlight. I wish I found her and Duke a more interesting couple, but I know that’s pretty much the only romantic option for her. That doesn’t seem right. I am in complete agreement with her that losing the Anna/John McBain friendship was so unfortunate for her character. That’s just something that clicked from their very first scene, and Fin and Michael Easton has wonderful chemistry. I hope the show figures out a way to have them work together again.


  8. margie dalton says:

    Love Finolia with Ian beleive this time working with Sonny . They will eliminate the Jeromes for GOOD!! My Sonny’s teritory is His! The must find a way to save Robin. Revenge is served best Cold Dr. Loved the John McBain & Comish Anna.


  9. RatherBeGulfing says:

    CLASS ACT!! She’ll never say it but Fin was robbbbed of an Emmy she very much deserved!


  10. Ivan says:

    Loved your interview. I really hope we get to see more of you, Ian, and Jason.


  11. Louisamay says:

    I would love to see Anna with Robert. (And Robin!)


  12. aria says:

    love Finola, GH just needs to stay aware of the fact that we want her on our screen regularly, there’s so much she can do, besides have her own storyline, she could also be a strong supportive character in other story lines. i wish she would appear more often with patrick for example, that fact that we haven’t seen her interact with him and with what is currently happening in his story line is such a miss opportunity. Hopefully the Jerome storyline will put her in the center of things but GH needs to take advantage of having Finola on. I
    would love to see her interact with Genie, who also needs to be put front and center, and love her friendship with Luke, and i would love to see he become friends with Alexis for example. All i know is if i was running GH i could easily find things for her and other to do that would be interesting and fun. are You listening Ron and Frank?


  13. lissa says:

    Very classy.

    I have been a fan of Finola and Ian for years. And while I love Duke and Anna, I have been very disappointed in how they have handled Duke’s return and the lack of story for DnA. I hope this interview motivates them to write a story for them. I’m really hoping they will be used in this Jerome story. I would also love to Jason and Finola work more together.


  14. Ann Marie Blon says:

    I want to see more of Anna and Dante working together. They need to beef up the PCPD too. I want to see more police action also.


  15. MarLo says:

    I love”Anna” and I absolutely love Finola!!!!! I’ve been watching GH since I was in the
    3rd grade and now I’m 38! Anna has always been my favorite
    character and I was never more thrilled when she came back and it was
    permanent!!! (Well as permanent as it gets on a soap)I am sooooo
    looking forward to this historic Jerome storyline with the new Jerome characters!
    Because not only is it bringing back history but its tying together with Sam and Alexis…..
    gonna be great I can just feel it!!!! But I (along with everyone else I sure) is
    patientally and EAGERLY awaiting the conclusion of Robin and Robert!!!!!
    Keep up the amazing work Finola!


  16. SZima says:

    Every (brief) time Anna is on screen, it’s a good day. Why she isn’t on several times a week is beyond comprehension. I’m hoping that she and Duke will be front and center in this upcoming crap-fest about the Jeromes. They will be the ONLY good things about that SL and I hope they usher them off screen sooner rather than later. I do not need another mob family eating up the show!

    As far as Robin is concerned, I want her story DONE. Either she comes back for good or they kill her off for good. This hanging in limbo shit is just plain stupid. No one is able to move on…not the characters involved with her OR the fans who like her. I’m not a fan of Robin, and I don’t like being jerked around with the occasional sightings that just get people’s hopes up that she’s coming back.

    Ever since the anniversary shows, GH has really gotten off track. They need to get rid of the newbies and the characters people don’t really care about and get back to their core, veteran character stories.


  17. Mad/hatter says:

    Personally I think she has the best chemistry with Michael Easton on the show I wanted them paired with when he was portraying John McBain. And to me he still is JM. Sorry just not feeling the new characters done too quickly I know they had to because of the contracts but it messed up the rhythm of the show.


    Shay replied

    Though I am content to see Anna and Duke reunited, I always thought that she and Frisco would have made a great couple,since she has the sophistication, style and maturity that Felicia always lacked (and still does….) That is why although I still want to see Jack Wagner back on GH, I don ‘t care a bit about him being with his ex-wife again. Let her marry the boring and reliable Mac and then send them off for a long honeymoon, after which Mr. Jones can return to meet his granddaughter and assist Luke, Holly, Laura, etc. in their quest for Jerry Jacks and the “cure.” Such a caper is right up Frisco’s alley…not to mention dealing with all the dirty business from the “Britch” and “Brutchess!!!” And speaking of the wicked one, LOVED Dr. O-borne today….what a wild woman with that wig!!!! Her plot to knock off Sabrina was absolute music to my ears….how I hope that Cartini will have the guts to follow through with it, but alas, they probably won’t…….DARN!!!!.


  18. heidi says:

    Thanks Michael for another awesome interview!!! Love FH/Anna!!! Always… want more of her!!! She is great with everyone! I enjoyed the scenes wiith her and Duke and Sonny and would love to see them get the Jeromes with Sonny’s help! I think the Jerome story has great possibilities. There are so many things GH does right… but when there is a major story or a disaster they band together and fight… and I am looking forward to it! I would still love Anna and Robert together again but if not Robert… Dyke and Anna are good. I would like KM to come back and finish the Robin story line but if she doesn’t then we have to wait until she does. More FH/Anna please!!!
    She is not only beautiful and talented… she just makes everyone’s performances better!!!


  19. wilbert says:

    I love this interview. Finola is the best. And I do hope this interview motivates Ron and Frank to use Finola and Ian. In my opinion, they have been wasted and that’s really sad. So many missed oportunities of great stories for them and we get nothing. I’m really hoping that Duke and Anna will be a part of this Jerome story.


  20. JR says:

    Love Anna and Duke and viewers deserve to see the vet couples front & center for at least a few months out of the year. It’s true what Finola says about newer viewers; they will never have chance to know these important characters if they don’t give them story once in a while. It has been 8 months! I have to ask, would the show go that long without giving other vets story? The Scorpio-Devane-Lavery family fans are not being given anything significant to watch. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the Qs and Spencers but the Scorpios kept the fans happy for most of the 80s, the show’s highest rated years. I thought for sure when RC used the words “balance” and “socialism” that things would get better. So far this year we’ve gotten sporadic DNA without story, the Nurses Ball, and the Holly return. All on top of no huge DNA reunion scene last year. TPTB speak with their actions and they’re not very strong. Very few are invested in the Patrick scenes, even the huge JT fans. It’s as if RC & FV are trying to do a little bit of everything and it’s not working. I’d rather have my faves have story or be totally backburned–nothing in between. At least we’d know what to expect instead of tuning in and being disappointed frequently. Many should be excited for Anna with a Jerome story coming but honestly, who’s to say they won’t play a support role again to every other character on canvas in a story they should OWN? TPTB’s track record is not good in this instance.


  21. brian says:

    I think the loss of “John McBain” is such an injustice to both GH and OLTL.


    Nancy replied

    Agreed, however it sucks royally for McBain and Jolie fans. Very wrong!


    brian replied

    and I really don’t want anyone to portray the role other than Michael Easton.

  22. CTwildheart says:

    I love Finola and Anna. Looking forward to more story for her and Duke, he should work with Sam & Spinelli as a PI! I also miss the Anna/John friendship,, they did have good chemistry and their friendship brought a nice layer.
    Can’t wait til she finds out Robin is alive! :)


  23. Nancy says:

    In agreement with Brian. Easton is McBain. I would love to see him resurrect this character and it sounds like Michael Easton does as well!


    Shay replied

    I like ME no matter what character he plays..I .have watched him in many roles, both daytime and primetime and he always delivers. He just has a certain presence that is powerful, yet understated….one minute sort of insouciant, the next smouldering and intense. And he is perfectly balanced by KM….love them together!!! I simply do not see that same quality with Ava, and have a very difficult time ever picturing them as this loved-up couple. She seems so much older and harder than Silas…must be all that alcohol she’s constantly slurping!!!!


  24. Li says:

    It seems like she is too disappointed with the lack of consistent story line for her and Duke. That is my complaint with GH right now- too many characters to deal with. I am looking forward to a Robin return. She and Patrick have amazing chemistry and I am anxious to see how it plays out. This week seems to be moving towards something…. We will see. I miss McBain too. He was a good for Anna and Dante.


  25. JEM says:

    Well, since the Duke/Faison reveal, Anna and Duke have had about 7 scenes together. Most were of them dining out, talking about having a relationship. Some were of them babysitting Emma where the gay showrunners inexplicably put Duke in lipstick and drag. Surefire remedy for ratings woes!! Hire back you premium talent and then do NOTHING with them!! There‘s an old saying….^&%$ or get off the pot! Write a story for them or don‘t! They have proven they can carry a show. A little less sexual sadomasochism (Franco, julian/Derek, Brad, Sonny, Morgan/Kiki, et al) and a little more story!!


  26. nancy dillingham says:

    Finola Hughes always is a straight shooter and she seems so grounded. When they brought her back to GH, she brought the “heart” that had been missing. She and Genie Francis–now that she is back also–have given GH the “heart” and the warmness that it has been lacking. She and Kimberly and Jason are so great as a family unit–and believable.
    We need them back together.


  27. Merry M. says:

    thank you for re-uniting Duke and Anna…..I hope their more mature relationship continues with warmth, hugs, just a look in each others eyes…they had the most romantic emotional love story which captured a huge audience who loved to watch them together…they need a great storyline and a real warmth and tenderness, discussions about their past years without each other, etc.


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