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31 May 4th, 2014 General Hospital’s Jane Elliot Comments On Her Daytime Emmy Nomination!

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When every you talk to any actor or actress in daytime they are always blown away by the talent of Jane Elliot of General Hospital.  Jane is as good as it gets!  And this past week, Elliot landed a nomination in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category for this year’s 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards!

But what is stunning about this, and hard to believe, is that the last time Jane won in this category was 1981, that was 33 years ago! And more intriguing was this is the first time in 20 years that she allowed herself to even be submitted in the competition!

So how come now Jane decided its time to enter the fray again?   Here’s what she told TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan on what went down:  “As usual, I said no and (GH executive producer) Frank Valentini put his foot down and would not take no for an answer. That is how much he believes in me, how much he cares. I have never had a producer go out of his or her way to support me the way Frank does. (Former GH executive producer) Gloria Monty refused to submit me for the Emmy the year I won, so I submitted myself just because I was so pissed that she refused to do it! Frank is the only one who ever said, ‘You’ll be submitted this year, whether you like it or not. It’s not up for discussion.’ And, so, here we are. Submitting myself for awards feels like a weird kind of horn-blowing that’s not comfortable for me. I’m really happy when someone likes my work but I don’t like marketing myself, putting myself on display. For an actor, I’m an odd duck. So I don’t know what to tell you. Ooh! (Laughs) Yes I do know what I can tell you! Deidre Hall broke her arm so I don’t know who’s going to do my roots for the Emmys.”

So, do you think this could be the year that Jane Elliot finally takes home the gold? Do you think as many do, Jane Elliot is the gold standard for soap actresses? Let us know!

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  1. BTripp says:

    Jane Elliot is locked in for the win. She is one of the best actresses in the genre IMO. I am so happy that Frank Valentini made her submit herself this year.


    Christine replied

    Couldn’t agree more!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    She is one of my favorites i hope will win…my only problem with Tracy…a smart business woman…blinded by love…doesnt realize there is something not right about Luke!!!


    Timmm replied

    Being a good business woman doesnt necessarily make you a good at relationships. Tracy is older, her choices are dwindling, but most of all, she loves Luke and when you love someone you tend to look beyond the obvious.

  2. andrew hass says:

    Some actors may not care about winning awards but just wants to do the best job he or she can do.So Jane Elliot might be that kind of actress but i’m happy Frank Valentini made her submit this year.Plus i think she has a good chance of winning this year.


  3. jaybird369 says:

    Jane…you are so TRULY TALENTED!!!!! And…you are so wonderfully humble and so wonderfully down-to-earth!!!!! Bottom Line, Jane: YOU REALLY AND TRULY DESERVE TO WIN!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!


  4. su0000 says:

    Jane Elliot is an all time winner every time she is on my screen.. :)


  5. Elhu says:

    Kudos to Jane, who is a sensational actress and a class act, and thanks to Frank for insisting that her work be submitted !!!! Fingers crossed for a well deserved win!!!!! Good luck Jane!!!


  6. Phil says:

    BTripp…Jane is NOT ONE of the best, she is THE best actor on Soaps male or female… no contest!


    Timmm replied

    She is in the top ten, thats for sure. Anthony Geary, Marice Bernard, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas, Christain LeBlanc, Finola Hughes, to name a few.


  7. Charday says:

    What a refreshing attitude for an actor! I hope she wins, but what her nominated scene?


  8. Tweets says:

    Yes she can! I have watched her since for years even back in the early 80′s. I am a GH fan from my high school years over 30 years ago! She is one of the best!


  9. Omar says:

    She is LEGENDARY..Her talents are second to none..Everytime she is on screen, she delivers..I hope she wins..If she does not win, PLEASE give the award to the other deserving actress in this category Kelly Sullivan.


  10. aria says:

    jane is total rock star! she deserves the emmy but regardless if she wins or not, she’s simply a true original.


  11. Patrick says:

    if it means… every actor on the 4 remaining shows… should submit… to over ride… CBS’ block voting… with 2 shows… versus one each for ABC and NBC.

    then it should be done : it’s laugh out loud… how many nominations Y&R railroads


    Jane Elliott : congratulations .

    what can one say : other than

    Thank You for giving the audience… A Quartermaine… plugging along tour de force I might add… with Monica

    Man! Ned (Wally Kurth) is a must have…. whenever they can… ala, Eileen Davidson, Kristen and Ashley

    Miss AJ

    back to Jane Elliott : celebrate your show. you make it (acting) look so easy, natural, and a heck of a good time.

    You display all the emotions… comedic to drama… and all the hits inbetween


  12. su0000 says:

    ” “As usual, I said no and (GH executive producer) Frank Valentini put his foot down and would not take no for an answer. That is how much he believes in me, how much he cares. I have never had a producer go out of his or her way to support me the way Frank does. ”
    Way to go Frank !!! You are love by many !!


  13. Dan says:

    Very happy for Jane. She deserves whatever recognition she gets. Anything she’s been given to work with over the years, good storyline, bad storyline, whatever the case might be, she’s always brought it 110% every time. She’s always flown under the radar when it came to awards, and I never realized it was her personal choice. I respect her even more for that. But I’m glad that changed this year. It was a long overdue nomination, and I really hope she wins.


  14. missellie says:

    I am so excited for JE and GH for this one! She is most deserving of recognition.


  15. jonboy says:

    The rest of the cast would do well to watch and learn from het.


  16. Timmm says:

    Many of us go to our jobs everyday and many of us work hard and never get an award. I think thats what Jane is saying. She doesnt need an Emmy to know she is content. Glad to see she was nudged to submit a scene. Good luck to all those nominated.


    andrew hass replied

    I agree.Plus i think Jane might be happier that Frank Valentini believes in her enough to want her to submit than her getting nominated.


  17. Rodd says:

    A wonderful actress that I would be so happy to see win.


  18. Libby says:

    Jane so deserves to win. She is a jewel at GH. Glad the producers recognize what the fans have always known.


  19. Carmella Paone says:

    Jane is extremely talented I enjoy watching her, she is absolutely fantastic I know she take home the gold!


  20. janet says:

    If Frank really cared he would fire re-ron and get a real writer. When she was on GL she blew me away. ON GH they have her relish fighting ,not seeing what fluke is and I don’t know what they submitted but Jane is an actress.. She is talented that’s for sure.


  21. Jeff says:

    Very well deserved nomination!!


  22. Allen Saint James says:

    No shade, but what storyline did she have this past year that warrants an emmy nomination? She is a very nuanced actor but i didnt see anything unusually brilliant this year.


    Charday replied

    That’s my question, too. Still, I hope she wins!!


  23. Rose says:

    I hope she submitted the “I want the whole mean” scene. It was amazing. She deserves the win.


  24. dmr says:

    I’m thrilled! I absolutely love Jane Elliot! I love and miss the Quartermaines! Jane Elliot is incredibly talented, brings many dimensions to Tracy Quartermaine, and has such chemistry with everyone she interacts with on-air!


  25. petra says:

    Happy Birthday Jane Elliott


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