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27 February 18th, 2014 General Hospital’s Kin Shriner and Robin Mattson Talk Franco, Old Times & The Future of Scott and Heather!

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Recently, General Hospital viewers learned the none other than Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) and Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) are the biological parents of Franco (Roger Howarth)!  And after Heather was believed-to-be knifed to death by her own son, she returned with vengeance with kidnapping Carly(Laura Wright) and hurting Franco!

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan sat down for lunch with Kin Shriner and Heather Webber for a fabulous chit chat on all things past, present and future about the duos time on GH as themselves and their alter-egos, including the never-before-answered question, if the duo were involved romantically back in the day?   Here though are a few excepts about what the pair thought of the plot twist that made Roger Howarth their on-screen son, and if somehow there might be a Heather/Scott redux on GH?

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On if they were shocked to find out Franco was Heather and Scott’s bio-son … Robin: “When I found out Heather and Scotty had a baby my first thought was, ‘How the hell did that happen?’ But (head writer) Ron Carlivati brilliantly found a window of time in GH history when it was possible.” Kin: “And if you’re gonna give Franco some parents, why bring in two new people? Robin and I have a flare for comedy. So does Roger. It makes sense.”

On if Heather is a danger to Scott, and what will happen in the future with the on-screen duo … Robin:  “Heather has dirt on Scott! Ron Carlivati always finds a way. It’s, hopefully, far from over. My return to GH was initially only supposed to be a couple of episodes. Ron continues to reinvent Heather and she continues to survive no matter how many times they throw her off a building or bury her alive. Maybe she can be redeemed if there’s a way of controlling the monster within.”  Kin:  “It would be great if Heather went away for a minute and came back reformed and rehabilitated as a hot, sexy woman who’s more grounded in reality. It would be great to turn her into a viable love interest. I can certainly see that love reigniting between Scott and Heather. (Laughs) With the right meds.”

What did you think of the plot twist that made Franco, Heather and Scott’s son?  Do you want GH to pair Heather and Scott together in the future?  Do you think Heather has caused enough damage to the citizens of Port Charles, and her reign of terror should cease for now?  Or, do you want to see her continue her antics?  Comment below!

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  1. Rob says:

    Enough already, Heather needs to GO!

    This show has more walking dead than the Walking Dead.


    su0000 replied

    None have ever been certified as dead..
    Not Jason, not Helena, etc..
    RC never has certified dead morgue autopsy characters ..
    with the exception of Robin who was actually not her..

    RC’s causalities are assumed not declared..
    and that is a good thing.. ;)


    boes replied

    RC’s major casualty is the show’s integrity. And he’s killed it deader than a can of Raid could.

  2. Johnny says:

    I wish they would write Heather how she used to be. She was wacky, but not an irredeemable nit job. More like Gina on SB. If she was written as a more viable character, this Franco twist might have worked…it could have been Scott and Heather, and their son Franco against everyone else. It would also be nice if Scott didnt have to written as a bumbling blowhard in every scene he plays. Has Ron Carliwacky ever looked at shows from 92-93 the Scott and Dominique era?? This is an actor capable of not only great work, but SUBTLE work.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I would love Heather be more like Gina from Santa Barbara…wish both Scott and Heather were better written, and i wish they show Kiki wondering about who was in that padded cell now that she knows it wasnt Heather and give the info to Anna!!!


    Ghlover replied

    Ahhhh Dominique :) i remember her dying in Scott’s arms. What a sweet love story between Scott and Dominique ;) )) i loved her


    dfm replied

    Yes, the old Heather would be better. This Heather is too much like Janet (AMC). Janet did get rehabbed, so if they wanted to invest in Robin/Heather, she could be too and then a Scott/Heather pairing would work. Old Heather (ala Gina) would be great!!


  3. Howard says:

    Dont get me started! HECK YES—-keep Heather going and ticking. Robin carried GH these past few years and deserves credit. I cant wait to see what they do next witht he character, but i want her to be redeemed, and a chance of freedom. I thought for a minute she had a connection to Victor Cassadine.


  4. Ces says:

    I hope that we have seen the END of Heather Webber! I used to like her but it’s too much now with her escaping all the time and wreaking havoc. Please end her run already!!!!!


  5. boes says:

    Robin Mattson is a treasure, no matter what show she’s on. BUT….everyone needs a rest from Heather Webber. If and when we see her again, she needs to be less crazy, and MUCH less homicidal.
    Scott Baldwin is an acquired taste, one I never acquired. But even he doesn’t deserve being saddled with Franco. Actually, no-one deserves to be saddled with Franco, much less the viewers. A loooooooooooong recovery, or better yet, a quick death and then city-wide amnesia regarding this character would do wonders.
    Roger Howarth was quite wonderful as Todd on OLTL. And he’s been equally horrible as Franco on GH, although the blame for this horrendous character’s prominence rests with Ron C. The guy deserves a spanking for what he’s put onscreen lately, and a time out for re-creating Franco.

    These three are one of the most ill-concieved family units in the history of Port Charles.


  6. smoochie says:

    I will preface this comment by saying that I have been watching all the ABC soaps from day one along with my Mother who watched faithfully until her passing last year. I’ve always loved Robin Mattson’s acting- she is so entertaining and no matter what she’s given she puts her own stamp on it. That being said, I cannot watch the character of Heather Webber any longer, The character might have been redeemable had she not committed multiple,cold-blooded murders and other heinous acts for which she shows/has no remorse- her nature is that of a classic sociopath which no amount of rehabilitation or therapy could change or brain tumor removal either in the case of Franco ( though he did show remorse a la R H’s version)..-Enough is enough. Heather has become to GH what Stefano is to Days of Our Lives “the Phoenix” but GH’s version doesn’t cut it. For goodness sake Heather didn’t have one repercussion from what looked to me like a fatal stab wound, found the strength to dig out of a steep grave, and moved along without benefit of doctor or hospital. I know its a soap. But even by soap standards some of the story-lines have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. including Dr. Obrecht being made Chief of Staff by the WSB (with a rationale fed to Anna by Robert). What a crock and an insult to GH, Steve Hardy, and the show in general,(no matter how great an actress and hysterically funny Kathleen Gati might be. So please get rid of Heather, but write another character for R M, perhaps as Heather’s long lost, good twin- Remember how great she was as Natalie Marlowe/ Janet(from another planet)Green on AMC.( I am not suggesting a Natalie/Janet redux on GH – (that would play out as good twin is really evil twin who becomes good for a while until she snaps, kills Scott and deep freezes him ).
    As for Kin Shriner’s Scott, I’ve always loved Kin and his character from Scotty to Scott. Dominique Stanton was the love of Scott’s life as I believe Doc is Lucy’s true love and belongs with him. Lucy was Dom’s surrogate and gave birth to Scott and Dom’s child Serena, who she adopted after marrying Scott. Why hasn’t Serena even been mentioned when she is so tied in with Scott and Lucy (and then Doc) who loved her so much . I’d like to see Kin stay on the show but with some good story, and Serena brought to the canvas. If the Franco/Scott story proves true,(I can’t digest the Scott and Heather baby-making story as I remember the show and it’s history too well) it gives Baldwin 3 illegitimate children under his belt two of which are deceased (Logan Hayes and Karen Wexler).


  7. Mark says:

    I love robin mattson but too much of heather grates on my nerves after awhile . She was better as Gina Timmons on Santa Barbara.


    Shay replied

    RM was beyond hilarious as Gina on SB, but that was in no small part to her acting partner-in-crime, Justin Deas (as Keith Timmons)….they were the most dynamically demented duo! Heather will never have that nutty-nirvana kind of chemistry with the bumbling buffoon better known as Scott Baldwin.


  8. JLH says:

    Like Kin, I want to see a more “grounded” Heather. Robin is an amazing actress who is rarely given the opportunity on GH (these days anyway) to really show her talent. We see glimpses here and there of a Heather with some depth but the next thing you know she’s back to just being “crazy Heather.”


  9. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I miss those meddlesome busbodys like Liz Mathews on Another World and Phoebe Tyler of AMC…let Heather be more like that instead of this cartoonish deranged mental patient who keeps escaping and running amok…it was ok once or twice but gets to be too much when constantly repeated! Maybe Heather goes away for treatment, released, now more grounded in reality, meets and marries a wealthy man who dies which makes her very wealthy then returns to town to try and buy the Quartimaine mansion and tempts Scotty away from Lucy with her new found wealth, and uses her money to break up Franco and Carly instead of all this unnecessary violence of Franco stabbing Heather and Heather shooting him!!! All that campiness in the show is wearing thin and the show, not just Heather, needs to be more grounded in reality!!!


  10. su0000 says:

    I love Franco.. he is an out of box character, they are needed..
    RH is an excellent actor!!
    I enjoy Heather but I do see a change in her personality coming..
    RC and team are always ready to bring do a 180 and a surprise..
    I feel robin will be changing..
    I do like Franco and Scott they play well ..:)
    GH has so many sides to the coin..
    You have tears, love, mobs, and humor, mysteries, suspense, tears and laughter .. GH is well rounded..


  11. SUSAN M. says:

    I think Heather has caused enough trouble… They should make sure she doesn’t keep on escaping from Ferncliff all the time…I think she is too wacky now…More than she ever was… She needs to be much less wacky and more stable…


  12. SUSAN M. says:

    Never really cared for Scott Baldwin to much…I could take him or leave him. Not one of my favorites on GH…


  13. Rodd says:

    I agree with Kin and am glad they didn’t bring on two new characters as Franco’s parents. I’m happy that it provides more opportunities for Kin and Robin and Roger to work together. Heather certainly needs to cool her jets for a while, but I look forward to Robin’s performances continuing in the future. Kin may be on to something regarding her character transformation. Hmmm???


  14. Andy G. says:

    How to fix GH in two easy steps:

    1. Can Robin Mattson
    2. Bring Genie Francis back

    You’re welcome.


  15. KM says:

    I love Robin Mattson but the character of Heather needs to be used very sparingly. So should the rest of the over-supply of over-exposed cartoon characters. Less is always more.

    I’m all for humor on soaps but I don’t think Ron Carlivati understands the finesse needed for well done “dramadies” like Castle, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and such. You need to find the dramatic heart of the story and follow it without letting the gags stomp all over what should be the family and emotional beats that have always been the heart of soaps.

    I’m not seeing much heart on GH these days.


  16. Charday says:

    I’ve enjoyed Heather and her antics the last several months. But did they ever reveal whether she actually killed the repairman who went to the Wyndemere basement/catacombs after the cave-in on Carly and Heather? Also, when will Franco be prosecuted for “killing” and burying Heather? He’s as much a psycho/criminal as Heather!


  17. Shay says:

    Robin Mattson is an absolute treasure as the non-stop nutter, Heather, but this last caper of hers really missed the mark….between all of her less than methodical miscalculations and that ludicrous chupacabra tangent, it was just too campy, scatterbrained and unbelievable, given all her clever machinations of the past few years. I would like to see her more brilliant and dangerously devious plotter return, as opposed to the screwball, BLT-loving nutjob that has more recently emerged. I’m still not necessarily buying her story about Franco’s parentage, either….this should be explored more carefully before this supposed lineage is accepted fact. It seems just a convenient excuse to give the bombastic, bloviating Scotty more of a reason to be around, although as far as I’m concerned, he was last relevant when he crashed Luke and Laura’s wedding….it’s all been downhill since then, and good God, am I sick of looking at that shocked hedgehog hairdo of his! KS still has a decent head of hair, could he please get a makeover…something a bit more dignified, and dare I say, mature????


    ElizabethJane replied

    Thats ironic because i always thought scotty was at his best away from Luke and laura his romances with Heather and lucy were great as was his romance with dominquie.I loved the non luke and laura years for scotty.


    rebecca1 replied

    I love Scotty/Scot period. He’s true to his original character…I like him with Lucy (love her too) and I’d like to see a relationship between father and son…Scot and Franco. The two are similar…both have a lot of love to give and can give it fully…yet at the same time they’re on the outside looking in…and have incredible wit. Perfect match for a father/son team!

    As for Heather…I could take or leave her. I’d like to see Scot with either Lucy…or just someone new/intelligent/interesting. Heather is now a murderess…and Scot deserves someone, errrrr…less psychotic!

    Shay replied

    I liked the original Scotty…the devoted then disillusioned man who loved but lost Laura. When he came back to go evil on L&L’s wedding day, I found him to be plain tragic-understandable, but sad, yet I thought he would eventually return to his good guy ways…well, it’s 30+years later and still waiting! Between that and his unquenchable obsession with his ex-wife who he pursued until he reclaimed her only to dump her soon thereafter, it has been an exasperating journey. Now he suddenly has decided he wants another ex back, and that one is even more inexplicable….so sorry to her fans, but Lucy Coe is the most cloying, irritating character! LH’s frenetic scenery- chewing is waaaay toooo over the top. Today’s episode made me want to just smack that hyperactive fashion victim….and with Robin’s tragic departure, the last thing I wanted to hear of was that darn Nurse’s Ball already again anyway. But getting back to Scotty, he is now simply a clown, an object of ridicule that cannot do right and that is not entertaining, particularly since he’s involved in an adulterous affair with Lucy….so not fair to the boring but reliable and well-meaning doc! Quite frankly, when I see the mess of Scott, Lucy and yes, even Bobbie, all I can think is how their portion of the budget could have perhaps saved TR’s Robert Scorpio who is truly missed, or even returned GF’s Laura to Port Charles. Let’s just say all legacy characters are not created equal!!!!

  18. MK says:

    As a diehard scotty and Heather fan, I have been hoping for a reunion for over 30 yrs! However, Guza ruined Heather and made her into an actual killer. Remember she couldn’t kill her own worst enemy, Diana, and she had her son and sleeping with her Husband! Scotty and Heather redeemed and were the original Scotty and Lucy. Would love to a full fledge triangle. I have seen glimpses of the old Heather after she stabbed Steve and when she finally mentioned her father and we knew what was the root of the problem.

    RC is great to bring RM back, but once again rewrote History with Heather being pregnant at the time she was in Forest Hills and Hooking up with Joe. Would have worked if Heather was pregnant when she left Scotty in 1983 to be closer to Steven Lars. Then they reduced the romance down to a one night stand.


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