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26 April 29th, 2014 General Hospital’s Nurses Ball 2014 Is Almost Here!


What will happen at this year’s Nurses Ball on General Hospital?  Well, the musical talent show event reinstated last year by executive producer Frank Valentini for the series 50th anniversary celebration, that had disappeared for quite some time, is back for another go round starting on episodes beginning on May 8th!

GH is keeping close to the vest the performances, but put together a teaser promo featuring clips from some of the best moments from last year’s follies!

With Robin (Kimberly McCullough) off saving Jason, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) in peril with her premature born son, what story will come crashing into the Nurses Ball? Will any piece of clothing be left on host Lucy Coe (Lynn Herrring) by the end of the festivities?  These questions and more are left to be uncovered!

Watch the Nurses Ball 2014 promo after the jump, and let us know who you hope to see at the event performing or otherwise?  What surprises do you think awaits GH fans?  Let us know!


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  1. andrew hass says:

    I can’t wait for the Nurse’s Ball because i think a lot of things will happen there.However there’s a lot of romance there too and surprise guests.


  2. Rosanna says:

    while it will be late as last year it was May 1st when it was on im very happy it`s returning, looking forward to this!!


    andrew hass replied

    Last year the show had the ball around the 50th anniversary in early April.Now this year the ball can happen in May Sweeps where a lot of stories may collide.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Mary SF said Lucy might have caused Patrinas car accident so maybe Lucy will get arrested in her undies…lol…Tracy slaps Luke when she finally catches him hitting on Kiki, and in a Phantom Of The Opera type moment she knocks off his mask and reveals Jerry Jacks!!! Dr.O performs ‘Falling in Love Again’ as Victor Cassidine returns!!! Sonny learns Ava killed Connie but she threatens to tell Micheal he killed A.J. if he tries anything but Sonny has a nervous breakdown and is sent to mental hospital where Mary said he’ll discover the real Luke Spenser!!! Juan and Sabrina flee Port Chuck with the baby when she finds out she had carried Dante and Lulus other child but not realizing she really didnt and its really Carlo’s son!!! Ava faints and realizes she preggars…is the baby Morgans or Sonnys? How come Olivia hasnt seen this coming!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    4got to mention…Levi and maybe Jordan are my suspects in the Patrina car accident!!!


    Michael replied

    I’d rather that it would be Levi. I’ll take useless characters on soaps for $1000, Alex.

    rebecca1 replied

    LOL…I’d like to see a Phamtom of the Opera moment…complete with glorious score. But I digress…

    It is interesting to wonder what Sonny would do if he found out Ava killed Connie. Would his wrath/rage/hate overcome his fear of Michael finding out he killed AJ? Good thought jimh!

    I hope Sabrina’s baby survives and it is Patrick’s. However the loyalty and love that Carlos has for Sabrina cannot be matched by Patrick, so it would be interesting to see if Sabrina finally falls back in love with Carlos how they’ll handle THAT baby drama.

    As for the Ball…last year’s was a bore. A boring ball had by all. Ahem.

    At this point I’m thinking if all the ghosts in Port Charles decided to visit at the same time maybe they could at least have a Ghosts of Nurse’s Ball Past. Now THAT would be fun!

    Shay replied

    If the Keystone cops ascertain the vehicle involved in the (sadly) failed attempt to rid Port Charles of Sabzilla was a Prius, then we’ll know it was Levi behind the wheel!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    GHs 51st Aniv. with the 3 Carlys wouldve been a lot better had current Carly, like Connie, suffered from D.I.D., and kept turning into the other 2 Carlys that only Sonny could see…just a thought!!!


    Mark replied

    I agree and it would have been a lot more surprising…. than it already was….. IF it was done as you described! Plus, it would have been fun to have seen Sonny’s shocked reactions each time the Carly’s switched on the sofa!

  4. dmr says:

    I’d rather the Nurse’s Ball just be about the Nurse’s Ball, not any other story. Let’s focus on the core characters and families and performances!


    GH50 replied

    Unfortunately that won’t happen. Last year’s Nurses Ball was about Sabrina and this year’s will have a heavy dose of this non character as well. It will turn into a vigil for the Patrina baby that no one cares about. TIIC don’t have any interest in GH history or being respectful to it. It is about their “New” GH and they will cram all their creations down our throats no matter what the circumstance. They can’t help themselves.

    So many hated the Sabrina Ball last year and many tuned out after. This year will be worse. It will be about the baby that it is impossible to care about as well as his mother once again and her relationship with Patrick that is still not believable. And watch them crap on Robin too. It will be absolutely sickening.


    su0000 replied

    I liked last years ball, it was fun.. I like the Sabrina coming out..
    There were 8 balls..
    1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001..
    the ball was not Robins/not created for her, her aids was written in 2 years after the first ball..
    Those people from those balls are near gone..
    The ball can not be as once was, those people/days are gone..
    GH has to move forward, and the nurses ball is with the now cast of GH..
    I am looking forward to it !!!!

    Patrick replied

    RC/FV … don’t have much to forgo… if you will… they can rely on the bait and switch and recall as many passed STARS… as they can…

    but… just as you said… and many will, agree

    it’s now in their sophomoric year + and it’s time for, (Sonny, Luke, Carly) to sink or swim…

    I want for GH to succeed

    I think it’ll be even more so.. interesting… what culls from : and after

    I really think… Luke is a fallout… Carly and Franco.. are window dressing… and cutesy cutesy to look at.. but that’s it

    it falls on MB’ Sonny : and he’s not doing bad…. “at all”
    he has MW’ Ava and BC’ Morgan to forward

    do I think, Sabrina and Patrick have drama… sure.. not a 100% draw.. but… it’s Dr. Drake

    heck… if Lucy can’t even get Felix and epiphany… to perform… the only thing I’ve read… (pressed) is : Ta-Da the Milo… strip tease… and that, was, my favorite last year… along with Epiphany, Tracy, and Monica

    I don’t know… : i’m looking forward to, hopefully, some movement… with Britt and Nicholas… and the unfathomable Dr. O.

    I’d like to see some romance… with Anna and Duke… perhaps with some come hither from Olivia

    I’d LOVE me some… Big Mac and I adore her… thee lovely Felicia

    I hope sparks still pull asunder… with Morgan and Ava
    with Sonny reliant on…

    do I want to see Luke… finagaling.. his self… if Tracy is dumbed down… eh!

    bring back Brad and Lucas

    lets see Maxie, front and center… slow dancing

    let’s see more.. between the sheets.. with no interference.. Silas and Sam

    I love Julian

    let’s see Carlos… take front and center.. and make a command

    I love Port Charles


    I prefer Days of OUR Lives

    Patrick replied

    I have to add : when ever, Carly and Franco, happen on the screen

    I’m instantly, bitten

    they have so much screen presence.. in the looks dept

    it seems they dont’ need a story

    I’ll take them… especially Franco

    Pat replied

    How much crapes can they put on Robin she is already under the bus . Looks like she is going to stay there if RC writes. Wonder why would she come back after they destroy her character

    Shay replied

    When you’re right, you are SO right, GH50!…..

  5. Cassie says:

    I hope to see Kelly Monaco/Sam perform.


  6. su0000 says:

    Since ABC did not allow a budget for the nurses ball for that past 12 years, it is great to see it again, no matter how FV&RC have to scrimp the money, it will be fun to see it ! :)


  7. Michael S says:

    Can’t wait! :-)


  8. Charday says:

    Look forward to it, including it being spread-out over 4-5 episodes.


  9. Bearzy says:

    Im excited :)


    Patrick replied


    it’s gala premiere

    i’m baited breath


    pleasure principaled


  10. Cathy says:

    My only wish would be if Robin was there…not sure how they could top last year that sure would.
    will you be on red carpet this year!


  11. Rosemary Minimi says:

    Hey I enjoyed last years Nurses Ball. The entertainment was great. I know the ball is for the aids foundation but entertainment is important. Sabrina won’t be there and her singing was really great. Where will Frisco and Dr. Noah Drake be? What other entertainment can they produce? I am anxious to see where they go with this


  12. Fran says:

    cant wait; nurses Ball gala event; fabulous always


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