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34 September 23rd, 2013 General Hospital’s Patrick and Sam Bond On Dating Again After Your Spouse Has Died! – Watch The Scenes!


On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, many fans have commented on the well-written and heartfelt scenes between Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco).  What made these scenes carry some emotional weight was that each of these characters had lost the love of their lives.  Patrick has lost Robin,  and Sam lost Jason. The parallels don’t stop there.  When Robin “died”, Patrick and her were very much in love, and she was taken from him way to soon.  Same for Sam! When Jason was killed he left a newborn son and a wife, and the couple finally reconciled and were happy again.  So the question is, how does one move on with their life and open their heart to a possible new romantic adventure or potential partner?

Sensing Sam is holding herself back from wanting to go on a date with Silas (Michael Easton), and meet him and Kiki and Morgan’s party,  Patrick sees that Sam might just be using her son Danny being hospitalized from meeting up with Silas.  Sam says, “Moving on is hard, and every time I take a step toward with  someone else, …”  Patrick finishes her thoughts and says, “… feels like you are moving away … “  And at that point the two bond over  the excuses they would use to not to go out on a date, so they did not feel like they were betraying their “dead” spouses!

Watch the scenes after the jump of Patrick and Sam commiserating over a bag of Cheese Puffs, and let us know what you thought of them!

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  1. Patrick says:

    This is what I’ve wanted ALL – along – I think these two have so much in common… shared

    single parenthood.

    imagine the drama, if only.. GH had traversed… this twosome.

    not to mention… “romance”‘ – ing….

    this would have been a spectacular way for Kimberly McCullough to return.


  2. MC says:

    “Why don’t you explain to Sabrina how we’d all be better off if Jason died months ago” – Patrick Drake


  3. Brittany says:

    I love the chemistry between KM and JT. SamTrick is so pretty. I wish the writers would go there.


    Dalia replied

    I would love to see SamTrick together. They have fantastic chemistry. Even one date to see where it goes.


  4. Alice says:

    I loved the scenes! Jason Thompson and Kelly Monaco have fantastic chemistry! All along I have wanted Patrick and Sam to connect and bond because they have so much in common. It would have been great for their friendship to develop sooner and I would have preferred for them to be romantic partners, but now that Robin is coming back, I prefer just a friendship. Glad the scenes are getting the incredible attention they deserve because those two really have it together!


  5. Lainey says:

    As nice as those scenes were, I just can’t see Sam & Patrick together. He was so against everything Jason did for a living & told anyone who would listen that Jason was the devil & should have been arrested & put away forever…Jason wasn’t just Sam’s husband, he was the love of her life & her soulmate. I just can’t see her getting with someone who had such a hate on for her husband. Not that I want her to get with Silas either…but that’s another rant… :)


    su0000 replied

    The scene was about 2 friends and nothing more than friends.
    There no was no intention of Patrick and Sam as a couple LOL ..

    They share the same sorrow.. I thought it very touching.


    rebecca1 replied

    Sam also knows that at one time Jason thought thought Robin was the love of his life. They both had to accept the other’s spouse as important people in their partner’s lives.

  6. Jules says:


    When is Robin returning???


    BonnieJ replied

    We should see her in early October


  7. Georgia says:

    Beautiful scenes, Sam/Patrick have always been friends and it was wonderful to have Patrick being further down the road help Sam to see she can move on without betraying Jason. I loved the scene and hopefully they remain good friends.


    MC replied

    When were Patrick & Sam friends? I can’t remember them even speaking unless you count when Sam was yelling at him to operate on Jason right after he thought Robin died.


    Georgia replied

    They sat in a cafe one time having tea and talking when Patrick came back to find Emma’s doll. He also talked to Sam about Robin when she was having problems after Emma was born. At one time when she was in the hospital when she was attacked, Patrick hugged her and was on her side when no one else believed her, well except Jason. He also was with her when Danny had his tests done. He also told Silas that Sam trusted him about Danny. Those are a few of the times.

    MC replied

    So not until after Jason had died. That’s my point. Patrick hated everything that Jason stood for and Sam defended on many occasions. And now they are supposed to be pouring their hearts out to each other. In the context of the characters it doesn’t make sense. But there’s a lot of that going around on GH lately. Franco/Carly, Michael betraying his brother when loyalty was the most important thing that Jason/Sonny ever taught them.

    Christy replied

    Patrick and Sam go way back. When Patrick was a ladies man then, he flirted with Sam. Besides that, Patrick has always been respectful to Sam and vice versa. Patrick and Sam has a good friendship and you can check out their clips via youtube.

    Patrick replied


    I LOVED that cafe scene… even way back then… I was like… Woah… this could WORK… BIG.

    and GH coulda woulda shoulda had this twosome…. to story….

    your other points are well taken…

    dag! proof that these two potential… life… romance… love… all the triggers essential

    ie: isn’t this nice…. further proof… that good actors and writing… hand in hand… deliver memorable serial…

    I’m sorry about Sabrina…. geez! not since… Jenn Lilly as temp recast… ie: Maxie..

    has it been sorry for…


    Georgia replied

    They have friendship vibe just as she had with Jax/Sonny. I remember some of Sam and Jax talking when she was with Jason, those two also had a great friendship vibe. Sonny really has been more of a father figure but that has stopped now. I loved Sam/Ric and thought they would have been great trouble makers but the writers ruined that. My point is I see Patrick/Sam as another Jason/Carly and hope that possibly they may go with that. I love Sam/Silas together, they have passion even when they argue – same as she had with SB, they also were great when they were arguing.

  8. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    They have great chemistry, and wouldve been a better coupling….maybe they can comfort each other in the future after Ava breaks up Sam and Silas and the love of Patricks life…Robin…returns but turns out to be an imposter who kidnaps baby Ben…


  9. Cathy says:

    I want to see Robin back with Patrick. No one has the chemistry that Kimberly and JT have. NO ONE!


    SUSAN M. replied



  10. heidi says:

    This was a great scene!!! Well done too!!!


  11. Christy says:

    Beautiful scenes between Sam and Patrick. I would like to see more friendship interaction between them.


  12. Bren says:

    Kelly and Jason are fantastic together. I’ve always felt they had great chemistry. It’s too bad she doesn’t have that kind of chemistry with Michael Easton since the writers are he’ll bent on forcing them together. Sam and Silas will never have that kind of chemistry not matter what lines they deliver, it’s just not there for me. I agree with so many others, the writers should have listened to the fans when they were begging for a Samtrick pairing. I too feel its too late since we now know Kimberly is returning. We can always hope the writers will wake up and realize Easton is not the end all and find another actor for Kelly to be with. I won’t hold my breath, as we all know RC has told the fans many times he doesn’t care what they think or want. So just give us some more Sam and Patrick scenes as friends, I’ll take it any day over Silas!


    Daphne replied

    ICAM with you.


    Melissa replied

    I agree as well. Sam and Silas are contrived. Nothing organic and fresh about the pairing.

  13. Daphne says:

    This was the story waiting to be told. The chemistry was definitely there. They just needed a story. le sigh…


  14. Skyla says:

    These were some of the best scenes I’ve seen in a long time. Patrick and Sam have so much in common and a fairly long history even though their interactions over the years have always been sporadic. I would’ve much rather watched the two of them move on together, then when Robin came back the triangle would be more compelling IMO cause they[dd all be long term characters. with Sabrina, i really don’t care about her so this triangle will fall flat for most long time GH fns who will automatically want Patrick and Robin.


  15. Samtrick says:

    Samtrick is pwetty.


  16. Bubberv says:

    Kelly and Jason have chemistry while Kelly and Easton don’t. It’s very obvious when you watch their scenes. Kelly and Jason are close friends off screen and it shows in their scenes. Kelly and Easton aren’t close off screen and it sure shows in their scenes.


    Stacey replied

    Agreed. There is just something missing from Kelly and Michael. They may have had it 10 years ago. Not seeing it now at all don’t care what the Siam fan girls say. The spark is NOT there.


  17. Marisa says:

    I am so tired of seeing those “muted” scenes with Kelly and Michael. No surprise or intrigue. So darn forced. I love Easton but the spark is gone from his eyes. Kelly and Jason would have been intriguing to say the least.


  18. Melissa says:

    Honestly I find Silas kind of creepy and I am an ME fan. His character just doesn’t sit we’ll with me.


  19. kaffe says:

    The have wonderful chemistry….

    They could have been a item

    SamTrick….I like them…..


  20. Christy says:

    Sam and Patrick would be a hot couple. I am over Patrick and Robin…..not the same upon her return….Silas and Sam are forced.


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