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29 March 25th, 2015 General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey & Kirsten Storms Visit Universal Studios Orlando And Talk Naxie With EXTRA!


Are their two loves in the heart of Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)…  or is Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) her only man?  Recently, after Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) came to blows with the detective in the ring, no less, Maxie is not impressed.

Meanwhile, Maxie’s portrayer and her on-screen love interest Ryan Paevey visited Universal Studios Orlando along with Storms hubby, Brandon Barash (Johnny), their daughter Harper, and Bradford Anderson, for a day of fun in the hot sun!

While Brandon, Bradford, and Harper hung out in the theme park, Ryan and Kirsten chatted it up with Mario Lopez of Extra for the inside scoop on their current story, complete with clips from the ABC daytime drama series.  Check out Ryan and Kirsten here!

Then let us know, are you rooting for Naxie or do you want a Spixie reunion?  Comment below!

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  1. vinman says:

    Such a appropriate local…..Disney ;) ….for a “cartoonish”storyline.imo.


    niki replied

    i love maxie and nathan together so i want them back together ASAP i also want them to have a long term future together on the show getting engaged, then married, having a baby together. i also want them celebrating their birthdays together, having romantic dinners together aswell as taking georgie to the park together or to kellys.


  2. Jenni Zemlock says:

    Spineli & Maxie for the Win


  3. Sly says:

    I have season passes for Universal Studios Orlando. I will be there this weekend. I am so sorry I missed them this time. I did meet Kristen, Brandon and Bradford a couple of times already. They are really cool people. I have not met Ryan YET….


  4. Timmm says:

    Hey look its “Woody” from “Toy Story!” “No, my name is Ryan Paevey from General Hospiatl.”


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wonder if Kristen Storms ever gets a splinter in her lips during kissing scenes with Ryan ‘Wooden’ Paevey…lol


    Timmm replied

    Yes and I’m sure she enjoys every minute of it!

  5. Rodd says:

    Naxie – 100%.


  6. su0000 says:

    I want Spinelli to win !!
    Spinelli nevers wins :(


    Dawny replied

    So do I.


  7. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Maxie will choose Nathan but a week later when they are having a romantic dinner, Nathans ex girlfriend Valerie arrives-and if they were once a couple, wouldnt Nathan remember Vals last name and wonder for some time if Luke and Lulu were related to her…i know many people with the same last name arent related but they usually are on a soap…just a thought!


  8. Lucy D. says:

    Have hated Spinelli more.
    He KNEW Maxie and Nathan were happy & deliberately came to break them up.

    He’s more annoying than ever–and that’s saying something. He need to go away.

    Love Nathan more each day.


    Michael replied

    Spinelli is very socially awkward and probably has Asperger’s, but I find him very likable and he certainly means well.


    Lucy D. replied

    If meaning well means leaving your supportive girlfriend to come break up your former girlfriend’s relationship, then I don’t want to know what NOT meaning well is. Plus he’s staying in Dante’s house, while I believe in the past he’s hated & threatened Dante.

    Port Charles was better before Spinelli came back

    Rebecca1 replied

    Hi Michael…I don’t think Spinelli has Aspergers…people with that syndrome are usually limited in imagination…of which Spinelli has a lot, don’t get very emotionally attached, don’t think in the abstract, rtc. I think your first assessment was more accurate…socially awkward probably stemming from insecurity.

    I love Spinelli anfpd hope he stays, but I really like Nathan and Maxie. I’d like to see them continue on, and if they break up down the road I wouldn’t mind a revisiting of Maximista and Spinelli. She really can’t go wrong…they’re both great guys.

    Michael replied

    I’m not a doctor, but I play one on tv.

    rebecca1 replied

    ah. thought that was you!

  9. Kristin says:

    I don’t think Bradford Anderson was at Universal Florida with Ryan, Kirsten and Brandon.


  10. Kristin says:

    Also should add, that I am wholeheartedly behind Nathan and Maxie. I really liked Spinelli’s happy ending with Ellie. She was a great fit for the Spinelli. She kept him truthful and forced him to behave like an adult, something I never saw him do with Maxie. And Nathan is a great fit for Maxie for those reasons. He’s brave, mature and caring. he tones down her flakiness. I find Spinelli and Maxie intolerable to watch together. They bring out the worst in each other.


    sandie replied

    I completely agree,,,Nathan has done so much for Maxie’s maturity. Spinelli,, no,,,not,,,he needs to go back to Ellie!!


  11. maddiehayes says:

    Nathan is my favorite pairing for Maxie so far. I hope he’s the last! Please ptb, give us a REAL love story with a real wedding a year from now! Like the soaps used to do. We suffered with our couples, but it was worth it because we knew they’d be together in the end. Nowadays we just suffer.


    Shay replied

    “Nowadays we just suffer.” Truer words were never spoken, maddiehayes!


  12. Rebecca1 says:

    I’ve seen Ryan interviewed on several shows as I’m sure many of us have. He comes off as nice in real life as he is on the show…for someone so incredible looking he seems completely uneffected by it. Kirsten always seems down to earth, genuine, as well. Love Maxi…


  13. Dawny says:

    I don’t think Spins has Asperger. He was written very well after Jason’s death. I feel they are writing him as the awkward Spin of the past to make Nathan look better. It is not working.

    TeamSpixie forever.


  14. Linda Smith says:

    i am forever #TeamSpixie. Their love story is totally unique for a soap and Kirsten and Bradford have a special magic in scenes together that scenes with Nathan can’t even come close to. Soixie speaks volumns just with there eyes! Having Bradford back with THEIR daughter is the best thing that’s happened since Dec 2013 and I hope he stays and Spixe prevails!!


  15. Joe says:

    I’m rooting for Spixie. Spixe are pure magic together. BA and KS play off each other so well and it show when they do scenes together.


  16. Mandy Moore says:

    I choose Spixie. Maxie and Spinelli have a special connection that you rarely see between two characters. I have rooted for Spixie since the beginning and I will continue to enjoy the Spixie ride.


  17. Sarah says:

    Team Spixie. Spixie has a great love story with lots of memories. Spixie have been through a lot of good moment’s, and many heartbreaking moment’s together that helped build up this couple over the years. I hope Spixie has many more great moment’s instored for them.


  18. Tracy A. says:

    Neither! I loved Maxie with Jessie and Coop. I wished GH went with Jomax and see how they would have fared as a couple. Jomax had a spark and both BB and KS very good actors. So IMO they should of given them at least a couple of months as a couple to see if they would have worked. After a couple of months if they were stale then I would agree to end them but they never got that shot.

    With Spinelli he annoys me too much to see him with Maxie again. I can tolerate him in scenes with, Sonny, Carly and other characters those scenes between Spinelli and Sonny were pretty funny. But I think that was all BA and MB in those scenes. BA and MB are great actors that play off each other so well. Spinelli does have a place on GH and wouldn’t want him to leave. I will say this Maxie and Spinelli do have a little cutie pie as a daughter. I just enjoy seeing Georige. I do respect BA as he is a great actor with Lots of range. BA did a great job when he was on Veronica Mars. I do feel that it’s a hard role to play a character like Spinelli and BA does a great job with it, but Spinelli just isn’t my cup of tea

    With Nathan he just falls flat. Nathan is just a big flat boring character and has no business getting all this air time that he gets. Nathan should not be in so many story lines that he is in. There is no interesting thing outside of his looks that keeps me of any interest when it comes to Nathan. Nathan has no depth and has very limited range. I’m getting beyond tired of Nathan being shirtless so often. It seems like over the last couple of months that Nathan is shirtless more than all the other GH males combine. It was okay at first but has gotten old real fast. Based on what we have seen so far the writers realize Nathan is limited in range so that is what they have him showing off his body at least once a week. Instead of Nathan being shoved down our throats and putting many fans to sleep, Nathan should be in the same group Milo was in, and he should only be on 5 times a month just as a filler character. That is all Nathan is good for as a filler character, because yes he has the looks going for him, but that is all he has going for him. Other than that Nathan has no business on GH


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