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32 September 24th, 2013 GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Corinthos Men Tear It Up … Maurice Benard, Bryan Craig & Chad Duell!


On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, the stage was set for the pick-up of the Friday cliffhanger for Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) secret to finally implode on him!  While friends and family attended Morgan and Kiki’s (Kristen Alderson) wedding party, and father Sonny (Maurice Benard) was off his meds (and his moods were all over the place), he revealed that Morgan knew that Michael (Chad Duell) and Kiki were not related before Morgan got her to marry him!

Michael is furious with the revelation and lashes out at Morgan!  Morgan then becomes more and more desperate to have his father take back what he said and even goes so far as to say that Sonny is confused or drunk and attempts to make Sonny deny everything.

Sonny stands up to Morgan and tell him he is absolutely not confused, and that Connie told him he would end up hurting both his sons if he covered up the lie that Morgan asked him to do for him!  Kiki then confronts Morgan if he knew the truth about her and Michael not being related before their marriage, and he admits he did!  Then, an enraged Morgan lashes out in the most major way at Sonny for his betrayal and for him choosing Michael over him once again, and for being sent away to a boarding school, and being pushed aside by both he and Carly (Laura Wright)!

From there things between father and son disintegrate even further when after Sonny tells Morgan tricking Kiki into marrying him isn’t the answer to have true love, and he should want the kind of love that he had with Connie.  When Sonny tries to hug Morgan, all hell breaks loose!  Morgan calls Sonny a liar and a criminal, and then really hits Sonny where it hurts making a remark about Connie and her mental illness.  Sonny then looses it and lunges at Morgan and the father/son duo have to be broken up by everyone else still left in the room!

Later after Sonny is taken home by Carly and Olivia(Lisa LoCicero), Michael confronts Morgan as to why he hates him so much?  Morgan goes at him for stealing his girl from right under his nose! After telling Kiki to stay with him and their marriage, Kiki says she can’t because he lied to her!  However, Morgan accuses her of waiting for something to happen between them  to get out of their marriage, and so here it is now before her!

The performances by Maurice Benard, Bryan Craig and Chad Duell were pretty sensational as each had their moments!  The showdown between father and son, Sonny and Morgan, was also one of the most intense we have seen in a long time. Kudos to the Corinthos men for great work, and for the secret to be out to propel story forward!  And from the looks of it, a devastated Ava (Maura West) who just lost Silas (Michael Easton) to Sam (Kelly Monaco), and a devastated Morgan means  … you know what could happen on today’s episode!

Watch the scenes of yesterday’s GH below! What did you think of the performances of Maurice, Bryan and Chad? Did you like how the secret came out?  Comment below!

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  1. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I would have enjoyed the scenes more if Morgan had thrown it in Sonny’s face that Jax had been more of a father to him than Sonny. Jax’s role in Morgan’s life seems to have been erased since they brought Morgan back.


    aria replied

    oh don’t worry about that, their will be more fights between the corithos men and i’m sure morgan will throw this in sonny’s face. can’t have a fight and have everything put out at once, but i’m sure this will happen.


  2. Ghlover says:

    Ava and Morgan are so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


    paula thomas replied



    Loving replied

    I agree Gh lover! So hottttttt!! I would even say CALIENTE

    Fabian replied

    Oh, I agree. The idea of sleeping with one’s son-in-law is absolutely disgusting, perverted and depraved. Writers, stop it!!! It is sick, to say the least. I do not think that anyone with a code of healthy morals will watch this….only sickos. I, for one, changed the channel when I saw Morgan groping Ava. I have never considered myself a prude, but this is where I draw the line. Shame on you, GH.!!!

    i live gh replied

    It is a bit icky, but I saw this coming months ago. Very soapy! This creates tension w/Sonny, Carly, Silas, Michael…


    Patrick replied

    good lord….

    so many of us have watched for decades…

    this is nothing more than a ploy… catalyst… to further the acting … and intrigue… of the Jeromes and Sonny’s brood.

    i, for one… am… glad to see the new features… of Ava and Morgan…

    people were tired of Ava… hanging out at the Q mansion…
    and the silly lame… 3 lil’ amigos…. Michael and Kiki can sail off in to the sunset… they should go on a long cruise… go to that foreign country for that quickie divorce and set sail….

    see ya later

    it was an intriguing power stroke.. maneuver… (Ava’s got more power to real)

    they’re not playing all their cards


  3. Bryon says:

    This was an outstanding performance by all actors. This show is getting very good. Nice to see former OLTL star Kristen Alderson still acting well. The storylines have me hooked back to this show. GH is great and glad ABC didn’t cancel this show. Great performance, keep them coming.


  4. Mary SF says:

    I love the idea of Morgan and Ava hitting it off– just something so deliciously sinful about the whole thing– the older women nabbing the young cub from her daughter, who just happens to be the son of your mob rival— it has great potential. I can see her now manipulating Morgan to reveal Sonny’s secrets or work as a double agent for her. All the seeds are there now that Morgan is so angry at Sonny I can see him working against Sonny with the Jerome’s.
    Also could see Ava bedding both father and son at the same time without either one knowing it, which would be fun too. Poor Olivia I think she will have to wait a while for Sonny come looking her way again.

    As for Michael and Kiki, never understood this deep connection they have, other than the fact they are real life couple– it didn’t make sense to me that there were so in love out of the blue like that– but we are getting good drama out of it, so I won’t complain too much about it.

    But yeah, yesterday show is one of those shows that reminds me why I love soaps.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    It would create wonderful fireworks if Ava did both father and son…using the latter to get info on the father he now hates…then a year from now both learn they were being used and Ava was part of the Jerome mob family…however will Ava change her ways when one of her plots backfires and nearly costs kiki her life…stay tuned for the next exciting episode of General HOTpital!


    Fabian replied

    You are royally screwed up in the head if you find having sex with your mother -in-law, or son-in-law, whichever the case may be, deliciously sinful. Oh, I’m all for “sinful” as it were….it’s the son-in-law part that makes me puke. I don’t care about the age thing either…but, good grief!!!! I have a son-in-law…..just the thought…yuk is right! If it is trash you want, then you should engage in watching porn. There are young children in some households and if GH writers think that this junk will win them ratings, they better think again. ……Something else that bothers me? I keep hearing how beautiful Alderson is…she has bovine features. She isn’t even pretty. She was a blah child (OLTL) and grew into a blah woman. I was really getting into the storylines, the best being Maxie’s baby. But since the Jeromes resurfaced, I am starting to lose interest again. Stop with the mob nonsense…and, whatever happened to Robin? Why tease us in believing she is returning and then poof, she doesn’t . …..and, what about Sabrina? Is that her name? I keep forgetting it since she is so wishy-washy….suddenly a Mexican ex appears, who coincidentally works for the Jeromes…how quaint and convenient. “Gimme” a break, people!!!! Give me something tangible and believable. Also, the name is Fabia, not Fabian…I am female. Ciao


    Mary SF replied

    I respect your opinions, although getting attack personally for mine is always disappointing– I don’t take offense at it, because I know there nothing wrong with my mental health, but thank you for the concern.

    First off I made my comments before seeing Tuesday show when Morgan and Ava had sex. I was speaking in my post of a hook up after Morgan and Kiki were divorced– so no I was not in favour of a son-in-law having sex with his mother-in-law. I thought there would wait until the divorce to go down that route.
    But this isn’t REAL life this is MAKE BELIEVE, so if I based my soap viewing on moral objections I wouldn’t be watching soaps.

    I don’t watch porn and have no desire to do so.

    As for Alderson, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you don’t think she is pretty and others do, why should you care?. Do you honestly think criticizing someone for their appearance reflects well on you? I lived a while on this earth and I know from experience if you use ugly words and your spirit becomes ugly as well, not a criticism, just friendly advice learned the hard way.

    I am sorry you are not enjoying GH, hopefully you can fast forward through parts you don’t like and find stories that you do like. Also, I think Robin is schedule to reappear sometime in October.

    You have strong opinions, and you know what you like and what you don’t like You say what you mean and mean what you say– and that is admirable, now if you just find a way to that in a kinder way, others would be more incline to listen to your point but to each their own, but you do catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    God bless Fabia—

    KansasGuest replied

    Your opinions are invalidated when:
    1) You can’t spell your own name the way you want it spelled. It’s you who determines your own screen name, Einstein.
    2) You engage in personal attacks on an actor’s features, for which they have no control. It’s spiteful, low & not legitimate criticism.
    3) You don’t know the difference between Mexico and Puerto Rico. Sabrina & her ex are Puerto Ricans.
    4) You actually think soap opera writers need to write material appropriate for children. WRONG! Soaps have never been appropriate for kids. The fact that you let them watch inappropriate material is your parenting choice (and a bad one if you’re doing it).

    rebecca1 replied


    Don’t watch! This show or any with lust, betrayal, sex, lies, murder, theft, arson, mafia, vampires…the list goes on. So, errrrr…all the other things I listed are okay with you…but a young hot male having sex with an older female is amoral?

    Oh, she’s his mother-in-law? For how long? Two weeks? There was NEVER a maternal bond between Morgan and Ava, let alone Kiki and Ava. This is the stuff good soapy drama is made of…the entire web of mother/daughter/brothers…one mob family against the other…connected through family relationships, sexual relationships…it’s soap drama at its best!

    If you want nice…there may be reruns of Father Knows Best or The Brady Bunch. And really? I’m not being nasty…but that was a TV world of innocence. That is not the soap world, and never was. Thank goodness!

    Bring it on!!!

  5. ethel says:

    the corinthos men had me on my feet………..all three were awesome!


  6. Rodd says:

    I thought the scenes between Maurice and Bryan were heart-wrenching. They really seem to connect. And Chad always seems to connect with his scene partners. The whole Monday episode was fantastic!


  7. Gloria E says:

    I was watching yesterdays episode after I went to bed & since it was really late I was falling asleep (I always catch up the next day though) When these three came on I sat right up & had to watch…!! great performances especially by Bryan Craig..I know a lot of fans have been bored by Morgan actually me too..but young Mr.Craig really gave his character some real depth with his performance..I think he would be good with Ava even though she is way too old for him but they are both sooo intense…it could really be interesting..


    rebecca1 replied

    I’ve liked Bryan Craig’s Morgan from the start. And I agree…excellent acting…multi-layered character with lots of angst. Great addition and a change from Michael (whom I adore too).


  8. randy says:

    i predict the kid playing morgan will be a huge star,,hes got the it factor,,,u heard it hear 1rst,


  9. Sue Thick says:

    Some how Morgan has forgotten how he used up $50k of his dads money and another $10K of his brothers money and then who knows how much of Ava’s money (I thought she was broke) he is 19 years old but acts like 16. Don’t get me wrong I like him but he has gotten away with a lot of stuff.


  10. Amy says:

    Im so sick of Morgan claiming Carly just threw him away,she did it to protect him because of Sonny getting Micheal shot & everytime she tried to get him to come home HE refused.That was one of the few unselfish things Carly has done & he treats her like crap for it & Micheal treats her like crap to,just for funsies I guess.They raised those kids w/ no dicipline & let them do whatever they wanted(well Carly did, Sonny didnt raise them at all,yet they treat him better than her) & now theyre nothiing but ungrateful brats.Wanna know how NOT to parent watch a soap lol.


  11. aria says:

    everyone involve was on fire. this was a great episode.


    SUSAN M. replied

    Double DITTO!


  12. heidi says:

    I thought all three did some great work!!! I am not loving the Morgan character and do not like what he has become from where he began and of the three he is the weakest performance, but they did a great job! Not looking forward to seeing Morgan and Ava… if she must pik on one of them I would prefer it be Sonny. Having Morgan with Ava is just completely trashing Morgan… or I guess he will become an even more tragic version of his father. Always hoped that Morgan would be more like the good Jax.


    SUSAN M. replied

    Ava is using Morgan. It is part of her master plan & her brother Julian to over take Sonny & his position plus his business dealings. That’s why Ava took Morgan in the first place…


    su0000 replied

    Morgan/Bryan Craig did an excellent job in his scenes, a great actor, like the character or not Bryan Craig is a good actor..
    The 3 knocked it out of the park!! BRAVO!!

    Patrick replied

    Morgan….. is? rounding the curve? shall we say… breaking out….

    it’s about time… I was so over this trio…. Michael, Kiki, and Morgan….

    wow! talk about blah, blah, blah… the weakest summer storyline…

    whew! just in time… it’s fall… and it’s time to nestle further in to my nest… and savor any and all…. good show

    and! that includes mismatched… forbidden… soapdom….

    Ava and Morgan! “Yes!” “OH, Yes”

    LOL… OK, that was Meg Ryan…. in: “when harry met sally”.

    Bryan Craig… definitely has the look… it factor… I was nodding in approval of his spare – spate with dad….

    his eyes are so revealing…

    hey… if he wants a career… he needs to distance himself from Kiki and Michael….

    I know these two have fans… but…

    alas… of the three lil’ amigos… kudos to Morgan.

    as, for the 3 amigos… I don’t know what to think of Kiki… she’s still MIA

    at least this story is “wrapping” up…. Connie was so right on… she was looking out for Sonny and his sons…. and tragically… GH killed her off.

    Patrick replied


    I also thought it telling… that Ava… when talking with Morgan….

    ie: that she as well… has no one….

    and that she was recalling… her dark past….. dark self… ie: like Sonny… as she intimated as much to….

    so…. it was well done… and she came too… and slapped Morgan.. but… couldn’t resist…. that’s her way of release… and her way with the male species…

    I’d like to see more Ava and Franco….

    I honestly… think… that perhaps… it’s time for Sonny and Carly to have a go at it… “again”… so as not to traverse so fast in to Carly and Franco…. this would make more sense.. for the time being… till they can come up with a more plausible reason… for Carly to just jump headless in with Franco….

    Patrick replied


    from the get go….

    1. I have yet to see “one” scene… in which she’s Nice to her mother… Ava… has openly spoken.. it was just the two of them against the world… and Kiki… I’m sorry… but.. I’d slap some sense in to her.. notwithstanding… a little respect.

    2. from the onset… fell in love with Michael… and Morgan was left squandering… he loved her… from the start… and Kiki… i never thought… didn’t not love Morgan… till, she met Michael…

    so… it’s a little kookoo…. that Kiki… had better start acting… otherwise…

    I actually liked Silas… showing up at her door… asking… if she’d like to go out for coffee… cause… he’s been remiss in how to approach fatherhood… and.. he actually apoligized to Rafe for the same thing….

    so… it’s a good thing… for Silas and Sam… to cement their… duo….

    altho… fans speak… it would have been amazing to have seen what coulda woulda shoulda entranced viewers… Sam and Patrick

    I’m over the moon… on the return of Robin

  13. timeout says:

    I love Maurice Benard!! He’s such a good actor. (muah).


  14. rebecca1 says:

    Has anyone noticed, or does anyone agree…that Bryan Craig resembles Eric Roberts? They’d be a great father/son team or Bryan could play Eric’s younger self…should a role for that ever occur.


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