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19 March 21st, 2017 GH Alum Brianna Brown To Play Claudia Blaisdel In CW’s DYNASTY Pilot!

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Intriguing casting information from none other than former General Hospital star, Brianna Brown (Ex-Lisa Niles).

The actress revealed that she has been cast Claudia Blaisdel – the role made soap-famous by Pamela Bellwood in the 80′s.

Brown took to her Instagram account and expressed: “Thrilled to announce my next project! For those who remember the original Dynasty, I’ll be playing the iconic role of Claudia Blaisdel in this CW pilot remake. Fingers crossed it goes to series!

Brianna also recently played Taylor on Lifetime’s Devious Maids.

So, what do  you think of Brianna as Claudia?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Tomas Torquemada says:

    Poor child. Claudia was such an uninteresting character. They paired her with everyone but Fallon and she still never got legs. When they ran out of ideas they’d make her Kimberly/Melrose crazy. They often ran out of ideas.


    davlestev1 replied

    You are hilarious but it’s so true. The character and actress were dishwater dull and back then if you didn’t record it on the VCR there was NO FF PERIOD!!


    dante williams replied

    This is a reboot though. Who knows, maybe they are aware how paper thin boring she was and they’ve made some much needed changes to her character and her story. I’m personally reserving judgment until I’ve at least watched the first episode.


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Good for her but Dynasty should had been a continuation of the original instead of a reboot…been there done that…hope it goes for her sake and all but i have fond memories of the original and wont be watching the remake!!!


    dante williams replied

    I agree, wish they went the Dallas route of continuation, except for the telenovela they tried to turn it into and hopefully they would have someone with a strong sense of the history of the show.


  3. Lew S. says:

    I like Brianna, but I don’t know about the reboot.


  4. Alan says:

    Of all the characters NOT to bring back for the reboot, Matthew and Claudia Blaisdel (and daughter Lindsay) would be at the top of my list.


  5. Sue M. says:

    I liked the original Dynasty and the actors and actresses. Not interested in the new one at all!! It will never come close to the original. Because no John Collins, Linda Evans, Etc. Need I say more.


  6. Mark Y says:

    I find this reincarnation of Dynasty to be so confusing. They aren’t picking up where it left off. They aren’t going back in time to the beginning. It doesn’t make sense.


  7. Jamesj75 says:

    When I faithfully watched the original “Dynasty,” I was always Team Krystle, even though I appreciated the entertainment value of the work of Joan Collins as Alexis. Further, I was also Team Claudia! As played by Pamela Bellwood, Claudia was sensitive, fragile, and dynamic — an unsung heroine of the show. I am glad this important character will be part of the reboot. I suspect that Brianna Brown will do a fine job.


    Mark Y replied

    I completely agree with you about Claudia. Very well said. She was always one of my favorite characters.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thank you, Mark! Glad you liked Claudia, too. Take care, Friend!

    jaybird369 replied

    James…I get what you’re saying here, Brother. I really do. But, remember…the original Claudia (originally played by Pamela Bellwood) was truly ONE OF A KIND!!!!! So, therefore, Brianna Brown better look like bringing her A-GAME (or whatever) to the Dynasty reboot.

    Just saying……….

    Later, Brother.


  8. Bonbonn62 says:

    Aww she could have been Fallon


  9. Jenny says:

    Whoa!! That Claudia chick was whacked! This one has good experience at playing a nutjob. But this “reboot” is going to tank after one season. It is not focusing in on any of the fun and frivolity of the original series. It is trying to be politically and racially diverse, dark and edgy, while using the Dynasty name and similarities. The Dallas reboot worked because it continued the narrative of the original hit and included the REAL characters.


  10. Timmm says:

    She is hot! I hope they dont F up this reboot like Dallas!


  11. Rob says:

    Shes cute and all but have they hired one actor for this that can actually act?


  12. Reagan says:

    I have no doubt in Brianna’s ability to work hard and do a good job as an actress. This reboot though – ugh! Just make a new prime time soap or do what they did with Dallas, continue it not remake it. I have no plans to watch.


  13. dante williams says:

    I want to know who they are getting to play Diahann Carol’s role.


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