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21 September 14th, 2017 GH Alum Jeffrey Vincent Parise To Appear In New Season Of SUPERNATURAL!


Great news for Jeffrey Vincent Parise fans! The popular actor who played both Carlos and Joe Rivera on General Hospital, and received a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work, has landed a key role in the upcoming new season of the hit CW series, Supernatural.

In the promo for the the 13th season which kicks-off on October 11th (8PMEST/7PMCST), Parise can be seen looking like quite the villain with some special powers stating, “There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Parise confirmed his casting on the show starring Jensen Ackles (Ex-DAYS) and Jared Padalecki via a tweet stating: “It’s true! There’s a new sheriff in town at @cw_spn Supernatural! Couldn’t be more exited about this show and this character! Details 2come.”

Watch the Supernatural season premiere promo featuring Parise after the jump. Then let us know will you be tuning-in this season to see his performances? Comment below.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    It’s a real shame that GH never knew how to use Carlos properly. JVP is a fantastic actor and could hold his own against heavy hitters like Maura West and Will DeVry, and he even showed his softer side in scenes with Sabrina. But they took Carlos down a reprehensible path and made him nothing more than a lackey for the Jeromes. When he killed Duke, there was no turning back for the character.

    And let’s not even talk about his twin, Joe, because that story was a colossal failure and a totally missed opportunity for the show. He and Sabrina should have gotten into a relationship and rode off back to Puerto Rico with Gabriel together, to give viewers at least some satisfaction that we missed when Carlos was killed off. To say it was disappointing would be an understatement.


    Patrick replied

    ” I ” read threads… and sometimes back off… go in to chill mode

    wait things out.. to see fan recall.

    you are the reason why : “dynamo”

    YES ! this is the best response to Jeffrey Vincent Parise… I loved him from the get go

    GOD… out of the box.. I’m glad he has the last laugh… even tho.. should GH , right the wrong (s) with this show.. i’d save a place for Dr. Joe.

    he’s a magnetic person. from comedic to dramatic to skank to lovelorn… all the beats hit.

    whenever a character melds with the whole cast… just gells and contributes the hell out of material given…. argh! why oh why did Shelley Jean and Frank nosedive on JVP. because their shit stinks too

    @Jeanine girard

    the bestest


    the emmy nod was deserved – hell right ? i’d have voted JVP for a win – well over Scott Clifton, B&B and Steve Burton, Y&R

    theirs an eye roll that will go down in infamy. WOW


    nancy dillingham replied

    I said he was good–an actor that had the ability to demonstrate vulnerability; thus the audience could identify with him. Give him some good writing/good roles and he’ll become a “classic” also. LOL

  2. Jamesj75 says:

    Good for Parise! His talent is far too striking not to be displayed and enjoyed!


    Celia replied

    Yes, James, I agree. Jeffrey deserves this and so much more. Too bad GH decided to ‘ditch’ him….much prefer him to Sonny, Julian, and so msny others ehom I consider “head-scratchers”.
    At least, Carlos never bored me. He was what he was, and never pretended to be anything else….
    …….not like some others: Sonny, for instance. I was soooo taken aback today when Sonny dared to approach Monica, offering his help. He? AJ murderer??


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hi Celia:

    Thanks for the reply and further comments, Celia! I agree with you; I also always found Carlos enjoyable.

    The scene you mentioned of Sonny approaching Monica repulses me. Had I seen it, I might have thrown up or, at the very least, threw something at the TV. (There would have been “throwing” in one sense or another!)

    As I might have explained before, I gave up on GH in 2005 (started in 1969) but then came back from time to time, particularly if I heard of Laura’s return, 50th anniversary, etc. So I did get to see much of Parise’s tenure. But in recent years, my GH viewing is extremely rare. And it boils down to one thing: the overuse of Sonny (and, by extension, Carly; and by extension, Jason;…). In keeping abreast of soap news in general, and this website in particular, I know that I am not alone in my disdain for this despicable character. With a mountain of misdeeds, misstatements, missteps, and misogyny, and — oh, by the way — murder, including of AJ (as you mention), there are never just consequences for this character. And still the producers/writers of GH continue their relentless mantra of trying to promote Sonny as hero, as the franchise, and THAT is also despicable!

    Sorry to end on such a negative note, but I couldn’t stop myself… :)

    Celia replied

    Hey, James,
    No need to apologize, my dear friend. Not to me. I feel the same way. You have not said anything untoward which I have not said, myself, before.
    It just befuddles me as to why the Sonny character has to be “consecrated” with such fervor….non-stop. What’s the deal?


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thank you, my Dear Kindred Spirit, Celia! You’re absolutely right!

  3. jeanine girard says:

    Awesome! This guy has so much talent and charisma! I’m happy for his new opportunity. Wishing him well, the show casting department found a real treasure in JVP.


    Patrick replied

    what a delight to agree

    and it’s a big thing… you know… when the writing just has no flavor.. and i’m sensitive enough to wait things out. or rally onward to TPTB to take something from the fan (s)

    when all else fails.. it’s the performers that hold me. all these actors… decade after decade.. they swing through that studio lot. and , in this current time.. their are very few… help me on this… as far as newbies who take hold.

    I’ll go right back to the firing of Robert Palmer Watkins, ex-Dillon Quartermaine

    they never really wrote a story – for him – per se… but they never really had to.. look how quickly he mixed in… such a natural transition. and yet.. when he interacted with the cast as a whole

    I never not once questioned he never was a Quartermaine.. that’s a huge feat.

    his romance with Kiki… these two had all the requirements. MISS THESE TWO

    so.. tell me to tune in for Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam / Michael / Nelle / Finn / Franco / Steve Burton. REALLY ?

    this is all the show constitutes.. all that the mind has left

    this ride is going on 4 decades… i’m still loving this

    so I wholly depend on actors to carry.

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise … a man of color… flavor… absolutely


    Patrick replied

    *I never not once questioned he never was a Quartermaine

    NOT ONCE did I question his being a Quartermaine.

  4. Soaphound says:

    I never understood why Carlos couldn’t be redeemed like Sonny or, to a lesser degree, Julian. JVP is a wonderful actor and we could have used Carlos’ wit and charisma.


    su0000 replied

    Carlos should never be redeemed, then he’d no longer be Carlos.
    Julian was redeemed and it destroyed the dominant Julian character..
    Sonny was sni-redeemed and he was no longer Sonny he was lackluster fluffy.
    Redeeming is not a good thing….
    most bad characters are bad and good, highlight one side but no dumbass redeeming, that crap is lethal to most characters..


    Patrick replied

    Carlos, I can let go

    it’s that Dr. Joe.. that I didn’t get enough

    his swag we only saw glimpse of

    all the possibilities with JVP – kaput

    nancy dillingham replied

    At the risk of repeating myself, su (but I must), Julius was not redeemed (could never be); he was “redeemed” instead. You get my drift??
    Bless your heart–once again!

  5. Tomas Torquemada says:


    They should make him say Sabrina multiple so thanks we can make it a drinking game!

    Glad to see him working


  6. James R. Poissant says:

    Very happy for him but he was a real gem at GH. They wasted his talent. I loved his chops when he had to be in character.


  7. Patrick says:

    - love – the word use, “charisma”

    well – ” I’m just so damned attracted to him”

    wink wink


  8. Karen McEachern says:

    so happy for Jeffrey / he’s a great actor


  9. Rebecca1 says:

    Great show. Started watching it seasons ago but didn’t keep up…figured I would binge watch all the seasons I missed OnDemand. Unfortunately they’re not running the past seasons for free so it would be hundreds to catch up now. Maybe down the road they’ll free it up. I’m sure JVP will be fantastic! Successful show for him to land!

    It is “Supernatural”…maybe he’ll be “Sheriff Carlos…”


    Patrick replied

    I think he’s going to be…. “sheriff ”

    which really makes me that much more giddy for… when talent is let go so carelessly

    you know.. that right back in your face loss… @Shelley and Frank.

    it’s the same , for Michael Muhney… I hope he’s a regular cast member on “the Good Doctor” thank you ABC.. the camera SO LOVES HiM… so dont’all his fans


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