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14 September 14th, 2012 GH and “Millionaire” Crossover! Stars to Play For Charity While Viera Does Guest Spot!


Now here are some plans already in the works for General Hospital’s upcoming 50th Anniversary and it includes Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host, Meredith Viera!

Here is what we know:  “Millionaire” will celebrate ABC’s General Hospital by hosting cast members who will play the game for charity. In return, Meredith Viera will have a cameo on GH, leading up to the show’s 50th anniversary on ABC in April, 2013.

Meredith told TV Guide in their latest issue on newsstands now, “The last time I did GH was 10 years ago. They had me playing a whorehouse madam! (Laughs) God only know what they’ll do to me this time!”
So soapers, which cast members from GH do you think should play “Millionaire”?  Who do you think would tell in the game? And who should Meredith play this time when she hits Port Charles?  Let us know!

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  1. Maria says:

    Todd Manning aka Roger Howarth he would be a hoot!


    Michelle replied

    So agree with this! I would love to see Roger on there, he’d be hilarious :)


    Christy replied

    that was the first one I thought of too… he is a crack up!


  2. Greta says:

    Cool. Love it when the stars are on game shows. I’d love for Kirsten Storms to be one of the guests.


  3. Ann says:

    Definitely Michael Easton playing for the American Cancer Society. He would be great I think. Also Kelly Monaco.


  4. Barb Harnedy says:

    Dominic Zamrogna (Dante) and Julie Berman (Lulu)
    Laura Wright (Carly) and Maurice Benard (Sonny)


  5. Darlene Bell says:

    OK, I would love to see Nancy Lee Grahn, Jane Elliot or Julie Marie Berman on Who wants to be a millionaire. As far as the role that Meridith could play . . . hmm maybe a waitress at Kelly’s!


  6. Jules says:

    I want to know which cast members are going to be playing Millionaire!

    My guesses would be Laura Wright, Kristen Alderson, Brandon Barash, Michael Easton, Kelly Sullivan OR Lisa LoCicero.

    In the maybe pile: Finola Hughes, Nancy Grahn, Bradford Anderson


  7. Troy Turner says:

    I’m not totally sure what to think about this-but it is nice to see corporate support for GH


  8. Jared says:

    I love Meredith. I wish she were back on Today. I watched the Today show when she became co-anchor, and I stopped watching when she left.


  9. Nananes says:

    Guests playing for charity:
    Dominic Zamprogna
    Julie Marie Berman
    Lisa loCicero
    Kirsten Storms
    Roger Howarth
    Finola Hughes

    Think Meredith should be a reporter for Todd’s rag newspaper…


  10. Jan says:

    My guess for the Guests:
    Kristina Wagner
    John J. York
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Anthony Geary
    Finola Hughes
    Jason Thompson
    Jane Elliott
    Leslie Charleson


  11. Grace says:

    It would be great if pairs/couples played together. They could split their winnings or play for the same charity! This way we get to see a lot more of the cast!!

    Meredith should play a reporter doing a story on the history of the hospital!


  12. Trish says:

    Would love for any of the actors to be on millionaire, just want to know WHEN it will be on??


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