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1 August 16th, 2010 GH brings back Michael Sutton to reprise role of Stone Cates!

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Wow!  There is some exciting news this morning and somewhat unexpected! Michael Sutton is set to reprise his role as Stone Cates on General Hospital. Many remember that it was Stone who died of AIDS in the groundbreaking and heartbreaking storyline with Robin Scorpio, (Kimberly McCullough) which was told on the sudser back in 1995.  Sutton will return on September 28 for a two-episode appearance.

According to TV Guide Magazine, “Stone won’t be coming back as a ghost or spirit. Rather, he’ll appear to his one-time girlfriend Robin  when she finds herself in a physically perilous situation and becomes delirious. (ABC has asked us not to reveal the exact circumstances).  The visitation occurs at an emotionally vulnerable time for Robin — she and hubby Patrick (Jason Thompson) have split up due to his liaison with Lisa (Brianna Brown). A GH rep tells TV Guide Magazine that “Stone will give Robin the will to live, not only for herself but, more importantly, her daughter Emma.”  The rep adds that the duo will also talk about their past together, and bring closure to what happened to them years ago.”

Stay tuned!

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  1. Doe says:

    Well, I am certainly looking forward to this. I’m sure Kimberly is quite excited to have that happen. No one can ever forget the love that they had for each other. The scenes when Stone was dying were so intense that none of us can ever forget them. I hope the new episode will be as memorable as all those in the past. Can’t wait….


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