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21 July 21st, 2011 GH casts Kelly Sullivan as the new Kate Howard!

Well, GH finally did it. They replaced the talented Megan Ward who had been so badly back-burnered with a new Kate Howard 2.0!

This time around, the fashionista will be played by relative soap newcomer Kelly Sullivan. It has been confirmed by ABC Soaps In Depth that Sullivan has been put on contract, wheras the show bumped Ward to recurring.

A bit we know about Kelly Sullivan, is that she has had small parts on One Life to Live and As the World Turns and guest-starred in primetime police procedural dramas such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Sullivan is set to make her Port Charles debut in the fall.

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  1. aria says:

    ok so heres the first mistake under garin wolf regime, why recast w/ a newbie when the fabulous megan ward is available? horrible first blunder mr. wolf, you should be trying to avoid those, and not end up like your fomer head writer, an unemployed.


  2. bookchick says:

    The actress is in her early thirties. Are we supposed to believe that she is Sonny’s age or are they going to rewrite history again? Stupid move GH. Megan Ward was unique and fabulous and had great chemistry with Maurice Benard.


  3. Nicole says:

    I loved Megan and Maurice together.SKATE is an awesoem couple.I am willing to give this actress a shot..If she does bomb I bet you GH will want Megan back….But Im excited for SKATE again and thank god Brenda is gone


    SnBfan4life replied

    Um sorry I have to laugh! Its obvious to a duck that they recasted Megan Ward cuz they are NOT serious about SKATE! LOL! I’m loving this cuz….duh! Nukate is just a FILLER until Vanessa Maricl Returns..just like Claire was if you pay close attention so don’t be too happy about Brenda being gone…VMG Already confirmed on Twitter that Brenda will be back for Sonny!!! Yeah SKATE is a great couple alright and that’s why they recasted MW!!! MAURICE’S LAST BRILLANT SCENES with VANESSA shows Who Sonny’s TRUE HEART has always belonged to one woman – BRENDA..with the way he Broke down and cried like a baby….that man NEVER cried over Kate or anyother woman the way he did! Brenda will INDEED be back and Kate will be history…I’m timing my watch right now! :)


    Michelle replied

    No way! Brenda was a B****. Sorry to say. I’m still waiting for Sonny and Carly to get back together. They are classic. I never saw Branda in the good old days but this time around I couldn’t understand why anyone would give her the time of day. And Megan Ward rocked out as Kate. So not impressed with this one – sorry chiquita!

    SnBfan4life replied

    ROTF! Um nah the jokes is on you! Ha! Wait a minute – I need a minute cuz my ass is still laughing! Lmao! Um #1 Carson aka Carsick aka Scum is dead and gone they had their 4 failed marriages! I went to MAURICE BENARD’S TOUR in person and he said and I quote “There will be NO SONNY & CARLY PAIRING! They have ran their course!” Ha! Lol! Even the actor DON’T want that sick ass pairing anymore! And you are right about one thing….GH is not serious about bug-eyed nuKate and MW was the real Kate but guess what ? MW is GONE and been replaced! Hey it is what it is! And if Sonny & that barking mutt Cujo Carly was gonna get back together #1 that would’ve been happen…#2 They wouldn’t be putting him with re- cast Kate *giggles*

    Your right YOU DON’T KNOW BRENDA’S character at all…cuz if ya did you would know that SHE ALWAYS COMES BACK! ALWAYS! Vanessa already told her many fans on Twitter that Brenda will be back and will be taking Sonny back as well! Tee hee! Ha! YOU are the one who needs to wake up! GH don’t have long to go on air anyawayz! S&B are ENDGAME when all is said and done! Btw I don’t get how anyone can like – wait! I don’t see how ANYONE can like that VILE, DISGUSTING , NO-MAN having Beast Cujo Carly! But hey whateva floats ya boat! This has been fun cuz you made me LMFAO!

    PS. Have a good day! =)

  4. jay says:

    Idiots in charge., well I will not support gh in anything ,what so ever. They really suck!!!! Their is only one Kate and that is Megan Ward. You suck Garin Wolfe, I hope u bomb.


  5. b31 says:

    Why are so many people under the impression the show’s head writer gets to decide if an actor/actress stays or goes? While it is *possible* — depending on how open the EP is to suggestion that a certain actor may or may not be able to play the role as it will soon be written — this is an EP / Corporate (Brian Frons, in this case) decision as often as not. Phelps and Frons clearly decided they didn’t like Megan Ward as Kate, as the part was reduced to nothing long ago–under the head writer who created her–and they were insistent on a recast, even in the face of fan demands and preferences. The fact that people assume this is Garin Wolf’s sole decision, or that Phelps and Frons would let a brand new head writer dictate their choices is the kind of wrongheaded thinking that has hurt our soaps. That, combined with the fact that the answer always seems to be, “I’m not getting the storyline/couple/actor I want so I’m hoping for the show to fail and/or refusing to watch it from now on” is how shows get canceled. It’s that simple. I don’t support recasting Kate, but I’m also not sure that it wasn’t a money decision, either. An established actress with several years under her belt is more expensive than a brand new actress who will work for a pittance…Frons has proven to be that cold-hearted before. But I’m telling you, I support stuff that’s going to get my show canceled even less. Could people please get some perspective?


    JAY replied

    Well, That is fine, but I refuse to watch the damn show for the lack of respect they have for fans. You have your opinion and I have mine.


    Madison replied

    So you don’t watch the show but you’re gonna complain about it. How does that make sense?

  6. ethel says:

    all i can say is the she has huges shoes to fill – megan ward was fabulous as kate!


  7. Sean says:

    Maybe Megan had some backstage shenanigans we simply are not privy too. Keep in mind we thought Drew Garrett’s Michael was irreplaceble also. GH has the best casting director out there, so we are o.k.


  8. kay killgore says:

    The actress is 33 years old Megan Ward is 41 now you are going to make this beleiveable when Sonny is 47 yrs old! I am sure Megan Ward got out of favor with Tony, Maurice & Steve ! You know those actors that overact or read cue cards or say nothing at all!!!!!


  9. deedeelady says:

    Maybe the actor’s can’t say anything now because of legalities?

    There seems to be a lot of hush hush, how the owner’s will handle the details.

    Maybe they have to wait until Sept. when AMC is completely gone?


  10. JAY says:

    I use to watch the damn show, but I gave up on it, because of the lack of respect. I was just making a statement. Get real!


  11. Kyle says:

    Megan is Kate. I would like to know why Megan was not brought back. I think Kelly kind of resembles Megan, so this recast may work. I still hope they bring Megan back eventually if Kelly does not work out.


  12. jackie bowman says:

    First of all when did the head writer change on GH? I loved Megan Ward and I hope this newby can fill her shoes. Let’s give her a chance.
    I also hope that Carolyn Hennessey did not leave the show. I know she is supposed to be on a book tour and she will return to GH. She is not only beautiful, but very funny. Her facial expressions are hilarious.
    Good bye to Brenda and Jax. Don’t miss them at all.


  13. Jackie says:

    There is absolutely no chemistry with the new Kate. Megan Ward was great as Kate you really hated her being such a bitch but in th end you wish you could be her…..


  14. mas says:

    Megan Ward is Kate, even Mr Benard wanted her back GH does not listen to it’s viewers, now if they said it was money reasons, I could understand why Megan wanted more, after the huge bomb of Brenda, and the stupid Olivia s/l, the only one that worked was Megan & Maurice, the ratings poved that. GH is on it’s way out UNLESS they LISTEN and start giving the fans what they want, get rid of the Zacara family, forget about Lisa coming back, and get back to basics, The Q,s , Skate, ect, Olivia, Dante, and the rest have lost it all for GH Wake Up ABC and give the viewers what they want. Megan Ward will breing so many back and we need this to keep another daytime drama on the air and save us from another talk or cooking show, women work hard enough at home we want romance not pot roast.


  15. sandykatz says:

    i love the role of kate and connie you are so beautiful you are a very pretty and talented actress iwish you the best allways


  16. rob gold says:

    Kelly Sullivan has proven to be an excellent actress and not just another pretty face. Did I say”pretty’? I meant absolutely gorgeous.


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