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9 January 9th, 2017 GH Favorite Brandon Barash Cast As Ernest Hemingway In Upcoming Episode of NBC’s TIMELESS!

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Some excellent casting news for one of General Hospital’s finest alums!  News on Monday night via TV Line has that Brandon Barash (Ex-Johnny Zacchara) has been cast in an upcoming guest-star role on NBC’s drama, Timeless!

Brandon is now set to appear in Episode 14 of this season where he will play American novelist Ernest Hemingway.

The episode is said to be set in “Paris during the Jazz age after World War I,” reveals Timeless executive producer Eric Kripke.  The EP added that when viewers meet the future novelist, he is a budding newspaper reporter with a sense of adventure, still recovering from the brutality of the war with the help of a strong drink … or two.

Timeless returns with new installments starting on Monday, January, 16th at 10PMET with Brandon’s episode set to air on February 6th!

So, what do you think of Brandon’s upcoming guest star turn? Do you hope sometime in 2017 he might return as GH’s Johnny Z? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I have watched a couple of episodes of Timeless .. It’d OK ..
    I luv Brandon/Johnny Zacchara !! and miss him..

    So– I will tune in just to see Brandon..


  2. Celia says:

    Love Brandon….And, I will watch anything to do with “Papa”. I am sure the actor will do him justice.
    Hemingway was not only one of the most intellectually “frazzled” “penners”, but also, one of the hottest looking guys ever. It’s no wonder his granddaughters were/are so beautiful. Sadly, depression ( running rampant in the family) was the cause of Margaux’s suicide.
    One of his most famous quotes…eye-opening in its simplicity is…….”The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”.


  3. Charday says:

    Wish his character was back on GH—it might get me watching regularly again (rather than essentially FF’ing through almost every scene on my DVR).


  4. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’ve not watched Timeless because it doesn’t interest me. I do like Brandon Barash. I hope we hear when his episode airs. I’d like to see him again.


  5. rebecca1 says:

    The show is not a must-see for me but when I do happen upon it it’s actually good. Will definitely tune in for Brandon; sounds like a great role and I haven’t seen him in anything but GH. (I’m sure he’s done other work but I haven’t seen it.)


  6. Deb says:

    Love Timeless, Love Brandon… can’t wait.


  7. Susan Piaggio says:

    Always liked having BB on GH. Would love to see him return as a regular.


  8. nancy dillingham says:

    Would like to see Brandon do Hemingway–someday he is going to be a big star–if he can just find the vehicle.
    He was written with so much potential as a “gray” character when he first came on as the tortured, piano-playing son of a mobster–and lover to Lulu when he first came on GH; unfortunately, the good writing for him did not continue–alas.
    But he’s going places!


  9. rebecca1 says:

    I’m changing my opinion. Just binge-watched quite a few episodes of Timeless…had only watched a few previously. I love it! And, now, sadly, not sure if it’s going to be renewed.

    Brandon was adorable as Hemingway! Charming, witty, debonair yet comedic. Perfect for the role/episode!


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