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11 February 10th, 2015 GH’s Longtime Star Kimberly McCullough Set To Direct Upcoming Episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!


More good news for the creative and enterprising Kimberly McCullough (Robin, GH)!  The longtime soap actress, who has been embarking on a growing directorial career, just booked her next gig behind-the-camera, and she can certainly use some of her soapy expertise for it!

Kimberly is set to direct an upcoming episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars!  That piece of news came from the Disney ABC Creative Talent Development facebook page when they posted: “THE SECRET IS OUT AND IT’S GOOD! Congratulations to Disney-ABC 2012-14 Program Director Kimberly McCullough who will direct an upcoming episode of ABC Family’s cult hit PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. While in our Directing Program Kimberly directed an episode of Disney Channel’s SHAKE IT UP and most recently directed an episode of new series KC UNDERCOVER. Way to go Kimberly!!”

Meanwhile, last time GH viewers saw Kimberly were in recently aired scenes where Jason AKA Jason (Billy Miller) was wrestling with his conscience, which seemed to be in the form of Robin Scorpio Drake!  Will more scenes like this one be in the works?

Share your thoughts on Kimberly’s directing successes below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Congrats to Kimberly McCullough !
    She got out of the soap and created a new life for herself living her dream..
    There is nothing glorious about growing old full of botox and dying while working on a soap never having the courage to get out and move on to greater things..

    Kimberly has outgrown GH she will not return..
    It’s hard to go back to less than what you have..
    She may stop back into GH for a wave and leave but I think those 3 minutes stints will fade away..

    It’s a good thing to live your dream ..


    I love gh replied

    It’s nice to see somebody acknowledge that directing is KM’s dream. She’s made no secret about this… I know is she’ll do well.


    Patrick replied

    “…There is nothing glorious about growing old full of botox and dying while working”

    i’ll try some botox to lessen the pain

    you’re hysterical

    which is a life saver in itself


  2. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations! As a long time PLL fan I look forward to seeing her work.


  3. clh says:

    Glad for her, but it’s time for her to let go of the Robin role and let them recast it.


  4. Timmm says:

    Great Kim, you are growing and you must have impressed the right people and directing seems to be in your future. Good luck. NOW, could we please recast the role of Robin with Elizabeth Hendrickson and move on!


    MBmomof3 replied

    I have to agree with you that they need to recast the role of Robin and EH would be perfect for the role. No disrespect to her years of service, talent or fanbase, but KMcC is moving on, GH needs to also.


    Timmm replied

    Exactly, I love Kim and respect all her years as Robin but since she is moving on the character should not. Recast now! BM and EH had mad chemistry on Y&R.

  5. Tima says:

    Good news for PLL since the show is all over the map right now. Doesn’t look good for GH though hopefully they will tie up Robin’s story because I want to know what’s up with Lulu and Stavros’ embryo. As for Kimberly it seems like she is living her dream so congrats.


    MBmomof3 replied

    PLL is indeed all over the map. I can’t help myself, I still love it!


  6. janet says:

    good luck to Kim. She gets to do what she wants, and its great to see she can do it. Robin needs to come back for a day, Take her child and leave. Robin and Patrick can parent emma together. Patrick on screen and Robin off. FrankenRon do so much off screen whats one more thing.


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